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Honda FCX Clarity

Hydrogen Cars

The fuel technology available today is a to a problem we don’t have: an of free hydrogen.

The reaction hydrogen and oxygen is potent to put the space shuttle in orbit. And is the only exhaust (an exhaust traps ten times the heat of However, hydrogen isn’t to come by.

The way we get it now is by processing natural gas underground. The process is comprised of and fossil fuels. Hydrogen be made using solar electrolysis. For the sake of this we’ll pretend the hydrogen for the hydrogen electric vehicle from solar energy.

play along with optimistic scenario.

Since website is aimed at cars, what we’ll focus on. not going into detail infrastructure shortcomings supporting a fuel cell car (not anyway). Like the electric and gas cars, I’ll focus on the efficiency of the hydrogen powered

That is to say that we want to how much of the stored energy is into kinetic motion.

A of efficiency between a hydrogen an electric car and a gas engine car shows the of energy conversion. For instance, a gas engine turns about 20% of the energy into motion. So a gas is 20% efficient.

The efficiency of a battery is by dividing how much energy out of the battery by how much energy was to charge it (power out / power Batteries in use for this application may see a charging efficiency of 75% (power and a discharge efficiency of 80% (power The product of these efficiencies is 60% x 80% = 60%). This means 60% of the energy used to charge the is used to power the motor. For the of this exercise I’ll the electric motors in the examples are that of the Tesla Roadster.

The motor in the Tesla Roadster is 95% efficient. That’s insane!

The electric vehicle is similar to an car. Instead of storing in a battery, it is stored in tanks of and oxygen. Electricity charges the by electrically separating water hydrogen and oxygen. This is called electrolysis.

At best, the is about 50% efficient. And converting the and oxygen back into is also about 50% efficient. The end is a vehicle that isn’t any efficient than a gasoline car.

Who cares if its 24% efficient. be powered by renewable energy!

The is that efficiency will be more important in a renewable system. The source of energy wind and water) may be free, but the solar panels and wind that convert that to something useful will millions to trillions of dollars. what I said on the home Energy is free.

Gasoline is cheap. There be about 1/100 of the available from renewables that we are today from fossil There will be a very demand and very little in infrastructural renewables.

Renewable is more scarce than

A renewable energy system afford inefficiencies. The simple powered electric vehicle is than twice as efficient as a electric vehicle. This that the electric car will twice as far as the hydrogen car on the same of energy.

It also means the hydrogen car owner will pay as much for their car to go the same as an electric car.

There are other problems plaguing electric vehicles. There is the cost of platinum (gold cost half as much) for the fuel cell, and the problem of storage tanks in the vehicle explosive gases, and the slow at which the fuel cell can electrical energy to the electric A conventional battery and/or capacitor would be needed to the electrical demand.

I’d use the hydrogen and pump it through a engine than send it a fuel cell. Bringing a engine to life with a conversion sounds like it be a lot more fun.

50% x 20% = 10% efficient!

Converting a conventional car to run on hydrogen would be much than buying a hydrogen car made of expensive exotic

What about the Honda It has a hydrogen fuel cell!

If is putting a lot of money into fuel cells there be something to it. Let’s look at the to see what’s going on here.

The can be quoted In gasoline-powered vehicles, (gasoline) is used to heat and air, which then the engine s pistons and crankshaft. cell vehicles, on the other are much more efficient, the conversion of fuel (hydrogen) to used to power the electric motor, is a more direct process. Water is a by-product.

And the FCX Clarity has significantly fewer in the drive system, no pistons and no the energy loss from systems is eliminated.

This tell us anything. The specifications no mention of stored energy in So the website brags about without letting anyone what the real efficiency is.

The Roadster website is very about spelling out energy in specific quantities.

The Home Station presented on the website natural gas (fossil fuel) to hydrogen. Okay, so we’re using fossil fuels to solar panels, wind and hydroelectric; why not hydrogen? Because the is like that of biofuels as fuel).

There’s not really any appreciable on the energy invested.

Honda FCX Clarity

The Honda FCX uses a lithium Ion battery to capture lost energy and the power generated through the cell. The fuel cell is a of energy flow. In order to a conventional battery and/or must be used. This was not in the comparison above because the of assist cannot be quantified.

If the is 10% of the time with an efficiency of then that might the vehicle efficiency up from 24% to And that’s only because the assist system would be efficient than the hydrogen

There’s no list price of the FCX Clarity. It’s just as a $600/mo lease. I think safe to assume that the on FCX Clarity is north of $60 grand.

not an economically friendly number. If costs that much to then it consumed about much value in resources leads me to believe its not exactly as friendly as we would like to

The Efficient-Mileage Rating given for the FCX Clarity is an educated guess. I a number just a bit over as a result of my arithmetic shown The number is seemingly arbitrary Honda does not publish relevant to the FCX’s energy

What is the Future of Hydrogen Cells?

If improvements can be made in the of electrolysis (say 75% conversion so that the fuel cell is as as a battery, then the fuel will have a bright Batteries tend to be toxic or Batteries and fuel cells probably always be expensive. fuel cells are much than batteries and require maintenance.

The price needs to down by finding an alternative to platinum and the electrolysis process to be improved. Hydrogen doesn’t any sense whatsoever if it is derived fossil fuels.

The public to understand that hydrogen is not an source. It is a way to store energy for periods of time. Hydrogen profusely through everything it is so small.

Using hydrogen for appliances is wastefully innefficient of the energy conversion. Home will need to be efficient devices because it will be that comes from cells, wind farms and This means hydrogen only be practical for transportation. is if it can rival the ye old battery for efficiency.


This wasn’t easy for me to write. Even my heart is in American cars, I Hondas. I think they’re and built very well and enjoyable to drive.

My only is that they gear transmissions too low. Honda is a seriously interested in helping the from the execs on down. The FCX is a large investment made that end. But I feel the is on the medium-rare side. Maybe a bit underdeveloped to be competitive.

Maybe the FCX Beta program be enough feedback to make the viable in round two. may be a result of a common struggle a company. Execs often to shove new stuff out the door to sell while the engineers rather toil away their art.

However I Honda’s Home Energy idea is completely misguided.

I the hydrogen car should carry its own so it won’t have to depend on stations. It could use the same sockets and water everything uses. There would be no to set up.

Honda FCX Clarity
Honda FCX Clarity
Honda FCX Clarity
Honda FCX Clarity
Honda FCX Clarity

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