Tesla Roadster Electric Car Acceleration [HD] How To Make & Do Everything!

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Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster


What do you think about this video?


EmanPlay: My GTA V favourite car.

opel inside. 

ArmandndjohnnyP: This car is in GTA V

Zak paladane: metro 

ramsey144: The best car

Jasper’s Garage: The dial on the right indicates how much power the motors are providing/ absorbing, The one on the left is an integrated speedo and rev counter since it’s a fixed gear ratio

Erryday: Sounds wonderful!

MuzzaHukka: No I am not, I am saying that there are no gears, and no revs to rev up through. Hence, you get a blast of instant full torque from the engine instantly unlike gasoline engines. And, to prove my point, I said, if you can’t afford an electric car to compare speeds results with, buy a toy electric car and then a gasoline RC car. You are stupid on the one pal

Zimba9810: why dont they add a sound to it make it super cool but you can switch off for silent mode.

Paulo Santos: Are you stupid? o.O

Lawrence Toy Chest: Nice

jeff swanson: Why don’t you geniuses that are accepting our tax dollars as grants do something functional? Design a PHEV (plug in kit) for existing hybrid vehicles (camry, highlander, prius, etc).

MRFUCKOFF202: Fast but boring. Needs V12 sound track.

Mindaugas V: It goes 300miles on one charge right now. so there is no future, it is better right now, and its gonna improve 😉 lets say, one electric super car is 1088hp and it can go 370miles on one charge 😉 but it costs 1m$, but tesla is afordable 😉 so. tesla already made some things to change in the world 😉

sekopiski: Nice Opel wiper stalk.

krzintegraboi: its a performance car..if you think like that then all super cars should be limited also. every car it competes with in its class has the same type of acceleration. if you slow the car down then it will no longer be a super car competitor and then it wont sell.

Andrew Micallef: I want this car for one major reason: that sweet, sweet acceleration sound!

Erik van Rijn: The only thing that lets this car down is the true american build quality. Rattle rattle, bang bang! And look at that god awful stitching :) But a brilliant first step nonetheless!

moeShuaibi: It should go around 244 mi (393 km) before it runs out of juice

uniquemind162: Heh Heh it’s making noise- Patrick Star

cspj12: why do they limit these to 125 mph?

ManiPulatoR84: No crap, the wiper lever is identical to the one in the Opel Astra F -_-

howardkevinm: what kind of braking system does it have?

Woody Ridenour: Why is it called Tesla Motors when all it has is a big battery?

Eddie Dexter Stewart: Warp speed, Mr. Sulu.

James T Kirk: And American engineering. 😉

peckrwoodmm: Curious. if u were taking a trip..how long will this thing last?

bigrudyilwu38619: What does one go for?

Jörg Zimmer: looks and sounds good. for an pure electric car, you know 😉

Wei liang Liu: how far can it go with 1 full charge?

Avad Garcia Bruno: Lo voy a comprar

nat7bgtt: Thanks to Nikola Tesla!

Tesla Fan: ummm it has a battery wine its not completely silent like the model s

moeShuaibi: That sound. real life Ghost (from Halo) sounds sexier than conventional engine I really want one so bad

SOPM2007: Oh I know where it is. One of the lucky guys who get a test drive.

Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster

mibars: It lacks a variable ratio gearbox, so it starts and goes 125mph at same gear. Even though electric engines are capable to do so it is not optimal if you want to have huge toque AND speed. Torque is limited by thermal effects and magnetic saturation in motor (from high currents) and speed in this case probably by mechanical properties of the motor.

321lambo: It’s not the battery. It indicates how much ‘Throttle’ u give. So you could see it as the ‘pk indicator’ of the bugatti veyron.

Svilen Vassilev: It has the same indicators/wipers switch as the ones in most opels/vauxhalls lol. Great acceleration though, spectacular!

PSYKOAmusic: Der Sound erinnert mich irgendwie an den Einer S- oder U-Bahn^^

LMF5000: As I explained to Mr. Caracceleration, it’s a kilowatt meter (kW), which is the same as a horsepower meter, just with different units (1 kW = 1.33 horsepower). It indicates how much power is flowing. The white area on the right indicates when power is going from batteries to motor.

The green area on the left indicates regenerative braking (power going backwards, i.e. from motor to batteries).

reggie F: guys next time keep that camera higher than the Dash.

MRFUCKOFF202: Racing on a track is dumb? What a stupid statement.

Daniel Kazimierczyk: Sounds like a fricken jet damn.

TrafficDE: Ich dachte immer, ein Elektroauto hört sich total langweilig an. Aber der Sound hat was^^

Car Acceleration TV: yes, especially the acceleration is impressive as a jet fighter.

Tesla Fan: shut up

Peptry: Right now, how far away can go an internal combustion motor with the tank full. And anyone knows if an electric car can go more far away than an internal combustion motor? I mean in the future :/

TheCashistrash: tesla build one of these for around 50k range and i buy one from you right now.

Nag Ruiter: What’s going on with the revcounter? I doesn’t have gears does it? So why does it drop so far every now and then?

mibars: Tesla Roadster borrows lots of parts from Lotus Elise which shares some tech with Opel (they even sold Elise as Opel Speedster/Vauxhall VX220 for some time)

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California. The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.


Tesla Roadster electric car acceleration [HD] 4.7 out of 5

Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster
Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster
Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster
Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster
Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster
Electric Car Pariss Electric Roadster

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