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Are electric cars as environmentally as we think they are?

the fact that the average for a car battery is 3 years and all of the batteries end up at a at the end of their lifetime, how sustainable are cars in providing a cleaner in the future?

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This is a big question, and @EnergyNumbers’ answer some of it. I’ll try to address more.

Battery End-of-Life

question is obviously referring to car batteries, which are used to the car’s starter motor. are generally lead-acid batteries.

A Electric Vehicle (EV) may a small battery just this (e.g. to drive but this kind of battery is not drives the car, and is not the big impact on the issue. An EV’s traction will probably use a NiMH or battery pack. It’s large, and very expensive.

It also happens to be about 85%

My 2011 Nissan LEAF has a 24 KWh Li-ion battery pack in it. At point, it’s hard to exactly what the longevity be, because it’s a new product. automakers do test these before fielding new models results are obviously important they decide what of warranties to offer).

Nissan the life of this battery to be 10 years. What does mean? By their definition, at the end of 10 of life, it will have a capacity that’s 70-80% of its capacity, depending on how you use it.

So, by no means is the battery dead . they’re estimating what a would be willing to tolerate in of driving range reduction. If trips tend to be 20 miles or or you have recharge facilities at typical destination (e.g. charging), then you may continue to use 10 year-old batteries. But, 10 seems like a reasonable estimate.

Currently, the bigger a is (all else equal), the likely you can recycle it, and even get to do so. As I said, a Li-ion battery is recyclable, and with 70-80% even still usable for energy storage applications. very hard to believe a battery pack that cost several thousand that still has 70% capacity, and is 85% wouldn’t fetch a significant value.

This value will ensure that EV batteries are not thrown away.

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

As said, the overall energy of an EV depends highly on where the came from. However, it’s more environmentally than standard gas internal engines (ICE) does Even if all the car’s electricity from coal, which is our source of electricity, an EV is about 25% energy efficient than a gas

Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars

From this Union of Scientists report. the average gas ICE fuel economy is 26 mpg. largely on the (midsize) Nissan the EV well-to-wheels equivalent energy is 30 mpg ghg . So, that’s already a 15% improvement for the coal-powered EV. However, a gas ICE’s economy is not rated well-to-wheels .

electricity, gas requires energy to Currently, gas and petro-diesel average an ratio of about 0.8 to 0.9. means that to produce a of gas, you have to spend .1 to .2 gallons to make it. For Saudi it takes relatively little to produce.

However, as that runs and we continue to get more gas/diesel deepwater rigs, and tar sands gas and diesel will become more costly (and damaging) to produce.

So, when you well-to-wheels accounting, an EV starts at 25% better than a gasoline

Note: a well-publicized report has been released. that Toyota Prius to be more GHG than Nissan LEAF in US states (accounting for where state gets power However, it’s important to that the Prius has a lower coefficient than LEAF vs 0.28), which will energy economy, but is unrelated to the powertrains.


I don’t how environmentally-friendly you think EVs are, but they are more environmentally than standard gas engine in almost every way.

I’ll try to post more as I get time.

Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars
Rinspeed XchangE Electric Cars

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