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Chang'an CX30 EV Electric Cars

Why a HiPower battery is a better source for you.

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”

-John Ruskin

Even though our pricing is probably the lowest priced prismatic LiFePO 4 battery you will find, purchasing an item based upon price alone is often short sighted. Many factors should be taken into consideration when a company or individual selects a particular battery for their application. Chief among them is quality, lifespan, and warranty. It is easy for companies to make claims.

Often, the responsibilty of establishing the true facts falls back on the buyer. Wild eyed claims by some companies regarding their batteries’ life or ability to handle high currents are difficult for the average buyer to substantiate. Here are some interesting facts:

The Source:

The Electric Car Company of Utah, has spent a good deal of time evaluating various sources for lithium batteries. As it turns out there are quite a few lithium battery manufacturers. However, finding one source that is the best value for an Electric Vehicle is daunting. After a lot of e-mails and phone conversations we have concluded that the Lithium-ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery packs that we can offer through Energetech will give our customers the best value in performance, construction, energy density, longevity, price and delivery. The Factory backs their batteries with a two year warranty.

In addition, lithium batteries need special care when being charged and discharged. Therefore, special due diligence has been exerted to find a superior Battery Management System BMS which will assure the customer maximum battery life. We know the one thing that you want for your vehicle is a reliable battery pack that will assure you years of satisfactory driving pleasure.

Quality and useful life parameters:

Lithium batteries are rated by their discharge rate. This is designated as a C rating. A C rating means the amount of current that can be discharged from the battery over a specified period of time. As a general rule, lithium batteries’ standard discharge rate is 1/3 of the C rating of the battery. For reasons I have never been able to fathom, the manufacturers do not rate their batteries for these reasonable continuous discharge current conditions.

As an example a 1C HiPower 200 AH battery can be discharged continuously at 200 Amps. It is not recommended that you do that but the battery is fully capable of producing a 3C or 300% or even up to a 5C which is 500% of its Ampere Hour AH rating for short periods of time shown on the specifications.

HiPower frowns on the practice of just pulling batteries off the shelf and shipping them out immediately. Each battery pack that they sell is selected so that they are a matched set. As time goes by you will realize how important it is to getting balanced and matched batteries in a pack.

Thats because Lithium batteries can be damaged by overcharging or over discharging. A good BMS should shut your charger off at about 3.65 volts per cell and never allow the voltage to exceed 4.0 volts or the battery life will be shortened. If the batteries are not balanced then the best battery will be charged up to 3.65 volts. At this voltage set point a good BMS system will detect this one cells condition and shut the charger off.

Leaving he rest of the pack only partially charged. Conversely. lithium cells should never be discharged below 2.0 volts or it also is hard on the cells life. So most BMS systems are set to shut the pack discharge off when one of the batteries get down to about 2.2 to 2.4 volts. At this point, the other batteries in the pack still retain usable energy.

This will materially affect your range. A matched set of batteries goes a long way towards preventing this condition.

Our delivery on the battery pack will be about 8 to 12 weeks. The company requires 10% of the total price down as a non-refundable deposit. The balance will be due when the batteries are ready to be shipped.

Chang'an CX30 EV Electric Cars

All HiPower batteries will be factory warranted for two years. This warranty is not prorated like a number of other companies. It is a full replacement warranty.

The Competition:

Finding the right Lithium Battery Source proves to be only part of the challenge facing the potential Lithium Battery user (you). The next hurdle is finding a dependable vendor who will deliver the goods to your door. All Chinese Lithium manufacturers are required by the government to be paid cash in advance of shipping.

This means that you have to depend on your supplier to ship what is ordered.

Our Company:

Our company has been in business for 34 years. We won’t cheat you! Products that you order from the Electric Car Company carry our word that you will receive exactly what you order.

HiPower will give a full replacement warranty on all batteries that are not mis-used for two years.

If you read the Hipower specification sheets, you will see numbers like 3C and C/2. These correspond to battery discharge rates. C is the current ideally delivered by the battery in one hour. For example, 1C for a 160 Ah (Ampere-hours) battery is 160 A (Amperes).

2C for a 160 Ah battery is 320 A, and C/2 for a 160 Ah battery is 80A. C rate: C (This should be a number, like 3, 0.33, or 0.5)

Chang'an CX30 EV Electric Cars
Chang'an CX30 EV Electric Cars

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