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Hobbyists interested in sports cars, stock cars, exotic imports monster trucks, buggies, truggies, rock crawlers, or any kind of unique vehicle, there is one out there for you. But determining which one is best suited for your wants and needs can be a bit challenging, due to the large number of choices available. One of the best things to happen to RC cars and trucks in recent years has been the explosion in the available number of hobby-quality Ready-To-Run’s RTR’s.

Deciding which vehicle would be best for your needs can get confusing, which is where the below details can help. Here is a glimpse of some of the most popular vehicle types on the market.

Micro Vehicles

If space may be an obstacle and you are looking for an exceptional vehicle in a smaller package, a Mini or Micro vehicle could be ideal for you. Mini and Micro vehicles are cars or trucks that are smaller than traditional 1/10 or 1/12 scale vehicles and provide a hobby-grade vehicle in a smaller package. Mini and Micro vehicles include on and off-road cars and trucks, sedans, monster trucks, and more.

What really sets Micro and Mini vehicles apart from others is that, realistically, you can enjoy the same hobby experience that you would with a larger vehicle — just a smaller package.

When deciding on what type of Micro to go with, on or off-road, there are a few key factors to consider. If you want to drive over rough terrain or jumps, then an off-road buggy, truck, or monster truck would be better suited to your particular needs. But if you want to drive in your driveway, parking lot, or local on-road track, or if you enjoy drifting, an on-road car would probably best match your driving environment.

On-Road Sedans

If you have a passion for exotic imported cars, you might consider an on-road sedan. On-road sedans are at the height of performance for 1/10 scale vehicles. Designed to be very low to the ground and featuring an aggressive, racing look, there are some very different features to check out, depending on your needs. Sedans can be split into two categories; Sedans that have been built and designed to drive around a race course tend to be the most popular, but Drift Cars have become more and more popular. With Drift Cars, style and form are more important than all-out speed.

Once you have decided if you want to go Grippin’ or Driftin’, you will have a few more decisions to make.

Many sedans have similar designs from car to car, but there are some key differences to make note of. Some cars are going to have features that, while they may make a car look more aesthetically pleasing or realistic, will not affect the car’s performance and handling. Some cars feature incredibly detailed bodies that rival static models; some even include working head and taillights.

While these bodies look great, they often are heavy and have details, such as rearview mirrors, that can be easily be broken off in a crash. Other cars include bodies that, while lacking some of the scale detail, are more functional in terms of creating downforce and grip for your car.

1/10 Scale Off-Road

RC Off-road cars and trucks can be driven in more areas than their on-road cousins, yet are versatile enough to be converted for oval or on-road use. Off-road vehicles feature increased ground clearance, National and World Championship winning designs, and some pretty awesome groundbreaking technology. There are two different types of off-road vehicles that you have to choose from: two wheel drive buggies and stadium trucks. Trucks and buggies share many design similarities, but there are several key differences between them.

The overall layout of a buggy is by far the same as a stadium truck. The battery pack is mounted along the centerline of the chassis, behind the steering servo, and a 3-gear transmission bolts to the rear of the chassis. Buggies are sleek-looking machines and have a lower stance than their stadium truck cousins. Buggies are also narrower than a stadium truck, allowing a buggy to change directions faster.

While a buggy may be more responsive and nimble than a stadium truck, a car that is very responsive can be difficult to drive and control over rough terrain.

Stadium trucks feature wider stances and more ground clearance than buggies. These differences in design help stadium trucks handle ruts and bumps better than a buggy can, making stadium trucks a little easier to drive. Stadium trucks also have full truck bodies that cover the entire centerline of the chassis (stadium trucks still feature an open-wheel design). This difference in body design helps to protect the shock towers on a stadium truck better than on a buggy which improves durability. Finally, stadium trucks tend to be more popular than buggies in most areas.

Electric Cars

If you think you will eventually have a desire to race your off-road car or truck, you are often better off going with a truck, as there is simply a better chance that you will have others to race against.

Monster Trucks, Truggies, and 1/8 Scale Vehicles

Nitro and large-scale vehicles offer features that no other RC vehicle can match. From their impressive size to the sounds of the engines, nitro vehicles have seen an explosion in popularity over recent years. When deciding on a large RC car or truck, you are generally going to be looking at fuel-powered vehicles.

There are three different categories of large-scale vehicles to consider: 1/8 scale buggies, truggies, and monster trucks.

1/8 scale buggies are designed primarily with one thing in mind — winning races. Many of the 1/8 scale RTR buggies have been built to perform well on a variety of different surfaces from race tracks to backyards, or open fields to parking lots. While some may consider RTR 1/8 scale buggies as cars designed for less experienced hobbyists, there are a number of excellent performing 1/8 scales that could take you to the winner circle if you simply do not have the time to build from a kit.

Truggies are basically 1/8 scale buggies that have wider stances, larger truck tires, and truck bodies. Since they are based upon modified 1/8 scale buggies, they sit lower to the ground than a monster truck does which translates into better handling and performance on a race track. While offering more ground clearance than a 1/8 scale buggy, truggies have less ride height than a monster which can cause some issues over rougher terrain or in backyard-bashing applications.

Nitro monster trucks are most definitely the most popular form of RC vehicles currently available. These beasts have huge tires, bodies, and engines that put out a ton of power. Monster trucks are extremely versatile vehicles, in that they can be tuned for backyard bashing, tricked out with awesome-looking aftermarket parts, or tuned for … race track performance.

Monster trucks are truly the go anywhere, do anything RC vehicles.

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