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PRINDIVILLE Electric Hummer – Lead-acid battery 72V drive system

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Dec 2011

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s a little photo essay my family s bicycles. I m proud to say we use our bikes a lot. Each is tailored to its user: I drive a bike capable of carrying and cargo long distances; my drives a slower and lighter but stylish bike; my 11-year-old Thea and her friend JJ drive tailored to their 2-mile to school. (My son Jasper, aged 15, having a bike.

He pretty walks wherever he needs to Ithaca is hilly, so it s important for a bike to have an electric I ve spent a lot of time over the couple of years  experimenting electric bike motors and accessories. Maybe you can benefit my discoveries.

From left to my bike, my wife s bike, s bike, and JJ s bike in front of our stable. My bike is a Surly Big Xtracycle with Stokemonkey described in detail elsewhere. I it The Spirit of Ithaca . I ve changed so parts it s hard to give it a but you could probably get a comparable cargo bike for $3,000.

may notice that my bike has an large chainring. Last I doubled the voltage of the motor 36 to 72v, making my bike more powerful—it can carry two up the steepest hills in Ithaca. by design the Stokemonkey motor the pedals, the increased power the speed of the pedals and it became to increase the size of the chainrings to down the pedals.

My bike is by two 36v10ah LiFePo4 batteries in They give my bike an range of about 70 miles at or 35 miles at 20mph. However, battery weighs 15 pounds and are expensive at $600 each.

My sports a DIY headlight I made out of $50 in parts available at The is powered by Grin Technology s 12v regulator which can take any battery input from 24 to 72v and the 12v required by the headlight. I ve also the 12v output to recharge my phone on trips. The advantage of this electrical system over a bike s discrete lights is I just have one switch to on all my lights and accessories, and I only one battery and that battery is My DIY headlight has a homemade look you just can t buy at stores :-).

I keep it on both night and It s bright enough that I it pointed down and I run it at half to avoid annoying people. out my DIY headlight s big heat sink is not with the lower-power LED driver I m

I m planning an updated version uses the handlebars as a heat

My wife s bike is a Sanyo we purchased used for $1,500. She it Zippy . The previous owner it for over $2,000 from Wheels. (At 350 miles away, Wheels is the closest ebike that I know of.) is a highly reliable bike to my bikes, which are constantly down and in flux as I experiment them.

Besides the reliability, the important feature for her is the chain which is necessary because she to work in her nice work She has a rear rack but rarely it in favor of the faux-wicker front The hub motor is in the front wheel and the human-powered hub has three speeds. is a battery manufacturer and built the around their NiMH The bike is surprisingly powerful and has a of five to 10 miles.

It s not fast but it is so that you don t feel like fast when you are riding it.

In practice bicycling can be a hassle of all the little business you have to do you get on and off your bike: put on your bike jacket, put on your tuck in your pants turn on the lights, unlock the put up the kickstand, etc. That s a lot to and it creates an unconscious impediment to especially when you know driving a car just requires the door, turning the key, and I got my wife this nice AXA lock from Clever to reduce some of the hassle.

you press a lever and take out the key to the bike, and insert the key to go. No more with a cable or u-lock. (left) and our neighbor JJ (right) to walk a few blocks to elementary but this fall they at a middle school about 2 away. They were to find that the school bus 45 hot and stuffy minutes to get to school. The bus only takes 15 minutes but $.75 and requires a 10-minute downtown.

Biking, on the other only takes 10 minutes! already had an electric bike, and we JJ s bike with a motor too so she keep up. I escorted them for the few months and helped them out a safe route.

Thea has a lightweight mountain bike for utility with a rack, fenders, lights, and a front hub It s a kids bike with 24 but I often ride it myself—it s sporty! The motor is powerful that I don t need to pedal. In I should have installed a hub motor instead of a front hub

The front wheel spins out on In general I ve concluded that hub motors are not suitable for Ithaca.

I Marathon Winter studded tires to Thea s bike so we can ride together safely winter. I unequivocally insist anyone who rides in the winter use these tires. Thea s is a Nine Continents direct hub kit from for about There are a lot of ebike kits out but E-BikeKit is especially dedicated to service. You ll notice that I had to off the lawyer lips around the in order to get the hub motor axle to seat properly.

Grin Cyclery s excellent page tell s how omitting step may lead to front failure. Originally I built a lead-acid battery (described in a post ) for Thea s bike. fall I began experimenting lithium polymer ( lipo ) the same type of battery by Radio Control enthusiasts. Not are lipo batteries lightweight and compared to my LiFePo4 and lead-acid they have a much discharge rate.

This it possible to have a very battery that can output amps to propel an ebike. So on s bike I replaced the three 12v 10ah lead-acid batteries in (a 36v battery) with two lightweight 3ah lipos in series (for a 37v Here s the score: the lead-acid is 15 pounds, $100, 360wh, a 36 mile range. The lipo is 2 pounds, $50, 108wh, a 10 mile range. Which is

It depends. My bike needs range and weight is not a problem, so are not a good option for me. But for Thea s the lipo s low weight is very and their short range is not a

Thea s controller and battery fit in her trunk with room to for lunch. Thea and JJ s bikes use two 18.5v lipo batteries in series for a 37v battery pack. The RC however, needs to charge in parallel at 18.5v. I made connectors to switch the batteries serial and parallel, similar to the battery connectors described in a post.

In this photo the connector is on the top connected to the battery and the is on the bottom in my hand. In addition to the output connectors, lipo have balance connectors to the charger to manage each individually. This photo a parallel balance connector I so that I can charge a 37v battery one charging port.

Lipo batteries can be dangerous. I across a post on one RC forum everyone on the forum who had had a house of some kind caused by batteries. There were of people on the list.

That I haven t had any problems with myself. I try to be careful. I always charge my lipos. I make not to drain them below limit. I charge them in a bag as shown.

That s the charger on the capable of charging four at a time.

JJ has a small bmx bike 20 wheels and ornamental shock I installed a $500 geared hub motor from On a of occasions I ve had the pleasure of driving JJ s a few miles even though the barely comes up to my kneecaps. As Thea s bike, it s a perfectly form of transportation for an adult I don t have to actually pedal.

The wheels and the hub s internal gearing it incredible torque. And the small makes it fine for riding on the sidewalk, nobody minds. I rode it a mile up State St. in and it was sort of like going up the in an electric wheelchair.

PRINDIVILLE Electric Hummer – Lead-acid battery 72V drive system

JJ s battery and fit into a tiny seat Can you believe it?

I bought this mountain bike (code-named Beauty ) used for $400 the intention of building it up as a replacement for my Big So far I ve added a hub motor and perhaps I ll add an longtail extension in the spring. Beauty has very nice including hydraulic disc and fully adjustable shock

I wasn t looking for these but of these features turned to be important as described next. A of weeks ago I bought a $600 HS 3540 conversion kit from Tech. I paired this hub motor with a controller of handling almost 3kw (72 volts at 40 (For comparison my Big Dummy runs at 1kw.) After a few difficulties I was able to put Black to the test. I found a quiet stretch of road, pulled the throttle, and let her unwind.

She accelerated to 40mph. At first it was frightening. it was exhilarating.

But in the final analysis it s how fast this bike can go, elsewhere I ve blogged about the of speed. My main interest in a high-powered bike is to make it of carrying adult passengers. able to go fast is an annoying effect.

Black Beauty a Cycle Analyst and an LED headlight, from Grin Tech. For now I Black Beauty s battery and stuffed in a pannier. As you can see I ve also Black Beauty for carrying Another secret to Black s performance is the 72v battery pack I put out of four 18.5v 5ah lipo This battery pack me about $200, weighs six pounds and has 360wh of power.

s enough power to go about 10 at 25mph. I could probably go at a lower speed but it s hard to go than that.

The Clarkbergs two nice his and hers road in the basement. One reason they are in the is that they are so light it s to carry them up and down the stairs. Another reason are in the basement is that they are vehicles that my wife and I use.

I think we only them out once last I drive my cargo bike so for utilitarian purposes that the of riding my road bike for doesn t appeal to me. I mean, how do you drive around your car for

A couple of years ago I commandeered our for housing our bikes. I added a sliding door for easy Our car. As a family we re not so fanatical bicycling that we re willing to up a car altogether.

When we recently this new car I think some of my were surprised we got a Mini of a Prius, the environmentalists vehicle of As I ll describe in an upcoming post, I it s much more important to our and to the environment that a car be small and rather than use less Large fast cars to a transportation infrastructure that is to the rest of us not driving a car.

My take some pride in mpg, but their lower mpg t make me feel any safer Also mpg-pride seems if someone is using their four-seat hybrid car for personal I m not against technology, but I believe in use of technology. I only use our car by myself I have something heavy to or when I have to go beyond the of my bike.

Otherwise I drive my

Poppa bike, momma kid bike and baby bike.


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PRINDIVILLE Electric Hummer – Lead-acid battery 72V drive system


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