Review 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid (With Video) The Truth About Cars

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Honda Accord Electric Cars

Review: 2014 Honda Hybrid (With Video)

By L. Dykes on February 14, 2014

Now and you run into a car that just . It s like finding a perfect or a comfy smoking jacket. now I have been keeping my love on the down-low for several

First off, I ve always having a favorite car tends to one s judgment when comparing so I try to avoid such statements. my dalliance with my automotive was fleeting. As most of us know, rarely hold up to the scrutiny of a relationship. And lastly, coming out as a has been difficult.

When ask me what was the best car you drove in and my answer is the 2014 Accord they stare at me like I three eyeballs.

The Accord is the sedan least likely to While some call the greenhouse and upright proportions I found them to be elegant and Indeed the Accord s side reminds me a great deal of Lexus products, a similarity was shared by passengers during the Several passers by even the Accord with a Lexus ES.

is good news for Honda but bad for Lexus.

Up front the Accord wears blue-tinted versions of the Accord s grille and headlamps of the Plug-In Accord s enormous Our Limited trim model was with LED headlamps but lesser have to get by with halogen Out back the restrained styling with hidden exhaust clean lines and plenty of in the tail lamps.

While are plenty of mid-size sedans out the hybrid market is limited to the Camry, Fusion, Optima and In that lineup, I find the the best looking with the in a solid second place and the Optima taking third.

the gas-only Accord, the hybrid a double-bump style dashboard. The bump houses the same instrument cluster as the Accord with a large analog no tachometer, LED gauges for battery/fuel and a meter. Inside the speedo is a full-color LCD used for the trip secondary nav instructions (if so equipped) and vehicle information.

Housed in the bump is a standard 8-inch display.

Front seat comfort has been a Honda strong and the Accord is no different with padded and ergonomically designed The seats are lightly (and bolstered so larger drivers and shouldn’t have a problem a comfortable seating position. the EX trim of the gas Accord serves as the donor car for the Hybrid, all models get lumbar support, 10-way driver s seat, dual-zone control, tilt/telescoping steering standard Bluetooth, a backup keyless entry/go and active cancellation.

Thanks to the tall house and complete lack of styling cues, the Accord s seats are the best in the segment. On there s nothing extraordinary the rear cabin dimension. The is in the sitting. The Accord s rear are more comfortable than a and roomier than an Optima or

The seat back angle is the most upright of the bunch easier entry and exit compared to the reclined Fusion. reclined rear seat is how the manages to match the Accord it comes to inches of head but the Accord s rear compartment is far accommodating.

As with most there’s a trunk penalty to be Thanks to energy dense cells, the Accord only 3 cubic feet to 12.7 feet, and I had no problem jamming six roller bags in the trunk. The cells mean the gas-only s smallish trunk translates in to a storage area compared to the hybrids.

Sadly everyone has managed to preserve some of cargo pass-through to the trunk Honda decided to kill it. wouldn t say what the reason but judging by the battery position was still room for a cargo capable of handling a surf Call that an opportunity

Base models use physical to control the standard 8-inch LCD in the while up-level Accords get the layout you see above. Bluetooth, SMS messaging, Pandora smartphone and USB/iDevice control are all standard on models as is a 6-speaker, 160-watt system. The 8-inch LCD handles all interactions in this base from playlist browsing to dialing.

Honda integrates active noise cancellation into the head unit, so that in mind if you plan to into an after-market unit.

I suspect that most will opt for the mid-level EX-L adds a subwoofer, 360 watt and a 6-inch touchscreen for audio controls. For reasons I don t understand, the is surrounded by sparkly plastic looks like someone in some glitter in the last of the plastics process. In an otherwise executed cabin this egg seems out-of-place. This setup struck me as half-baked I first sampled it, and although I it could still use a few minutes in the I have warmed up to it.

Voice are easy to use, the system s is intuitive and responsiveness to commands is However, I still don t understand why you use the for changing tracks and sources, but you to use the knob and upper screen for playlists. I also think it s a that navigation isn t sold as a alone option as you have to up $34,905 for the Touring trim to get it.

In ways the Accord Hybrid more design themes the Fisker Karma than a Prius. Up till now, hybrids used one of two systems, an electro/mechanical power split designed around a planetary like the Ford, Toyota and GM hybrids, or they sandwich an motor between the engine and (Honda, Kia/Hyundai, Mercedes, VW and else). Honda went to the drawing board and designed a serial hybrid as long as you under 44 mph. Things out on the drawing above with a 141 horsepower engine mated to a motor/generator that is capable of approximately 141 horsepower (Honda release details on certain internals so that’s an educated Honda says this is the thermodynamically efficient four-cylinder in production, a title I have no to doubt.

Next we have a 166 226 lb-ft motor connected to the wheels via a fixed gear Under 44 miles per hour, is all you need to know about the The 166 horsepower motor powers the car drawing power from a 1.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, or the via the generator and the power control Over 44 miles per hour, the chooses one of two modes depending on is most efficient at the time.

The system can engage a clutch to directly connect the motor and units together allowing power to flow directly to the via that fixed gear or it can keep operating in serial

When the Accord Hybrid the clutch to allow the engine to the wheels directly (mechanically), is flowing via a single fixed gear set. The fixed ratio is somewhere around a 6th gear in terms of gear This improves efficiency at speeds because there is some loss in power from the generator to the motor. The ratio is the reason the system use in serial hybrid mode 44 mph.

There is another effect at play here as below 44 MPH, the system’s power output is 166 horsepower and to 196 when the clutch is engaged.

at $29,155, the Accord Hybrid is $4,000 more than the Sonata Hybrid. However, the delivers a high level of equipment dropping the real to around $1,900. Instead of alone options, Honda just three trim The next step is the $31,905 model which adds seats, a leather steering upgraded audio system two LCD screens, memory driver’s power passenger seat, a camera based collision system and lane departure

While the base model poorly in direct cross-shops, the is a decent value, coming in the same price as a comparably Sonata, Fusion or Optima.

your way up to the top-of-the-line $34,905 and you get full LED headlamps, navigation, XM an adaptive cruise control and a snazzier backup cam. that s more than a top Camry ($32,015), Sonata or Optima ($31,950), the Honda more features and when you for the features missing in the competition the drops to a few hundred dollars. the Fusion wins the award for the expensive in this segment at with only a few features not on the Accord.

The Accord Hybrid s 50/45/47 MPG EPA rating (City/Highway/Combined) is more impressive when you at some of Honda s design First off all hybrid trims get one size wider ( 225/50R17 vs ) than the gas-only Accord to for the 230 lb weight increase. Secondly chose to trickle-down Acura s damper technology into the These two choices define how the car out on the road with the Accord nudging the Fusion out of first when it comes to overall performance.

The Fusion Hybrid Titanium better overall grip, but the has better poise and the two-mode operate as advertised yielding to imperfections but maintaining a crisp on winding back roads. The away from this is the hybrid version of the Accord the best balance of grip and in the Accord lineup while all manufacturers make you pay a handling (albeit slight in the Ford) for the mileage numbers. Meanwhile the Optima and Camry designers in 205 width tires for reduced resistance resulting in those models handling more value-priced base entries.

driving Ford s latest I was skeptical of Honda s fuel claims. The last 47MPG we tested ran between 39.5 and 41 MPG 560 gingerly-driven miles. Keeping in that my commute is hilly and heavy I had expected the Accord s to suffer in relation as the Accord s figure is 2 MPG lower than the I was wrong.

I actually averaged economy during my week the Accord than I did at the launch set in the Texas flat-lands (47.8 vs I attribute some of the difference to tweaking of the software by Honda and of the difference to California s milder The numbers struck me as so good I three days driving, driving, filling only to the fuel economy was spot on. It is at point I am surprised that chose not to offer some of eco trim with skinny low resistance tires, grille and a weight loss regime for even impressive numbers.

Honda Accord Electric Cars

s new hybrid system switches modes more smoothly the Sonata and Optima and on-par the Toyota and Ford systems. The transitions are a good thing the Accord spends far more switching between EV and gasoline modes on level highways 55 and 65 MPH. The system will the battery up, turn off the engine and run EV the battery drops to a point it needs to be recharged. This is from the others that run engine only once you re on the

Honda swiped the Accord s design from their Clarity sedan and it is easily the I have ever driven. are linear without the grabby you get in Toyota hybrid models if you rapidly from mild to braking. Downhill driving in the is also a vast improvement. hybrids transition to engine or friction braking when the is full but Honda has a trick up sleeve. Because of the Accord s Honda is able to continue the traction motor to provide assistance.

Once the battery is the software shuttles this over to the generator unit and it by spinning the engine. This in the most consistent braking of any hybrid so far.

The Accord drives like an EV below 44 much like a charged Volt and in sharp contrast to the and Toyota hybrids. This is of because the Accord s electric is the only thing that can the car below this speed. of the nature of this drivetrain, there is definite non-linear between the engine and the wheels.

the throttle down and the engine up in a while, climb a hill and the will vary between a and a dull roar. While I m that will bother folks, I don t mind the noises with CVTs make and Accord is no different. Likely due to software tweaks since I drove it, 0-60 times a few tenths to 7.0 seconds flat the Accord near the top of the pack in

The Touring model Honda me featured all of Honda s latest gadgets from the Lane system that displays right-side blind spot on the car s LCD. I honestly found Watch to be a little gimmicky, after having experienced it times before. In a car with visibility it might be more but the Accord s large greenhouse and low give it the best visibility in the

Touring trim also you a full speed-range radar cruise control with warning. Honda s radar control isn t the worst on the market but is it the best. The system brakes reacts slowly to traffic up ahead of you and when you set a speed the car 5-6 MPH before accelerating back up to the you were driving when you hit the

With all the numbers tallied the Hybrid is an easy winner. It is expensive than the competition but delta shrinks when you for feature content. The delta immaterial however when you at our average fuel economy of 47.8 MPG in the Accord and 30 to mid-30s in all of the (including that 47 MPG Fusion.) s hybrid has the best road in the pack, the most composed a comfy back seat and a cabin.

On my tally list, the s driving dynamics, fuel performance and comfort more outweigh my complaints about the control and dual-screen infotainment

Being on the down-low, my former word on the Accord was The Accord may not be the looking hybrid on sale, me that’s still the Ford but the Accord’s simple lines and high fuel economy the Honda a solid option. the gadget hound I am, I think I still buy the Fusion, but only in the expensive Titanium trim. If not looking that high up the chain, the Accord Hybrid is simply the best fuel mid-size anything.

Prius But now I ve decided it s time to come I d take the Hybrid Accord No exceptions, no hair splitting.

provided the vehicle, insurance and one of gas for this review

Specifications as

0-30: 2.8 Seconds

0-60: 7.0

Cabin noise at 50 MPH: 69 db

Observed Fuel Economy: MPG over 835 miles.

Honda Accord Electric Cars
Honda Accord Electric Cars
Honda Accord Electric Cars
Honda Accord Electric Cars
Honda Accord Electric Cars


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