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2011 Leaf Car Review

A lot of folks ask going to be the next Prius? maybe this car, at if

Nissan has their way. is the Nissan Leaf. It’s an vehicle. No hybrid going on

at all. Electric motor is up in the front, 100 horsepower, 210 foot of

torque and it’ll do that for 100 miles on a single charge, more than the average

drives in a day by a factor or two or three. where the watts go in up in

the front. Now charger on the right side take 110 or 220 and give you a full

charge on 110 in you know 14, 15 hours. 4 to 8 hours, but this guy over is very

cool. Now this is you’ll charge if you’re at a structure or your office

This is a 3-phase, 440 DC input, 80% from flat in just 30

Real interesting interior, away it says this is not typical kind of car. You get a

electronic interface in this Starting with the instrument there’s not a

gauge in the place, not one needle. The gauge on the left is battery

temperature because high power battery have a lot of thermal energy in

And you‘ve got to keep an eye on that but don’t expect any problems. In the

you’ve got your usual of time and distance, or your odometers and gear

indicator. the top, those circles are power output or regen, the on the left

are when you’re regenerating either through coasting or and the ones on

the right are how much you’re putting up because with an electric vehicle, if

on the pedal too much, you’re power inefficiently. You want to

moderately to get the best range.

of range, on the right, there’s fuel gauge if you will. shows you the

state of charge in the battery. And if that doesn’t you enough, right overlaid

on is a predicted miles to depleted That’s based on your driving as

long as you’ve had the car a full reset which me to those trees up there in the

display. That’s another of how green you are driving now and

historically. You trees as you use a light foot on the and a record of how

greenly you’ve how many trees you’ve if you will, goes into a

Nissan web service that going to launch with car which brings me to the head

This is going to be a largely vehicle. It’ll have own cellular data radio

into it through a yet to be formalized wireless service. And that let you

do things like have the information on charging stations, here on the dash.

As the vehicle is low on juice or if you don’t have range to get to your

destination on the it’ll let you know and say here’s you can stop, the most

optimal to charge up. Plus you’ll be to control this car via a smart app.

And that will let you do like turn on the HVAC you get to the car to get it

cooled down or even let you it what charging behavior to Charge now or don’t

charge until later or set the car to only during off peak the same time every

Beyond that we expect a if not totally cutting edge of sources, we’ll have

CD and MP3, aux and USB for iPod as well, hands free. I’m not

about the Bluetooth streaming but we’ll see what happens in a

year is a long time.

shifter or drive mode really, it doesn’t move any or

anything. It’s basically a controller, all electronic. Over and up is over

straight is neutral, and back is drive or drive additional engine braking. And

is just right there on the And as you might expect, this is an parking

brake. The Leaf is the size of a Civic, certainly in of length and wheelbase.

But more in the and profile of a Prius, so it’s no low sports car. As a result

interior room is good as is the space in the back. No sunroof up top, that’s

for a good There’s no drag that caused by the turbulence of gaskets and

And a steel roof Nissan keeps the cabin cooler a glass one. And all this

the car’s use of electricity for either or moving itself.

The headlights on car are interesting too. This be the first affordable major

car that has a pure LED front The reason they’re doing it in car is

because LED lamps are more efficient. Remember this car has electricity, for

getting around, for the radio and for powering the headlights. got to conserve

all of it every where. whole headlamp structure is also. It’s shaped to

the airflow over the front of the car so it actually avoids the side mirror.

Because mirrors are a big area of and a big area of wind noise, if can keep the

mass of air from this, win win.

Now back on the roof winglet sort of is a solar panel. This trickle charge

the battery any it’s got solar energy it. Now it’s not going to be a lot of

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