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Zotye 5008 EV

EVHUB.IN Exclusive: Affordable EVs no range anxiety is now reality, per charge achieved

That’s Dr. Marco Loglio, a die-hard EV based in China, believes, developed a high energy ion battery which can power an EV for


PRLog Release) — Jul. 20, — KHARAGPUR, India Dr Marco Loglio, who runs Hong Kong Ltd a consultancy special focus on EV batteries has a project jointly undertaken by Power Global, a company in EV RD. In November 2012, Dr.

Loglio and his held a demonstration of its electric car with lithium polymer developed by Vantage Power MLCA’s supervision. The two vehicles, on Zotye electric cars, driven from Shenzhen to the of Guangxi Province, Nanning. The distance covered by the vehicles was and at the end of the journey, the battery pack had some 13% of the energy left.

The EV

MLCA’s high energy lithium polymer battery is at the heart of the two prototype vehicles in the 800km demo road The two prototype vehicles are based on M300 and 5008 EVs respectively. The pack is claimed to have an density of more than Dr. Loglio would not disclose on the battery technology, but on slight he shared that the battery is on chemistry similar to that of battery packs, which are by Panasonic.

The Tesla EV battery cells are based on lithium cobalt (LCO), which is the same used in MLCA’s batteries, the secret to improved energy perhaps lies in the dopant which is a mixture of nickel, and cobalt (NCM). According to Dr. this is the best combination, has led to such high energy. And it is not the ‘best’ battery chemistry.

Dr. says the secret to an electric car a range almost four of what commercial cars now also li-es in using the mix of components including the motors and

According to Dr. Loglio, a key point could perhaps be overlooked by carmakers is how to use the energy in an electric car efficiently. “There is a lot of misuse of in cars, especially in electric See Tesla: they have a very powerful motor and a So, there is a lot of energy consumption and the is heavy and expensive.

Their battery pack has cells; to keep such number of cells under is another task“he says.

MLCA has done differently is use number of more powerful Not only 3 ampere cells, but 25 cells, which allow to have a simpler battery which is easier to regulate. The based on the LCO-NCM chemistry, are very stable at high which is another advantage. has also allowed MLCA to use a yet sophisticated battery management (BMS) in its battery pack.

Dr. repeatedly stresses on the fact the two demo vehicles with range are not just prototypes; are absolutely ready for road which means they are not lightweight vehicles developed for the sake of achieving this range.

Dr Loglio’ s approach to a long range electric car minimizing energy consumption to efficiency of each component, so the overall propulsion system can be For the 5008 Zotye prototype EV, Dr. used a 15kW electric while the motor in 800km M300 prototype is 30kW.

In comparison, a Nissan LEAF, claims a range of only (100 miles), has a 80kW motor.

Dr. Loglio believes is also part of a marketing People are already wary of electric cars and have about their performance and the they can travel. Automakers necessitated to come up with which read impressive and confidence on the vehicle’ s theoretical Dr. Loglio however thinks the approach is to educate people on the of electric cars; on how they much smoother pickup and a acceleration than traditional and to achieve that, one need not fit a powerful traction system in cars; that’s an inherent of an electric drivetrain.

Zotye 5008 EV

The Zotye developed by MLCA has a top speed of good enough by regular at the same time with a that sits at par with of gasoline cars.

When asked about how this 800km EV developed his supervision can go on sale, Dr. Loglio valid skepticism. “People buy based on many points, not how much it can travel or if it is electric or He said. While he has consulted the development of the electric car, the decisions on how to take it forward with Vantage Power.

to say, Dr. Loglio would be a of any potential endeavor on part of Power to commercialize the technology, but he is looking at possibilities of industrial with partners in and outside The country has been struggling to its electric car market over the few years but with little Dr Loglio thinks a part of the is that a large section of class Chinese population are their first vehicle, and are wary of trying something That also brought BYD the discussion, which according to Dr.

has produced a good electric car in e6. The however is with their technology, he claims, which is on LFP. Dr. Loglio thinks it may not be the chemistry for electric cars like it was, perhaps ten ago.

On China renewing electric car Dr. Loglio thinks it will be sooner than later as the does not intend to discontinue its to boost the niche market.

As as he is hopeful of finding the right in China, Dr. Loglio also to have many foreign interested in MLCA’s battery He also hints to me about an partner firm, which potentially be interested in setting up an car factory in Bandung, Indonesia’ s largest city in the Western province. EV development and promotion in Indonesia are still at a nascent but the government appears keen in adoption of cleaner cars in the of rising fuel demand and pollution levels. India too is potential market where Dr.

is looking for partnerships.

Going Dr. Loglio does not deny the of collaborating with mainstream potentially through a licensing to use its high energy battery But does MLCA’s technology value in terms of cost?

Dr. Loglio thinks a battery for about 500km range can be for use in electric cars for about According to him, per kilowatt (kWh) price in the market for car batteries today stands at USD300, which is not far from the price target most have fixed for the long say 2020.

Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV
Zotye 5008 EV

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