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Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)

Types of Electric Car Batteries

A is a device for storing chemical and converting that chemical into electricity. A battery is up of one or more electrochemical cells . of which consists of two half-cells or . One half-cell, called the negative has an overabundance of the tiny, negatively subatomic particles called . The other, called the positive has a deficit of electrons. When the two are connected by a wire or an electrical electrons will flow the negative electrode to the positive We call this flow of electricity. The energy of these electrons can be harnessed to do work running a motor, for instance.

As electrons pass to the positive the flow gradually slows and the voltage of the electricity produced by the drops. Eventually, when are as many electrons on the positive as on the negative side, the battery is ‘dead’ and is no longer capable of an electric flow.

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Lead-acid batteries, to the one shown here, have used in automobiles since the of the 19th century.

The electrons are by chemical reactions, and there are different chemical reactions are used in commercially available For example, the familiar alkaline commonly used in flashlights and remote controls generate through a chemical reaction zinc and manganese oxide. alkaline batteries are considered to be a battery . Once they go they’re useless and should be Automobile batteries, on the other need to be rechargeable, so they require constant replacement.

In a rechargeable battery . electrical is used to reverse the negative and halves of the electrochemical cells, the electron flow.

Automobile have identified three of rechargeable battery as suitable for car use. Those types are batteries, nickel metal (NiMH) batteries, and

Lead-acid were invented in 1859 and are the form of rechargeable battery in use. They’ve been in all types of cars — electric cars — the 19th century. Lead-acid are a kind of wet cell battery and contain a mild solution of acid in an open container.

The name comes from the of lead electrodes and acid to generate electricity in these The major advantage of lead-acid is that, after having used for so many years, are well understood and cheap to However, they do produce gases while being and if the battery is overcharged there’s a of explosion.

Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)

Nickel metal batteries came into use in the late 1980s. They a high energy density that is, a great deal of can be packed into a relatively battery — and don’t any toxic metals, so they’re to recycle .

This 2007 Chevy concept vehicle chassis shows the location of the vehicle’s battery pack (in blue).

batteries, which came commercial use in the early 1990s, a very high energy and are less likely than batteries to lose their when not being used a property called self . Because of their light and low maintenance requirements, lithium-ion are widely used in electronic such as laptop computers. experts believe that batteries are about as close as has yet come to developing a perfect battery, and this type of is the best candidate for powering the cars of the near future. A on lithium-ion batteries, called polymer batteries, may also valuable to the future of EVs.

These batteries may eventually less to build than batteries; however, at the present lithium-ion polymer batteries are expensive.

Perhaps the greatest associated with electric car is recharging them. How do you charge an car battery? More importantly, do you charge an electric car battery?

Can you do it Can you do it at home? Read the next to find out.

Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)
Eliica (Electric Lithium-Ion Car)

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