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I ve uploaded it as an Excel spreadsheet so it s to read. For mons I was unsure I checked the analysis to see if there was not 0 or 252. I tried to avoid creep, though for Pokemon Skarmory—where the standard is 24 Spe EVs—it t really be helped.

I also to use common judgment. We won t often see with a Choice Scarf, so I t do +1 Machamp. But Scarf Zone/Snow t too uncommon, so I put those on there.

like that.

One thing I d to do is clean up certain sections. For has anyone seen Modest Heatran? Don t they all run Timid? I d to take out the Neutral 252 +1 line.

Things like that.

though, here it is in full form. If you still want eyes, I suggest you look at the In any case, excuse the formatting. everything s approved, I ll remove the information from the text IVs).

I ll add tier names as as this gets approved, so hopefully none of them

Introduction (Move your to reveal the content) Introduction Introduction (close)


making an EV spread for a Pokemon on team, Speed is often the important stat. Knowing a particular Pokemon can and cannot is crucial to battling at a high DPP Tyranitar is a great example of the of the Speed stat. Its base 61 is not too impressive at first glance, but maximized and boosted with a Scarf, Tyranitar can outspeed the 115 Speed tier—notably maximum Azelf and Starmie—as well as Pokemon who could otherwise many teams, such as and Latias.

In fact, the ability to counter was one of the main reasons Choice Tyranitar became so common.

To you ll need the maximum Speed of the you re considering, which is found on Pokemon s analysis page. this information, you can refer to the tables for Speed numbers for Pokemon with different EV and investments. Determine which you wish your Pokemon to and distribute EVs accordingly. Note you need to keep in mind the IV of the Pokemon, a factor that is relevant for Hidden Power

Pokemon who have weather-inducing who utilize moves such as as well as Pokemon on a Trick team, may also wish to be than a certain opponent, on its own Speed stat.

For example, a common threat in BW OU is Conkeldurr. A user might decide it Reuniclus to be slower than as the latter has a very powerful We can see from this table Conkeldurr, with a neutral and 0 Spe EVs, reaches a speed than that of Reuniclus the same. There s more to puzzle, though: Payback commonly runs a Speed-reducing and a Spe IV of 0 in order to move second as as possible. This enables to hit a Speed of 85, granting it a full-powered against neutral-natured Reuniclus, who a Speed stat of 96.

By giving Reuniclus a Speed-reducing however, we lower its Speed to 86. its Spe IV to 29 then allows it to reach a of 84, which ensures that will always move Conkeldurr. This makes s Payback have 50 Base enabling Reuniclus to beat handily.

So we see how the Speed stat can be to ensure the best possible for your Pokemon. This similarly if you re trying to outspeed a Pokemon with a certain For example, let s say you use Agility Lucario to with Venusaur in the sun.

We can see that Venusaur reaches 518 in intense sunlight. To top that Lucario, we need only 176 Spe EVs and a neutral nature (granted, assumes you can use Agility to boost s Speed before Venusaur into play).

The asterisks two important notes: if a Pokemon has a * by its it often carries a Hidden Fire, Fighting, Psychic, or requires it to lower its Speed IV by If you decide to use this Hidden you will need to account for accordingly. If a Pokemon has ** by its name, means that it lowers its IV by 1, but a boost means that its Speed will be two lower the given value.

Speed / Name / Base / / EVs / Boost

692 / Terrakion / 108 / +Spe / 252 / 2

690 / / 160 / +Spe / 252 / 1

662 / Landorus / 101 / +Spe / 252 / 2


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