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If I Wanted A Hummer, I’d Have Asked You For One!


TITLE: Who Killed The Electric Car?


NARRATOR: Martin Sheen

STUDIO: Sony Pictures Classics


RATED: PG (US) U (UK); for brief language.




In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust, and ran without gasoline. Ten years later, these futuristic cars were almost entirely gone.

What happened? Why should we be haunted by the ghost of the electric car?



Last July, my mother and I went to the theater to see Al Gore’s powerful documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, which showed in great detail the growing threat of global warming; as with many others that saw the film, we were just stunned. After we had left the theater we stopped to fill my car up with gas so we can get back home…and for the first time in my life I felt ashamed that I was pumping my car with gasoline, and I told her that. We both made an agreement that we would get a hybrid or electric car soon to replace ours; sadly, before my mother could get one she passed away from …. I had written a review on Ciao of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH shortly after seeing the movie, and mentioned that I had intended to get one, and I still intend to.

So, I started to do research online and realized a film was coming out soon about electric cars; I saw the film recently, and now I’m happy to tell you all about it.

Writer-director Chris Paine’s WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? opens up with a …; of course, you would think that they would be mourning a person…though it is actually an automobile! Passionately narrated by Martin Sheen, the story begins in 1990, when the California government put into effect the Zero Emissions Law, which stated that if auto companies wanted to continue selling cars in the state, that some of those cars should have no exhaust; in case you didn’t know, California has the worst amount of smog in the world. Six years later, General Motors decided to unleash

Pictures of Who Killed The Electric Car? (DVD)

Writer-Director Chris Paine

the EV1, the first electric car in over 90 years; those individuals who bought and drove them gave them outstanding reviews. Celebrities like Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson made it known on television they were awesome cars that could change the future of automobiles.

However, these environmentally safe vehicles also proved to be a major threat to others, most notably the oil companies. Without warning or notice, General Motors (GM) stopped production of the EV1 assembly line and set out to call back all of the vehicles. What happened?

Did the Big Oil companies get too damn greedy? Were the consumers not convinced? Did the Federal Government want an alternative? WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? may be a documentary, though it also a unique … mystery and a tragedy as well.

I was shocked, outraged, and just blown away by what I learned; this film was so influential in what it detailed that I wanted an electric car myself—and now I was pissed off I couldn’t obtain one just because Corporate America got too damn greedy.



In 2003, all the electric cars that consumers bought were forced to surrender them back to General Motors; quietly, they were shipped off to lots, where they awaited possible destruction. Grass roots organizations started campaigns to keep an eye on all the EV1’s and kept on writing to GM, begging for them to release the cars back; one group even offered over $2 million dollars to pay for the ones that were left! As this was going on, the Bush Administration and the government of California decided to propose a new proposal (read: bait and switch maneuver) in the Hydrogen Cell Battery Cars, or Hybrids, which would run on electricity, though it still required gasoline.

In addition, shortly before the EV1’s were halted in production, a new vehicle was being introduced by GM: the gigantic Hummer.

Paine actually drove an electric car for several years and was inspired to make this film primarily because of the … that occurred several years ago in California; he presents this film as if it’s a detective story, and investigates a list of suspects that all are believed to have led to the destruction of the electric car. Check them out:

Consumers — Were they simply not interested? Were the car companies correct in stating there wasn’t enough interest in order to keep the project going?

Batteries — Some people felt they were not advanced enough to have an efficient electric car for consumers.

Oil Companies — They viewed the EV1 as a threat to their business, resulting in a loss of revenue; of course, they say over 10 trillion barrels are still available in the Earth’s crust, so that tells me they want to use it all.

Car Companies — They were presumably upset about the California mandate and feel they were “forced” to produce the EV1; to me, that is not a good enough reason to call them all back and destroy them. Plus, it is believed, according to Paine, that they called them back because of the fact that EV1’s had no internal combustion engine, which was the cornerstone of the automotive industry.

Government — Since the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s, the U.S. federal government has primarily made it their goal to keep America’s dependence on foreign oil; of course, all those that voted for a Texas oil man into office are to blame even more than the government.

California Auto Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) — It set a law, and then it retreated from it. Why?

PRINDIVILLE Electric Hummer Electric Cars

Hummer — GM had begun this program before the shut down of the EV1 assembly line; a huge, gas guzzling monster that was produced in conjunction with the military, it only proves that consumers who bought this impractical vehicle are compensating for something. This is all I’m saying: if I had wanted a hummer, I would have asked you for one.



At present, it seems like the Hybrid car—a vehicle that DOES run on gasoline but uses an electric motor to improve its fuel economy—is the best alternative at the moment. Of course, the oil industry is supporting it because they still are receiving profits on it. What I don’t understand is if the technology is here to drive electric cars—as this documentary also proves—then why is it we are not driving them now? To many people, the answer is obvious, and it is truly a sad reality.

Personally, I think the first step is to get Bush out of office, a man driven on oil profits in the middle east—even having our military guarding oil fields!

Just in case you didn’t know, the oil prices in the U.S. have now been raised to unbelievable heights, and it has been remained that way since Hurricane Katrina; to this day, the oil companies and the federal government have not given anyone a satisfactory excuse for this. With the rising threat of global warming also among us, it has driven many individuals to fight for some alternatives, and the electric car is something to surely invest in, along with solar panels and recycling.

The DVD of WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? has some fine special features, including the featurette “Jump Starting the Future,” which talks about what is available to consumers after the EV1’s tragic demise. Apparently, there are many specialty houses you can go to have your car converted from a gasoline to an electric car by means of replacing the gasoline motor means of installing electric batteries, such as lead-acid or lithium ion—though it can be rather expensive. There are also some interesting deleted scenes, though a music video by Meeky Rosie (never heard of them) is completely unnecessary. The DVD of WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR is available to rent at most video shops and it could be purchased from Amazon for a mere 5 GBP.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find the film fascinating and insightful, as I have. Chris x





1) “I’ve never seen a company be so cannibalistic about its own product before; I mean it is just unbelievable. The past three years have been a terrific experience driving this car!” — Peter Horton, last legal owner of the EV1 vehicle

2) “You mean, they are not putting out those cars anymore? That’s a real shame; we need those cars!” — California resident

3) “It’s David vs. Goliath in a gigantic way…however, if there are enough Davids in the world, we could put a stop to Goliath’s greed.” — Leslie Kendall, Electric car advocate

4) “Who controls this country? The answer is the guy with the biggest club! — Mel Gibson

CRITIC’S QUOTE #1: “Chris Paine’s well tuned documentary goes beyond the occasional nit-pick by the usual suspects—his examination encompasses all aspects of a technology big business has been conspiring to put down since the Model T.” — Jules Brenner, Cinema Signals

CRITIC’S QUOTE #2: “A documentary to make your blood boil—if you love cars, cherish the environment, and scorn the power and privileges of the oil companies.” — Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

CRITIC’S QUOTE #3: “If there is any doubt left (and why would there be?) that the bald eagle should be replaced by the gas pump as the symbol of the United States, this movie closes the lid on that case. — Matt Bruson, Creative Loafing

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