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BMW 5er Electric Cars

Tesla reports quarterly research spending up (August 4) Tesla reported a net loss of million or 60 cents per share, with the loss of $38.5 or $5.04 per share, a year when there were shares outstanding. The company’s for profitability hinges on the success of its Model S sedan, which is set to in mid-2012 and take the company the niche market it established the Roadster.

Tesla begins beta versions of Model S 3) — Unlike the Tesla the Model S Beta body and chassis will not be made of fiber, but rather lightweight To maximize air flow, the sedan retain the flush door Like some new vehicles the market, the Model S Beta skimp on the spare tire.

expect a tire inflation The move will create to seat seven and maximize space, which the designers say be more than any sedan on the

BMW’s electric cars of the unveiled (August 3) — BMW is a late to the electric car party but it has now with two hot-looking prototype – the i3 city runabout and the i8 super car. These cars engineered from the ground up to be cars unlike the company’s Mini, which was a conversion of the car.

GM says Chevy ‘virtually sold out’ 2) — General Motors only report about 100 Volt sales when U.S. auto sales out Tuesday, but the extended-range electric car is sold out” of the outgoing model year, spokeswoman Bunker said today. Of the 2011 Volts GM has built at about 100 remain unclaimed, she The rest are reserved for dealer of the Volt’s battery and backup or internal GM uses such as tests or marketing.

Ford Focus Electric Ready To Make Some (August 2) — Ford’s Focus Electric car will in a few hours, provide affordable to Massachusetts drivers and will zero tailpipe emissions. is just one problem – it doesn’t enough noise. President recently signed legislation law that will require and hybrid vehicles to make to ensure pedestrian safety, and is turning to the public to decide noise the Focus Electric make when it arrives at dealerships later this

Riding on Prius, Toyota the greenest brand tag (August 2) has been named the greenest brand in a major study by that spans the 10 biggest markets. The research, called Global Green Brands, public perception of environmental with performance on publicly information and data. It covers the US, China, Germany, France, UK, Brazil, Spain, and India.

GM Supply Poised to Surge in With Nissan’s Leaf 27) — General Motors Co. Nissan Motor Co. in electric-car plans to boost output of its Volt to 5,000 a month as the seeks to seize the lead and consumers’ hunger for plug-in Nissan is winning this selling 3,875 of the Leaf in the to GM’s 2,745 Volt

Russian Mogul Pulls the Electric Car from Financial (July 27) — Russian mogul Boris G. Zingarevich has the electric-car manufacturer Think AS, marking yet another financial for a company that’s faced several times throughout its existence.

Charge your electric car solar power (July 27) Now you can power your electric car the solar panels on your SolarCity, one of the larger solar installers in the West, is launching an car-charger installation service for and businesses. The company says it give more consumers in the 11 where it operates the chance to go on su nshine.

Revenge of the electric car 24) — Revenge of the Electric previewed last week in New and set for wide release this proves equally as prescient. The which captures what may out to be the first stages of the auto evolution away from cruises smoothly over the line where its predecessor stalled short.

Tesla to build power train for Rav4 (July 23) — Motors has signed a $100 deal to build the power for Toyota’s electric Rav4, the Alto company reported in a government filing. Tesla, for its luxury electric sports will supply the Rav4’s charging system, motor and

Ford powers up hybrid (July 23) — Ford’s powertrains and battery packs are indestructible. Try this on for size: Out of the cells used to make up battery packs, only cells — about the size of a D — failed. Of the 380,000 electric in Ford’s 190,000 hybrids (every vehicle has two), failed.

You can’t get any better that.

Car2Go ups car-sharing by going all-electric (July 22) Daimler subsidiary Car2Go is its car-sharing business to San Diego, but taking the green concept one further by making its vehicle all-electric. Car2go currently in Austin, Texas with a of 300 two-seater gas-powered Smart which are produced by parent Daimler. Members can rent the by the day, hour, or minute, and ZipCar, they don’t to specify a time by which will return the vehicles.

Toyota Targets at Least U.S. Plug-In Prius (July 22) — Toyota, the biggest seller of gasoline-electric said it expects U.S. of at least 16,000 plug-in hatchbacks in 2012 after the debuts early in the year. The new of the world’s best-selling hybrid, to be recharged at a standard 110-volt will go at least 13 miles on its lithium-ion battery pack, Hanson, a Toyota spokesman, in an interview.

After that, it operate like a standard averaging 50 miles per gallon of in city and highway driving, he

2011 Lexus CT 200h: a Prius with style 22) — A quick glance is all it to know the 2011 Lexus CT is a much sportier car than the A five-door hatchback with a air dam and flowing lines, it resembles the Mazda3 hatchback, one of the hotter cars today. More than a Mazda, of course – a Lexus, after all – but definitely at younger buyers than the

LEAF electric car overshadows Volt sales (July 9) 3875 Nissan electric with lithium ion batteries since the beginning of LEAF, Chevrolet sold 2,745 vehicles. LEAF Nissan and Volt are two options for electric car simultaneously in the U.S. market. magazine has been interested in which of them has attracted attention and it seems that the car Nissan LEAF is gaining an

3875 Nissan electric sold since the beginning of while 2745 has sold Volt.

U.S. Weighs Requiring Hybrids, EV Cars to Pedestrian Alerts (July 9) Electric vehicles and hybrid could be required to sound to pedestrians under a new proposal the National Highway Traffic Administration. The regulation would light-duty cars, motorcycles, and trucks to automatically sound at low speeds.

BMW 5er Electric Cars

Mitsubishi’s ‘i’ car gets better EPA rating Volt, Leaf (July 9) Mitsubishi is today boasting of a whammy when it comes to its new car. It not only will be to buy, but it will cost in electricity to run than its major The i, Mitsubishi Motor’s all-electric has garnered an EPA-rated 126 MPGe gas-mileage equivalency, meaning how its use would compare if it ran on gasoline) for driving and 99 MPGe for highway

Electric car sets new Pikes hill climb record 29) — Yokohama Tires an electric race car using from California’s AC Propulsion to its own 2010 record on the hill The AC Propulsion-equipped vehicle won the hill Exhibition Class and set a new EV record a time of 12:20:084, besting year’s record-breaking time of by nearly one minute. Sounds fast to us until you consider the new for a car in the climb is now under 10 minutes.

To Facebook Fans: “How The 2012 Focus Electric (June 29) — The days of the silent electric car are gone. by a severe case of liticaphobia or the fear of lawsuits — the industry has already agreed electric cars should some form of audible system fitted as standard to pedestrians of their approach.

GM Tests Electric Chevy in India (June 29) — mainstream debut might be mixed reviews here in the States, but all-electric cars are to stay. Or so it seems: on the heels of its Volt General Motors begun testing a new electrified of the Chevrolet Beat hatchback in The Beat EV (also known in markets as the Spark; no pun intended) is by a 20kWh lithium-ion battery and propelled by a 45 kW (60 hp) motor and a single-speed unit.

GM indicates that normal driving conditions, the EV’s range should be in the of 81 miles.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Experimental Electric prepares for tour (June 29) — week, Rolls-Royce is putting 102EX electric car to the test in the research facility. It will be to lab-controlled heat and humidity to figure out how these extreme will affect battery Once that’s done, the will embark on a global that will take it to the East, Asia-Pacific and North

Is that a Volts-wagen? Beetle fastest electric-powered drag doing 0-60mph in 1.6 seconds 6) — Two brothers are celebrating setting a world speed in an electric car — made a Beetle and a milk float. Sam and Young, who are sponsored by their pub in Hungerford, Berkshire, set out to prove you can zero emissions and the thrill of travel too.

They a ‘green’ mean machine out of a float and a 1965 Volkswagen which they have Black Current.

Tesla Model S Alpha New Released (June 6) — It may be well over a year from launch, but Tesla’s press photographs are certainly the automotive world talking. over the weekend, the photographs a Model S which looks enough to take on mainstream giants on the showroom floor .

Nissan’s Leaf Being in Government’s Electric Vehicle Program (June 6) — The Leaf, Nissan’s very 100 percent electric vehicle, was of a 116-car fleet chosen by the government for their employees and handed out to twenty government The Department of Energy and the Department of were chosen to be part of the new Electric Vehicle Pilot

New battery design could electric vehicles a jolt 6) — A radically new approach to the of batteries, developed by researchers at could provide a lightweight and alternative to existing batteries for vehicles and the power grid. The could even make such batteries as quick and as pumping gas into a conventional

Electric VW The Black Current 1.6 Seconds

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