My experience with Ford Th!nk

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Th!nk City

Bad Things with the City

I think I got the lemon City. I not heard of anyone else these problems, but I think it be good for everyone to know, since Ford doesn’t to want consumer feedback.

On of my City, I plugged it into my at home, and Service Required lit on the After double checking electrical connection on the charger, I that the car was apparently intentionally a ground fault to stop the I returned the City to the dealer, who was enough to loan me another while they fixed the

It took a couple weeks, but I did get my car

A couple trouble free pass, and all of a sudden, my range from 50 miles to 25 miles! a couple days of this, I it in for service. They spend a exercising the batteries, and claim fixed. They didn’t the care more than a few Sure enough, I only get 25 until it says 0% and starts to go

Well, I figure I’ll see happens. I drive the car around my keeping within pushing It miraculously goes slow for 25 more miles! After than an hour of going the block, it finally dies.

I it up my driveway and plug it in. The next day it is back to normal. The problem was an error and needed to be taken to 0%!

I had a couple more trouble months, then the cooling stopped spinning. I asked the to investigate the problem when I it in for it’s standard maintenance. The that it was operating normally.

I this not to be the case, but to no avail. I the same problem the next I took it in for maintenance. Still, answer — No Problem — The fans are not supposed to Well, why are they there, and why did used to spin?

Well, a week later, the weather getting hot. Sure the car stopped charging due to the heat. a bit of haggling and three weeks in a (gas powered) car, replaced the fan.

Now it charges perfectly again.

The recent problem, I was in the drive at In-N-Out, when the car decided not to go anymore! After pushing it restarting it a couple times, no motion. I noticed that it beep at me when I touched the with the key off. I also that the brake lights on.

Ah, I thought — the switch was Nope, checking the switch, was normal. Tow Truck Time! a week they had it fixed A shorted brake light

Bad Things with the Bike Fun

Th!nk City

before today I would had nothing bad to say about the Fun. all changed.

After a year of free, relatively light everything seemed to be normal. I the charger in. It bulk charged for 3 and throttled to trickle charge, normal. I left it trickling I went to bed. In the morning, I a funny smell, and notice a under the Fun, and the charger on bulk charge!

The charger was too hot to touch, and the batteries very hot as well. I unplugged it and up the mess on the floor.

So, I called service. They told me they have had several and Traveler’s with the same They couldn’t say whether it was a in the battery or charger.

Since is 2 weeks out of it’s one year they want me to send in the and charger on my dime to get an estimate. a little talking, it turns out I will definitely need 2 new (of course) at $100/ea. Well, looking inside the battery they are ordinary 12V 12AH gel

They also want for a new charger.

My main problem is that Th!nk knew this was a problem and did not warn any of the If I knew that this was a problem, I would have put the on a timer to avoid trouble. is a pretty substantial circuit in the battery pack (well, substantial than I would in a gel pack.) There is a lot of sense in the charger, and they state it is preferred to leave them on between uses. Now, I a useless bike that $420 + two way shipping to make it again.

Or I have to rip out their secret circuits and build my own controller and pack.

Th!nk City
Th!nk City
Th!nk City
Th!nk City

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