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Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Concept Cars

Specific cars (newest to oldest)


2014 Chrysler (2013)

Chrysler 300 Luxury — Moparized C300

Mopar 300 S (2011) — redone version of the Chrysler aspects of which may be produced

200C (2009) — electric car — looks ready; rear drive and

Chrysler EV minivan (2008) extended range electric

ecoVoyager (2008) — of the mid-sized Chrysler crossover?

Roadster, Town Country (2007 SEMA cars)

Nassau (2007) — LX luxury car

Chrysler Firepower Viper body and suspension, powertrain for a lighter, easier-to-drive (2005)

Chrysler ME Four — AMG V12-powered supercar together in less than a yet more capable than the McLaren SLR. a production prototype (2004)

Chrysler (2003) — fuel powered minivan — see history page for electric / Plymouth TEVan and EPIC.

300C (2003) — engine with 400 horsepower. Now a production vehicle .

Chrysler Pacifica (2002) the real thing was based on a and came out safer but several later.

Chrysler Chronos — beautiful, sleek, V10 and inspired by past Chrysler

Chrysler Phaeton (1997) dual cowl luxury a 5.4 liter V12 engine

Chrysler (1995) — Bugatti-inspired with a straight-eight engine from two Neon engines

300 (1991) — Viper-based V10 car, Chrysler flagship thoughts

turbine cars (1954-1989) Fifty 1963 models distributed. An M — or K -based was planned for production.

Chrysler La (1954) — predecessor of the La

Chrysler K310 (1953)

C-200 (1952) — convertible concept

To be covered wanted): 1987 Chrysler

Dodge concepts

Dodge Carbon Fire (2012) many Mopar parts

Avenger Rally Car (2011)

Circuit EV (2009) — of the Dodge EV

Dodge EV (2008) electric sports car based on the Elise

Dodge Dakota MX Caravan R/T, Avenger Stormtrooper, Ram BFT (2007 SEMA

Dodge Demon (2007) yet closer to the new small car?

Dodge Hornet (2006) prototype for Europe

Dodge (2006) — the Dodge so to speak; front-drive Hemi?

Challenger (2006) — a production car, and it came as the result of the Charger’s “less ideal” reception. Check out the Challenger !

Dodge Scooter a small, low-slung vehicle

Nitro (2005) — Liberty-based vehicle has the squarish Rover look that’s in along with all the Jeep’s and off-roadability. The real Nitro is practical on the street, faster in R/T and not designed for off-roading.

Dodge (2005) — next-gen-Neon-based look for it on dealership lots in

Dodge Sling Shot (2004) quick, with 45 per gallon. The two-seater features handling. Read about our drive and see our excluisve photos.

Magnum SRT-8 (2003) with a supercharged Hemi putting out 430 horsepower through the wheels. Now a real production .

Dodge Tomahawk (2003) V-10 motorcycle hitting 60 in 3 seconds.

Dodge Durango (2003) — may show up year!

Dodge Kahuna and (2003) — the Kahuna like a PT Cruiser done the Avenger seems to be an Audi-influenced Neon. Both are likely to be — the Avenger as the next-generation (under the name Dodge ?)

Dodge Neon SRT (2002) produced!

Dodge M80. — plug pulled on the pickup

Dodge Razor. — still up in the air

Dodge (2001) — the shape of to come

Dodge Charger — swoopy, LH-based, gas RWD V8. Link goes to the production

Dodge Intrepid ESX. — searching for the 80 mpg large car

Copperhead. (1997) — rear drive high-performance car

M4S (Dodge PPG Turbo; 1981, — mid-engined turbo-2.2 car (also see its development story )

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The (M4S clones / “Turbo (1980s) — cars based on the M4S, used for the

Dodge Polycar. (1980) weight-saving version of the Lebaron

Deora (1967) — truck created outside of but shown in Dodge displays for two

Plymouth concepts

Plymouth — replacing the 3.5 liter V6 and with a 4.7 liter V-8 and stick-shift, but a slower 0-60 time of 5.9 despite a manual transmission; had a pickup-truck bed. (Thanks,

Plymouth Truck — (2000?) — the PT Cruiser!

Pronto Spyder (1998) cool sports car previewing the 2.4 and tortoise-shell wheel

Plymouth CCV — totally recycled Plymouth meant as a low-cost, sound car for China and India; by Ford’s 2003 City

Plymouth Pronto (1997) styling study for a new Plymouth

Falcon (1955) — the was originally to be called the Falcon, and a sporty concept car shows it could have been. (At

Plymouth Belmont (1954) the Corvette/Thunderbird fighter

Plymouth Plainsman, Cabana (1954)


SRT concepts

Fiat concepts

Why and how do make concept cars?

cars are made for many largely to get a visible, tangible at a design before production so its can be evaluated, possible problems can be and so reactions of non-gearheads can be judged. concepts test particular — for example, colors and controls and dashboard layouts, and the Those ideas can be rather and hidden.

Other concepts are to help designers think out of the One example of that is the Jeep a study to consider what might be like when cells are common (if they common), and how that would styling. Without a large in front, for example, the Treo drivers to actually look the grille.

Concept cars can be divided precisely. Pre-production cars the Challenger, Prowler, and Viper all production-based concepts dressed up in and geegaws to hide the production A “true” concept is a styling, or manufacturing excercise that out consumer reaction to various and is not a specific model production vehicle.

For example, the Renegade was actually a 2008 minivan

Driving concept cars is a experience because you begin to why they did things — the old of what the #*$#@*!^! were thinking? is answered. Designs seem over the top become However, before the expensive are driven by outsiders, they get some form of mechanical so the engine can roar but the car won’t

The exceptions in our experience were the Shot. a rebodied smart and the 2.4-turbo equipped, five-speed Spyder. which would been an amazing Plymouth had it produced.

Some historical Chrysler cars

Hans Riemenschneider The ’41 Thunderbolt was designed by Tremulis (a.k.a. Tucker It had a one-piece retractable hardtop. were built, four

Richard Wagner wrote: The Chrysler Newport with design similar to the BMW 328 may actually be the link to this list of cars and dare I suggest, an to the final design of another the 1948 Jaguar XK-120. courtesy Martin Link.

Riemenschneider wrote: The amazing Norseman featured a cantilevered which did not require A-pillars. to be the premiere show car of 1957, it down with the Andrea in July of 1956 en route Ghia in Italy.

Interesting » Electric Cars
Interesting » Electric Cars
Interesting » Electric Cars
Interesting » Electric Cars


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