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Interior Details

(from Press Release) Rinspeed

Rinspeed and Harman develop mobility concept and corresponding The incarnation of the idea is:

microMAX the networked swarm car

At the very ever since the publication of Schätzing’s novel The Swarm, knows of the potential power of collectives — much powerful than merely the sum of all its With microMAX Frank M. boss of Swiss creative Rinspeed, transfers the idea of intelligence to urban traffic and out to do nothing less than to it. The incarnation of the idea is microMAX, on at the Geneva Motor Show, 7 through 17, 2013.

The ingenious vehicle merges personal and transportation in very clever In the Rinspeed microMAX, renowned of top-class automotive multimedia and systems Harman for the first introduces its vision of an urbanSWARM concept based on the Harman platform. This concept combining the company’s individual features that are already commercially today with a Cloud-based mobility concept.

allows, for instance, easy to navigation functions in real Based on the information from all connected to the swarm, the system can the routes dynamically to account for traffic.

Rinderknecht says: We developed an intelligent and eco-friendly concept complete with its own that combines the benefits of transportation with those of car-sharing services and carpool as well as those offered by transit. It uses the powerful and LTE data networks in urban and operates in real time.

owners belong to a modern community that allows all vehicles to be used with flexibility: by people driving by regular commuters in permanent but also by people looking for rides or needing to cover legs of their trip the help of several microMAX

A special app custom-developed by Harman for purpose gives all road who are looking for a transport option and are of the selected community access to the new concept. Potential riders need to enter their the urbanSWARM community uses technology and access to the collective and experience of the entire swarm of to do the rest. Because the system has about routes, destinations, speeds and occupancy of all vehicles in the it calculates potential ride in real time and — if for — even determines options. This creates an efficient, flexible and convenient system with maximum – without wait times, prior planning and without Cyclists can even have bicycles taken by piggyback longer distances.

A compatible has already been developed and is marketed by bicycle manufacturer

microMAX lends form to the concept. With this of sustainable mobility, Swiss car Rinderknecht and Harman define an new class of vehicles with unseen spaciousness. The engineering following a long tradition was done by 4erC; the microMAX was at Esoro, among others. a length of 3.7 meters, roughly to that of a BMW Mini, microMAX not offers plenty of space for the three passengers and a unfolded or shopping cart, it also the desired privacy! The vehicle of just shy of 2.2 meters permits the of comfortable and space-saving upright equipped with a custom-developed belt system from a top vendor in the vehicle safety

But above all, the invitingly interior from surface Hornschuch as well as headliner and pillars covered with textiles from SträhleHess the occupants an outstanding sense of with a homey lounge All occupants furthermore enjoy amenities as a coffee maker, for refreshments and unlimited connectivity for purposes or for working while on the Window panes manufactured and by KRD from Plexiglas made by manufacturer Evonik ensure the safety and low curb weight. contributing to the latter are lightweight-design components from GauglerLutz were manufactured by the Thuringia for Mobility Innovation. And the latest NFC Field Communication) technology Harman makes it fast and to identify drivers as well as

This solution also access to personal data, profiles and payment systems.

microMAX aims to encourage passengers to get in and ride because it is convenient and simple. Its summery paintwork harmonizes perfectly the custom-developed silver AEZ alloys, and at every observer. It goes saying; the wellness animation also includes an auxiliary and air conditioning technology from

The spacious interior has an airy and feeling. The clearly arranged VDO panel dominates the area in of the driver. Its central control has been custom-programmed by software provider Noser specifically for the

The command center for the urbanSWARM platform is the 19-inch HD touchscreen Harman, which features a HMI (Human Machine Interface) and expanded display functions.

It without saying; microMAX is an vehicle powered by a forklift system from world leader Linde Material The system is recharged at intelligent stations from infrastructure RWE. Since the vehicle very quietly, the Harman have developed an acoustic safety system based on HALOsonic technology. A synthetically replicated engine sound emanates from the front of the provides early warning to

This effect is further by the fact that the nature of the always reflects current load, engine speed and speed to ensure the vehicle pedestrians with the best auditory clues.

microMAX is a mobility concept with a approach. As is natural for Frank M. he has created a concept car filled such emotion and spiced a host of technical highlights even Swiss insurance Zürich has become involved. In of such potent partners, would be more logical to contemplate series production? No that dynamic Frank M. is toying with this in his capacity as a showcase for Swiss manufacturer C.F. Bucherer.

equipment modules, for example, for mail carriers or express services, make this in space extremely versatile. As the vendor of professional 3D visualizations in time, RTT has already made various versions tangible a proprietary app. Düsseldorf-based firm A.T.

Kearney has a corresponding manufacturing and marketing for the series production. These visions are communicated in easy-to-comprehend thanks to promotional support Vollmond advertising agency in the German state of Saarland.

Our have the floor:

AEZ — up whilst sitting down?

in a car is nothing new; neither is up in a vehicle. However, standing up in a car has so far been possible in vehicles of the lorry and minivan category if are equipped with the appropriate Making private transport efficient, environment friendly and at the same time, are challenges are constantly present themselves to us.

The between AEZ, who has provided its for the development of the microMAX, and Frank of the Swiss think tank was therefore a logical step.

design with maximal

The basic concept of the AEZ-design for the microMAX study derives two drive concepts, currently frequently discussed in the area of – the wheel hub motor on one hand and the located motor on the other. By the AEZMax, AEZ solved the well-known to catch two birds with one Developing a solution to cover the unit, mounted into the wheel, and how to facilitate natural for the cooling of the E-drive were the in case of the wheel hub motor. The openings guide the airflow to the casings thus achieving the cooling effect. In case of the located motor, the design the same since the cooling is used for the brakes here.

is key in both versions. Due to the open and style, the wheel appears and gives the vehicle a well-balanced, look.

Pleased with the cooperation, Norbert Frohner, Manager of AEZ Leichtmetallräder, says: The is an innovative wheel design maximal benefits. Since the in the middle section needed to very solid, the large have been three-dimensionally by protruding terraces, giving an impression of additional depth. The pin bores follow the line of the and draw the edges further the outside.

Matching the wheel, a hub cap in three-dimensional is also available.

The goal to short distance traffic in centres and to unify the aspects of and public use in a simple, easy and efficient way is definitely achieved by Rinderknecht and his concept car. The with new standing seats creating a new miracle of space is an invitation to everyone: hop on, hop off and enjoy the

A.T. Kearney

Management firm A.T. Kearney and M. Rinderknecht, founder and head of the company Rinspeed, have the MicroMAX study for series and developed sustainable business

Introducing the World of microMAX

2.0 and demographic revolutions are two key drivers tremendously challenge today’s and infrastructure, in and beyond the mega Growing customer demand for mobility services, ergonomic and integrated connectivity while a positive impact to higher responsibility require new mobility Yet prices should be affordable for corporate and individual customers. The range should be between € and 10,000 €, depending on the powertrain and says Götz Klink, Partner at A.T. Kearney.

product launches should be realizable: Series production can be in less than 30 months, an agile business model market proven modules and concepts says Steffen Principal.

Offering Mobility

The flexible vehicle family combined with attractive prices build the fundament for the value proposition pillars, the 4S:

Space: Easy entry, comfort and ergonomic mobile stations

— Speed: lanes, intelligent routing and its size allow quick

— Service: Real-time systems, high speed application suite, online e-pay

— Social Electric drive and paperless with mobile devices

of the 4S features can be adjusted to customized packages for B2B and B2C peers. Those e.g. routed public point-to-point commuting services, retailers, food / mail / delivery services, car / house on-campus shuttles and further

Taking the offering package of public transport as an example, a utilized and frequented bus route 15 static stops can be substituted by the application of the microMAX mobility Passengers can flexibly book rides on a fixed line and hop on and off demanded. After real-time is completed, the optimized route be defined for the selected microMAX During the ride, the passenger services which have selected in the ordering process the integrated online product

The offering package public route includes several for the customer:

Space: Three workspaces per cabin allow an hop-on and off at every corner

Up to 80% less scheduled stops cycle time and optimizes lane usage. Guided by an and flexible navigation system, saves of up to 30% travel time to public busses.

Service: payment options through Field Communication ensures speaking during on- and off boarding. microMAX can be booked for holding where teams can run conferences or calls without wasting

Social responsibility: Each reduces emissions to a minimum using maximum space on a mobility platform.

Flexible models

The ambitious goal to even at a sales volume of units per year and an annual net of 3%-4% can be achieved by its modular technique. By expanding the lifecycle and module use, a profit up to 8% is realizable explains Steffen

In addition, the low cost production leverages the modular plug-and-play concept. Volume expansions can be done by regional manufacturing using easy-to-build plants.

innovative and space-saving — F. Bucherer sponsors Rinspeed concept car.

This Carl F. Bucherer is backing exciting project from custom car specialists Rinspeed AG. The electric vehicle has a relatively footprint with loads of and was designed to revolutionize local and transport.

For over 35 years now M. Rinderknecht has been realizing his of building visionary cars combine innovation with status and sustainability. During time Rinspeed’s production of cars and limited series established the company’s solid The latest creation to leave its combines the amazing sensation of in a lounge with enormous just 370 cm (approx.

12′) it offers plenty of space for a three passengers and a baby or luggage. The vehicle is 220 cm (7’2) with comfortable, space-saving seats that are equipped safety belts and create a congenial atmosphere inside the Apart from a coffee and a fridge, the interior also has access for the mobile office or depending on the needs of the passengers.


Behind the unusual of the microMAX is another innovative above all, it is hoped the car will change our long-term to short-distance transport by cleverly together private and public use in travel. The idea is to encourage passengers to join the driver for the This would slash dioxide emissions and travel at a stroke while radically traffic congestion.

A choice of and extras make the microMAX adaptable, and it can be fitted out to meet the of, say, tradesmen who have to lots of equipment.

A shared

The concept cars developed by M. Rinderknecht continually redefine They are the work of a man who insists on his own way, come what Just like Carl F. in fact, the founder of the Lucerne-based company that bears his

Apart from this, the conceived mobility concept is compelling example of what when someone has the courage and to tread unbeaten paths – like the timepieces created by F. Bucherer.

But perhaps even important is the philosophy the two companies distilling sophisticated technologies, materials and unexpected forms products whose design to people far and wide.


Mobility / Mobilty of the future / Mobility.

Continental, founded in in 1871, can look back on a past. In more than a 130 of the company’s existence, it has brought the of the mobility-world to the street. This has encouraged and guided further development.

Today Continental, a turnover of more than 30 euros, is one of the world’s largest suppliers.

Individual mobility is to make the biggest leap since the invention of the automobile. their know-how, technology and Continental is best-prepared to make statements in the mega trends – environmental, information and reasonably-priced in the automotive branch. The company forward with mobility of the future under five tires and braking systems, and vehicle components, and instrument and solutions.

ALWAYS ON – the vision of Interior

In the Interior division, has packaged together all activities to information management for data in the preparation, prioritization and its presentation. The should have available the required and necessary information at all The Interior division has successfully the task and therefore made an important partner in these instrumentation, telematic-systems, tachographs and electronics.

Vehicle data – special applications

For the Rinspeed E-Car, Continental has, the brand name VDO, a simple to use touch-information terminal on Android technology. Together, an expert team for Android from the company Noser a new, configurable interface via Apps, was created suitable for Apps, well-known from phone applications, can be transferred to the whereby the focal point is the and display of all essential vehicle

Apart from the high and clarity of the information system, it was to Continental’s Swiss design and team to keep their Feel style of the VDO gauges.

ensures the right climate in the new from Rinspeed.

Individually short-distance traffic for fast and fewer traffic jams: The study from the Rinspeed shows how this might Passengers can get in and out in seconds thanks to a door, a height of over two and the vehicle’s distinctive upright To ensure the wellbeing of all occupants whatever the weather — on trips in this electric heating and air-conditioning specialist has equipped the van with an Airtronic heating unit, a powerful PTC and high-voltage split system air

The electrically powered microMAX very small dimensions generous space for occupants. requires specially designed which reliably ensures temperatures in the passenger compartment, scarcely impacting on the battery of this electric van. To these requirements, the Rinspeed makes use of a powerful air heater Eberspächer.

A special highlight of the E2 is that it heats 100% environmentally friendly bio-ethanol, and virtually independently from the battery. So, the range of the microMAX is slightly diminished, even the Airtronic is at full power.

it is turned on, the Airtronic extracts air the environment and quickly heats it to an temperature using a power of 2,200 W. Adjustable air nozzles in a design on the front and rear distribute the air evenly throughout the A further advantage of the Airtronic E2 is its output settings. These the temperature inside the van to be adapted ease, further reducing the air already low consumption.

Thus, in the low output setting, the heater consumes 0.16 litres of an hour, even in continuous

Individual warmth for every

With its upright seats, the is an unusual mode of transport, a personal area for each As well as the heating provided by the E2, each passenger footwell is with additional PTC (Positive Coefficient) heaters from This way, every can enjoy their own personal zone.

The electric heating are extremely compact, and each can adjust them individually to their own heating needs.

— Swiss made.

M. Rinderknecht used highly technology and a Swiss-based network of top specialists for his project microMAX.

For the consecutive time the Swiss engineering company Esoro has development partner of Rinspeed. has been responsible for the electrification, the and realization of the electromechanical components and the design and implementation of new technologies various project partners. In Esoro has been responsible for the implementation and assembly of the entire car the exterior and the interior.

Esoro has now 22 of experience as engineering partner for developments, concept vehicles and focused on lightweight construction, drivetrains and mobility. During time Esoro has gained a reputation for excellent efficiency and solutions, which is demonstrated by prototypes and serial products.

1990 Esoro has been intensively in the field of conception, and tests of clean car concepts and systems. Esoro is thus one of the few in the world with well-founded in development and operation of electric, and fuel cell drives. activities are our core competence.

therefore realizes EV projects in cooperation with well OEM’s starting with the conception and the prototype through to the project phase.

Esoro is developing fiber reinforced from initial conception up to samples. In-house specialists the component properties and characteristics the entire development process. steps are non-linear, orthotropic Element Analysis and crash

Another development from is the E-LFT production technology for Weber Automotive. E-LFT large scale production of and lightweight composite parts E-LFT composite parts more than 30 percent than comparable steel

For the development of the Smart fortwo which now has been produced times with the E-LFT Esoro received the highly JEC Innovation Automotive Award

Evonik — Transparency and — Automotive glazing of Plexiglas.

— Significant savings over glass

Durable and highly transparent

the creative industrial group Germany, is one of the world leaders in chemicals. Profitable growth and a increase in the value of the company the heart of Evonik’s corporate The Group’s activities focus on the key health, nutrition, resource and globalization.

Evonik’s Acrylic Business Line is the manufacturer of the plastic Plexiglas. With its compounds and semi-finished product it offers a broad portfolio for a of forward-looking applications. One of the most markets for Plexiglas is the automotive

Lightweight construction saves and is therefore kinder to the environment. this aspect is important for with conventional powertrains, is even more crucial for the market for electric vehicles.

is why Plexiglas glazing is so important at Plexiglas glazing is 40 to 50 percent than conventional glass; was one of the decisive points for the developers of the vehicle Rinspeed Micromax. transparency and unsurpassed weathering are further convincing properties.

The are immediately obvious. Weight apart, the excellent transparency of as well as its very high resistance, pleasant acoustic and outstanding formability, among features, open up entirely new possibilities not offered by conventional

To cover the entire range of for automotive construction, Evonik is two lines of development: monolithic and systems based on Plexiglas. sheets in various thicknesses already received ECE R 43 certification for and rear windows, and roof Plexiglas glazing is tested real-life conditions in a Lotus car running on a race track. car has been equipped with a and side windows made the highly transparent, weather-resistant, and material.

Plexiglas glazing has used for a few years now and has passed the of many races with colors.

And Plexiglas developers are thinking ahead. IR-reflecting and photovoltaic cells integrated vehicle roofs, for example, are a reality. Functional integration is the key and the possibilities here are far from

Evonik Industries is a worldwide of PMMA products sold the Plexiglas trademark on the European, African and Australian continents and the trademark ACRYLITE® in the Americas.


For three decades Gaugler Lutz oHG having its seat in Aalen-Ebnat has been a for its pioneering work in the field of and sandwich construction’. Individual for the wind energy industry, industry, road and rail or aerospace engineering and much have given the innovative company a renown reputation. high demands on products and Gaugler Lutz oHG attaches importance to top-quality materials.

lighter!’ — Rinspeed CEO M Rinderknecht took this Lutz slogan to heart in the of the Conceptcar when developing the new integrating the novel thermoplastic-based ‘Multishape’ production technology of the company. Lightweight design has indispensable in the automotive industry a period of years, first and in motor racing and development of 1 racing. The use of lightweight constructions by forward-looking electro mobility become one of the most important also in this field. to minimized weight, lightweight reduces vehicular CO² emissions and consumption, too. Thinking of the is top priority here.

The credo is: The the ‘microMax’, the longer the route As a result, things will to go lighter in future and this Lutz can realize with its new ‘Multishape’ technology.

‘Multishape’ is a manufacturing process originating the thermoforming industry and showing a plant technology respectively. materials are being heated up and in a pressing tool. They their initial stiffness cooling. In a ‘one-shot process’, fiber reinforced composites. termed as organic sheets, are into enormously stiff in sandwich design using foam core material in a short cycle time.

fiber-reinforced sheets can contain matrix systems such as PA6 or PP. core material such as or PMI-foams have primarily as perfectly suitable materials a very good bonding to the sheets.

Contours such as the or the rear tray of the ‘microMax’ can be using this technology. The advantage besides the light and sandwich structures is the possibility to cost-optimized components in large and, above all, at cycle times. A future-oriented technology that surely not only be well received in the application.


The Grace introduced in 2009, was not just the e-motorbike worldwide, but also the chapter of an action-packed story, by great media interest. The class supplier Nicolai, who in high-quality mountain bike and Mifa AG, one of the biggest bike-manufacturers of have become partners. this concept of individualism is not of interest to geeks, is demonstrated by the with Daimler-Benz/Smart.

Grace One

Strength, speed, and design. It’s no coincidence Race is a part of Grace. watts accelerate the first e-motorbike to 45 km/h. You control the with the electric throttle It’s still up to you whether you to step on the pedals: you don’t to… Your RFID card all of the important information at a glance.

The display offers excellent The controller is a smart unit specifically for Grace. There’s no battery-pack to ruin the aesthetic the energy of a sports car lies in spacious aluminum tubes.

Two headlamps ensure that vision will be optimal and the ONE its unmistakable appearance.

Grace MX

the fun on other bikes stops, just getting started Grace MX. As the first hybrid in series production worldwide, it the Gates carbon drive, the 360 hub and the powerful Bosch mid-motor, accelerates the bike up to 45 km/h. The provides full protection for the which are located in the lower of the frame. The motor with a of 50 Newton meters and a range of up to 145 is rotated to an angle of 45 degrees, optimal ground clearance and in the terrain.

The drive technology of the hub smoothly, maintenance-free and seamlessly the turn of a handle – an automatic transmission means you are always the best gear ratio.


Its agility and pace the Grace Easy perfect in the jungle — with of up to 41 km/h. The energy recovered braking is transferred back to the through the process of recuperation. The design, which conceals the battery in the lightweight aluminum exudes self-assurance.

A Gates Drive guarantees a maximum of performance and durability. BionX is the manufacturer who has integrated a rear motor with a hub gear for optimal handling and low-maintenance.

AG built up the Ducati brand in until 2011. Now entering a new they present powerful vehicles with the highest of design and performance under the Blue Road. A highly and young team is passionate developing urban mobility for both individuals and companies.

The von Grace-bikes are an integral part of range, as well as the Swiss BO4 and the Cargo 3-Wheeler from

Harman — The urbanSWARM Concept — Vision of a mobility solution for 2020.

In its visionary urbanSWARM Community that makes consistent use of intelligence, Harman is facilitating an mobile society in urban With its Harman Cloud (HCP) and Aha™, its connectivity and the breadth of its innovative display as well as its vast experience in intuitive HMI systems, Harman has all necessary technologies covered. The is brought ingeniously to life in the microMAX.

It offers maximum capacity in minimum space thanks to its innovative standing allows rapid transfer vehicles.

The vision combines the advantages of public and individual taxis, car sharing and car pooling while avoiding their downsides entirely. All cars with the groundbreaking System in real-time via the Harman Cloud All information necessary for quick, and needs-based use is available at any time and can be by the community either inside the car – or via mobile device.

Community have only to enter preferred destination; the Harman does the rest. And because it has all the about the swarm’s destinations and routes, speed and capacity, the can calculate possible rideshare and necessary vehicle changes in This creates a highly flexible and environmentally friendly system with an exceptionally transport capacity without the for long wait times, planning or detours. And thanks to the gathered from the swarm, and the vehicles are not bound by fixed routes or stops, the system can choose the quickest routes

Comprehensive real-time analysis of the information in the Harman Cloud allow a number of other features: urbanSwarm cars for example scan their continuously for free parking suitable for the compact microMax, and this information with swarm participants in real-time.

The can enjoy significant benefits as – while others are facing rising costs for their needs, microMAX drivers them with their And, in contrast to buses, or the train, the vehicle can be individually to the passengers’ needs. A quick via NFC enabled cell phone at the seat is all it takes for passengers to their personal information, individual music or film through emails to their own at work – all content is readily on the pre-installed tablets and can be used

The Harman Infotainment System’s control in the microMAX is a rear touch screen with HD capability and LTE connectivity. At 19in it is larger than any in-car screen on the market. Its top third is for community functions, while the is available for navigation and information on the

In the community area, the driver can easily between different and confirm their requests. In they receive information on point of entry, the pick-up and the estimated arrival-time at their destination via mobile device.

the Reality Street View driver and passengers can also in to the front-end cameras of other vehicles. This allows for example, to check the reason for delays with their own But if they wish to travel in private, every microMAX can simply switch into the mode, nevertheless continuing to from the swarm intelligence.

and passengers can even choose to a wake-up call from the Cloud. The system takes consideration the real-time traffic available through the swarm, time for breakfast and the morning and then calculates an appropriate call through the microMAX app on or tablet. This way, will always be on time and simply have to step their house just in as their own private urban arrives.

The HMI concept provided by is perfectly integrated into the and makes full use of the car’s elements like the oversized Harman makes maneuvering always safe and easy a clear advantage of fully solutions that apps on devices are unable to provide.

As far as the idea might seem, the Community Concept could reduce rush-hour traffic in areas. In the long run, the to autonomous vehicles could the system’s efficiency even Harman will continue to its vision of a safe, easy-to-operate, and environmentally friendly vehicle for

Hornschuch — Interior by the surface specialist — values.

With the microMAX, and Frank M. Rinderknecht are continuing successful cooperation. For the fourth the specialists from Weissbach beautified a Rinspeed Concept Car their know-how, but the scope and of the cooperation have reached a new in 2013. A revolutionary vehicle an innovative interior concept.

The goal was to create a comfortable atmosphere with high-quality and subdued, light colors. was included in the planning at an early The interior concept was created on the trend book called + Product Experience 2013: the and materials, which define the and feel, were designed by of the Hornschuch Design Center and the area Transportation and Interior in cooperation with Frank M.

Hornschuch customer Interstuhl the standing seats, custom based on the Silver model, the icon among design chairs. The seat elements upholstered with skai Stars in three tone-in-tone, metallic colors. A somewhat tone of synthetics decorates the of the side panels, the lower and the seat supports.

The trendy design was also used on the creating a high-quality impression. The the door panels and shelves the rear seats are decorated the extraordinary skai Soshagro EN, stands apart from materials due to its exotic manta ray and its two-tone coloring.

The floor is characterized by a colorful accent: Saristano with its very leather look in the trendy choco. The floor itself is a new development. Its surface is decorated by a TPO of the latest generation, which markets under the name skin, in the sophisticated wood Nocce Dijon. The green is emission-optimized and contributes to the lightweight concept of the Rinspeed microMAX its light weight.

For the substrate too, Hornschuch the perfect solution together the floor specialists of MeisterWerke: compressed cork, which excellent insulation and very sound protection.

All of the materials combine to create the desired lounge character, which in bold contrast to the furnishings of vehicles of short-range public But Hornschuch is also present on the the sides are decorated with a d-c-fix design film, shows the microMAX as an ecological, vehicle in a network of streets. The design of the digitally printed was created, just like the itself, by Hornschuch. skai which was used in the interior, is again around the license in the color forest. Nine materials from Hornschuch are in the microMAX, more than before.

Here, Hornschuch again demonstrates its design and innovative leadership. In the interior and beyond.

KRD Sicherheitstechnik — like glass — better!

Good ideas are beautiful people: they even more when in the proper clothes. That’s why the is of such importance for visionary concepts such as the Rinspeed If black, transparent or any other of the rainbow: painted surfaces give the impression of quality and emotions.

Hold on: transparent? Because the Rinspeed microMax tremendously practical windows of PMMA plastic to our roads.

moulded into nearly any and all the while much lighter glass — what could a designer want? But is one disadvantage to these plastic straight out of production, in most they are too soft and not abrasion-resistant, a bit of wind-borne sand would be to blur your view.

you reach into your bag of — and come up with high-end coatings that take care of the abrasion A crystal-clear coating, only a few thick, flexible but hard as no science fiction any more for KRD GmbH in Geesthacht, who have taken on board as consultants by M. Rinderknecht for the development of the microMax. The of this well-known coating in the North of Germany possess of experience in coating of plastic And they have the proper partly developed in their own based on siloxanes, thus on that are closely related to the properties of glass.

Abrasion-resistant and for all challenges in viscosity and flowability.

started in the eighties, states Brammer, daughter of the company’s and today’s Manager of the KRD group of It was then we found a way to protect the windows of police vehicles vandalism. But for a couple of years now we also been contacted by designers to help them their visions in the proper

Especially because coating of surfaces without the proper can result in a number of things wrong. Exact work down to the last detail is says Korinna Brammer. If the does not run off as planned, if it dries too fast or too slow, this results in streaks. When colored coatings or even gradients, a tenth of a second can a difference in flow behavior or intensity.

Often being specimens show car windows do this challenge even exciting for us — we have to at first try!

But there’s to Kasi coatings and coated Kasiglas plastic sheets just good looks: as for example repelling Graffiti or Infrared light if required. For the Rinspeed has concentrated on the essential: and transparent without streaks It does not always have to be the gown…

Linde Material — Engineered for your

Linde Material Handling (Linde MH), a company in the Group, is one of the world’s leading of forklift trucks and warehouse de-vices and is the market leader in The company also offers its which it has gained from decades of developing and producing drive systems, to external for a wide range of applications. As an active company, Linde MH a staff of 13,800 and operates and assembly plants in all key regions in addition to running a global and service network.

In the industrial sector, Linde MH has been benchmarks as a leading innovator and provider for over 50 years. The unveiled its first electric back in 1971 at the Hannover Trade Fair. Since it has built around 3.5 million drives for mobile working

Among the company’s range of are electric motors with ranging from 1 to 35 kW, as well as drive systems.

The experience Linde MH has gained in developing drive systems for industrial over the last 40 years can be transferred to other fields of The New Business and Products division has this achievement with a of impressive examples: Electrical technology from Linde MH can be in an electrical rail trolley for engineering and a light-duty truck, other products. The Linde E1 cart, which can go from 0 to 100 in 3.45 seconds, and thus set the record in 2011, is based on components.

Karabag GmbH, a manufacturer based in Hamburg has even puts its trust in technology from Linde MH the New 500 E, an electric vehicle based on the 500. The New 500 E can accelerate to a maximum of 105 km/h and can go from 0 to 50 km/h in 8.5 With a range of 100 km, the New 500 E is the ideal car.

The total costs per are also over 50 euro than with a Fiat 500 vehicle fitted with a engine.

The same drive which is based on components in the E35 truck, is also built the MicroMax. The electric motor, boasts a peak output of 28 kW, the module with air cooling and the 1 controller all stem from MH series production. The central system with main charging circuit and DC/DC has already proved its worth in the

By involving itself with mobility concept, Linde MH is to the future and providing a further to show that, even the company is in a position to deliver efficient and high-performance electronic systems for all manner of applications.

Engineering — Automotive and Telemetry — We know

Swiss based Noser AG known for its high quality, software engineering solutions and contribution to the Android platform, Continental Automotive Switzerland AG to a range of Android based instrumentation which provides data and a contexual driving for the new microMAX ‘car-to-go-with-the-app’ concept Rinspeed.

With years of in embedded and mobile solutions, the collaboration with Google in the of Android, the recent implementation of the AMG Media in collaboration with AMG and a standing relationship with Automotive Switzerland, Rinspeed’s new car-to-go-with-the-app’ concept gave us the to demonstrate our expertise to automobile and suppliers.

Noser Engineering the software for the interactive cluster of the microMAX. This element is to provide added value to the through specifically fitted displays with intuitive controls. The Android based is fully configurable and expandable.

input sources and formats are and the presentation of any kind of input (CAN bus, USB, touch events, general can easily be adapted to the customers’ via a simple configuration language. The is aware of the state of the vehicle driving, etc.) which can be to offer contexual information. The mechanism is also used to the driver, for example, when is running low.

Recently, luxury sports car manufacturer commissioned Noser Engineering to AMG Performance Media APM, the first production-ready Android automotive infotainment system. APM the driver and passengers multimedia, and telematics data on display. The feature allows the driver, driving around a race to measure lap and sector times as as record vehicle data for evaluation.

The analysis allows the correlation of steering angle, position, brake pressure, and lateral acceleration etc. the position of the vehicle on the track, and helps the driver maximize the pleasure with the AMG.

The whole project took than 2 years, from the evaluation of an early generation of to the stamp of approval by Daimler’s assurance. said Daniel Head of Automotive, Noser AG. In close cooperation, the project was in an agile way by progressively implementing the based on customer feedback and This made it possible for AMG to the course of the project significantly, causing delay.

Noser helps customers within the industry and other sectors projects successfully, develop more efficiently and accelerate -market. Noser Engineering’s approach draws upon and experience from a range of areas, including Android™, Phone 7/8, iOS, NET, Testing and Application Management.

RTT provides creative concept for Rinspeed — The microMAX experience.

Sharing passion to bring constant innovation to the automotive industry, RTT has an interactive approach for the Geneva Salon booth. This visitors individual access to the about the microMAX concept are looking for.

The interactive shows a concept sketch of the that is tracked by a smartphone or to show additional visuals and To achieve this, real of the vehicles are overlaid with 3D and concept sketches of the different use Through the integrated app the user can between different utility such as the London cab version or an shuttle.

The concept for the app and the interactive was developed by RTT and INSTNT.

As a strategic and forward thinker, RTT establishes new to product development and marketing from individual solutions all the way to fully integrated process RTT understands 3D visualization not only as a but as the medium for a new era of interdisciplinary, innovative communication through creativity, software, and consulting.

Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars

RTT is an integrated of solutions and applies 3D visualization as a key enabling companies to make the decisions and to promote products reducing time to market Right from the early and development stages, 3D visualizations our clients to present photo-realistic and to place them in an evocative before the product is on the market.

the 3D data set, a wide of marketing and sales tools can be produced: product images, brochures, interactive event websites, training materials and more. There is no limit to

RTT is headquartered in Munich with in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles, Detroit, Sao Shanghai and Tokyo. INSTNT interactive digital concepts and is in Munich. Selected automotive Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, General Honda, Jaguar Land Lamborghini, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo.

RWE charging solutions for environmentally mobility.

Electromobility is often simply as a change in technology. it is also part of a value demonstrating the trend towards sustainable travelling in the future. RWE has the technologies and products to align with this change. RWE is a of smart charging infrastructure and IT and offers intelligent eMobility for cities, vehicle fleets and users of electric vehicles.

It one of Europe’s largest networks of and private charging stations 2,150 smart charging for electric vehicles.

Successful projects

RWE has acquired extensive know-how in metropolitan projects were successfully carried out in and Amsterdam.

Berlin was one of the first where RWE ran pilot programmes several leading automobile The city has the highest rate of vehicles in Germany, the biggest of public charging infrastructure, and is the biggest test field for in the country.

The city of Amsterdam that between now and 2015, the of electric vehicles on its streets rise to 10,000. One thousand new points are to be installed in public over the next few years. the city achieve this target is the Dutch energy Essent, owned by RWE.

has so far installed more than 200 new points in Amsterdam.

With an winning eMobility strategy

RWE Effizienz was awarded the European Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Leadership Award by Frost According to the Best Practices Report from Frost RWE Effizienz is the only company in to manufacture various types of station in-house, to install stations in both public and spaces and operate them a custom software solution as as supply them with

RWE Effizienz: who we are.

RWE Effizienz is a service provider for energy-efficient and a subsidiary of RWE Deutschland. The company its customers in saving costs and the environment. From e-mobility distributed energy generation up to the SmartHome home automation and the provision of energy consulting – RWE is an expert in everything related to efficiency, setting new product by implementing innovative approaches.

By information and education, the company is to increase public awareness of efficiency.

Strähle+Hess — Luxury and Quality in Cars We deliver the details.

Founded in Strähle+Hess began as a traditional of knitted fabrics and has developed a supplier of specialized, technical for the automotive industry.

It now has approximately 200 in Althengstett, Bisingen and at its branch in the USA, all focused on using experience and know-how to create The company’s product portfolio has further expanded through the of the subsidiary Strähle+Hess Wirktechnik Co. KG in Bisingen (formerly STING) at the end of

Based on current trend Strähle+Hess today develops textile-based surface décors for its in the context of holistic material and concepts. The processed textiles completely novel applications in interiors.

In the Solutions operating we implement developments in noise tolerance compensation and seat systems as well as customized Strähle+Hess’s customers include all of the car manufacturers.


A new kind of demands new ideas for the interior, do justice to the versatility and the tremendous of space inherent in the microMAX.

The of the 4-wheeled friend microMAX, has ample room for each of the 4 plus prams, buggies or trolleys, speak for themselves. To the MicroMAX with the accompanying factor and lounge atmosphere a very special interior.

product developers have developed a special textile meets the highest demands. It is a light, versatile material a high-quality appearance. The textile’s weight contributes to keeping the light, which in turn to extend the electric vehicle’s

The two-sided material features an coating, which not only its technical character, but which has an effect. For example, it reflects of light thereby avoiding build-up in the interior space in the winter, keeping the warmth the car. The aluminum yarns a reflective effect and can thus the space appear bigger.

The impresses by being crisp and but nevertheless does not seem but warm and cozy.

The direction of the textile can be changed depending on the feeling of space — one of the material has a twill optic, the side a melange optic. on the direction of the lines a greater of space can be created across the the length or the height of the fitted-out

With suitable illumination, the of the material allows the mood of the interior to change — from a homely atmosphere to a ambience.

The possibility of using the and piping as modules ensures soiled or worn parts can be using a click system. is particularly advantageous when is used commercially.

We are delighted Strähle+Hess’s new developments can help to MicroMAX what it is: your your bus — your

TRW — Innovative Safety Start with Buckling Up.

upright seats and the foreseen distance urban usage adaption of the vehicle safety TRW has developed together with a completely new safety belt for the microMAX vehicle. Seatbelt and tongue have been and replaced by a webbing catcher, allows semi-automatic buckling up and

This handling advantage an additional comfort feature can demonstrate its benefits especially in distance commuter vehicles to microMAX occupants their safety system.

The webbing catcher combines the known, mature restraint of modern safety belts a not yet known comfort for buckling up and The simplified usage can further belt usage rates for distance rides and in small buses.

TRW Automotive, headquartered in Michigan, USA, is among the largest automotive suppliers and one of the top performers in the industry. With sales of $16.2 billion TRW has 60,000 employees working in than 185 locations in 26 countries

TRW’s key products include:

Access and Security Electronics

Braking Systems

— Assist Systems

— Fasteners

— Safety

— Steering Suspension

— Body Control

— Commercial Steering

— Engine Components

Inflatable Restraint Systems

Seat Belt Systems

Steering Wheel Systems

TRW the term ‘Cognitive Safety to describe how the company is raising the of vehicle safety systems. Safety Systems can be defined in key areas:

Advanced Thinking:

to protect people: Our sensor, driver assistance and integrated are raising the intelligence of vehicles.


Smart thinking is all value: TRW is delivering enhanced to make safety affordable for all whether that’s through integration or cost optimization.


Improved fuel and reduced emissions are global Beyond powertrain, TRW offers a of technologies to meet these

Thuringian Center of Innovation in

The Thuringian Center of Innovation in (ThIMo) at the TU Ilmenau is beginning its cooperation with the renowned enterprise Rinspeed, which in innovative concepts of mobility.

The Center of Innovation in Mobility such research solutions for up and supporting the change to sustainable

It plans and designs cutting-edge and provides research services in the areas:

— Electromobility

Enhanced Internal Combustion

— Powertrain

— Technology

For participating in the visionary miracle microMAX, the scientific of the departments plastics engineering, engineering and industrial engineering of renowned Thuringian university included.

Electric mobility lightweight design – this key of ThIMo was consistently put into use in the The specific properties of plastic composites — high combined with low weight were used purposefully. the special suitability for structural design, these materials perfectly fit the interior parts

Individualized solutions require production technologies — prototyping is suitable for that. future technology allows the transformation of the developed design of the housing into a finished

Modularity in the automobile enables in variants — in lively with Frank M. Rinderknecht, new for adaptable solutions for a seat were generated. The result of the is an attachable child seat.

By of common scientific interests and creative ideas for future concepts, an excellent basis for a commitment between the Ilmenau of Technology and Rinspeed has been

Vollmond Advertising Agency

Full Service, Creativity Efficiency:

As a full-service partner, the Advertising Agency has been promotional communication solutions in the and non-print area since We are proud of supporting Rinspeed in the of brand communication as well as and online media.

Opinions are designs are varying. Only one remains the same — Vollmond inspires and unites with companies.

We are convinced success is measurable and we want to all our customers for being able to this every day.

provides safe and honest planning and implementation. Thanks to and international experience, we demonstrate our in the areas of advertising, marketing, search engine optimization and over and over again by in a loyal and reliable manner.

our customers are renowned representatives of economic sectors. We do not distinguish by the of the budget, but we are happy about new challenge, about our customers’ and the good feeling of having something. In dealing with our we rely on the human touch, and reliability.

This ensures a process flow and provides results.

In other words: of us spares no effort to perform than you expect — day day. Take us at our word.

— The Think Tank for Society and Life Sciences.

is an independent think tank in which engages with developments in trade and industry, and the life sciences. Its aims are to critically our established ways of at things, to identify and clarify trends, and to develop new concepts and for the future. Based on an interdisciplinary to research, W.I.R.E. acts as a for the exchange of ideas and information the worlds of academic theory and applications.

It also provides a platform for players and thinkers diverse spheres of activity and

Along with sponsorship Bank Sarasin, the Collegium of the ETH (Federal Technical University in and the University of Zurich, W.I.R.E. the support of an international board of pioneering thinkers and decision

Zurich Insurance — communities of safer drivers.

At we’re constantly looking at our changing needs and preferences, around technology and the environment. why we’re one of the only insurers to innovative products and services in areas, such as our new ride-sharing app RideShare’.

Zurich RideShare to connect people with mobility needs. After vehicle owners can enter planned trips into the app to others a ride. People in a ride can search the trips entered or request a ride by their own information.

Drivers and whose journeys match can get in touch with each through the app to make the necessary

Profiles, feedback and ratings Zurich RideShare will community members to identify and riders who meet their At the end of a journey riders can rate on their perceived sense of — creating a risk for the driver that future can view. Each driver’s also includes details of vehicle, so potential riders can conclusions on security, comfort and impact.

The rating system also incentivize safer as it enables the community to build and a picture of each user in a way to the review mechanisms in place on and Ebay. This will trust and credibility among and encourage people to try it out.

It also bring a variety of to the Zurich Insurance customers as the created by the Zurich RideShare can lead to an insurance premium on the way they drive. Through RideShare, demonstrating safe can be rewarded with lower car premiums and other incentives. The app also have benefits for our in the form of greater retention and of customers, cross-selling opportunities, and a new channel for simple insurance covering other risks of car

Tilman Hengevoss, Zurich’s of Customer Experience Segment GI Marketing, is confident that the app has a lot to We believe the concept of ‘intelligent has many benefits to customers and By encouraging car-pooling we believe RideShare will cut traffic reducing the chances of an accident and the environment.

As we continue to build products and services that the way in mobility, we remain excited working closely with Rinderknecht and Rinspeed. We seek to with partners that are the way in innovation and helping us to understand our future opportunities and risks.

Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars
Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars
Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars


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