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brilliant electric car

The Performance and Value Leader In Electric Vehicles!

ZEV T models

T-10 T-7100 T-6100 T-5100

The World’s Longest Range Electric Bike with range to 225 km/140 miles (at 55 mph) or 129 km / 80 miles (at 70 mph) (T-10)


While riders are calling this bike a 2 wheel pickup truck an electric Harley , the electric cruiser — it really is the commuter rider’s range champion. No bike by any other company can match the 7100’s range at equal speeds. And it is fast. Watch the driving demonstration video at http://youtu.be/jtW8WY0twxE

T-5100 6.2 Kw motor, 4.52 Kwh battery MSRP $7189

T-6100 7. 3 K w motor, 5.2 Kwh battery MSRP $8190

T-7100 8.2 Kw motor, 6 Kwh battery MSRP $8,895

T-10 10 kw motor, 10 kwh battery MSRP $13,265

(As a very experienced motorcyclist, it is clear that this thing MOTORS Laur S Africa)

This bike is fully road legal and is used by most owners on the pavement as a commute to work bike. This bike has more battery capacity than many electric cars with lithium battery packs from 4.52 Kwh to the industry leading 10 Kwh for the T-10 model with the maximum possible range in any production electric motor scooter in the world.

The T-10 has More Range than any existing electric motor scooter or production electric motorcycle such as the BMW C Evolution, Zero XU or Zero S ZF6, or Brammo at far less money (except for another ZEV, the LRC).

The T series uses the ZEV high torque motor with extra cooling. Clearly not like any motor on any other motorcycle or motor scooter. The motor is built inside the wheel and has the maximum torque at zero rpm. We run this motor at 10,000 watts in the hottest version of our T series, the T-10.

No chains, no belts to lower efficiency. No chain and motor noise. No worry of dirt getting into the sealed motor.

No electric fans needed to cool the drive motor and sap your battery and range with their draw and drain. Brushless for long wear. You can buy 3 of our wheels and motors with the tire mounted for the price of a ZE RO motor.

Take a walk around the bike and see the details in this video http://youtu.be/8Cz00SR9I7E A walk around a T-10 is on YouTube at http://youtu.be/srTCAWSLww4

A big soft seat and lots of leg room for that long ride and large riders. (T-10 in matte black)

The bike was originally conceived as a heavy use delivery vehicle and for the Police. It was was built rugged with unusually large OD frame tubing at 1.65 inches AND a double frame center backbone. ( My Trail has been working great —I ride it nearly every day, charge it in the evening, and get back on it the next morning. It is turning into a real workhorse.

I enjoy being on it. Paul, Colorado)

Colorado has a lot of ZEV riders. High altitude does not bother electric bikes . Full power to the mountain top. ( I’ve been riding it 10-20 miles at a time and taken it up the mountain trails without any problems. —It’s a great machine — I keep it charged with my 3.5kw solar array so it really is a green machine! No carbon needed! Tim E, Colorado)

This is not some little toy scooter. The wheelbase is 60.62 inches. That is .62 inches longer than a Harley Sportster 883 or 1200cc. and 5 inches longer than a Honda CBR1000RR wheelbase. That long wheelbase gives the rider radically better stability than short wheelbase traditional scooters, while the light weight and low CG of the bike makes it very easy to handle compared to motorcycles. (I was very pleased with your 8500 Trail bike.

It is actually more stable than my (Harley) 1200 Sportster at high speed. T Vo, Calif.)

The large seat rear section flips up and locks to become a backrest. This also reveals a heavy duty load rack that can haul your gear and work equipment, you outboard motor, or just hauling home your trophy deer. Equally at home on the pavement, the load carrying ability of the T Series allows boxes and other bulky items (or a briefcase) to be hauled easily.

The space between the side bars measures 15 X 15 inches (38 X 38 cm).

Designed for easy long term maintenance -under that flat rear deck is all of the wiring connectors for the motor and the battery system for each trouble shooting. The side of the bike pulls off with just 5 bolts to gain immediate access to the battery.

This unique bike has lockable storage box along the side of the rear for smaller items.

The buyer can have semi knobby tires or standard street tires at his option.

The full digital instrument panel has only a hall sensor and magnet down at the dirty end. Forget getting dirt clogged air filters. An electric motor does not lose power to altitude like gasoline engine.

It is no wonder that among the first bikes sold were ones for British Columbia, Colorado, and Africa.

Do not worry about getting stranded on some back road with this bike. It has the largest battery capacity of any electric motor scooter on the market The T 7100 has demonstrated 100 mile range on asphalt roads. On dirt roads in testing the 5100 model bike was able to run distances of 70 miles / 113 km. The Model 6100 has run 85 miles / 137 km in dirt road testing.

ZEV also offers controllers for the motors in different amp ranges so that the owners can obtain even more range if they do not need exceptional torque. This option can stretch range to 100 miles in certain conditions on the 6100 and over 100 miles on the 7100. Put this huge battery capacity in perspective. The battery pack in a Toyota Prius is only 1.6 Kwh. So the Model 6100 has a battery pack 3 times larger than the Toyota Prius car in terms of Kwh capacity.

brilliant electric car

The model 7100 has 3.75 times more capacity that the car.

Speed — 50 mph for the model 5100

— 62 mph for the model 6100

— 73 mph for the model 7100

— 80 mph for the T-10 and optional 8500 and 9200 watt versions of the 7100.

This bike has a special, extremely high torque electric motor for maximum hill climbing ability. Compare the 183 lb ft of the Trail motor to that of even the $13,995 Brammo Empulse with an advertised 59 lb ft of torque.

What differentiates the models is the battery capacity which allows longer range and higher speed in the higher number models. The larger battery capacity in the 6100 makes this vehicle heavier than the 5100. The 6100 weighs 394 lbs reducing its payload to 365 lbs (760 lbs vehicle gross weight) compared to the 5100. The 6100 can then still carry two 183 lb riders.

The 5100 weighs 334 lbs and can carry a 425 lb payload.

For more views of the bike, here is a link to our YOUTUBE walk around the T-10 http://youtu.be/srTCAWSLww4 and a still photo slide show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pGF13Ga1Sc



POLICE PACKAGE AVAILABLE — Includes siren, flashing red and blue lights, rotating red beacon, helmet mic, equipment boxes, windshield .

HIGH PERFORMANCE OPTIONS — The 7100 is available in a high performance 9500 watt version that sacrifices 15% range for a whopping change in attitude. If your commute is not long, you might enjoy smoking off everyone at the light for some serious going to work entertainment. $350 additional.

Current shipping time:

Approximately two weeks if on a dealer showroom floor.

90-110 days if factory direct and not in stock.

Brilliant LED driving light on all model

brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car

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