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Honda Fit Electric Cars

Pre-Production Review: 2013 Fit EV

Despite accounting for an incredibly percentage of new car sales in America, the EV is all the in California. Rather than from scratch and designing an car from the ground up (like Honda chose the more route and electrified the second-generation Fit. On the surface, the recipe like a slam dunk, the Fit is one of Honda s most attractive and fun to drive models now on sale.

To to the masses that Honda has it takes to go green, they me out to Pasadena to sample the all-new, Fit EV.

Before we begin, we should about the elephant in the room: Air Resources Board (CARB) Some years ago California that by 2025 15.4% of all new sold in California would to meet the Zero Emissions (ZEV) standard. Like any program, the loopholes, credits and trading allowed in the convoluted allow OEMs to sell a small number of the required EVs the next decade. Strangely the doesn t require that the be actually sold to the consumer

Enter the lease-only 2013 Fit EV.

Because the Fit EV was designed to be an incredibly low vehicle (only 1,100 be made for the 2013 and 2014 years combined), you can get your Fit in any color you want, as long as you blue. Aside from the shade of EV blue , a tweaked grille and some EV stickers, about the Fit screams electric the way the Leaf s unique sheetmetal Some may want the world to they are saving the planet, but I Honda s discreet approach.

the Fit EV may look just its gasoline the Fit EV has different bumpers, side an increased ride height and a different floorpan to accommodate the and improve aerodynamics.

Say what you about the logic and politics with making a compliance EV, the Fit EV has one of Honda s best economy car The EV s interior is dominated by various of light beige plastic, a leather steering wheel and fabrics. Compared to the 2012 the interior is luxurious. Pitted the gasoline Fit, the interior has tweaked enough that isn t kidding when they say the Fit EV is the Fit. To help conserve a single-zine climate control and heated seats have adapted to the Fit in addition to the usual of EV-specific gauges. While may seem counter-intuitive, climate allows more efficient over fan speed and A/C compressor while heated seats the cabin feel warmer it really is on cold days.

All Fit EVs come with Honda s touch-screen navigation system EV-specific software to find stations and graphically display battery range. We were not to test the feature during our with the Fit EV, but all models will be with their new voice system á la Ford s SYNC.

In to being 14mm higher the gasoline Fit, the addition of the pack required changes to the of the Fit s body. This in turn the rear seats are unique to the Fit EV 1.4 inches higher, 3.3 inches back and reclined just 4 degrees more than the gasoline Fit. While the legroom is welcome and the headroom is sufficient for all but the tallest passengers, I the seat back angle to be reclined. Fortunately the front remain excellent, providing bolstering and above average support.

If you are a shorter driver, be sure to out the seating position before you as the driver s seat is not adjustable for

Since Honda s press was boiled down to a 4 hour our time behind the wheel was to a collective 3 hours and some 80 While the added weight of the pack and the low rolling resistance limit grip compared to the Fit, the battery positioning the center of gravity is very The low-mounted mass and a unique rear suspension make the Fit EV fun on the twisties than I expected. had a collection of 2012 Nissan on hand for comparison and the back-to-back is than shocking: the Fit handles and the Leaf handles like a heavy hatchback on skinny resistance tires.

Much the Leaf, the Fit EV s top speed  is limited by the of the redline on the motor and the single-speed

The Fit EV shares its 92kW (123HP) motor with the Honda FCX hydrogen fuel cell but the single-speed transaxle is unique to the The unique gearbox seems to that although the Fit EV is destined to be than a Rolls Royce, is willing to invest in new EV technology. In to extend the range, the Fit provides driving modes: Sport, and Eco. Sport provides pedal mapping and motor similar to a regular gasoline

Normal reduces engine to around 75kW (101HP) all but full-throttle situations and Eco reduced further to 47kW (64HP). some described the Eco mode as the goal of an efficient city-car EV isn t to jet around at top speed. According to the combination of the most efficient EV on the market, a 6.6kWh on-board and an 82-mile range makes the Fit EV the electric vehicle in its class. In it s the way the Fit EV drives that makes it the

While the steering is as numb as on the market with electro-mechanical steering, the handling is light-years of the Leaf in terms of both feel and grip. It was faster hitting 60 MPH a full second the Nissan Leaf (7.91

Honda Fit Electric Cars

The eternal problem with an EV is time. While a car with an 82 range would be livable for driving occasion as long as took only a few minutes, times for EVs is rated in hours. For that were never explained, Honda decided not to the Fit EV with the CHΛdeMO DC quick-charge Nissan has put their weight

This means that your neighbor s Leaf may twice as long (7 hours) to on your 220V home they can get an 80% charge in half an by visiting a quick charge

While I m unsure that s ZEV mandate is good politics, it s we can thank CARB for the existence of the Fit EV. Yet it s the nature of the way the Fit EV came into that makes it both the Fit and the most frustrating. For many looking for a commuter car, a month for the most economical car on the including collision insurance is a deal.

The flip side of course is only 1,100 people get to experience the low operating costs of may be the best EV in America.

Not a fan of our Facebook Too bad, if you liked us on FaceBook you d been able to ask the Honda and minders your burning about the Fit EV.

Honda paid for a flight, one night s stay in a a buffet lunch and all the electrons the Fit consume.

Specifications as tested

3.24 Seconds

0-60: Seconds

Honda Fit Electric Cars

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