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Anti-technology activists … the electric car

One of the perennial questions on every environmentalist’s mind is: Who … the electric car? The consensus is that big oil … it through its political connections in Washington DC.

Apparently Americans could’ve voted for Ralph Nader, but for the fact that evil oil companies are running the show. And you just know they’re evil because they’re really, really BIG. And just never you mind that government rakes in an order of magnitude more money for every gallon of gas you buy than oil companies do.

The oil industry is dirty and greedy, and will do anything to make sure we’re forced to keep using its product!

Of course the reason Nader won’t ever get into power might just be because he’s a tad batty. Any citizen who passed Grade 12 civic studies knows he couldn’t possibly run the White House, let alone the country. But hey, that’s just me and I’m probably in the pocket of Big Oil just for saying so.

Whatever one’s politics might be, surely everyone can agree that it wasn’t the nuclear, hydro-electric, or hydrogen fuel-cell industries that … the electric car. In fact these corporate players — just as greedy and BIG as any oil baron — will all tell you that if everyone went home tonight and plugged in electric cars, our power grid would crash!

As such, we have three choices before we can pile the kids and groceries into little electric boxes on wheels. We can burn more fossil fuels, mainly coal, to meet electrical demand, which will only serve to defeat environmentalists’ goals; we can hurry up on improving hydrogen fuel-cell technology; or we can go nuclear.

Isn’t France already three quarters nuclear?

Environmentalists are for the most part a well-meaning bunch. Even Al Gore, although unfettered by the most basic of scientific considerations, is probably motivated by some sort of a genuine desire to help humanity every morning when he climbs out of his heated indoor pool. We can all learn from environmentalists’ messages of genuine concern.

But being right on moral/ethical grounds doesn’t relieve one from recognizing the limitations of technology. There is no energy panacea, only tough choices. Oil contributes to pollution, and even if you’re not concerned with CO2 emissions, it is nonetheless a finite resource with unavoidable and unsavory political ramifications that result in the funding of some of our worst enemies, unless we can find alternatives.

Wind, tidal and solar power are perhaps worth pursuing. But they’ll never provide us with the energy we need, even if we’re all willing to live much more austere lifestyles. Fracking is fraught with controversy, and in any case provides only local regions with benefits at present thanks to a lack of a nationwide gas-distribution infrastructure.

And that leaves us with the greatest bugbear the environmentalists ever joined hands to protest: nuclear energy.

It has drawbacks, sure, in the form of radioactive waste. But if we’ve already decided that both the waste and political fallout from oil is undesirable, then we really have no choice but to go the route the French have gone. And we’d better start now.

Candidate-for-President George Bush promised to speed up the approval process for nuclear power plants in America. Not one was approved during his 8 years in power. Candidate-for-President Barack Obama made similar promises, but investors pulled out when the best interest rate President Obama could guarantee was tantamount to the interest you might expect to pay on a credit-card!

So. when will we see electric cars parked in every driveway? When there’s at least one modern nuclear power plant in every state in America. That’s when.

Which raises the question, if big oil money is really pulling the levers of government and preventing us from going electric and saving the planet, where the heck is the big hydro and big nuclear money when you need it?

Mia electric Electric Cars
Mia electric Electric Cars

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