Honda to lunch new hybrid car CRZ

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Honda CR-V Hybrid

Honda to lunch new hybrid car: CR-Z

Honda is gunning for Toyota s Prius with a new version of the first hybrid, the Honda Insight. Honda says the new Insight will be cheaper than any other hybrid out there. Coming out next spring, it will precede a second hybrid, to be called CR-Z.

The new Insight, the near-production version of which will be unveiled at the Paris International Auto Show next month, looks nothing like the original. And it resembles no other mass-market Honda car. The original Insight, which debuted in 1999, was a two-seater notable for fairings that covered the rear wheels and for its mileage, which approached 70 mpg.

The new one, a five-door with fold-flat rear seats, looks like the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell concept.

Toyota s launch effort for the second-generation Prius back in fall of 2003 promulgated the notion that the new car offered the benefits of a hybrid with none of the sacrifices—a jab at the two-person, first-generation Insight and perhaps, Toyota s own first-gen Prius. A spokesperson for the Torrance, Calif. automaker says Honda is doing that and more, by offering the car at a bargain price—for hybrids. Prius starts at around $22,000.

A new Camry can be had in the $17,000-$18,000 range.

Daniel Gorrell, president of Tustin, Calif.-based Gorrell Group, says that the price differential between hybrid and non make appearance critical: if one is going to pay a premium for a hybrid, it had better be unique. What has held Honda back is having a hybrid product that isn t unique enough. The Insight will do that, he says.

Hybrid versions of existing body styles don t address all the reasons people buy hybrids; people buy hybrids for the uniqueness and the bragging rights.

Indeed, Prius far outsells any of Toyota s other six hybrids. Of the 185,051 hybrids Toyota has sold through August, 119,688 were Priuses. Last month, Toyota sold 19,529 hybrids.

Of those, 13,463 were Priuses.

Honda has not announced pricing for the new Insight, but says it will be lower than that of other hybrids on the market. From this unique position in the marketplace, said the company, the Insight will advance the affordability and accessibility of hybrid technology to a new generation of buyers. Honda says the vehicle will have five-door access and folding rear seats that speak to functionality that is designed to meet the needs of customers with an active lifestyle.

Honda sold 25,577 hybrid Civics YTD through August, and has modest sales goals for the Insight, at least by Prius standards—100,000 units per year in the U.S. The company is aiming for global hybrid sales to be 500,000 units a year, or more than 10% above current.

Gorrell says the real challenge for the hybrid market is not only competition from within the segment but from high-tech, low-displacement engines, diesel, and other options. There s an educational process, and people are wising up to the fact that non-hybrid vehicles can be just as fuel-efficient. The new Honda Fit is expected to get close to 40 mpg. That s the kind of fuel economy you get with hybrids.

So, why pay more?

Jesse Toprak, lead auto researcher at, says that the hybrid market won t go away anytime soon. Demand will be quite strong, at least for the next one or two years, he says, adding that hybrids are only about 2% of the U.S. auto market. But they are selling well, with no incentives, especially those, like Toyota s hybrid Camry (which is about the same price as the non-hybrid model) priced $2,000 or less above the non-hybrid models.

He says that pricing will be the key to volume. Honda Insight will have mass appeal if it is practical and affordable.

More hybrid car from Honda:

Honda Civic Hybrid Racecar by Oaktec, Lotus

The driving force behind gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain development has traditionally been the goal of maximizing fuel economy, which is typically at odds with maximizing performance. For that reason, we don t see many — if any — hybrids on race tracks. But now with the help of Oaktec, Lotus Engineering, Motorsport Development and Honda UK, Energy Efficient Motor Sport is working to create a new Honda Civic Hybrid racecar to compete in both rally and track events.

Pictured above is Oaktec s Honda Insight Hybrid Rally Car.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are already established on our roads but to make them successful on the racetrack, a number of technical changes have to be employed, said Phil Barker, Chief Engineer of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies at Lotus Engineering in a statement. Working with Oaktec, we will create a revised electrical specification for more power and a control system that will allow a more aggressive regenerative braking strategy. Lotus Engineering s work on the Honda Civic Hybrid will prove that you can still get high performance while using green technologies.

Oaktec is a UK-based specialist in efficient car designs. They hope that the Civic Hybrid powertrain can be modified to produce more power and gain an advantage at the track. The 1.3L gas engine is mated to an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission to maximize power output.

Where this would save gas on the streets, Oaktec is hoping it will allow for uninterrupted power on the track, saving time and energy.

Honda Civic Hybrid:

Are you worried about how high gas prices are affecting your budget? Is caring for the environment important to you? Do you want a reasonably priced car that looks great and is fun to drive?

The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid is the car for you.

This hybrid vehicle uses both a gas powered engine and an electric motor. This combination gives its owner better gas mileage. It also helps with air pollution since emissions are lower. The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid is a 4 door, 5 passenger sedan that achieves 40 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway.

You don’t have to sacrifice looks to get the great gas mileage.

HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed 3dr

Safety is an important factor when purchasing a vehicle. The 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid has side curtain airbags, dual stage airbags in the front, side impact beams, anti lock braking, the latch system for child safety seats and a tire pressure monitoring system. You will never have to plug this car in to recharge its battery, it doesn’t need special gas and it comes with same warranties as a regular Honda.

Prices range from 22,600 to 24,350.

World’s cheapest hybrid car from Honda:

The world’s cheapest hybrid car has been unveiled by Honda in an attempt to win over motorists facing high fuel costs. Expected to sell at somewhere between £13,000 and £15,000 the new Honda Insight will undercut the best-selling Toyota Prius by at least £3,000.

The Japanese manufacturer expects to sell 200,000 Insights a year around the world, which would dwarf its previous sales of hybrids a total of 280,000 over the past decade.

Its new model, to be formally unveiled at next month’s Paris motorshow, will be a five door family hatchback which is expected to deliver around 60 miles to the gallon.

The car will go on sale throughout the world in the spring and will be part of a family of four new hybrids produced by Honda, which will include a new Civic, a version of the Honda Jazz and a sports car.

Within two years, the company expects one in 10 of its sales to be hybrids and it predicts the rest of the market will follow.

It is the latest evidence of how soaring fuel prices and pressure from Governments is set to transform the car market not only in Britain but across the world.


Hybrid car terminology:

Hybrid terminology; the word dates back to 1601 and is derived from the Latin word hybrida, the original meaning of which is “an offspring of two animals or plants of different races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera.” Hybrid automobile referred to a car with, typically, a European chassis/body combined with a big American engine, providing American power and reliability with European handling and style. Examples: Iso Grifo and Shelby Cobra. In other words, a crossbreed, or less flatteringly, a mongrel.

According to Society of Automotive Engineers’ definition: It’s a vehicle that has both a rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) capable of releasing and capturing energy and an energy generating device that converts consumable fuels into propulsion energy.

A hybrid has a rechargeable battery and some sort of engine that turns fuel into movin’ on down the road. Seriously, that definition is not very useful and I’d be willing to debate whether it means what they think it does.

A full hybrid is one that can run on gasoline or electric or both at the same time: again, Prius et al. 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid under hoodPlug-in means that the batteries, if not fully charged when the vehicle is returned to the barn, can be recharged by plugging the car into an electric power source.

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