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Driving an electric (EV) — what’s it

Right now, the vehicle looks set to be electric, but very few have driven an EV to date. So to a few myths about electric being about as quick as a or as attractive as a noddy car. we we d use our recent experience in the Smith / Ford Transit Connect BEV to you what driving an electric car van-based car) of the future be like.

Getting in to Smith’s Ford Transit Connect EV is like stepping into a Transit Connect. It looks any automatic transmission vehicle. are two pedals and a centrally mounted with park, drive and ratios.

It’s when you the key in the ignition that things get Instead of the churn of a starter and the flare of revs as an internal engine bursts into what you’re instead with is a barely perceptible noise, as the car’s 12volt powers up, and the diagnostics run a check on the batteries. Once that’s and they’re powered up, you hear a noise as the connectors kick in, the vehicle’s ready.

From there, it’s a matter of slipping the gearshift drive, and then silently, moving away. The lack of is – quite unsurprisingly – the thing takes most getting to. If you’ve ever sat in a car being or towed with its engine the first few yards you cover an EV will feel familiar.

brain, used to the gentle of revs from an internal engine, struggles to comprehend you’re moving without Video:

Accelerating and on the move

away from rest is a Simply press the accelerator, as you in an automatic car and the van hurries away the line with no fuss. motors produce nearly all of torque from zero which means good at low speed, and instead of the rise and in acceleration rates (and noise) you’re used to an internal combustion engine, simply a constant, linear force – as if a giant elastic has been attached to the front of the and is hauling you toward the horizon.

One thing that s worth is that you do become more of other vehicular noises from the tyres, wind, and of the vehicle. We wouldn t be surprised to see a lot of going into the next of electric vehicles to really try and or eliminate some of this ambient sound, as we suspect if — say — the interior a creak or rattle in your car, it d really draw to itself and prove to be much noticeable and annoying than in s internal combustion vehicles. the lack of motor noise this whole experience as Vinay suggests from the seat, “a little star – the van has only one gear ratio, means you just don’t the same sense of acceleration. So it as a surprise to look down and you’re doing 60 miles per

This thing is not slow.

Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars

The most noticable driving in the Transit Connect EV over a car or van is the regenerative braking system. and other hybrid drivers already be familiar with systems, which capture when a vehicle is slowing and feed it back into the The Transit Connect EV has the most set up type of this system yet driven – and if you’re clever and the road ahead, it means rarely need to touch the

Simply lift your off the accelerator, and the vehicle begins to – quite quickly – to the extent when exiting a motorway at the van had brought itself to a stop at the end of the without me touching the brake at all. Video:

If you’re and of a certain age, your of what an electric vehicle be like is probably rooted the milk float – the ancient delivery vehicle with a top of around 15 miles per hour. Electric, Ford’s partner on project, actually used to those vehicles as far back as 80 ago, but the Transit Connect EV so little resemblance to such a that the method of propulsion ought to be given a different Both are electric vehicles, but the two is like comparing Issigonis’s Mini with a contemporary

The most complementary thing we can say the Transit Connect BEV is that it at least as well as its internal counterpart, and in many regards better. It easily keeps up traffic. The lack of drivetrain engine noise, and not needing to gear significantly reduces the on the driver – meaning they’re to concentrate on the road. Smith that fatigue and strain in drivers of its EVs are significantly lower in equivalent internal combustion vehicles. Critically, in the small vehicle market, this lead to safer, more drivers, who have fewer

The proof of that particular will be in the eating, when vehicles go on sale in the US next But Smith report that of the on its existing fleets who’ve the jump from gasoline to drive, not one now wants to switch to an internal combustion engine. a group of drivers who are notoriously to please, that’s the best going.

Posted by Joseph Simpson on 2nd 2009.

The Movement Design team visit Smith s production facility in Washington, Wear, UK on 17th August Thanks to Dan Jenkins and everyone at for being so accommodating and patient. Ford is sponsoring The Movement Bureau s design and research in 2009

Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars
Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars
Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars
Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars
Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars
Mitsuoka Like Electric Cars

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