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Stephen Fuller: Liar, thief and professional smarmy bastard

I met Stephen Henry Fuller (or Steve Fuller, aka ZodiacWarrior) early 2012 in Bangkok. He was a pudgy, amiable chap who liked a laugh and had not a care in the world. We became close for our love of the motor car, swapping automotive stories over good times and icy beers.

I learned over the following weeks that he was a car importer, breaking vehicles in the UK to get around tough Thai import laws.

Some weeks later, he called to say his partner was refusing to deal with him on account of some money owed, and this meant he was unable to pay his rent. He explained he was renting a cheap bedsit and if he could get some money to tide him over for a week, it would get him through, as he had some sort of BMW on the next boat coming over. A little perplexed why a man importing a sixty thousand pound car would be living in a 100-quid hovel, I nevertheless agree to help him out.

Months passed, and messages promising payment dates went by, but I did not mind; I was happy to help my friend. It was after one year that Stephen Henry Fuller had seemingly vanished, lost to a sea of missed calls, changed phone numbers, deleted emails and a blocked facebook. I finally caught up with Fuller in January 2013 after receiving an oddly worded email from him, who now is in hiding from the “Bangkok mafia” after ripping them off on one-too-many car deals.

The message told me that I had been too aggressive in chasing him, and that I was to never contact him again. I took this to mean, “Screw you. I’m stealing your money and I feel no shame.”

That was the last I heard of Stephen Henry Fuller, freelance car importer, tax dodger, work permit-bereft and professional con artist.

On the day he collected 20,000 Baht from me, not 15 minutes had passed between my agreeing to lend to him and him running to meet me at the local mall to collect the money. Yet in a year, he had not found 15 minutes to repay it. I understand that in financial difficulty it can be hard to meet obligations; I do not accept that in one year it is impossible for a human being with a sense of self-worth and decency to not to repay a single cent – but Steve Fuller has neither self-worth of decency.

His family would be so proud.

This is a man who gladly steals from his friends to continue to be able to sit at home drinking thirty-baht tins of high alcohol Chang in bed, in preference to getting up and working. We’ve all been down on our luck from time to time, but here is a man who has adopted the concept as a lifestyle choice. This is a man who has openly used the good grace of a kind other to set up further money deals to steal from more people.

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Given the desperate nature of the last email received, there are dozens of people in Bangkok from whom this man has brazenly stolen from.

A strong believer in Karma, I feel that no further interaction or comment is required on my part. What tends to happen to people like this is that their mark on the world passes as brief fissures of interest in the grand scale of our society; small columns in newspaper articles, with titles such as “Western man dies of unknown causes in … district.” Life tends to sort itself out and sacrifice those who it deems unnecessary to its advancement.

Still, I’ve embarked on an effort in 2013 to be positive and continue to see good in all people and in all situations. I may have lost four hundred pounds, equal to the cost of a rare flight home to see my family, but I have received two things in return. One is that learning the value of another human being is priceless, and that a man who values his own reputation at less than the price of a Kohler toilet is not to be afforded further thought.

The other, paradoxically, is that even a thieving dog needs to be handed slivers of fat if it is to survive and go on picking fleas from its ear. I am sure Stephen Fuller will go on to achieve great things, even if right now he is confined to hiding in a stinking Ratchada bedsit.

The final point, and positive note upon which to close, is that in telling this story there is a chance that others who know Steve Fuller will not fall into the same trap. This creates reassuring sustainability, because if Steven Fuller is no longer able to steal from his friendship group, we are empowering his own personal growth and enabling to pick himself out of the gutter.

I welcome emails from anyone else who has tried to help this unscrupulous bastard and has had no joy in getting their gesture repaid:

REVAi Electric Cars
REVAi Electric Cars
REVAi Electric Cars
REVAi Electric Cars
REVAi Electric Cars
REVAi Electric Cars

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