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Launch: Honda Jazz

Posted by Andrew Lee × 16, 2012 at 1:45 am

The all-new Jazz Hybrid launch in Kepong.

Thursday, 15th 2012 The Malaysian launch of the anticipated Honda Jazz happened today in Villa in the Forest Research Institute of (FRIM), Kepong. The location, chosen for its affinity towards and Honda s focus towards technology and eco-friendliness is a rather venue for a vehicle launch, being off the beaten path.

Driven: Honda s tagline for the Hybrid.

The launch proper was delayed due to a prior downpour, but was classy and relaxed. As the entry to the venue was  precariously narrow, Malaysia ferried its guests the main building over to the venue, Villa Aromatica, a huge tent over the of the building to set the unveiling.

The Jazz already given much by interested parties over lately, is powered by the same engine and motor as the Honda It s 1.3-litre engine is coupled an IMA hybrid system, also its similarities with its more cousin, the CR-Z.

Mr. Shingo Large Project Leader of the Jazz Hybrid, Chief of Honda RD, giving us the low-down on the Hybrid s development.

The naturally-aspirated of the Jazz is targeted towards the active and sporty executives who a practical compact supermini vehicle for frequent urban and occasional extra urban The Hybrid s target market is no but it IS a bit more ecologically friendly and (Euro 3 emissions compliant, 21.3 km/l or 4.69 Euro cycle).

Mr. Yoichiro confident in beating Toyota in the game in Malaysia.

Mr. Yoichiro Managing Director and Chief Officer of Honda Malaysia that “[t]he All-New Honda Hybrid was developed with the of ‘Enhancing the fundamental qualities of the With its unique driving and practical features, the All-New Hybrid is targeted at eco-conscious who are interested in a compact hybrid caters to their fun driving and lifestyle. It is also targeted at young professionals who recognize the of advanced technologies packaged in a design. It allows them to a balance between fuel and an enjoyable driving experience.”

The Jazz Hybrid being out as a symbolic unveiling. No problem only 104g/km of CO2

One of the most features of the 5-door Jazz is the Ultra Seat ; a particularly approach towards providing space in a vehicle than many of Honda s competitors. Its is simple (albeit very to achieve); provide the practicality of a urban vehicle whilst the volume of the interior. This not optimises the ability of the Jazz but also makes it appealing to a market. There are a number of available; normal, utility, and tall.

 The main factor for the efficiency is due to the fact that was able to stuff the hybrid into the space beneath the allocating 864 litres.

The Jazz also gets 6 airbags, the Assist function, 5 colours to from (Fresh Lime Alabaster Silver, Milano Crystal Black Pearl and White), and a 5-year / 140,000km on its IMA battery.

Other features in the Hybrid include; a glove box chrome grille with reflector, chrome rear rear LED lights with highlight, 15-inch Alloy a Multi Information Display and a Charge Assist Indicator.

to Honda s current design the interior of the Jazz Hybrid is clean and quite ergonomic.

Malaysia is rather confident the reception of the Jazz Hybrid, and has set a of 3,000 units for 2012. comes in response to Honda a whopping 55 percent of the hybrid share in Malaysia, which is a feat accomplished by competitive and market appeal.

The Jazz is now on sale for RM94,800 (otr w/

Lanky European models do not as standard : ( You may ask the MC, Will Quah though.

Check out the first for the launch photographs, and the second for the Honda photographs.

[spoiler English Press Release]

15 March 2012 – Honda Sdn Bhd today unveiled the highly All-New Jazz Hybrid, debuts as Honda’s latest to its family of hybrid cars in This eco-friendly and practical 5-door is a naturally driven which features Honda’s Motor Assist (IMA) system under its hood retaining all the practicality and spaciousness of the

The All-New Jazz Hybrid was from the popular Jazz which is in a class of its own. It is in design, greener in its performance and versatile. The All-New Jazz draws on Honda’s efficient technologies that leverage on the centre tank layout, Seat” configurations and aerodynamic

It offers a package of compact practicality, excellent fuel and incredible flexibility.

Speaking at the of the All-New Jazz Hybrid, Mr. Ueno, Managing Director and Executive Officer of Honda said, “The All-New Jazz Hybrid was developed the concept of ‘Enhancing the fundamental of the vehicle’. With its unique characteristics and practical features, the Jazz Hybrid is targeted at individuals who are interested in a compact that caters to their fun and active lifestyle.

It is also at independent young professionals who the value of advanced technologies in a clean design. It allows to strike a balance between efficiency and an enjoyable driving

Designed with everyday and use in mind, the All-New Jazz combines spaciousness, utility, economy, low carbon emission, comfort and enhanced safety all one very attractive package.  The car for the All-New Jazz Hybrid was developed to achieve the right in view of the employment of the IMA system. It is a car puts the ‘fun’ back driving.

“Honda Malaysia is that the All-New Jazz will bring the joy of owning and a hybrid vehicle to Malaysians. is always deeply committed to cars with advanced that are environmentally friendly as as creating the joy of driving,” Mr. Ueno

To further improve the city experience of the Jazz Hybrid, the assist volume is tuned at the Additionally, the ECON driving is set to allow for smoother low cruising These enhancements are incorporated the aim to make the Jazz Hybrid the city hybrid vehicle.

included is the Eco Assist function to drivers in getting the maximum from their car in everyday It also gives users feedback on how their use of the brakes and affects their fuel

The All-New Jazz Hybrid with a 1.3L i-VTEC + IMA hybrid system while the key features of the Jazz such as Seat, Paddle Shift and a boot space that great practicality and space. It is a car is small on the outside and big on the inside maximises the joy of driving for the owners.

The IMA system in the All-New Jazz is shared with the Insight and With almost 20 years of and 10 years of sales behind it, the Honda IMA system has proven to be a flexible and dependable system. close to 800,000 Honda vehicles are on the road all over the benefiting from the IMA system’s of low emissions and fuel economy.

The IMA battery pack and Intelligent Unit (IPU) have integrated under the boot area, keeping the normal (above floor) area of 300 and allowing the Ultra Seat to in the same manner as the non-hybrid This means that the still fold entirely to provide a surprising large space of 846 litres or the seat can be folded to sit vertically to accommodate items within the car.

the pioneer of hybrid technology in with the introduction of the first car, the Civic Hybrid in Honda Malaysia has continuously led the market in introducing more models and options for Malaysians. The sales of hybrid vehicles year was about 8,400 and the Insight became the best hybrid model with the sales of 4,568 units. It 54% of the segment.

The Insight was recently in February with enhanced and better mileage.

The strong acceptance of Honda hybrids is experienced with the new CR-Z. It has close to 1,000 bookings in the 4 months since it was launched November. With that, is currently leading the hybrid share in Malaysia at 55%.

At the Mr. Ueno also expressed his to the Malaysian government for continuing the exemption of import duty and duty for hybrid models December 2013.

Enhanced features from 6 airbags and Hill-Start Assist function add to the value of the All-New Jazz The Hill-Start Assist function is a feature that helps roll back when from a stop on a hill.

To reflect its advanced and clean the All-New Jazz Hybrid with a glove box cooler, grille with blue chrome rear garnish, LED lights with blue 15-inch Alloy Wheels, Information Display (MID) and Assist Indicator.

Honda has prepared five exciting for the All-New Jazz Hybrid; the are Fresh Lime Metallic, Silver, Milano Red, Black Pearl and Taffeta

Honda Malaysia targets to 3,000 units of the All-New Hybrid by the end of this year and continue to introduce more new models to excite Malaysians. The for the total hybrid series is units for year 2012.

The Jazz Hybrid comes a 5-year or 140,000km warranty for IMA which is the same with the and CR-Z and is the longest among the

Customers can test drive and their booking for the All-New Hybrid at any authorised Honda nationwide.  For more information, call Honda Toll number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to

title=Show Chinese Press

甲洞, 2012年3月15日 – 大马本田私人有限公司今天推介了备受瞩目的崭新混合动力车款Jazz Hybrid,亦成为大马本田混合动力车款中最新的家庭成员。这辆环保且实用的5门紧凑型车款,特点在于其引擎盖下的整合电机辅助系统(IMA System),同时仍然保留了Jazz原有的宽敞且实用的空间。

全新Jazz Hybrid出自于受欢迎的Jazz同一个系列,它们都属于同一个等级。全新Jazz 拥有时髦的设计, 并具有多元化及环保性能。在机能表现上,Jazz Hybrid采用了本田著名的造车理念,将其油箱设计与车身中央底部,呈现车室空间极大化与机械空间极小化的独特技术;同时,也提供了宽敞的乘载设定与乘坐舒适性的Ultra 并具有空气气流引导元素。它紧密兼齐全的外表提供了其实用性、出色的燃油经济性、极大的灵活性和环保功能。

大马本田私人有限公司董事经理兼首席执行员上野洋一郎 (Yoichiro 先生在推介礼上表示:“全新Jazz Hybrid的开发 理念为 ‘ 加强对汽车的基本素质’ Hybrid主要针对具有环保意识并有兴趣考虑紧凑型混合动力车款的消费者。其宽敞的行李空间,更能满足他们日常的驾驶乐趣和积极的生活方式。此外,此车款所针对的消费族群多为独立年轻专业人士,因为这可让他们尤其承认先进科技设计,并在享有经济燃油效率和富有活力的驾驶体验之间得到平衡的价值。”

全新Jazz Hybrid的设计理念是由日常驾驶, Hybrid System)所造成的重量平衡问题,本田独家开发了全新Jazz Hybrid先进的底盘。


为了进一步改善Jazz Hybrid的城市驾驶模式,我们已经调校过马达辅助系统的启动时间。除此之外,我们也设置了一项ECON驾驶模式,好让低速行驶中有更流畅的驾驶表现。这些新增的项目,主要是为了让Jazz Assist节能辅助系统可以即时检测出驾驶者的用车的燃油经济性和对环境破坏影响的大小值。”

全新Jazz Hybrid的动力单元为一台1.3公升i-VTEC引擎 + IMA Seat、方向盘换档拔片以及备受欢迎的宽敞车厢空间及宽大的行李箱空间。Jazz Hybrid提供了一个小巧的外观、实用机能、环保、性能、令人难以置信的 灵活性和宽敞空间

全新Jazz Hybrid所使用的IMA混合动力系统是与Insight及CR-Z的系统相同。随着近20年来的研发以及长达10年的销售经验背景,本田独有的IMA系统已经得以验证是项灵活和可靠的系统。时至今日,全球共有超过80万辆本田混合动能车在道路上行走,受益于IMA系统达到低排放以及燃油经济性。


自2007年率先于大马市场推出的第一款混合动力车款Civic Hybrid,大马本田不断引领混合动力汽车的市场,并引进更多混合动力车款于本地市民。2011年, 本田Insight成为最畅销的混合动能车款,成功售出4,568辆并占有54巴仙的市场分额。而于2012年2月29日刚推出的进阶版Insight,同样继续获客户支持和取得相当数额需求量。


新增的安全项目让Jazz Hybrid更物有所值,当中包括: 6 3 模式安全带装置提醒以及智能斜坡起步辅助( Hill-Start Assist ) 。 是项信心增强机能,主要为了避免车子在斜坡启动时发生倒退的状况。

为了进一步体现出 先进和时髦的设计 Hybrid提供了置物格冷却吹送设计。外形方面,车头新设镀铬格栅并配上蓝色反射镜片、车尾加装镀铬装饰条、蓝色亮点大灯组、后尾灯内置LED灯泡及蓝色亮点、15寸铝合金轮辋以及多信息显示屏(MID)和电荷辅助指标显示功能。

全新 Jazz Hybrid Lime Metallic)、雪花银(Alabaster Silver)、米兰红(Milano Black Pearl)以及塔夫绸白色(Taffeta White)。

售出 3000 辆全新 Jazz Hybrid并继续引进更多的混合动力车款来激发马来西亚市场。2012年的混合动力车款系列总目标是10000辆。

Hybrid的客户可享有长达5年或140,000公里行驶里程于IMA电池的保修期限,并与Insight 和CR-Z一样,此优惠是市场上最长的保修期。

从即日起,感兴趣的客户可到全国本田授权经销商试驾并预定全新Jazz 。

[spoiler title=Show Press Release]

Kepong, 15 Mac – Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd hari ini model Jazz Hybrid baharu yang ditunggu-tunggu, gus membuat debut sebagai terbaru dalam rangkaian hibrid” Honda di Malaysia. kompak lima pintu mesra alam dan praktikal itu sebuah hatchback yang dipandu. Ia mengekalkan semua dan ruang kabin luas dalam sistem hibrid Integrated Motor Assist yang ditawarkan.

Honda Hybrid serba baharu daripada model Jazz popular. Ianya mempamerkan bergaya, prestasi lebih dan amat versatil. Model Hybrid serba baharu ini teknologi “packaging” Honda cekap dimana kedudukan di bahagian tengah yang konfigurasi “Ultra Seat” ciri-ciri aerodinamik dimanfaatkan

Ianya menawarkan satu yang kompak dalam praktikal, penjimatan bahan api ketara serta amat

Berucap pada majlis Jazz Hybrid serba Pengarah Urusan dan Ketua Eksekutif Honda Malaysia, Ueno, berkata, “Honda Hybrid serba baharu dengan konsep “Meningkatkan kualiti kenderaan’. Melalui pemanduannya yang unik dan praktikal, Jazz Hybrid baharu disasarkan kepada yang memiliki kesedaran alam sekitar. Selain dengan sebuah hibrid yang memiliki ruang luas dan dapat memenuhi pemanduan yang menyeronokkan gaya hidup aktif Ia juga disasarkan kepada profesional muda yang menilai teknologi-teknologi terkini dipakejkan ke dalam satu futuristik, selain membolehkan mendapat keseimbangan di antara minyak dan pengalaman pemanduan lebih menyeronokkan.”

Direka untuk pemanduan dan setiap hari, Jazz serba baharu menggabungkan ruang, utiliti, penjimatan api, emisi karbon rendah, penghalusan, keselesaan dan keselamatan ke dalam satu yang amat mengujakan.  bawah tubuh Jazz serba baharu dibangunkan eksklusif untuk mendapatkan terbaik berikutan berat berubah disebabkan oleh sistem  Integrated Motor (IMA) Hybrid system. Ia sebuah kereta yang pemanduan kini seronok.

Malaysia yakin Jazz serba baharu akan keseronokan memiliki dan memandu hibrid ke Malaysia. Honda komited untuk membangunkan yang berteknologi tinggi mesra alam serta keseronokan memandu kepada pelanggan,” ujar Ueno.

meningkatkan pengalaman memandu di pada model Jazz volum bantuan motor ketika ia dihidupkan dan mula Sebagai tambahan, mod pemanduan ditetapkan bagi memberikan pada kelajuan rendah lebih lancar. Penambahbaikan ini selari dengan matlamat menjadikan Jazz Hybrid hibrid bandar yang Turut ditambah adalah Eco Assist bagi membantu memperoleh penjimatan maksimum kereta mereka dalam setiap hari.

Fungsi itu menawarkan pengguna maklum pada masa sebenar cara mereka menekan dan pendikit memberi kesan ke penjimatan minyak dan alam

Jazz Hybrid serba hadir bersama unit 1.3L i-VTEC + sistem IMA di samping mengekalkan ciri-ciri Jazz seperti Ultra Paddle Shift, ruang bertingkat dan ruang kargo yang memberi penekanan aspek praktikaliti dan ruang. Ia sebuah kereta yang kecil dan dalamannya luas keseronokan memandu untuk dimaksimakan.

Sistem hibrid IMA ada pada Jazz Hybrid baharu turut digunakan model Insight and CR-Z. pembangunan hampir 20 tahun dan 10 penjualannya, sistem IMA Honda unik telah membuktikan ia merupakan satu sistem fleksibel dan boleh diharap. kini, hampir 800,000 hibrid Honda berada di jalan di seluruh dunia, gus mendapat manfaat daripada IMA yang menggabungkan ciri emisi dan jimat bahan

Pek bateri dan unit kawalan telah diintegrasi di kawasan lantai but, mengekalkan but normal (atas lantai) kapasiti 300 liter dan membolehkan duduk Ultra Seat sama seperti versi bukan hibrid. Ini bermakna duduk itu masih boleh rata bagi memberikan kargo yang luas 846 liter. Tempat duduk itu boleh dilipat dalam menegak untuk menempatkan yang tinggi di dalam

Sejak merintis pengenalan hibrid di Malaysia menerusi model hibrid pertamanya tahun 2007 iaitu Hybrid, Honda Malaysia terus menerajui pasaran memperkenalkan lebih banyak kereta hibrid kepada Malaysia. Jumlah jualan hibrid tahun lepas sekitar 8,400 unit dan merupakan model hibrid laris dengan jualan mencecah 4,568 unit mewakili 54% penguasaan segmen Model Insight telah dan memberi lebih penjimatan baru-baru ini.

Penerimaan yang kukuh turut oleh model CR-Z. kini, CR-Z telah hampir 1,000 tempahan Honda kini menguasai pasaran kenderaan hibrid di dengan 55%.

Sewaktu Ueno turut melahirkan gembira kerana kerajaan telah mengumumkan dalam 2012 bahawa ia akan pengecualian cukai penuh import dan duti eksais model-model hibrid sehingga 2013.

Antara ciri-ciri yang dipertingkatkan ialah beg udara, dan fungsi Hill-Start pintar demi menambah hebat kepada Jazz serba baharu. Fungsi Assist ialah ciri mampu meningkatkan keyakinan dan kenderaan daripada mengundur kereta mahu bergerak berhenti di jalan bukit.

menyerlahkan lagi rekabentuknya maju dan futuristik, Jazz serba baharu hadir satu kotak penyejuk, krom dengan pembias biru, lampu utama kemasan biru, lampu LED juga dengan kemasan rim aloi 15 inci, paparan maklumat atau Multi Display (MID) dan Charge Indicator.

Jazz Hybrid baharu didatangkan dalam warna menarik iaitu Lime Metallic (hijau), Silver (perak), Milano Red Crystal Black Pearl dan Taffeta White (putih).

Malaysia meletakkan sasaran menjual 3,000 unit Hybrid serba baharu sekarang hingga akhir Syarikat akan terus lebih model hibrid untuk menguja pasaran Sasaran jualan tahun untuk model-model hibrid di Malaysia diletakkan pada unit.

Para pelanggan menikmati jaminan selama tahun atau perbatuan 140,000km untuk bateri IMA Jazz Hybrid serba yang merupakan jaminan untuk Insight dan CR-Z dan yang jaminan terlama industri.

Para pelanggan memandu uji dan menempah Jazz serba baharu di mana-mana sah Honda di seluruh negara. lanjut, sila hubungi Toll Free di talian atau layari laman web .

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