Road Test 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Clean Fleet Report

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Road Test: 2014 Accord Hybrid

Fun But Ultra-Responsible – A New Hybrid MPG Leader at 50 MPG 

The New MPG Adds Fun To The Mix

Words by Larry E. Photos from the manufacturer

built a legacy of innovation by the high road when automobiles that became as the “Honda Way.”  This focus resulted in the Civic engine, the first engine to with the 1975 Clean Air Act a catalytic converter in 1974.

other “firsts” followed:

The s first mass-produced aluminum-body the NSX sports car in 1990;

First to a production-based gasoline engine as meeting Ultra Low Emission (ULEV) exhaust levels in and

The Honda Insight became the gas-electric hybrid car sold in the in 1999.

Of late, however, who write about cars and the industry have suggested over the past few years has “lost the Honda way” or its mojo.”

Enter the 2014 Hybrid as evidence that the has found its way again; its revived engineered a remarkable hybrid that delivers an EPA fuel rating of 50 mpg city/45 mpg highway and 47 mpg

By comparison, Toyota s Camry the top-selling midsize hybrid in has EPA numbers of 43 city/39 higway/41 for the LE model, 40 city/38 highway/40 for the XLE edition.

For the introduction of its new hybrid Honda wisely chose the a midsize sedan with an brew of smart engineering, packaging, and rewarding road It also happens to be Honda s vehicle.

Honda offers the Hybrid in three levels. The model, referred to as Hybrid, is at $29,945 including $790 charges. Next is the EX-L, followed by the top-end Touring,

Here are the details.

“Earth Hybrid System

The hybrid architecture employed by the 2014 Hybrid is a mirror of the Accord system with the exception of battery packs. It falls the umbrella of Honda s Earth Technology, an initiative in which the of internal combustion components, the engine and transmission as well as motor technology, is improved. The is a significant reduction in fuel and CO 2 emissions.

Honda calls the Accord s Two-Motor Hybrid Intelligent Drive (i-MMD) System. A for sure, but it is an elegant engineering

i-MMD combines a newly-developed dedicated for hybrid vehicles, an continuously variable transmission coupled with two built-in a lock-up clutch and a lithium-ion pack. The system switches three drive modes – hybrid and engine-only drive. The mix of sources is managed largely by sensors that combine the acceleration and energy usage to the driving situation.

Producing 141 and 122 pound-feet of torque of gasoline the new 2.0-liter I-VTEC four-cylinder incorporates an Atkinson cycle a first for a Honda engine. For efficiency, the air conditioning compressor and pump are both powered by the system, and electric power eliminates the traditional hydraulic steering pump. The automaker it is the most efficient internal engine in the world.

Coupled to the are two built-in motors. A 124 kW propulsion powers the front wheels a generator motor that is connected to the gas engine generates energy to drive the propulsion when the vehicle is operating in the mode. Combined, the two motors a maximum output of 166 horsepower.

they operate in conjunction the gas engine the powertrain delivers a 196 horsepower and 226 pound-feet of torque.

EV will operate the car on electricity until the energy from the 1.3 kW pack located in the trunk is – around two miles in careful driving.  But, it also also kick in during speeds on flat or downhill

In hybrid mode, the Accord operates similar to the Chevrolet The gas engine only powers the motor, which delivers to the propulsion motor that turn the front wheels. If energy is produced, it is directed to the

Engine drive mode couples the gas engine to the drive via the single-speed transmission. This at highway speeds where the four is most efficient.

The Hybrid s transmission operates some of the characteristics of a continuously transmission but the E-CVT, as Honda it, isn t actually a CVT. In fact, it s not what we would normally a transmission: no pulleys or belts, no converter or drive clutch.

the E-CVT uses the two electric to control both the engine and motor rotation via the lock-up At highway cruising speeds, the is engaged, connecting the drive to the generator motor to transmit torque directly to the drive In EV mode, when the battery-powered motor is used for either or regenerative braking, the clutch the gasoline engine from the

The Honda s standard straight-gate has two selections. The D position is for normal the B (Brake) position provides increased regenerative braking.


Accord received a sheet redesign for model 2013, breaking precedent by rather than growing in It may look longer and sleeker its immediate predecessor, but the body 3.5 inches in

Big Where It Counts

while interior space was

This latest Accord is a model of family car design. Its flat roofline contributes to headroom, smart packaging generous rear-seat legroom, and side windows let in lots of

Its exterior appearance is not the most car in the class – Ford s Fusion and the are top contenders for that honor – but it is not style. An expressive, but not aggressive, combined with a curvaceous and body sides suggest the adjective handsome applies

What isn t apparent is low-drag surfaces, including nearly windshield glass, that with careful underbody to contribute to fuel economy.

is little to differentiate the 2014 Hybrid from your garden-variety Accord. But eagle-eyed will notice its hybrid blue-accented grille and headlamp rear spoiler and unique

The Inside Story

Give to the interior designers for continuing s heritage of near-class-leading roominess. as well is high-grade passenger-compartment and workmanship. All automakers are struggling to cut and reduce weight, leading to hard plastic panels in of more luxurious padded

The Accord avoids this Every surface the driver and are likely to contact is suitably with high-quality looking Panels feel solid to the and workmanship is top drawer.

Button, Who s Got the Button

The dashboard also the designer s eye. There s a proportion to the instrument panel and layout, and dashboard sophistication is up a this year thanks to a 8-inch diagonal information mounted at its center.

However, s a fussiness to the controls that s Buttons are everywhere, seeming to the center of the dashboard. After a of driving the Accord Hybrid, I t grasp the markings and the logic of groupings to use them casually.

The has its own dedicated gauge cluster. is a large, round speedometer simple numerals on a field of To the right, battery charge and level gauges are shown and on the is a power use gauge.

There s a power flow meter shows where the power is from – engine, electric or both.

Efficient interior delights good engineers and the makes the most of a slightly wheelbase to provide abundant passenger room.

In-cabin space is plentiful, and while the Accord s trunk is family-vacation the Hybrid s is whittled down in to a couple s weekend thanks to the of the battery pack.

Tech Rich

The available features witnesses Honda s commitment to technology front and center. on the base Hybrid is Smart and Start, a rearview camera with Honda s LaneWatch display, Bluetooth, Pandora SMS text capability, dual-zone climate control, a 10-way driver s seat and a six-speaker system.

A step up to the EX-L model Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning systems, upholstery, heated front a moonroof, premium audio and the new that connects the car via the

Still To the Touch

owner s smartphone to and media resources such as Aha by Internet apps, roadside and more.

The high-feature Touring adds adaptive cruise and a voice-recognition navigation system.

Ford Fusion Electric Cars

features on all Hybrid models Honda s double-pane Expanded driver s mirror, cruise and a tilt/telescope steering wheel audio controls.

Behind The Wheel

The 2014 Accord is more fun than a responsible hybrid family sedan has a to be.

A characteristic of the Hybrid s handling is torque steer, which many overpowered front-wheel-drive Put your foot to the floor and the will reward you with a tug to one side on the steering wheel and a from the tires, which is the churning brew of gasoline and under the hood trying to itself.

But who thought that ever be said about a hybrid family car?

OK, a time of 7.1 seconds isn t sport quick, but it beats the four-cylinder Accord with a CVT by a half a Oh, it is also quicker than other hybrid family You know, Toyota Camry, Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Kia

Of course rapid starts and driving takes a toll on economy and isn t what the Accord is about. After a couple of and 67 miles of “having some the instrument panel readout was mpg.

A week with the and the odometer had added 362.3 Part of our time spent was in where we logged 63 miles its steep hills and often streets. The balance of our driving 167 miles of Interstate and two-lane plus, 65 miles of the typical daily errands in our hometown of

With the exception of our having-some-fun we engaged the Eco mode that the powertrain response and operates the controls at a conservative setting.

The combination of Eco, a light on the accelerator that resulted in on battery power much of the and careful braking, our 65 miles of driving yielded 59.8 At week s end, our combined mpg 51.1 – 4 mpg better than the EPA

Honda is the uncommon mainstream directed by an engineering mindset, and the s desire for mechanical parts to in harmony pervades the Accord There s a distinct natural to the control effort – turn the wheel and response is smooth and What you ask the car to do, it does, and in just the you request.

A new front suspension vertical struts communicates the interaction with the pavement to boost confidence. But it s really a of degree, because the Hybrid is not by a twisty road.

No midsize car Accord s firm but composed quality. A new mechanical damping uses two pistons. One is tuned to imperfections on smoother roads; the tames rough roads, and sudden steering or braking

Engineers crafted a more regenerative braking system Electro Servo Braking. It s a system activated by an electronic and regenerative braking begins the the foot is lifted from the In addition to the payoff in efficiency, the stop the car with reassuring without the mushy feeling with regenerative brakes.

the electric motor as the transmission, an all- electric car. the s instantly available torque the Hybrid rapidly from The E-CVT replicates the feel of a set up quite well, however accelerating at around 28 mph, revs wanted to catch up actual speed much a conventional CVT. This was a disconcerting at first, but after a of days wasn t noticed.

The handling and ride quality of the Accord establishes new standards for the class. Add to that an interior is pleasantly hushed with appropriate feedback of road and the package is likely sending back to their drawing

Bottom Line – Competition/Pricing

At glance Honda s pricing of for the base model 2014 Hybrid is anywhere from to $4,000 more than hybrid competitors. Hyundai s Hybrid is the lowest priced at

Fun 50 MPG Honda Accord Hybrid It!

$26,445. It s followed by the Kia Optima $26,700; Toyota Camry $27,140; and the Ford Fusion $27,990.

Take a close and you will find that doesn t offer options ala Instead, it favors a model in which equipment multiplies as you the price ladder. This can the Accord Hybrid s prices higher than those of competitors, but optioned similarly, lines among the group t usually far apart.

If you re comparing the with the standard Accord, the Hybrid is equipped similarly to the EX, priced at $26,470, which for around a $3,000 price compared to the standard Accord.

upon a time, we all figured fuel efficiency would be the hair shirt – righteous but

Honda gives lie to those expectations with the 2014 Hybrid. With it, we have a new world of mainstream motoring: around at all the inefficient, uninspiring on the road. Given the option of the one that is ultimately efficient and fun, who wouldn t come up the extra three bills?

Jan. 24, 2014

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