Completing The EV Conversion Electric Car Conversion

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IDEALE EV Electric Cars

Gas To Electric Conversion Experience At 8

Completing The EV Conversion

Gas To Electric Buggy — a nice fun EV to do and drive

Day 8 of the Gas to Electric Conversion Course was the day dedicated to completing the EV On Day 7. there were a number of that could not be completed due to hurdles. Again, various split of into various working on different parts of the EV The following activities to complete the EV were done:

battery (battery rack construction);

12 volt circuitry; and

what I from the Gas (Petrol) to Electric Experience.

Battery Mounting Rack Construction)

EV Battery constructed from angle welded to the chassis

On Day 7, it had not been how the traction batteries should be A few configurations were considered, but the concerns were:

will the fit in their configuration;

can the batteries be installed and removed;

how accessible are the batteries like to acid levels and topping up;

It was to mount the batteries in a row next to other behind the front The battery rack design of 3 lengths of angle iron used and welded to the chassis in a shape with the panel the front seats forming one of the rectangle. The construction and welding of the rack was that professional it looks like it came out of the like that.


EV Wired Up

The thick wires we for the traction circuit (which had a sectional area of 90 square had to be cut to size and have lugs to their ends. Here is how we up the traction circuit:

Negative of traction battery pack was to B- terminal on Curtis controller as per the for the Curtis 1209B;

A2 on the Curtis was connected to A2 on the Series Wound DC as per the manual for the Curtis 1209B;

M- on the Curtis controller was connected to S2 on the Wound DC Motor (noting A2 and S1 on the Series Wound DC Motor already connected) as per the manual for the 1209B;

Positive terminal of battery pack was connected to B+ on Curtis controller (not as the fuse does not protect the controller see below for more

B+ terminal on Curtis controller was to the 200 amp fuse. The other end of the 200 amp fuse was to a high current terminal of the The other high current of the contactor was connected to  A1 on the Series DC Motor. This is not an ideal set up, but due to a of lugs and not having a fuse it was done this way;

It have been ideal if we had a holder for the 200amp fuse and if we had lugs. The ideal way to wire up the circuit would have as per the manual for the Curtis 1209B and the way we should have done it is as

Positive terminal from battery pack should been connected to one end of the 200 amp fuse of B+ of the Curtis controller;

The other end of the 200 amp then connected to one high terminal of the contactor;

The other current terminal of the contactor then be connected to B+ of the Curtis From B+ of the Curtis controller, we can a cable to A1 on the Series Wound DC

12 Volt Circuitry

The original was to use the DC-DC convertor so that we get a 12 volt supply from the traction battery pack. For reason, we could not get the DC-DC to work. We ended up using a 12 auxiliary battery which was of the traction battery pack. The way the 12 circuitry was connected was as follows:

a with an inline fuse was from the positive terminal of the 12 battery to the key switch. In our case, we did not a key switch, but a switch. I m not sure if we had a protection diode between the and the switch (as I was not involved in the 12 volt but if there isn t one, there be one;

another wire was hooked up the other terminal of the switch to the com of the pot box.

another wire was up from the NC (normally closed) of the pot box to the positive terminal on the contactor circuit and another wire to terminal 1 on the Curtis controller;

a was hooked up from the negative of the 12 volt auxiliary battery to the terminal of the on the contactor control

IDEALE EV Electric Cars

the 2 wires from the pot box were to the terminals 2 and 3 on the Curtis controller.

As we utilizing bits of the existing harness that came the buggy prior to doing EV conversion, there was a bit of confusion the wiring up of the 12 volt circuitry, due to one end of the wiring was a different color to the end which caused. Once, was sorted, the EV buggy worked and I can you that I took it for a drive, with the other students. I have a write up on how it drives.

What I Learned From The Gas to Electric Conversion Experience?

the Gas (Petrol) to Electric Conversion I learned quite a number of even though I had already an EV Conversion (see Electric Go story ).  Some of the things were:

Why Series Wound DC turn in one direction only, when the polarity of the power to them is swapped;

How to reverse the of a Series Wound DC Motor;

requirements for Electric Car Conversions and EV in New South Wales (NSW), and the Australian Capital Territory Australia;

Working out what to get and how to calculate the rating of each

Electric arc welding techniques, of fellow students;

How to wire up a Controller;

How to bench test prior to installation;


EV (Electric Vehicle) theory;

The Gas (Petrol) to Electric Conversion was a success. Although we took a day than expected, the Electric drives and there will be a up on it.

This is Crazy Al signing out

Please book mark page and come back to it as the up on the completed EV will done in the few days.

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