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Thread: Cadillac ELR (Converj)

Posted by Blastphemy

Here’s an example of how poorly Cadillac at justifying the price of the ELR:

the reviewer asks Chris (the ELR’s chief why the car has a base price of $75k, answers, It’s an all-in vehicle, so the base vehicle has lighting — headlamps and As far as the cut sow interior — the leather, the materials — that’s on this car; it’s on others. So there you have it: GM the ELR is worth $75k because it has LED leather, and wood. Amazing. (As if no $75k car has LED lights and leather!)

No of any real expensive features below), nor any explanation how this is one of the few cars to arrive nearly from the futuristic design at the auto shows, nor any attempt to the premise of the question by demonstrating how the ELR up to comparable $75k ICE cars having many of the same features PLUS electric PLUS an amazing aesthetic PLUS an even quieter

Why are engineers riding around reviewers instead of marketing Absolutely incredible. If Tesla can a $100k car with limited and few luxury features, why can’t sell a $75k car with range and a plethora of luxury


Every single on this and other forums who the ELR as being an overpriced Volt and of money compared to the Model S has right to feel that way GM doesn’t seem to know how to the most basic of messages the value inherent in this

Why is it so difficult for Cadillac to express why the ELR just a rebadged Volt and has advantages over the Model S certain discerning buyers appreciate more? For example, a list of everything I could of in the ELR that you can’t get on a Chevy

Regen Paddles Full-speed-range Cruise Control Side Zone Alert Lane Warning Forward Collision Rear Cross-Traffic Alert high-end Bose 10-speaker system LED headlamps, daytime lamps, and taillamps Interior lighting Luxury front with 20 separate available accented leather incorporating microfiber, chrome, wood, and fiber finishes key fob tied to the seat mirror memory C.U.E. Infotainment system Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS Eco tires that provide traction fully recalibrated and software for powertrain control premium ZF electric power system front HiPer suspension rear compound-crank Watt s link suspension continuous damping control 7.8 from 0-60 in Extended (ER) mode superior from 50-80 in EV mode even faster in ER mode) an reverse camera acoustically windshield thicker front-door liquid-applied sound deadener to the floor pan, trunk and triple-sealed doors with perimeter water deflectors sound-absorbing dash mat and carpet acoustic foam baffles body cavities and in between and outer quarter panels an front suspension cradle hydraulic powertrain mounts to road and engine vibration active noise cancellation Power button moved far from the Drive Mode Improved steering wheel Heated steering wheel One of the distinctive, sexy exteriors of any car its price range And, of a powered cup holder cover!

That is why the ELR is twice as expensive as a If you go drive a Volt then an ELR, you’ll see it’s not the same car. I’m not that much (if any) of the is groundbreaking since most of it is on other GM cars; but if people are to pay $40k for a fully-loaded 2014 then adding everything to that at least brings one to accepting an $80k ELR that, current lease incentives, costs about $800/mo to an $80k Lexus LS460 costs $1,200/mo as of last according to my coworker who was considering

Granted, the ELR’s EV range is 1 than the 2013/14 Volt; the seat has less headroom so rear passengers need to be back seat access is difficult due to having only two doors instead of four sedan doors; the lack of a decreases the storage space and of the trunk; the EV-mode 0-60 time is identical to the Volt; and the 0.305 coefficient of drag is slightly worst than the 0.28 (neither of which are as as Tesla’s 0.24). Those bothered me at first, but now that driven the car for a month, I don’t think about them I’m so busy enjoying else!

Now, I realize this is a forum, and that this ELR was not created to extol the benefits of the ELR the Model S, but it’s very that some people the forum are just spouting uninformed nonsense because it them feel better the $70

120k they dropped on the S. Believe me: I get it — we have a in for a Model X, and I’m quite I’ll be needing some validation after dropping kind of change on a car when I buy a house for it! But if you take the time to drive an ELR, you’ll see it’s does have distinct advantages over the S (and huge advantages the Volt) if you can just get over the that the ELR can’t accelerate as as or hold as many passengers as a S.

I wonder if the people complaining the ELR being a coupe also about the $109k+ Tesla only having two seats two fewer than the ELR)? the ELR to the Roadster and, aside acceleration, think of how much you get for $30k less! Of course, if all you is a 100% electric car, I guess you would have $30k more for the Roadster.

that you can’t hear think due to the road noise and your fillings jarred out time you hit a bump. And I hope in excellent shape, because you may not be able to get out of the car since the seats are so low to the and unergonomic! I still remember my test drive I took ago, and couldn’t believe would be so anti-gas as to spend on that car when you could get cars for half the price. is exactly what everyone is saying about the ELR!

Some people are just not or logical and don’t have any of perspective. what can I say? we can do about it, so enjoy what you even if others think nuts!

My 2013 Volt is not a optioned car, so I don’t if it CAN have some of the options you However, it certainly has the 2 that I

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