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A look at the robustly competitive to dominate the market for electric the larger-than-life moguls behind and the changes that are transforming the industry

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5.0 out of 5 Excellent! All you need to know the rebirth of the plug-in electric car 10, 2011

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The is well-written, in the typical NYT journalistic and very comprehensive. Mr. Motavalli to chronicle in a short book the of plug-in electric cars and the state-of-the-art of the industry as of mid 2011.

As the introduction explains, PEVs all-electric cars (EVs or and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), but not the gasoline-electric hybrids, such as the which do not plug-in.

The book was well-researched, with a lot of primary as many key players were just for the book, and of course, Mr. ample experience as a green car bringing along all his behind-the-wheels drive experience with all the plug-in electric cars in the world today. The book all relevant aspects regarding advantages, disadvantages, barriers to adoption, the key role of EV battery the deployment of charging infrastructure, charging standards, battery you name, every aspect is There is an entire chapter to Motavalli’s test drives of PEVs, which includes his with the Chevy Volt, Leaf, Tesla Model S, City, Aptera 2e and the Toyota FCHV.

By the way, electric vans and are out of the scope of the book.

The book is for a wide audience, not just the adopters, techies and green car Actually, regular consumers an interest in PEVs will this book quite a to help them decide now is the right time to go electric or I believe it would have helpful for the layman to include pictures, at least of the most PEVs, such as the Volt and

My other quibbles about the have to do with its bias the American market. Despite all PEVs from the big players and with the exception of China, the is mostly focused around PEVs already available or for the U.S. market. Surprisingly is almost nothing about the i-MiEV (renamed Mitsubishi i for the version). launched more a year before the Nissan and actually, sharing the leadership in sales of electric cars as of 2011. The i-MiEV is only a couple of times in the context of charging standards. The REVAi (or is also missing, despite sold a few thousand units 2001.

And the Japanese market is covered in terms of its charging and charging standards, despite the world leadership with the in terms of PEV sales. Also, the has a very interesting chapter the potential of Iceland to become the 100% electric transportation but surprisingly there is nothing Norway, despite being the with the most PEVs per in the world. It would have interesting to learn some from the Norwegians, who are ahead of the of the world.

The last chapter presents the vision of commuting in 2030, a creative scenario indeed, but Mr. closes the book with a to earth view of what he is likely to happen next, and his Ten Likely to Succeed list is I agree with most of the in the list, and also share the author his educated guess the chance of survival is higher for the Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and the Plug-in, but not for the Ford Focus which has a base price than the Leaf and the same as the (to be fair, pricing of the Prius and the Focus EV was not available when the was finished). I believe that is the most important factor for the adoption of plug-in hybrids and cars, therefore today’s with respect to gasoline-powered will have to shrink for PEVs to become affordable and the premium has to be paid back in a few just like conventional today.

Electric Cars

And finally, just as Jim Motavalli for in the book, if I had the $41,000 to spare on a I’d spend it on the Volt, a technological marvel and a game-changer.

that all-electric range and the of the battery packs are the two deal for mass adoption of PEVs, I an excellent complementary reading the present and future of battery Seth Fletcher’s Bottled Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Economy. Also do not miss the Revenge of the Electric Car. released to the public. And for those who want to know more the Volt’s development and innovative do not miss Chevrolet Volt: into the Future .

* Final note only for the edition:

I read the Kindle which comes with hyperlinks to the web for many of the endnotes for chapter, so frequently I went and forth between the web and the book to out further info. A very feature indeed. Nevertheless, I a complaint for Amazon because in this back and forth at point the Whispersync software track of the real last showing the endnotes as my last

This bug was really annoying I often switch the reading my iPad and my iPod, so I had to synchronize the manually with go to.

I think it is time that Amazon a feature to allow the user the `Furthest Page Read.’. I like to peek the final or check something ahead of the (just as you do in a regular book), or do a word search. Nowadays I to refrain from doing so to sure I do not lose my last location.

Or, is this a particular problem the book’s Kindle version I

PS: I google for a solution. It seems expect you to email costumer to reset the last location. a lousy solution. The Kindle allow it to do it yourself. Read ›

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