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Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)

News 2010

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28/12/2010: Honda ASIMO App for iphone and android

Honda has now released their Honda ASIMO iphone application for Android.

Walk through Honda’s robot development history. from 1986 when the first robot aimed at researching bipedal walking was created, to ASIMO, Honda’s latest robot. Walk to evolve your robot to ASIMO, so you can race your ASIMO around the Suzuka circuit. By completing one lap (5.8km) with ASIMO, you can compare your lap time with other players worldwide and share via Twitter and Facebook .

The application can be installed from your phone’s app store or market place, or visit the following page for more details:

23/12/2010: Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Trident Honda wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Details of our opening times over the festive period can be found by clicking on the following links:

08/12/2010: Trident Presented with Customer Satisfaction Award

Honda (UK) is very proud of their reputation for excellent customer service, which they have built up over many years. Honda’s dedication to customer service has seen them achieve 2nd position in the 2010 JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey, and they continue to strive to improve.

Since 2005 Honda has invested in a team of dedicated staff to call a sample of customers who visit Honda dealerships either to buy cars or have their current cars serviced and ask them about the level of service received.

This is much more than a measurement programme; Honda and their dealers listen to individual customer comments and then act on them to ensure that Honda delivers a really great experience.

The results from this programme, called SpeakBack has shown that some dealers are really making great strides forward. Trident Honda has shown outstanding performance in their area and Honda is proud to give them one of only 26 Quarter 3 awards for customer excellence available across the country.

Terry Stickland, General Aftersales Manager at Ottershaw is pictured here on the right being presented the award by Bob Murdoch, Area Customer Manager, Honda (UK).

This award means a lot to all of us, everyone has worked really hard to always deliver on the promises we make to our customers. I am very proud of all the team here at Trident Honda and we are looking to consolidate on this improvement and be even better in the future.

— Richard Roberts, Dealer Principal.

These awards are just part of a whole new initiative to further improve the service Honda and their dealers give to customers. Their target is to ensure that our customers receive the best customer experience in town. This is a big challenge with the Honda team benchmarking, and setting their sites on, the levels of customer service offered by companies such as John Lewis, Waitrose and Apple Computers.

Michael Doyle, Manager — Customer Understanding, Honda (UK) said, We’re very pleased to see Trident Honda pick up this award for outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction. What they have shown is that they work consistently to improve their customer’s experience, and go to great lengths to meet the needs of people in Surrey. Long may their hard work, attitude and commitment to excellent customer experiences continue.

07/12/2010: Did you know that Trident can still maintain your MG and Rover vehicles?

Whilst both Trident’s branches are now Honda Dealerships, both were previously MG Rover.

Trident are still able to service, MOT and repair MG Rover vehicles.

Most of our technicians are MG Rover factory-trained and both branches have the MG Rover Testbook diagnostic computers.

/Our Ottershaw branch is still continuing to supply used MG Rovers and we often have quality used vehicles available in our stock. A 1-year warranty is supplied free-of-charge, when buying a used MG Rover from Trident, but you are able to extend this up to 5-years, at additional cost./

Trident is committed to continuing to supply used MG Rovers from our Ottershaw Branch and to continue servicing our customers MG Rover cars for many years to come.

As further reassurance, our Ottershaw Branch has become an accredited Xpart Autoservice Centre. XPart manufactures and distributes MG Rover parts, and this business has been largely unaffected by the demise of MG Rover. For more information on parts supply, please follow the following link:

Not all MG Rover customers live locally to Trident; if you are concerned about where you are able to have your car serviced, then you should visit:

06/12/2010: New and Improved Honda Insight Hybrid Hits UK Roads

The improved Honda Insight hybrid, featuring adjusted suspension to improve ride comfort and NVH levels and enhanced trim levels is now on British roads.

Prices start at Ј16,325 for the SE model, but with Honda’s current Affordable Driving consumer offer, the hybrid is available at Ј14,995 OTR until the end of December, making it even more attainable — and the least expensive hybrid on the market by a mile.

A new, top-of-the-range, EX model, featuring black leather upholstery and DVD Sat Nav and hands-free telephone, is another addition to the 5-door hybrid line-up.

A number of chassis changes have been implemented, including: adjusting the recoil rate of the springs, changing the rear camber angles, altering the V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. The amendments promise to deliver improved ride, handling and stability.

As well as these upgrades to suspension, Honda has added rear parking sensors to ES-model Insights and above, and updated the trim to smarten the interior. Dashboard and seat colours have also been changed to give a more uniform finish, and some plastics were improved. Chrome rings now surround air vents, and the doors have been given a silver garnish feature.

The changes made to the Insight were in direct response to the comments received from early customers and the media. The initial focus was on suspension, to which improvements have been made to address negative feedback on ride and comfort levels.

There are also two new paint options for Insight customers, with the introduction of Dynamic Blue Pearl and Carnelian Red Pearl.

Prices start at Ј16,325 for the SE model, but with Honda s current Affordable Driving consumer offer, the hybrid is available at Ј14,995 OTR until the end of December. The highly-spec’d EX model with leather upholstery starts at Ј20,215 OTR.

03/12/2010: Honda CR-Z is Top Gear Magazine’s Green Car of the Year

Top Gear has crowned the Honda CR-Z their ‘Green Car of the Year’ in the magazine’s fiercely contested annual Awards. This new trophy brings the total to four awards in as many weeks for the world’s first sporty hybrid.

The CR-Z’s blend of sporty looks, agile handling and good fuel efficiency allowed it to deal with the bustling back streets of the Third Ring district in China to win over the judges at Top Gear.

Top Gear summed up: Of all the cars we’ve brought to China, CR-Z is far and away the one I feel most at home with — and most excited about. Compact, accessible and responsive, it’s a breeze to drive in this hectic and distracting place.

This Top Gear honour joins the CR-Z’s fast-growing awards cabinet, which already consists of What Car? Green Awards’ Best Sports Car trophy as well as the more recent Japan Car of the Year 2010-2011 and Stuff magazine’s Eco Gadget of the Year title, plus Most Economic Environment Friendly Sports HEV at the first RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge.

To be recognised by a publication as well respected as Top Gear is a great achievement for the CR-Z and for Honda.

— Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director for Honda (UK)

We’re so pleased with the reception the CR-Z has received from the press, especially when you consider the strength of the competition out there. The car has only been on sale for nine months but we’re already looking for a bigger trophy cabinet!

CR-Z is priced from Ј16,999 OTR and brings together a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, six-speed manual gearbox and Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system making a car that’s as fun to drive as it is efficient.

02/12/2010: Stay Safe in the Snow

Make sure you stay safe whilst you are driving in the snow with this advice from the AA:


— Lights, heaters and windscreen wipers put high demands on the car battery. If the car is driven mainly in dark rush-hour trips, the battery will give out eventually.

— Batteries rarely last longer than five years, so replacing them near the end of their life can save a lot of time and inconvenience at the side of the road when they finally fizzle out.

— Avoid running car electrics any longer than necessary turn the heater fan down and switch the heated rear window off once windows are clear.

— If the car stands idle most of the weekend a regular overnight trickle charge is a good idea to give the battery a chance to revive.

— When you’re starting up the car ensure that non-essentials like lights, rear screen heater and wipers are turned off.

— Use the starter in short five-second bursts if the engine doesn’t start quickly, leaving thirty seconds between attempts to allow the battery to recover.


— Antifreeze costs only a few pounds, but a cracked engine block will cost hundreds of pounds to repair.

— The majority of modern cars use long-life antifreeze, and it is absolutely essential that you don’t mix these with other types as this can cause a sludge to form in the engine. If you’re not sure what type of antifreeze is in your car, take it to a dealer.

— Traditional glycol-based antifreeze should be changed at least every two years.

— A 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water in the cooling system is needed in winter. This gives maximum protection down to -34° centigrade, and without it, severe engine damage costing hundreds of pounds can occur.

— If the fan belt squeals continually as soon as the engine is started, that is a sign the water pump is frozen. The cylinder block could be frozen too. Stop the engine immediately and allow it to thaw out.

This may take several days unless you can get the car moved to a heated garage.

— Most commonly, it is just the radiator that freezes. The car will begin to overheat within a few miles of home, as the coolant is unable to circulate. Stop the car immediately and allow the radiator to thaw.


— Through the winter months dazzle from the low sun can be a particular problem.

— Improve vision significantly by making sure that the windscreen is clean — inside and out. Scratches, abrasion and chips on the outside can also worsen the dazzling effect of the sun.

— If you’re suffering from greasy smears on the screen that don’t go with use of a normal screenwash additive then a little elbow grease is required. First try using a cream glass polish with a slight abrasive action. If that doesn’t work then try dishwasher powder dissolved in a little water.

Use clean kitchen paper to clean a small area at a time and try not to go back over a patch you’ve just done.

— Use air conditioning for faster demisting and to reduce condensation on cold windows.

— Keep the windscreen and other windows clear — if your vision is obscured through dirt, snow or even sticker-infested car windows you could face a hefty fine.

— Check windscreen wipers and replace if necessary.

— Make sure that wipers are switched off in the park position when leaving the car, when there’s risk of freezing. If you don’t and the blades freeze to the screen, you could damage the blades or wiper motor when you turn the ignition on.

— Windscreen washer fluid should be topped up and treated with a proprietary additive to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather. Don’t use ordinary engine antifreeze as it will damage paintwork.

— Clear snow from the roof as well as from windows. Snow piled up on the roof can fall onto the windscreen obscuring your view and can also be a hazard to other road users.


— Check that all bulbs are working and that headlights are clean and aimed correctly.

— You must use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced. You may also use front or rear fog lights but these must be switched off when visibility improves as they can dazzle other road users and obscure your brake lights.

— Keep the number plates clean too, as you can be fined if they are dirty and illegible.

— Check all tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth. At least 3mm of tread is recommended for winter motoring, and certainly no less than 2mm.

— Don’t reduce tyre pressures to get more grip it doesn’t work, and reduces stability.

— Check you have a working jack and wheel brace, and that you know how to change a wheel if necessary.

— It’s rare to need snow chains unless you live in an isolated area hit with heavy snow, and where the roads are not cleared. They must be removed to drive on a metalled road without a reasonable covering of snow.

— Buy snow chains from a specialist supplier to ensure that they’re right for your vehicle, and practice fitting them in good dry conditions.

— Consider changing to winter or all season tyres these have a higher silicone content in the tread which prevents it hardening at lower temperatures, and therefore gives better grip in cold wet conditions.

— Get up at least 10 minutes early to give you time to prepare the car.

— Don’t drive off like a tank-commander, with a tiny hole cleared in your windscreen. Clear all windows of snow and ice using a scraper and de-icer.

— Use a cigarette lighter to warm a key for a frozen lock. Don’t breathe on the lock, as the moisture will condense and freeze.

— Besides an ice scraper and de-icer, it’s worth carrying a mobile phone with fully charged battery, torch, first-aid kit, tow rope, blankets, warm coat and boots, jump leads, snow shovel, warning triangle, an old sack or rug (to put under the wheels if you do get stuck) and water repellent spray.

— Plan routes to favour major roads which are more likely to have been gritted.

— Put safety before punctuality when the bad weather closes in. While it’s always a good idea to allow extra time in winter for your journey, drivers must accept the inevitability of being late for work if they are caught up in an unexpected delay.

Driving in snow and ice

— Stopping distances are 10 times longer in ice and snow.

— Gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving.

— Wear comfortable, dry shoes: cumbersome, snow-covered boots will slip on the pedals.

— Select second gear when pulling away, easing your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel-spin.

— When climbing a hill it’s important to avoid having to stop on the hill by waiting until it is clear of other cars or by leaving plenty of room between you and the car in front. Try to maintain a constant speed, choosing the most suitable gear well in advance to avoid having to change down on the hill.

— When driving downhill, reduce your speed before the hill, use a low gear and try to avoid using the brakes. Leave as much room as possible between you and the car in front.

— Always apply brakes gently. Release them and de-clutch if the car skids.

— If you have an automatic, then under normal driving conditions (motorways, etc) it’s best to select ‘Drive’ and let the gearbox do the work throughout the full gear range. In slippery, snowy conditions you can make driving much safer by selecting ‘2’, which limits the gear changes and also makes you less reliant on the brakes. Many modern autos have a ‘Winter’ mode which locks out first gear to reduce the risk of wheel spin.

Check the handbook if you’re not sure.

— If you do get stuck, straighten the steering and clear the snow from the wheels. Put a sack or old rug in front of the driving wheels to give the tyres some grip. Once on the move again, try not to stop until you reach firmer ground.

01/12/2010: Honda’s Supermini Gets Even Better

The popular Honda Jazz has been given a refresh, with a range of enhancements to both the looks and driving dynamics. The revised Jazz range, which will include a hybrid model, goes on sale in the UK on 1 February 2011, with prices starting from Ј11,295 for the 1.2 S model and Ј15,995 for the Hybrid variant in HE trim.

The challenge for Honda’s engineers was to freshen and improve the car without compromising on the characteristics that make the Jazz so popular. But by enhancing the car’s strongest qualities, Honda has taken the Jazz on to the next stage, producing a car with greater flexibility, better looks, increased ride comfort and improved eco credentials.

While the revised car is just as cleverly packaged, fresh styling gives the Jazz a new appearance. New front and rear bumpers are the main parts to have influenced the look of the car. These have also been designed to reduce drag as the airflow passes over the Jazz s body and to avoid turbulence when the airflow detaches from the rear.

These styling improvements aid aerodynamic efficiency on all Jazz models helping the Cd figure to fall from 0.336 to 0.330.

Welcome back CVT

Constantly variable transmission, more commonly known as ‘CVT’, first appeared in the previous Jazz range and due to overwhelming customer demand Honda has brought it back along with a few clever improvements.

The CVT is an automatic transmission that keeps the engine in a rev range where the car is most efficient. As well as ensuring the whole power train of the Jazz is more efficient, it also offers the driver a smooth and effortless journey.

The CVT transmission is a standard feature on the Hybrid while it is available as an option on 1.4 litre petrol models, where, thanks to the improvements, it now matches the economy and emissions of the outgoing Jazz i-SHIFT, with a CO 2 value starting at just 125g/km.

High specification and flexible cabin

Leather upholstery makes a very welcome appearance for the first time in the Jazz range. Along with the addition of chrome rings defining the air vents, instruments and climate controls across the dashboard, the leather trim gives a whole new premium feeling to the interior of the car and is an important option for customers downsizing from larger vehicles from other sectors. Leather seats are standard on the Jazz Hybrid in HX trim and available as a Ј1,250 option on the 1.4-litre petrol EX model.

Another change across the range is a new darker dashboard material which contrasts strongly with the orange and blue back lighting of the dials, gauges and displays across the dashboard. The orange backlighting colour is unique to the petrol powered variants, while the Hybrid version uses the blue lighting to differentiate the model from the rest of the range.

The Magic Seats, famed for their flexibility and multiple seating and cargo-carrying configurations are now even better with the addition of a reclining rear seat. The rear seats can now recline 73mms to increase rear passenger comfort.

Engine range expands with the introduction of hybrid technology

The established 1.2-litre and best-selling 1.4-litre i-VTEC petrol engines remain in the Jazz range and to compliment the launch of the Hybrid variant, these two petrol engines have benefited from some small reductions in CO 2 values and improved fuel economy. The 1.4-litre manual variant with manual transmission has emissions starting at 126 g/km down from 128 g/km and uses 51.4mpg on the combined cycle. The fuel sipping 1.2 litre engine uses 53.3mpg and also drops two grams of CO 2 to 123g/km.

The Jazz Hybrid is an ultra-efficient car with a combined fuel consumption figure of 62.8 mpg — and with the same super-smooth electric system as the Insight. even more fuel is saved around town. While a CO 2 output of just 104g/km makes the Jazz Hybrid the lowest of any automatic car in the B-segment.

Improved ride comfort and handling

The suspension on the 2011 Jazz features revised settings to increase ride comfort and improve handling. Already well respected for its lightness and manoeuvrability around town, the Jazz benefits from improvements to steering feel at higher speeds. Thanks to this continuous improvement the revised model has a much firmer, positive steering feel as speeds increase to inspire a confident driving experience.

All Jazz models, including the Hybrid version, share new sleek, projector style headlights adding to the sportier look. There are four new colours available across the petrol range — Azure Blue, Polished Metal, Urban Titanium and Ionized Bronze. The Hybrid version also benefits from Azure Blue plus two new colours — a vibrant Lime Green Metallic and Taffeta White.

18/11/2010: Electric Honda Jazz EV Concept Debuts at LA Auto Show

Electric vehicle and new plug-in hybrid platform key to Honda Electric Mobility Network

Honda unveiled the all-new Fit (Jazz ) EV Concept electric vehicle and the platform for a midsize plug-in hybrid vehicle. Both vehicles are integral to the Honda Electric Mobility Network, the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing CO 2 emissions through innovative products, energy management and energy production technologies.

The Fit EV Concept hints strongly at the direction and styling for Honda’s upcoming production Fit EV all-electric vehicle, which will be introduced to the U.S. and Japan in 2012. The all-new plug-in hybrid platform showcases Honda’s next-generation, two-motor hybrid technology set to debut in 2012.

Honda’s long history with electromotive technologies has enabled us to understand customer requirements, said Takanobu Ito, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. President and CEO.

In Honda’s view, an electric vehicle must offer great utility and be fun to drive. Fit EV’s urban commuting capability will be a perfect addition to the full-function mobility of the plug-in hybrid and FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle.

Honda Fit EV

The Fit EV is designed to meet the daily driving needs of the average metropolitan commuter and utilizes the same 5-passenger layout found in the popular Fit hatchback. When the Fit EV production model is introduced, it will be powered by a lithium-ion battery and coaxial electric motor.

The high-density motor, derived from the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle, delivers excellent efficiency and power while remaining quiet at high speeds. The Fit EV will have a top speed of 90 mph.

The Fit EV will achieve an estimated 100-mile driving range per charge using the US EPA LA41 city cycle (70 miles when applying EPA’s adjustment factor). Driving range can be maximized by use of an innovative 3-mode electric drive system, adapted from the 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid. The system allows the driver to select between Econ, Normal, and Sport to instantly and seamlessly change the driving experience to maximize efficiency or improve acceleration.

While in Econ mode, practical driving range can increase by as much as 17 per cent, compared to driving in Normal mode, and up to 25 per cent compared to driving in Sport mode. Acceleration improves significantly when in Sport mode, generating performance similar to a vehicle equipped with a 2.0-litre petrol engine.

In addition to the 3-mode E-Drive system, the Fit EV will include several interactive coaching systems to assist the driver in maximizing battery range.

A special meter display advises the driver when to shut off air conditioning and other accessories to conserve battery power.

To help the driver manage the electric vehicle ownership experience, the Fit EV will have a standard connectivity system that allows the driver to stay connected through a smartphone and personal computer, or the Honda-exclusive interactive remote, while away from the vehicle. The pocket-friendly, interactive remote provides connectivity to the vehicle without the need for an internet connection or mobile phone signal. Through the connectivity system, drivers will be able to remotely view the vehicle’s state of charge, initiate charging and activate the air conditioning, even while connected to the grid, to reduce the drain on the battery at start-up. The mobile application and website also offers the ability to set charging notifications and alerts to optimize utility rates, and provides 24-hour roadside assistance. along with a public charging station locator.

The Fit EV will come equipped with a standard Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System that includes a public charging-station locator capability.

The Fit EV is designed to be easy and convenient to charge. Battery recharging can be accomplished in less than 12 hours when using a conventional 120-volt outlet, and less than six hours when using a 240-volt outlet.

The Fit EV Concept displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show features an exclusive Deep Clear Blue Pearl exterior color and distinctive five-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with blue inserts. The Concept has unique LED headlights, a chrome front fascia, aerodynamic bumper, clear LED taillights and EV decals. Inside, the Fit EV Concept is outfitted in an eco-friendly gray bio-fabric on the seating surfaces.

Displayed alongside the Fit EV Concept at the show is a prototype Honda charging stand. To begin charging, the driver swipes a card in front of the screen and then connects the charger to the vehicle. The Honda charging stand provides a glimpse at the future of an electric-charging infrastructure that is easy to use and intuitive for consumers.

Honda Plug-in Hybrid

Honda also unveiled a plug-in hybrid platform, which showcases Honda’s next-generation two-motor hybrid system. Integrated into a mid-size sedan platform, the plug-in hybrid is designed to be compatible with daily driving habits, allowing for short, frequent trips in all-electric mode, while providing long-distance driving capability when needed. The Honda two-motor system continuously moves through three different modes to maximize driving efficiency: all-electric, gasoline-electric and a unique, engine direct-drive mode.

The plug-in hybrid also uses regenerative braking to charge the battery.

In all-electric mode, the vehicle uses a 6kWh lithium-ion battery and a powerful 120 kW electric motor. The all-electric mode achieves a range of approximately 10-15 miles in city driving and a top speed of 62 mph. Fully recharging the battery will take 2 to 2.5 hours using a 120-volt outlet and 1 to 1.5 hours using a 240-volt outlet.

The vehicle can also run in a petrol-electric hybrid mode, the platform features a fuel-efficient 2.0-litre, i-VTEC® inline 4-cylinder, Atkinson cycle engine, paired with an electric Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT). An onboard generator adds to the battery powering the electric motor.

For more efficient high-speed cruising, the vehicle can engage in a direct-drive mode, in which only the engine drives the front wheels.

Advanced Technology Demonstration Program

Honda will launch an Advanced Technology Demonstration Program this year to provide real-world testing of its new vehicles, as well as research into customer behavior and usability, public charging infrastructure planning and sustainability initiatives. Partners in the program will include Stanford University, City of Torrance, Calif. and Google, Inc.

Honda Electric Mobility Network and Energy Management

Together with the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle, the Fit EV and the future plug-in hybrid vehicle are a part of the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing CO 2 emissions. Honda is unique in its efforts to create both environmentally-responsible products and the renewable energy solutions to power them. Honda is currently producing and marketing thin-film solar panels in Japan, and an installation is planned at Honda Performance Development in Southern California in early 2011.

Honda is also using innovative ways to produce and distribute energy through sustainable methods, such as using solar power to produce hydrogen fuel from water. Additionally, Honda is developing home energy-management systems that utilize micro-cogeneration technology and solar cell modules to power and heat homes as well as charge electric vehicles. The Honda Electric Mobility Network joins clean vehicle technology, renewable energy production and energy management solutions for the benefit of customers and society.

Honda Environmental Leadership

The Fit EV and a plug-in hybrid sedan will be introduced to the U.S. and Japan in 2012, joining Honda’s diverse lineup of environmentally-responsible vehicles, which include the FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle, the Civic GX compressed natural gas-powered sedan (U.S. only) and four distinct petrol-electric hybrid models: Civic Hybrid ; CR-Z sport hybrid; Insight hybrid and Fit Hybrid (Japan and Europe only).

Honda was recently named America’s Greenest Automaker for the fifth consecutive time by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The award is earned by the company with the lowest combined smog-forming and greenhouse-gas emissions (primarily CO 2 ) in its U.S. automobile fleet.

Honda has led the UCS rankings of overall vehicle environmental performance since the first UCS study in 2000, marking a decade of Honda leadership in reduced vehicle emissions. Honda earned the recognition this year with an industry-best score based on model year 2008 data, the latest available for analysis.

17/11/2010: The Event Competition Winner

Congratulations to Mr Selwood who was the lucky winner of the competition run over The Event weekend! He won a CR-V for the weekend!

Mr Selwood is pictured on the right with Chris Sanders, one of our Sales Executives at Weybridge. collecting the car.

Other winners in the raffle were sent their Bourne Valley Garden Centre vouchers in the post.

The Event weekend was a great success — and we hope all those who visited us agree!

16/11/2010: Honda’s New Electric Car to be Unveiled Online

Honda will unveil an electric vehicle concept at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, alongside a plug-in hybrid platform that showcases the next generation of Honda hybrid technology. Video of both unveils will be streamed online.

The Honda press conference is at 13.20 (LA time) on Wednesday, 17 November (that’s 21.20 in the UK).

Keynote presenters at the press conference will be Takanobu Ito, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. President and CEO and John Mendel, American Honda Motor Co. Inc. executive vice president.

Those not making the trip to California can watch the press conferences online via a live webcast at the following address:

Honda’s battery EV and plug-in hybrid cars are scheduled to go on sale in Japan and the US in 2012, and demonstration testing of these products will begin in those countries before the end of this year.

15/11/2010: The CR-Z is a Triple Winner!

Honda’s CR-Z — the world’s first sporty hybrid — has impressed judges at Stuff magazine, Japan Car of the Year and the RAC Future Car Challenge to collect three top accolades in just seven days.

On Tuesday, the hybrid coupe beat tough international opposition to become Japan Car of the Year 2010-2011. This is the 11th time a Honda car has collected the prestigious honour — making it the most successful manufacturer in JCOTY history.

Takanobu Ito, President and CEO of Honda Motor, said, We are very proud that the CR-Z has been selected from the strong contenders of new models as the Car of the Year Japan 2010-2011. This award shows that the public has accepted Honda’s aspiration to supply exceptional environmental performance in a fun-to-drive hybrid car at an affordable price, as well as Honda’s desire to spread the joy of owning and driving a car.

The award-winning run continued last night, as the CR-Z scooped Eco Gadget of the Year at the Stuff Gadget Awards.

Fraser MacDonald, editor-in-chief at Stuff magazine, heaped praise on the CR-Z. The Honda CR-Z looks great, and it feels great to be in. It’s also relatively small and light, so — for an unethical minute or two — hit the ‘Power’ button and work the manual gearbox, and it’ll go like a little rocket.

Plus — and this is the icing on the eco cake — normal people can afford one.

The Stuff prize tops off a successful week for Honda’s great-handling hybrid. Last Saturday, the CR-Z took part in the first RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge and was awarded Most Economical Environment Friendly Sports HEV.

The new honours join the What Car? Green Awards’ Best Sports Car trophy in the CR-Z’s already crowded cabinet.

Martin Moll, Head of Marketing at Honda (UK) said, What a week for the CR-Z. This has been a fantastic boost for the car and the range of awards shows the wide appeal of the CR-Z. It’s great to be recognised by a magazine like Stuff, and for it to be chosen as Car of the Year in Japan is a huge honour, especially when you consider the strength of the competition.

The CR-Z is a unique car, and the first to take a hybrid powertrain and put it into a car that’s a genuine pleasure to drive — a true Honda.

— Martin Moll, Head of Marketing, Honda (UK).

The CR-Z is priced from Ј16,999 OTR and brings together a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, six-speed manual gearbox and Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system to make a car that’s as fun to drive as it is efficient.

10/11/2010: Honda is named as the UK’s Most Reliable Car Manufacturer

Honda has been named Britain’s most reliable car manufacturer by the influential FN50 survey, further strengthening Honda’s reputation for bullet proof reliability.

Honda beat off rivals to the top spot in the annual survey which is published by industry leading publication Fleet News. The report covers 1.5 million vehicles owned or managed by the country’s 50 largest contract hire companies. Honda also featured highly in the top ten most reliable cars with the Accord and British-built Civic in second and ninth place respectively.

Graham Avent, Corporate Operations Manager at Honda (UK), commented, Winning the FN50 most reliable manufacturer accolade is a huge boost for Honda in the Corporate market. What makes it so important is the survey size. We always score well in consumer surveys thanks to the phenomenal reliability and quality of our product range — but to get this recognition from the company car drivers themselves means the world to our Corporate team and our Corporate dealer network.

It’s great to know that out of over one million drivers, the Honda brand comes out on top.

— Graham Avent, Manager — Corporate Operations at Honda (UK).

The Civic’s top ten placing is also a great endorsement for our plant in Swindon that makes 85 per cent of the cars we sell in the UK. Honda has proven that British manufacturing continues to produce class-leading product for the fleet market.

Over the years, Honda has continually been ranked highly in customer reliability surveys such as the JD Power Survey and Which? Car.

Fleet News editor Stephen Briers concluded, Businesses that depend on vehicles take reliability very seriously, and can’t afford downtime through breakdowns that incurs extra costs. This is the largest reliability survey of its kind, so any vehicle with a top 10 placing will represent a safe bet for any organisation or private motorist.

09/11/2010: Greener Driving

If you don’t want to change your current car, there are still ways you can drive greener.

Lose Some Weight

Don’t drive around with unnecessary weight in your car — the engine will have to work harder and use more fuel. Empty your car of anything that you don’t need to carry around all the time. Remove roof boxes and roof racks when you’re not using them — they cause extra aerodynamic drag, which will raise your fuel consumption.

Open windows and sunroofs do the same; and for the same reason, get any loose items of external trim fixed.

Look After Your Car

Stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule, and get work carried out by a competent garage. Under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption, so check them weekly. Also, keep an eye on your fuel consumption and investigate sudden changes.

Switch It Off

Modern engines don t need to be warmed up before you start driving, so get in and drive off straightaway.

If you get stuck in traffic, switch the engine off. Air-conditioning, heated seats and other electric components also consume energy, so switch off whatever you don’t need.


By keeping an eye on the road ahead, you can drive greener as well as safer. Always try to keep the car moving, and allow the engine to slow the car rather than using the brakes — this gives more time for the cars in front to move off, so you don’t have to stop. Avoid having to brake suddenly and don’t race between sets of traffic lights or junctions.

Finally, use gravity — rather than the accelerator — to start the car rolling down slopes.

Lower Your Speed

Going no faster that the speed limit will save fuel, so why not try slowing down a bit more? You’ll be less stressed and have a calmer journey. Cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed.

Use the highest gear possible without letting the engine labour, and try changing straight from second to fourth gear, or third to fifth this saves time, fuel and wear and tear on the clutch.

Leave the Car at Home

An engine is at its most inefficient when cold, so consider not using the car for very short trips. If it’s a nice day, walk or ride a bike instead. Consider using public transport for other trips, too.

Plan Your Journey

If you don’t need to travel during rush hour, avoid the congested times. Plan a route that misses busy areas and road works, and try to stick to roads that allow you to drive at a steady speed rather than having to stop and start. Consider car-sharing with friends or colleagues.

Change Your Driving Style

Learn to press the accelerator lightly and smoothly — no more heavy, jerky movements. Don’t over-rev the engine, either. Keep the revs under 3000rpm and cruise along.

Give yourself more time for journeys so you don’t have to rush, and stay relaxed for a smoother trip.

08/11/2010: Honda CRZ wins at the RAC Future Car Challenge

The Honda CRZ came first in the ‘Most Economic and Environment Friendly Sports HEV’ category at the first RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge on Saturday 6 November.

Entrants started the challenge from Madeira Drive in Brighton, finishing at Pall Mall in London. Cars had to be driven around the 60 mile route in reverse, and the mission was to complete the event with the least energy impact. Entries were measured in various modes for the energy used during the drive.

05/11/2010: Car Raffle Winner Announced

The lucky winner of the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice Car Raffle has been announced. Congratulations to Mrs Borgars who has won a new Honda Jazz !

Trident Honda is proud to support this very worthwhile local charity event.

Woking Hospice and Sam Beare Hospice, Weybridge are independent registered charities that provide Hospice care across Surrey.

As well as providing in-patient care and day care units at both Hospices our community team are vital in providing services over a much wider area including the boroughs of Woking, Spelthorne, Runnymede and Elmbridge.

Hospice care is based on the belief that each person is more than their illness, and that each of us has unique physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Woking Sam Beare Hospices responds to the needs of each individual, helping people achieve the best possible quality of life. More information can be found at

A big thanks to all those people who bought a raffle ticket!

Mrs Borgars (centre) is pictured on the right with Richard Roberts, Managing Director of Trident Honda and Gill Bond, Promotions Fundraiser at Woking Hospice.

04/11/2010: ASIMO Celebrates 10th Anniversary

ASIMO reached a huge milestone and celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 31st October. A decade ago, Honda created a humanoid robot so advanced it started a revolution in humanoid robot technology. To mark this date, dedicated Anniversary websites and films have been launched today, with new photos, videos, the story of its creation and smartphone apps.

The application software for iPhone and Android smartphones, ‘Run with ASIMO’ features ASIMO and other Honda robots as characters that the user can interact with. (Both the iPhone and Android versions will be available soon).

Honda’s research into humanoid robotics started almost a quarter of a century ago and 14 years later, on 31st October 2000, ASIMO was created. Since its European unveiling at the Technical University of Darmstadt in June 2003, ASIMO has inspired, educated and influenced thousands of people all over the region and has gained acclaim from engineers and scientists alike.

02/11/2010: Honda Racing Team announces BTCC Drivers for 2011

The Honda Racing Team today officially announced that drivers Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden will once again be behind the wheel of the Honda Racing Civics for the 2011 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship.

The strong partnership of twice BTCC champion Matt Neal and Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden will build on the successful 2010 season for the Honda Racing Team. Both drivers were in contention until the final round at Brands Hatch earlier this month where they narrowly missed out in the fight for the Drivers’ crown, finishing in second and third spot respectively.

Neal, 43, from Worcester notched up 5 wins over the season while his team mate Flash, 31, from Fife also had 5 wins. Shedden was recently awarded the prestigious BRDC Silver Star over both team mate Neal and the 2010 BTCC Champion Plato, for scoring more points overall in his top 12 finishes this season.

Honda (UK) and Team Dynamics are already working closely together on plans and car development for the 2011 season. The team walked away with both the Team and Manufacturers’ Trophies and the target is for a clean sweep next season, so no one is resting on their laurels.

We are thrilled to announce Matt and Gordon as our drivers once again for next year. They have shown they are a winning combination on the track and they are excellent ambassadors for the Honda brand off the track too.

— David Hodgetts, Managing Director, Honda (UK)

Matt Neal said, I’m looking forward to a thrilling 2011. The Civic is a real driver’s car which gives you amazing performance and road holding both on and off the track. I can’t wait to get the season started again.

Gordon Shedden said, It was great to be back home in the Honda Civic in 2010 which delivered fantastic results. The aim is to come back even stronger and go for a clean sweep of titles in 2011. Bring it on!

01/11/2010: Honda Jazz Hybrid Make Its UK Debut on RAC Future Car Challenge

Three of Honda’s cleanest cars will compete in the very first RAC Future Car Challenge in November. The new Honda Jazz Hybrid has been entered in the Brighton to London event, alongside the hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity fuel cell car and a sporty hybrid CR-Z .

Starting at Madeira Drive in Brighton, the Future Car Challenge uses the traditional 60 mile veteran car run route, but in reverse. The three Honda cars will be retracing the route taken by Honda Motor founder, Soichiro Honda, when he tackled the London to Brighton event in 1985.

All participating cars in the Challenge are measured on the energy they use on the route, with those using the least energy over the 60 mile run crowned the winners.

Making its debut on British roads is the Jazz with hybrid technology. This car features Honda’s innovative and reliable petrol-electric IMA system to lower emissions to 104 g/km and improve fuel economy to 64.2 mpg (preliminary figures). Honda has been able to add this cleaner hybrid technology to the supermini while retaining all the popular practical characteristics found in the non-hybrid version including the unique folding Magic Seats.

The Honda Jazz with hybrid technology will be available to order in the UK from early 2011.

Supporting the Jazz will be the world’s first production fuel cell car — the ground-breaking FCX Clarity which emits no harmful exhaust emissions with only water vapour coming out of the tailpipe. This car offers a clean equivalent of what most of us drive today, including a good driving range of 270 miles, a 3-5 minute refuelling time and a flexible layout and design.

Boosting the Honda presence will be Honda’s CR-Z. the world’s first sporty hybrid coupe; a great looking car that’s exciting to drive and has all the benefits of advanced, low emission hybrid technology. It’s clean, efficient petrol-electric IMA hybrid powertrain not only offers good fuel economy (56.5 mpg) and a low exhaust emissions package, but also adds to the nippy driving characteristics of the car. The CR-Z was launched in the UK earlier this year and is available from Ј16,999.

The first cars competing in the Challenge will depart Brighton at 08:00 with the finish time estimated between 10:45 and 12:00 in Pall Mall, London. Further information on the RAC Future Car Challenge can be found by visiting

19/10/2010: Honda Enhances Civic Styling for 2011

The British-built Honda Civic has been given a refresh with a range of cosmetic enhancements for 2011. The updates and additions are designed to enhance the striking appearance and passenger comfort of the car at no extra cost to the customer.

Production for the 2011 Honda Civic begins at the Swindon manufacturing plant in November 2010 with prices starting from Ј13,995 for the 1.4 Type S.

Exterior updates

Eyes are immediately drawn to the new front grille, which has taken inspiration from the iconic ‘Type R’ model, creating a smarter, more upmarket face for the popular hatchback.

Exterior updates also include a range of new alloy wheels now fitted as standard, with individual designs and sizes dependent on the variant chosen. New 16-inch rims feature on the Civic five-door range in 1.4-litre SE and Si, plus 1.8-litre SE trim levels. While the five-door 1.8-litre Si now wears a fresh set of 17-inch boots.

On the sports-inspired Type S model, the 1.4-litre Civic now benefits from colour-coded sideskirts and revised 16-inch alloys. The other news is a dynamic new exterior colour — Ionized Bronze, which is available across the Civic range.

Interior comfort

Keeping the driver and passenger comfortable is also part of the 2011 Model Year upgrade package, with a series of new interior finishes. SE and ES trim gets half fabric and luxurious Alcantara, while Si is now half leather and Alcantara with heated front seats.

14/10/2010: The Event is This Weekend

Trident Honda will be holding ‘The Event’ this weekend at their dealerships in Ottershaw and Weybridge .

Join us for refreshments, competitions and fantastic deals on new and approved used Hondas.

More details on the offers available can be found on our Event page:

We look forward to seeing you there!

06/10/2010: Honda Drives Down Cost of Car Buying and Running Costs

Honda (UK) continues to make new car ownership more affordable by extending its range of enticing offers right through until the end of the year.

Offers on new cars include:

Three years complimentary servicing and three years free road tax on majority of Jazz. Civic. and Insight models until the end of the year

CR-V petrol range benefits from three years free servicing

Customer savings on Jazz 1.2 S, Civic 1.4 Type-S and Insight SE models

Type-R GT available for Ј19,995 OTR saving of over Ј2,000

Competitive finance options available new Jazz available for as little as Ј122 per month

Customers visiting Honda dealerships can take advantage of three years’ affordable driving, cost savings and competitive finance options, to help off-set the cost of new car ownership for the first three years.

Three Years’ Affordable Driving

After a successful ‘Three Years’ Affordable Driving’ campaign launch in early summer, Honda (UK) is extending the popular offer. Customers can now benefit from three years’ complimentary servicing. three years’ free road tax and a range of competitive finance options on the majority of Jazz. Civic and Insight models.

The CR-V petrol range also benefits from three years complimentary servicing alongside a selection of low-rate finance options.

This offer, combined with Honda’s standard one year’s road side assistance, three year new car warranty and Honda’s reputation for bulletproof reliability, means affordable Honda new car ownership for the first three years.

Customer savings

In addition to driving down running costs, savings can also be made on selected Jazz. Civic and Insight models. Customers can drive away with a new Jazz 1.2 S from Ј9,995; a saving of Ј995, or a Civic 1.4 Type-S from Ј13,995 or even an Insight for just Ј14,995, further cementing its place as the lowest price hybrid on the market.

Those customers wanting to buy a Type-R before UK production halts later this year can get an impressive Ј2,330 saving on the Type-R GT — bringing the cost down to Ј19,995 OTR.

Low-rate finance options

There is also a selection of competitive finance options available to enable drivers to spread the cost over three years to provide a low monthly payment. For example, with a 25 per cent deposit, customers can secure a 5.9 per cent PCP over three years. For those with a smaller deposit, 10 per cent can secure a 7.9 per cent PCP over the same duration.

A two year 0 per cent HP is available with a 35 per cent down payment.

It made sense for us to extend the affordable driving campaign. It has been a very popular offer — bringing down not only the initial cost of a new car, but also the cost of ownership over the first three years. It really takes the hassle and worry out of new car ownership

— Martin Moll, Head of Marketing for Honda (UK).

01/10/2010: Honda Receives Euro NCAP Advanced Award for Safety Innovation

Honda has announced that it has been presented with one of the first Euro NCAP Advanced rewards at Paris Motor Show. Honda’s CMBS technology has been recognised as amongst the best safety innovations, offering research proven benefits, by Euro NCAP.

Euro NCAP Advanced is a Euro NCAP initiative in response to the rapid development of new safety technologies available when buying cars for which there is no independent assessment. Euro NCAP Advanced is open to any technical system that has a demonstrable safety benefit, whether it is primary, secondary or tertiary, as long as it is available as an option on one of the Euro NCAP tested cars and not already addressed by the current star rating.

Honda has been recognised for Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS ), a radar-based autonomous emergency braking system. CMBS is a system designed to help prevent collisions with vehicles which are stationary or travelling in the same direction. The system is aimed at alerting the driver to an imminent collision both at low speeds, typical of urban driving, and at higher speeds typical of rural roads and motorways.

By studying accident statistics in Germany and extending the figures to the broader European community, Honda estimates that, if all cars were fitted with CMBS. between 200,000 and 250,000 accidents could be either prevented or mitigated every year.

Euro NCAP’s new assessment reflects Honda’s commitment to overall vehicle safety, complimenting Honda’s long standing in-house safety testing which seeks to improve real world safety. Honda’s car-to-car crash test facility at the Tochigi RD centre analyses impacts between models of different sizes and weights and develops solutions to mitigate injuries for both for passengers and pedestrians. The omni-directional vehicle-to-vehicle crash test facility opened in 2001 and is the world’s first indoor all-weather facility of its type.

Detailed information about the 2010 rewarded technologies, their safety benefits and the related cars is now available on Euro NCAP’s website:

Honda’s Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS ) is a radar-based autonomous emergency braking system. At speeds above 15km/h, moving and stationary vehicles are detected along a path some 100m ahead of the vehicle. When the system senses that the car is likely to hit one of these obstacles, a three stage process is initiated.

In the first, typically around 3 seconds before impact, the driver is alerted by visual and audible warnings. In the second stage, when the system senses that a collision is still likely (typically some 2 seconds before impact), three sharp tugs are given on the seat belt and the car automatically starts to apply some braking. Finally, when a collision is unavoidable, CMBS tightens the front seat occupants seatbelts (using reversible tensioners different from the pyrotechnic devices used during the collision itself) and applies a high level of braking force.

This braking can be supplemented by the driver up to the maximum that the car is capable of.

All of the actions taken by CMBS are reversible: if an accident is averted (for example, if the vehicle moves out of the way at the last moment), the tension is removed from the seatbelts and the visual and audible warnings stop.

What is the safety benefit?

CMBS is a system designed to help prevent collisions with vehicles which are stationary or travelling in the same direction. Several studies have shown that driver distraction or inattentiveness is a factor in the great majority of accidents. The system is aimed at alerting the driver to an imminent collision both at low speeds, typical of urban driving, and at higher speeds typical of rural roads and motorways. In such accidents, the most common sorts of injuries are to the cervical spine, the soft tissue of the thorax and to the knees.

By studying accident statistics in Germany and extending the figures to the broader European community, Honda estimates that, if all cars were fitted with CMBS. between 200,000 and 250,000 accidents could be either prevented or mitigated every year.

How was CMBS assessed?

Two main types of track tests were done by Honda to establish the effectiveness of CMBS. both of them simulations of typical real world situations. To establish proper functionality of the system, a test driver drove towards targets, both moving and stationary, to determine whether or not the system reacted as intended: audible and visual warnings issued at the times needed, haptic warning by the seatbelt, followed by emergency braking. To determine the driver response to these warnings, volunteers were deliberately distracted while following a dummy vehicle which suddenly braked.

The volunteers were not aware that this dummy vehicle could be safely pulled out of harm’s way before a collision occurred. Volunteers could be used only once each in order to ensure that they did not anticipate the critical situation. By combining the results of the functionality and efficacy tests, Honda was able to ensure and estimate the effectiveness of the system in real-life situations.


CMBS is a standard feature on the Honda Legend in most European countries. For Honda CR-V and Honda Accord. the system is available for high graded vehicles as option only. The availability of optional equipment may vary from country to country.

In some countries, CMBS may be available only when combined with other options as part of a package, and may not be offered on all variants. You should check with your local Honda dealer to see if CMBS is available to you.

Honda and Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP’s star rating scheme focuses on the vehicle’s overall safety performance which gives consumers an easy to understand single score. The system considers occupant protection in frontal, side, pole and rear impacts, child protection, pedestrian protection and the availability of driver aids.

The current rating scheme, introduced in February 2009, uses a weighted score, combining many aspects of a car’s safety performance: … (50%), child (20%) and pedestrian (20%) protection assessment results with the availability of safety assistance devices (10%). To qualify for inclusion, safety assistance devices (VSA for Honda) must be fitted as standard across 90% of the EU 27 2010 model range.

Since the introduction of the new rating scheme Euro NCAP have tested 5 Honda models; Civic. Accord. Jazz. Insight and most recently CR-Z.

All 5 models achieved 5 stars, with the Honda Insight also being named ‘safest hybrid vehicle’ as well as the 2nd safest vehicle tested in 2009.

About Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP provides motoring consumers with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe.

Established in 1997 and now backed by seven European Governments, the European Commission and motoring and consumer organizations in every EU country, Euro NCAP has rapidly become a catalyst for encouraging significant safety improvements to new car design.

28/09/2010: Quality Used Honda’s Wanted!

Due to an increased interest and call for used Honda cars, we urgently require quality used Honda vehicles to fulfil customer demand!

Do you have a Honda which you are thinking of selling and not changing or updating for another Honda? Please call James Roberts on 01932 874411 for a valuation.

27/09/2010: Honda Jazz with Hybrid Tech: As Practical as Ever — with Lower Emissions

Making its debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, the hybrid version of the Jazz features Honda’s innovative petrol-electric IMA system and retains the practical characteristics found in the supermini, while lowering emissions and improving fuel economy.

The Jazz will feature the same 1.3 litre i-VTEC as the Insight hybrid and despite its taller body shape, the new car has similar CO 2 emissions of 104 g/km* — 21g/km less than the current lowest-emitting 1.2 litre petrol Jazz. As well as the environmental benefits, the cleaner emissions bring more affordable driving too: road tax exempt for the first year and just Ј20 a year after.

We think that a cleaner, more economical version of the Jazz will be a big hit with customers, said John Kingston, Government Affairs and Environment Manager, Honda (UK).

The IMA hybrid technology is incredibly easy to use, owners don’t need to worry about plugging anything in to charge. It’s simply a case of filling up with petrol and driving on as normal.

Like the Insight and Civic Hybrid models, the hybrid version of the Jazz will be capable of running on the electric motor alone under some medium and low speed conditions and this contributes to a combined fuel consumption figure of 64.2 mpg* — a 23 per cent improvement over the best-selling 1.4 ES model.

Honda has added this cleaner hybrid technology to the supermini while retaining the flexibility of its unique folding Magic Seats. The IMA battery pack and power control unit have been integrated in the area under the boot floor, keeping the normal boot area of 300 litres and allowing the Magic Seats to fold in the same manner as non-hybrid versions. This means that the seats still fold entirely flat to provide a surprising large boot space of 831 litres, or the seat bases can be folded to sit vertically to accommodate tall items within the car.

The Jazz with hybrid technology will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show and will go on sale in the UK in early 2011. Prices, homologated emissions levels and full specifications will be announced at a later date.

*Combined cycle and CO 2 figures from internal Honda tests and not homologated at the time of writing.

23/09/2010: 3D Launch of the CR-Z Sport Hybrid in America

Honda will hold the first-ever takeover of Times Square in 3D technology to support the American launch of the CR-Z sport hybrid on Thursday 23 September.

The event marks the first time 3D footage will be broadcast in a public area. As a part of the takeover, Honda will run 3D CR-Z commercial footage on the Times Square HD screen and Sony will provide 3D Gran Turismo 5 racing simulators. Additionally, Maxim Magazine models will distribute copies of their special 3D October issue and Honda will sponsor a special performance from chart-topping hip-hop trio, N.E.R.D.

To bring attention to the synergy of sport and hybrid that the CR-Z offers. the advertising campaign relies on a variety of non-traditional elements — like 3D technology — to get the attention of young, potential CR-Z buyers, said Tom Peyton, senior manager of national advertising, American Honda Motor Co. Inc. This 3D experience in Times Square integrates advertising, gaming and music into a single, memorable event.

The Honda CR-Z is already on sale in the UK with prices starting at Ј16,999 for the CR-Z S.

21/09/2010: Motorists to Benefit From Making Garages Better

Motoring consumer champion, Motor Codes. has launched a national campaign to make the country’s garages better by gathering feedback from customers. As part of the campaign, those providing feedback could win up to Ј500 against the cost of their last service or repair.

Motorists need confidence in where they take their car for service and repair work, so by gathering feedback and using it to make improvements, garages across the country can offer increasingly higher standards, said Chris Mason, Motor Codes director. We want to provide motorists with a local ‘safe haven’ garage by helping all service and repair centres to make ongoing improvements through customer feedback .

Each month a Motor Codes garage customer will win back the cost of their service or repair up to Ј500 by simply completing the online survey at

The launch of this latest campaign complements the free advice line (0800 692 0825) operated by the organisation that has helped thousands of motorists this year alone.

Results of the surveys are transformed into a live Garage Rating that is displayed on garage profile pages at To find reputable local garages, motorists make over 500,000 searches a year using the online Garage Finder tool on the Motor Codes website.

Having found nearby garages, users can use the independent Garage Ratings to pick the best business.

Trident Honda currently has a 99% satisfaction rating for their service and repair work!

Earlier this year, Motor Codes ran its annual Golden Garages competition that highlighted some of the UK’s best service and repair centres. This latest customer offer, combined with feedback gathering will promote best practice, enabling more garages to provide first class customer service.

Motor Codes has the backing of Consumer Focus, Trading Standards, government and Consumer Direct. The survey was put together in line with requirements set out by the Office of Fair Trading, with the aim of helping to drive up standards across the industry.

To find out more about Motor Codes — the Motor Industry Codes of Practice, to locate a reputable garage or to complete the survey, visit

20/09/2010: Honda Dominate at Donington

Honda Racing Team stars Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden have closed in on the lead of the 2010 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship by taking a win apiece at Donington Park on Sunday. Honda has won the BTCC manufacturers’ championship, beating rival Chevrolet.

The Derbyshire venue was the scene for the penultimate round of this season’s contest and Shedden powered his Civic to victory in race one and a second position in race two to notch the highest points score of any driver over the weekend. Neal rounded off a superb weekend for the Civic drivers by dominating the final encounter. The results mean that Neal is in second place in the points going into the season’s showdown at Brands Hatch in three weeks time (October 9/10) and Shedden is tucked four points further back in third place.

Matt Neal said the weekend’s performance was a credit to the handling of his Honda.

The Civic was a fantastic car today and we’ve been able to turn up the pressure in the race for the championship.

— Matt Neal

The 43-year-old explained: I was slightly disappointed with what happened at the start of the second event because I honestly believe we would have been in a position to win that race but these things happen in motor racing. There was a small problem with my clutch and I couldn’t help but creep forward and got a jumped start penalty. Nevertheless, we have managed to cut the gap to the leader in the points and that’s what we set out to do.

It will be gloves off at Brands Hatch now — I am the one doing the chasing so the pressure is going to be on everyone else.

There was more joy for Neal’s sister car of ‘Flash’ Gordon Shedden. The 31-year-old was the most successful racer of the weekend with two podiums in the opening two races and he added to his tally with a battling top ten finish in the final race of the weekend. I am delighted, said Shedden. We know the Civic is a good car around Donington Park so this was a golden opportunity to capitalise on that and I was able to. I had to fight hard to get to the front in the opening race and then I used my head to hang on to second place in race two.

I am right in the mix for the title for the first time so I am pleased about that. Anything could happen at Brands Hatch but we at the Honda Racing Team will be doing absolutely everything we can to make it work for us.

In the Manufacturers’ Championship, Honda is 90 points ahead of Chevrolet with three races remaining at Brands Hatch and cannot be caught.

Matt Neal said Winning the manufacturers’ title underlines what a great racing car the Civic is. We haven’t had to chuck the huge amount of money at the programme that some of our rivals have been able to, and we haven’t had access to a twin programme in the world championship either. For us, this has been a highly efficient programme, concentrating on the Civic’s strengths and proving that the Civic is one of the best handling cars out there.

Now all we need to do to cap an incredible season is claim the drivers’ title too.

Team Dynamics principal Steve Neal said We are absolutely delighted with this result and it is a clear reflection on the strengths of the Civic in all conditions and the strength of our drivers, Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden. Chevrolet and its lead driver Jason Plato are tough opponents to beat, but we respect what they have achieved and I hope they respect what we have done. We were dominant in the first half of the season and then the others caught up a bit, but we didn’t rest on our laurels. We pushed the programme forward and constantly developed the Civic to put ourselves back at the head of the pack.

To earn silverware at the end of the season is a credit to everyone involved: the team, Honda itself and the driver pairing we have.

17/09/2010: Scrapping for Points This Weekend

Both Honda Racing Team aces Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden are predicting a no holds barred scrap for points in the 2010 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship when the action moves to Donington Park this weekend. Neal and Shedden are in the thick of the hunt for this season’s spoils and know that Sunday’s three races in Leicestershire will be crucial to the title run-in.

Neal is currently second in the standings and he says that he will be absolutely flat out around the sweeps of the historic track. I have got to grab every opportunity that comes my way, so there will be no backing off, he says. Donington Park will be a great leveller — I am not expecting anyone to have a dominant weekend and the track has plenty of overtaking areas.

That means the racing is close and, with it being a critical stage of the season, it will be every man for themselves.

The Civic has a particularly strong chassis and that helps around the long, long corners at Donington Park. We need to work on making the most out of that to give us enough in hand to fend off the rest. But this season has been so competitive that finding an edge is virtually impossible.

— Matt Neal.

Neal says that a big points tally over the three races will be vital to keep the heat on the points leader (Jason Plato) going in to the last three races at Brands Hatch in October. The pressure’s not on me, says Neal. It is on the guy leading the points. He has got something to protect but the only option for me is to go on full … from the word go and that is an interesting position to be in.

It will be an all-action weekend.

Teammate Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden is in Neal’s slipstream in the points and also thinks that the action at Donington Park is going to be spectacular. He is fourth in the standings but is tantalisingly close to his first overall title. He has also promised to go for broke at Donington.

It’s reaching a climax now and none of the top drivers can afford a bad weekend, explains the Scottish racer. The Honda has traditionally gone well at Donington Park and that means we are fairly confident going there, but there’s little to choose between anyone.

There are more than 50 points up for grabs over three races and that means the balance of power for the title chase could look hugely different after this weekend. I am in a great car, it is a great circuit and so we have the ingredients we need for a big points haul this weekend.

Shedden also says that team glory is on the agenda this season and the races at Donington could prove a vital step towards securing silverware. The BTCC operates a championship for the different marques in the contest and Honda is leading both the constructors and teams’ championships. Honda is sitting pretty in the teams and makes points too, and that is on our minds, said Shedden.

If we can take a major step towards those titles after Donington Park then that would be a huge target achieved. It is a crucial weekend all round.

16/09/2010: London’s Deputy Mayor Drives Honda Hydrogen Car

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Policing in London and Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, was among the first in the UK to drive Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, yesterday at City Hall in London.

Our friends at Honda have produced a marvel of electrochemistry and advanced engineering in the FCX Clarity,

— Mr Malthouse, Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership

I have no doubt that in the centuries to come it will rank alongside the Model T Ford as an epoch-making step forward for personal transport and the welfare of our planet. This car is a brilliant achievement and there can be no greater compliment to Honda than my demand that they bring a fleet of Clarities to London as soon as possible.

15/09/2010: Going for Gold

Earlier this year, Helene Raynsford announced her retirement from rowing due to ill health. She has now returned to good health and is eager to start competitive rowing again in the hope of being considered for GB’s World Championship Paralympic Team.

By the time the World Championship Paralympic’s happen, Helene would only have been training for three months with GB rowing, so she is not expecting any gold medals winning performances. But with her ‘Helene Friendly Training Programme’, Trident wishes her all the best in her return and we are sure it is only a matter of time before she is back on the podium!

Helene is rowing’s first ever Paralympic Champion in the AW1x having won gold at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. Unfortunately, injury prevented her from gaining World Championship selection in 2009.

She started rowing in 2005 as part of a summer cross-training programme and subsequently took up rowing full-time with Guildford Rowing Club. She became World Champion in the AW1x in 2006 in her first year of international rowing.

As well as rowing, Helene has also previously competed as part of the GB Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team who won Paralympic World Cup silver medals in 2005 and 2006.

Helene is a medical biochemist but has put her career in Public Health on hold while she focuses on her rowing. She also works for the Youth Sport Trust as an Athlete Mentor, working with young people who are disengaged from education.

Trident Honda are very proud to offer our support and sponsorship to Helene.

14/09/2010: Hydrogen Honda Makes Debut on British Roads

Honda’s ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, has made its debut on UK roads, in the first of a series of high-profile test drives to raise awareness of the zero emission technology.

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, was one of the first to drive the world’s only production fuel cell electric car following a Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street.

He said, I was pleased to be one of the first in the UK to test drive the Honda FCX Clarity and find out more about the potential for hydrogen fuel cell technology. The Government is keen to encourage all forms of low carbon vehicle technology such as hydrogen fuel cells, hybrids or significantly more efficient conventional vehicles.

This is part of our push to stimulate the market for green motoring and give consumers greater choice.

— Vince Cable, Secretary of State

Honda has brought the FCX Clarity to the UK to inform and educate policy makers of the viability and potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which emit no pollutants, only water vapour from the exhaust.

Later this week, the FCX Clarity will be driven by other politicians, industry figures and key members of the media as Honda demonstrates the practicality, performance and range of the 5-door saloon to help encourage the development and adoption of hydrogen as a fuel in Europe.

Petrol-electric hybrids — like our Civic. Insight and CR-Z models — are currently an effective way to reduce emissions from cars, but fuel cell electric cars are the ultimate environmental technology, says Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director of Honda (UK).

The FCX Clarity is a real world production vehicle that emits no harmful exhaust gasses, offers a range of around 270 miles, a short refuelling time, and the practicality and performance of a conventional saloon. It could revolutionise the future of motoring.

Honda is already leasing FCX Clarity vehicles in the US and Japan, where there are emerging infrastructures to support hydrogen-powered cars. There are no plans at present for the commercial introduction of the FCX Clarity in the UK.

06/09/2010: Getting Back into the Title Fight

Honda Racing team star Matt Neal has thrust himself right back into the title fight for this season’s Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship after a win and a third place finish at Knockhill in Scotland on Sunday.

Neal has moved into second place in the standings after the rounds in Fife and is optimistic of reaching the title summit in the remaining six rounds of this season’s competition, which continues at Donington Park on 18th and 19th September. Neal carried a full load of success ballast to notch a fourth place finish in race one. He then took his fourth victory of the year in race two before he battled to third place in the final event of the weekend.

It meant he outscored all his rivals over the three events and has edged closer to the top of the chase for the coveted crown.

It has been a great weekend for the Honda Racing Team because not only did I manage to take a race win but we have also moved to the top of the Manufacturers’ Standings, which is important for the team as a whole and shows what a great job everyone’s been doing. In the Driver’ Standing, the whole situation has closed up which is what we wanted to achieve.

— Matt Neal, Honda Racing Team.

The Honda has been a fantastic car for the confines of Knockhill, which is small and hilly. The handling of the Civic has always been a great strength and that meant I was able to capitalise when I had open road. When I got the lead of race two, the car just got better and better.

There was further glory for Neal’s partner in the Honda Racing Team stable, Gordon Shedden. The local fans’ favourite thrilled a packed crowd by scorching to victory in the opening race of the weekend and then followed Neal across the line in the second race to take more silverware. Those two results, plus a ninth place in the final round after he had been punted off circuit by a rival, have consolidated Shedden’s fourth place in the points race.

Shedden said afterwards, We knew that this would be a chance for us to score some big points and that is the way I thought it was going to go. I was taken out by someone else in a stupid accident in the third race but managed to salvage something to build on the two podiums I scored earlier in the day. I could have had even more points out of the weekend than I did but to win in front of my home fans is always special.

Both Neal and Shedden are optimistic as the title race moves in to its final stages, and team principal Steve Neal thinks that there are more strong showings on the horizon at Donington Park in two weeks’ time. The momentum has swung back in our direction, said Steve Neal. We needed to score some big points here at Knockhill and we won two of the three races, so we have done what we set out to do. Donington Park is another circuit that plays to the strengths of our car.

Things are looking good.

27/08/2010: Honda Jazz Gets Hybrid Tech

A hybrid version of Honda’s much-loved Jazz will make its world debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, bringing lower emissions and improved fuel economy to the practical supermini.

The introduction of Honda’s petrol-electric IMA system to the Jazz. makes the car the world s first B-segment hybrid.

Featuring the practicality and flexibility of the current Jazz. but with reduced CO 2 emissions and improvements to fuel economy, the hybrid version will go on sale in the UK in early 2011.

The car will feature the same engine as the Insight hybrid; a 1.3-litre i-VTEC engine combined with a CVT gearbox, with an electric motor sandwiched between the two to create a parallel hybrid system. The hybrid Jazz like the Insight and Civic Hybrid models will be capable of running on the electric motor alone under some medium and low speed conditions.

Much of the Jazz’s practicality is derived from its height, but despite being taller than the current Honda Insight. the hybrid version of Jazz manages to maintain fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions on comparable levels.

Visually, this new, cleaner Jazz is distinguished from the current range by revised headlights with a blue surround, clear rear lights, new front grille, restyled bumpers and a chrome tailgate garnish. The new hybrid will also be available in a range of existing colours plus a bespoke Lime Green metallic.

Inside, the cabin is also given a fresh look, with darker single colour dashboard, which contrasts strongly with the blue lighting of the dials and dashboard instruments. The new hybrid is also available with leather trim, the first time this has been available on a Jazz model in Europe.

MPG and emissions data will be released at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Along with the new hybrid Jazz. Honda will display the 2011 model year Insight. CR-Z. Jazz. CR-V.

Accord and Accord Tourer. as well as the sports touring motorcycle VFR1200F equipped with the V4 engine, and a stylish PCX scooter with low emission idle-stop 125cc engine.

26/08/2010: Honda CR-Z is one of Europe’s Safest Cars

The Honda CR-Z has been rated one of Europe’s safest cars, achieving a maximum 5-stars in the latest independent crash testing results from Euro NCAP.

Euro NCAP’s rating scheme focuses on the vehicle’s overall safety performance which gives consumers an easy to understand single score. The system considers occupant protection in frontal, side, pole and rear impacts, child protection, pedestrian protection and the availability of driver aids.

The rating scheme uses a weighted score, combining many aspects of a car’s safety performance: … (50%), child (20%) and pedestrian (20%) protection assessment results with the availability of safety assistance devices (10%). To qualify for inclusion, safety assistance devices (VSA for Honda) must be fitted as standard across 90% of the EU 27 2010 model range.

The CR-Z is the latest in a series of Honda cars to receive top marks. Since the introduction of the new rating scheme, Euro NCAP has tested four other Honda models; Civic. Accord.

Jazz and most recently, Insight. All five models achieved 5 stars, with the Honda Insight also being named safest hybrid vehicle as well as the 2nd safest vehicle tested during 2009.

Euro NCAP’s new assessment reflects Honda’s commitment to overall vehicle safety, complimenting Honda’s long standing in-house safety testing which seeks to improve real world safety. Honda’s car-to-car crash test facility at the Tochigi RD centre analyses impacts between models of different sizes and weights and develops solutions to mitigate injuries for both for passengers and pedestrians. The omni-directional vehicle-to-vehicle crash test facility opened in 2001 and is the world’s first indoor all-weather facility of its type.

Honda hybrid Civic

Safety in the Honda CR-Z

Vehicle Stability Assist

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) is designed to assist the driver in maintaining control during cornering, acceleration and sudden manoeuvres by applying braking assistance to any of the wheels as necessary and modulating the engine torque output as required.


14-inch ventilated front and solid rear disc brakes ensure road stability, which is further enhanced by the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA).

Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE)

Developed in the car-to-car crash testing facility at Tochigi, the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure is now a well-established strength of Honda’s safety credentials.

The ACE body structure is a Honda exclusive body design that enhances occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal collisions. The ACE design utilises a network of connected structural elements to distribute crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle. This enhanced frontal crash energy management helps to reduce the forces transferred to the passenger compartment and can help to more evenly disperse the forces transferred to other vehicles in a crash.

Pedestrian Protection

The CR-Z also incorporates many features designed with pedestrian-protection in mind. Research has shown that these features can dramatically improve a pedestrian’s chance of survival if struck by a moving vehicle. Features include windscreen wiper pivots designed to break away on impact, energy absorbing front wing mounts and bonnet hinges, as well as an unobstructed area beneath the bonnet allowing greater space for deformation.

Airbags and Seatbelts

On all models in the range, the driver and passenger Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) front and side airbags are complemented by full length curtain airbags to protect all occupants. There are three-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts in all seating positions, the front seatbelts also have two stage Energy Absorption (EA) load limiting pre-tensioners. Additionally in the rear ISOFIX points ensure secure and correct installation mounting of child seats.

Active headrests

The CR-Z is equipped with front seat active headrests which reduce the likelihood of neck injury in rear impacts. As the occupant is pushed against the seat back, a rigid plate in the seat presses a link to the headrest pushing it up and forward to support the head.

25/08/2010: August Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Trident will be open at the following times on August Bank Holiday Monday:

We still have a limited amount of clearance sale stock available in our approved used car range and a host of ‘affordable driving’ offers available on new cars.

Take the opportunity to have a leisurely look around over the Bank Holiday weekend!

23/08/2010: Peace of Mind for Motorists

Independent research published today by Which? shows that in just two years of operation, automotive consumer champion Motor Codes is already making significant progress in raising service and repair standards in UK garages.

The research highlights that Motor Codes garages performed significantly better than non-Code subscribed service centres, spotting almost 20% more faults in tests set out by the consumer watchdog.

Backed by Trading Standards, Consumer Direct, the DVLA and VOSA which operate the UK’s MOT testing station network, the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair commits garages to an open, transparent and fair method of business, aiming to maintain consistently high standards across the industry.

Trident Honda subscribe to the Motor Codes — the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair and in doing so commit to:

Operating as a responsible business

Conforming to minimum industry standards

Delivering high levels of customer satisfaction

Offering consumer protection and confidence in the service they receive

Honest and fair services

Open and transparent pricing

Completing work as agreed

At there is a comprehensive, nationwide database of over 6,500 reputable garages that promise to offer a high standard of service. On the website, each garage has a profile page where garages receive ratings from their customers. These Garage Ratings are generated when customers complete the government-backed customer survey and results from almost 4,000 responses show that an industry-leading 93% of motorists would recommend that friends and family use a Motor Codes garage.

To maintain standards, garage inspectors from the RAC check every Motor Codes garage in line with OFT guidelines. Reinforcing this process, there is an independent panel of experts which can take action against any garage that slips below the required quality standards.

Trident Honda is proud to announce that overall satisfaction with their service and repair work is currently rated at 99%.

— Richard Roberts, Managing Director

20/08/2010: Music to Your Ears

Honda has announced that the ‘3 years affordable driving’ offer available on selected Jazz models has been extended to encompass a wider selection of the Jazz range.

From today, ‘3 years affordable driving’ is available on all SE, ES, EX Manual and i-Shift Jazz models.

These cars will now come with 3 years complimentary servicing. 3 years Ј0 road tax and the choice of PCP or 0% APR.

In addition, Jazz 1.2 and 1.4 Si models come with customer savings and reduced on-the-road prices.

Details of all the Jazz offers can be found on our Latest Offers page:

12/08/2010: New SMR Service for Honda

Honda UK has unveiled a new SMR (service, maintenance and repair) service, which allows fleet customers to access all information on their cars online.

Fleet managers can use HondaSMR to produce large-scale SMR budgets, or even to bring up specific information about an individual car. Information is stored centrally and available online, making it easily accessible even when on the move, and the information on each car is extremely detailed, even listing components.

The system was developed by FleetData, a global provider of market intelligence solutions for the automotive industry, and was created specifically for Honda UK. The new online SMR solution will be used by both dealers and corporate customers.

Early feedback on the system from our leasing company customers and dealers is that the system delivers tangible benefits in terms of data, flexibility and speed of use.

— Lee Wheeler, National Leasing and SMR Manager, Honda UK.

10/08/2010: Honda Scores at Snetterton

Gordon Shedden scored a victory for the Honda Racing Team at Snetterton in Norfolk on Sunday as he and team-mate Matt Neal continued their charge for the 2010 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship. The flying Scotsman made a stunning start to the third race of the weekend to launch from the second row of the grid and into the lead when a rival ran off the road on the second lap of the race. Shedden was able to pull away from the rest of the field to his triumph, which he added to a fourth and an eighth place earlier in the meeting.

I am delighted to walk away with a win, said ‘Flash’ Gordon. When you consider how tough the British Touring Car Championship is and how competitive it is, any win is great. This was a circuit that played to the strengths of the other cars in the championship with the long, long straights and so to be able to stand on top of the podium on a track when we weren’t expected to perform is a bonus.

I am third in the standings and I am right in the mix but we can’t afford any slip ups if we are going to stay in the hunt for the crown.

Shedden’s team-mate Neal was ruled out of the opening race with a puncture while he was running in the top seven and managed to fight back to tenth in race two before using the reversed grid to score a podium in race three.

We were on the back foot right from the start of the meeting, said Neal, who is now second in the title standings. We didn’t have the pace of the turbocharged cars in the championship — which I think need to be pegged back by the series officials to give us all a level playing field for all the different types of car — and I was also carrying 45 kilogrammes of success ballast into the meeting. To be able to salvage a third place was a bonus, but the rules need to change to give us all a chance.

The Honda Racing Team has got some tweaks up its sleeve ahead of Silverstone in two weeks time but I am not sure it is going to be enough to keep up with the turbocharged cars.

We have tracks that will suit us coming up in the rest of the schedule and we just need to make sure we maximise our scores when we can to keep the title fight on track, he added.

The next round of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship is at Silverstone on August 21/22.

09/08/2010: Celebrate the Type-R

Honda is bringing together fans of its high performance Type-R cars at a special event at Silverstone this month (22 August).

Type-R owners’ celebration for Red H-badged cars

Offer launched for new Type-R buyers with savings of up Ј2,230

End of current Civic Type-R sales in the UK

The celebration of the famous ‘Red H’ badge coincides with the latest rounds of the British Touring Car Championship, featuring Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden in the Honda Racing Team.

As well as watching the thrilling tin top racing on the Northamptonshire circuit, enthusiasts from the biggest Honda owners’ clubs in the UK will get the chance to experience the track for themselves in a ‘Lap of Honour’ to commemorate the Type-R. An exclusive Type-R Only Car Park will also be available for those Honda drivers attending the event, and each attendee will be able to enjoy Honda ‘Dreamfields’ hospitality throughout the day.

The celebration at Silverstone marks the news that UK sales of the current Civic Type-R are drawing to a close. Production of the hot hatch for the UK market will end in October 2010, with sales ending during December, due to forthcoming Euro V emissions regulations.

Over 12,000 of this generation of Civic Type-R have been sold in the UK since its introduction in January 2007. Production of the 3-door Civic Type-R will continue at Honda’s factory in Swindon, to supply other markets further afield, such as Australia and South Africa.

Customer savings

With the end of this generation of Type-R in sight, Honda is using the Silverstone event to launch a new offer for all new Civic Type-R customers. Buyers of the high-revving hot hatch can now benefit from significantly lower OTR prices and a competitive finance deal to make paying monthly easier.

The Type-R GT is now available at Ј19,495 — that’s a sizable customer saving of Ј2,230. And the new PCP finance offer of 5.9% (over 43 months) means a Type-R could cost as little as Ј235 a month, with a 30% deposit.

The offer covers the Type-R GT, Type-R LSD and Type-R MUGEN 200 models, and runs from now until 29 September, 2010.

Further details can be found on our Latest Offers page.

06/08/2010: Improvements to the Insight

Honda has improved the specification and settings of its Insight hybrid in response to early customer feedback. The suspension of the low-emission, 5-door hatch has been adjusted to improve ride comfort and NVH levels, while interior trim levels have been enhanced.

Suspension changes to improve ride and comfort

Higher-spec interior

New EX model with leather and Sat Nav

A new, top-of-the-range, EX model, featuring black leather upholstery and DVD Sat Nav and hands-free telephone equipment, has also been introduced to the Insight line-up.

The changes made to the Insight across the range are in direct response to the comments received from early customers and the media. The initial focus was on suspension, to which improvements have been made to address negative feedback on ride and comfort levels.

A number of chassis changes have been implemented, including: adjusting the recoil rate of the springs, changing the rear camber angles, altering the V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. The amendments promise to deliver improved ride, handling and stability.

As well as these upgrades to suspension, Honda has added rear parking sensors to ES-model Insights and above, and has changed some trim to smarten the interior. Dashboard and seat colours have been changed to give a more uniform finish, and some plastics have been improved. Chrome rings now surround air vents, and the doors have been given a silver garnish feature.

There are also two new paint options for Insight customers, with the introduction of Dynamic Blue Pearl and Carnelian Red Pearl.

Pricing for the Insight starts at Ј16,325 for the SE model, but with Honda’s current Affordable Driving consumer offer, the hybrid is available at Ј14,995 OTR until the end of September, making it even more attainable; and the least expensive hybrid on the market by a mile. The highly-spec’d EX model with leather upholstery starts at Ј20,215 OTR.

05/08/2010: More points this weekend?

Honda Racing Team’s Matt Neal says he can extend his points advantage at this weekend’s sixth meeting of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship season at Snetterton in Norfolk.

The Honda Civic driver has a nine-point buffer at the top of Britain’s most prestigious championship going into the three rounds at the 1.95-mile circuit. The championship will burst back into life after a seven-week summer hiatus.

It’s going to be a tough weekend because Snetterton’s layout always provides rough and tumble, explained the 43-year-old. There are some very fast straights followed by tricky corners and it is hard to defend when you are in the lead. But the fast corners on the track play right into my hands because the Civic has a great balance through those kinds of sweepers.

I am confident we can bag three solid results and increase the margin at the top of the table.

Neal is forced to carry 45 kilos of success ballast into the meeting because he is leading the standings and the circuit also accentuates the strengths of the LPG-power cars in the contest.

Neal’s team-mate Gordon Shedden took two wins at the last round of the series at Croft in North Yorkshire and he thinks he can narrow the gap to Neal in the rounds this weekend.

‘Flash’ Gordon said his aim for the weekend was to zero in on Neal with some podium finishes. Like Matt, I think the LPG cars will be untouchable at Snetterton and we have got to aim to grab our chances when they come. We will be strong because of our good chassis but you can never tell.

I will have to carry 27kgs in qualifying which could hold me back a bit so I will be concentrating on races two and three to score well.

The Honda has been quick at Snetterton in the past and there’s no reason why it won’t be again, because we have done lots of work on it over the last 12 months. I am looking forward to it because it has been nearly two months since the last round. This is like starting the championship all over again, and we are feeling confident.

— Gordon Shedden, Honda Racing Team

26/07/2010: Trident Webserver Upgrade

Trident is pleased to announce that it is today moving from an in-house webserver, to a new server located in a state-of-the-art data centre. The new server is massively more powerful than the old server and is hosted behind a huge bandwidth Internet connection; as a result it is expected that this will dramatically improve performance for our customers. There may be some transitional issues and please do bear with us as we sort these out.

This change comes hot on the heels of a re-styling of the Trident website last week. We are aware of one or two issues remaining with this restyle, including the obscuring of the confirmation message when contacting us via the website. These issues should be ironed out this week.

Our contact us page includes details on how to email us, if you do get stuck!

We do believe these changes will vastly improve our website and we do thank you in the meantime for your patience.

21/07/2010: Driving You Further

Shell FuelSave (unleaded and diesel) is now available on Trident’s Forecourt!

Shell FuelSave fuels are enriched with unique Efficiency Improvers, which are designed to improve fuel economy at no extra cost.

Researched over a number of years and tested extensively, Shell’s scientists have developed FuelSave to reduce the energy loss in your car’s engine through friction and build-up of fuel system deposits. Shell Fuelsave Unleaded is formulated to lubricate where normal engine oils can’t easily reach. Shell Fuelsave Diesel is formulated to ignite faster and burn more effectively.

In addition, Shell FuelSave also contains special detergents to keep engine parts clean.

This all adds up to improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and reduced motoring costs!

19/07/2010: The True Test

Honda is to start selling electric cars in the US and Japan in 2012.

It will also launch a plug-in hybrid in the same year as it joins the race to manufacture more environmentally-friendly cars.

The next 10 years will be true test

— Takanobu Ito, Honda Motor President

Honda’s president said the firm had no future without making vehicles that emitted less carbon dioxide.

It is the first time the firm, which already makes the Insight and CR-Z hybrids, has set a firm date for launching electric cars.

Honda’s Japanese rival Nissan is already taking orders for its Leaf electric car — due in Japan and the US later this year. Meanwhile, Toyota is planning an electric vehicle model for 2012.

Honda Motor president Takanobu Ito said, The next 10 years will be true test of Honda’s survival. Honda has no future unless we achieve significant reduction in CO 2 emissions.

16/07/2010: Trophy for Honda CR-Z at What Car? Green Awards

The Honda CR-Z has won ‘Best Sports Car’ at the What Car? Green Awards, held last night at Twickenham Stadium, where it was commended for its best-in-class economy and value for money.

The CR-Z. priced from Ј16,999, won praise for its sharp handling, efficient engine and sporty looks, as well as its unique design.

What Car? editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said: The CR-Z is small and light and looks just right, and it?s powered by hybrid technology which means it’s clean and efficient to run too. The CR-Z is the greenest and most cost effective sports car available in the market place today.

As the first hybrid with a sporty 6-speed manual gearbox, the CR-Z stands out from other green cars on the market and offers true driving thrills thanks to an agile chassis, direct steering, a low driving position and boosts of torque from the petrol-electric drive train.

Demand for the car has been strong since its release in June, with over 500 cars sold in the UK in the first month. Most customers have chosen the top spec GT model, priced at Ј19,999.

The What Car? Green awards, now in their third year, look for the best eco-friendly cars to buy. Rather than centre exclusively on emissions or miles per gallon, the awards take in a range of factors including value for money, safety and the driving experience, but maintain a core focus on environmental impact.

11/07/2010: Rest Assured — Trident has the BSI Kitemark.

A bid to make the BSI Kitemark for Garages the recommended standard has been entered by Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, following a successful wide reaching radio morning (Wednesday, June 30th) with consumer motoring champion Quentin Willson debating poor garage servicing .

A garage that has the Kitemark has the ability to deliver a service which the consumer expects

Quentin Willson, UK Consumer Motoring Champion

Worryingly over half of the British population who have had a car serviced in a garage before are not totally confident that the work they have paid for has been carried out.

That’s according to new YouGov research recently commissioned by BSI Kitemark, which throws light on just how wary people have become of garages and what work is actually being done to their cars.

Robert commented: The Government needs to review protection for motorists when they are visiting a garage, with over half of the population not confident in the work that garages have carried out.

We need to ensure they know what is being done on their vehicle and they are presented with a clear and understandable service — every time. I am recommending that the Kitemark scheme, operated by BSI, an independent Royal Charter body, is the standard that garages adopt.

I have put forward this suggestion and I will also be actively lobbying to ensure that garages service cars to the highest standards therefore meeting the BSI Kitemark standards.

To obtain the Kitemark garages must address key areas: customer service, customer satisfaction, customer facilities — such as waiting areas, staff competencies — the quality of workmanship in the garage, their ability to use the equipment available, technical inspection and importantly fair and transparent billing. All these elements are then assessed by independent BSI inspectors and must meet stringent benchmarks if the valuable Kitemark is to be awarded by BSI.

Quentin Willson, the UK’s consumer motoring champion commented: Victims of dodgy garages can be eradicated if motorists would only use the BSI Kitemark certified garages. The Kitemark scheme has the most rigorous assessments and insists upon annual reassessment to make sure that the same quality and service is being delivered year after year.

A garage that has the Kitemark has the ability to deliver a service which the consumer expects, therefore mitigating the risk of the unknown. Consumers take their car to the garage and fully expect that the garage knows what has to be done and that it will be done correctly and safely. The purpose of a Kitemark inspection is that the garage can demonstrate that they have been independently assessed in their capability to do, the work and those they have the right skills and knowledge.

Trident are proud to have already been awarded the BSI Kitemark award!

05/07/2010: Some more good news about Honda!

The most reliable cars sold in the UK are made by Japanese brands, according to the latest Warranty Direct and What Car? survey.

For the fifth year Honda topped the annual car reliability study, with just 7 per cent requiring repairs in a 12 month period.

The research comes from Warranty Direct’s 50,000 live policies on cars aged three to 10-years old. Warranty Direct carried out exhaustive research to reveal the nature of the repairs carried out on every model — from faults with the electrics, brakes and suspension to problems with the engine, transmission, or heating and cooling systems.

It was found that no Honda in the survey suffered from brake, engine or cooling system faults. Honda had the second lowest average repair bill and a low average repair time.

In addition to receiving a 5 star reliability rating, the final verdict was that Honda owners could sleep easily at night.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a good nights sleep?

Most reliable car manufacturers

Least reliable car manufacturers

Source: Warranty Direct/What Car?

01/07/2010: Weybridge Branch Telephones and Power Outage

At 9.10am this morning, a nearby builder cut through the main power supply for several postal districts in Weybridge. including our Weybridge branch. The power was reconnected in just over an hour and normal operations have resumed.

We’d like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience in getting through to us this morning.

28/06/2010: Trident to sponsor Rotary Swimathon 2010

Trident Honda is please to announce they will be sponsoring the Rotary Swimathon for the third year running.

The event which takes place on Saturday 16th October 2010 at Woking Pool in the Park aims to raise money for local Surrey charities.

Further details of the event can be found at or on our Rotary Swimathon 2010 page.

22/06/2010: Tour Series is coming to Woking!

Trident Honda are proud to be offering their support to the Halford Tour Series as it passes through Woking on Thursday 24th June 2010.

Honda is the official car sponsor of the Tour Series and viewers will get the chance to see the brand new Honda CRZ being driven round the track prior to the start of the main race! In addition, Trident’s Michelle Wayte and Nikki Crossley will be at the event offering promotional giveaways to supporters. Make sure you come down and say hello!

More information on the Tour Series can be found at:

18/06/2010: Honda BTCC Racing Merchandise available to buy now!

Honda Racing Merchandise is now available to buy directly at Trident Honda through our Parts Department.

Further details of the Honda BTCC Racing Merchandise and Boutique range can be found on our Honda Boutique page.

16/06/2010: Honda Insight wins Greenest Small Family Car of the Year

The Honda Insight 1.3 has been named as the Greenest Small Family Car of the Year by the Environmental Transport Association.

The ETA examined over 5,000 cars and compared their power, emissions, fuel efficiency and the amount of noise they produce to create a definitive guide to buying the greenest vehicle.

Andrew Davis, director at the Environmental Transport Association, said: With the price of petrol at record levels and greater understanding about the threat to the environment there has never been a more important time to make fuel efficiency a deciding factor when choosing a car.

04/06/2010: The new Honda CR-Z has arrived!

The new Honda CR-Z Hybrid has been delivered to Trident!

Honda engineers built fun into every part of the new CR-Z. Its sleek, sporty looks and low stance aren’t what you’d expect from a hybrid. But, the CR-Z is full of surprises! Drivers can select from three travel modes depending on how they want to drive.

Choose Sport for a more exhilarating drive, Econ to engage the fuel-saving hybrid mode or Normal for every other day.

Visit our showrooms at Ottershaw or Weybridge to see this exciting new car.

Want a chance to win a CR-Z. Remember to ask for a competition form when you visit us!

03/06/2010: Honda Racing Team News

Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship points leader Matt Neal is looking forward to getting back behind the wheel of his Honda Racing Team Civic to continue the hunt for this year s title at Oulton Park in Cheshire this weekend.

The 43-year-old moved to the head of the standings after the last rounds at Brands Hatch in Kent five weeks ago and is expecting an even stronger performance from his Civic in the three races in Cheshire. But, because he is on top of the standings, Neal goes to the fourth meeting of the season having to carry 45 kilos of success ballast which he thinks that could be a real handicap around the 2.26-mile track.

I love the circuit and it always provides great racing because there are plenty of passing places, says Neal. Carrying the ballast is going to be difficult because there are lots of uphill sections at Oulton Park where 45kgs is really going to hurt us. I will have my eyes on the BMWs to perform well there and you can never discount Jason Plato but our developments mean we should be able to be right in the mix.

Gordon Shedden goes to Oulton Park sixth in the points and has a 100 per cent record to defend in Cheshire. I have won at Oulton in every season I have raced a touring car there and it has always been in a Honda! Talk about putting the pressure on he says. I love the place because it is a real classic circuit and it gives the driver an adrenaline rush to nail a quick lap, adds the 31-year-old Scot.

Unlike Matt, I don t have any extra weight on the car so I will be gunning for pole position to start the weekend off right. I want three big scores to push me to the front of the championship and given the developments we have made on the car, I am confident we will be right at the front.

British Touring Car Championship standings (after 9/30 rounds):

Matt Neal, Honda Racing Team, Honda Civic (67)

Jason Plato, Racing Silverline, Chevrolet Lacetti (67)

Steven Kane, Airwaves BMW, BMW 320si (59)

Paul O’Neill,, Honda Integra (56)

Mat Jackson, Airwaves BMW, BMW 320si (53)

Gordon Shedden, Honda Racing Team, Honda Civic  (50)

After a second victory at Brands five weeks ago, Scotsman Shedden will be carrying success ballast into the third round which may give his rival Matt Neal the edge to take his first win of the season.

A Question of Motorsport Live events will be staged at Honda dealer showrooms near to each of the BTCC rounds throughout the season. Please visit for more details.

28/05/2010: Ian Waters collects his new Honda Mugen 200

Ian Waters collected his new Mugen 200 — and not even the rain could dampen his spirits! This will be Ian’s third Honda Civic from Trident Garages so not only is he a great brand ambassador for us — he is also one of the select limited edition Mugen 200 owners.

Ian is pictured here with Richard Roberts, Managing Director, collecting the keys for his new vehicle.

27/05/2010: Opening Hours for Bank Holiday Monday

For all those people wanting to come down to Trident on May Bank Holiday Monday and visit our Summer Sale Event, we will be open:

26/05/2010: Honda UK announces Summer Sale Event

Honda UK has announced they are to hold a Summer Sale Event across their network of dealerships. Launching a series of unbeatable deals for a limited time only, there has never been a better time to become a Honda owner. Running until the 30th June 2010, supply is strictly limited and demand is expected to be high, so make sure you take advantage of the offers available by visiting our showrooms at Ottershaw and Weybridge .

Further details about the offers available on brand new Civic’s, Jazz’s and Insight’s can be found on the Latest Offers page.

Trident Honda are also offering Summer Sale Event reduced prices across the range of our used car stock — there really is a deal for everyone!

24/05/2010: Honda relaunches ‘Impossible Dream’ advert

With the World Cup rapidly approaching, the whole nation will soon be watching the TV with a mixture of hope and nervous anticipation. Honda is providing the chance to relax to the voice of Andy Williams and their classic Impossible Dream 2 minute 39 second film. The length of the advert means that the entirety of the Andy Williams track can be played, against a backdrop of the incredible heritage of Honda’s historic products, along with the future of the brand including:

Honda FCX Clarity — hydrogen fuel cell car

Honda CR-Z Hybrid ? — sports hybrid petrol-electric coupe

Honda ASIMO — the Honda robot

HondaJet — the Honda revolutionary jet aeroplane

These products represent, not only future technologies, but also Honda’s ambitions to be an environmental leader across Europe.

The advert will be on air in various forms up to 11 June.

29/04/2010: Honda Type-R gets standard limited-slip differential

Honda has announced that LSD (limited slip differential ) is now standard on Honda Civic Type-R. Previously only available on certain special editions, like the Type-R Mugen 200. LSD improves the handling of the Civic Type-R and further confirms its place as a serious performance machine.

22/04/2010: Trident joins Facebook and Twitter!

Trident has now joined Facebook and Twitter as new media for connecting with our customers. We plan to use Facebook for online discussions, reviews, sharing of Honda related videos and photos and generally keeping you up-to-date with everything at Trident and Honda.

If you have a Facebook account and would like to become a Fan of Trident, or follow us on Twitter. then please follow the links opposite or below:

17/04/2010: Trident Ottershaw achieves A+ Honda Customer Satisfaction

Trident Ottershaw has just achieved a grade A+ status for customer satisfaction, as assessed by the Honda Speakback programme. Honda Speakback is an exceptionally tough measure of customer satisfaction, with a large number of customers being contacted.

Managing Director and Ottershaw Dealer Principal Richard Roberts said: Thank you to all our customers that participated in the Honda Speakback programme, and well done to our Ottershaw Team for getting this superb result.

19/03/2010: Download Trident Stocklist as PDF

You are now able to download our complete stocklist in PDF format for printing or simply for reading when not connected to the Internet. The PDF is about 2mb in size, which will take approximately 10 seconds to download over 2mb broadband, or about 5 minutes on a 56k modem.

The PDF version of the stocklist will be updated hourly, at the same time as the stocklist itself.

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