The Brilliant Simplicity of Mazda SKYACTIV

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brilliant electric car

The Brilliant Simplicity of Mazda


In an age when automakers are pushed to reduce emissions and use of the precious oil-based fuels we are out of the ground and processing at great (both financial and environmental), have turned to hybrids, vehicles, all-natrual biodiesel and hydrogen. However, all of the aforementioned are a bit tricky to implement in a world 95% of all cars still run on diesel or

We have a very long way to go alternatives means of propulsion to properly rival the two main fuel types. Hybrids and EVs expensive and highly-toxic batteries, biodiesel is still not widespread to really make it viable engines need to be modified to with it, and the latest ones, their high-pressure injection turbochargers and particulate filters not run on it at all).

Not even hydrogen, which is the abundant chemical element in the can be extracted easily, and the process of it uses a lot of electricity, and therefor is not green at all. So, for the near (10 15, maybe 20 years) improving and the technology we already have and use is a better philosophy than billions into complicated and hybrid systems, which really justify themselves may be more efficient than powertrains, but they are expensive to and develop, and the improvements they simply do not offset the balance in favor.

One manufacturer which has done things differently, is Aside from their rotary engined cars, the of which went out of production year (the RX8), have always strived to their cars fun to drive, as as efficient. Now, with the of their SKYACTIV program. philosophy has been taken to a new level, and if what they`ve so far is just the start, we are curious to see they will come up in the years.

The idea behind SKYACTIV is the technology and techniques that we have, and making them in every single way. of working around the problem, my everything overly-complicated, they are everything head-on, and they`re all the for it. They are making everything more efficient, stronger and in order not to overburden their with excessive strengthening adds weight), or excessive or overly-fiddely components which are and expensive to manufacture

The first they looked at was reducing the of their chassis, while its rigidity, in order for their to handle as a Mazda should, as as use less fuel in the process. coupled these new, and stronger chassis with engines, which are currently as good, if not better than Europe has to offer. They lightweight components in the construction of the as well as innovative technologies, to as much energy as possible every single drop of fuel.

I`m not going to get into the technical of things right now, but just say they are definitely on to

This is the proper way to go about the car, in order for it to cope our ever-changing needs making it while making it simple. new Six, equipped with the new diesel engine is one of the most and advanced cars on the market, efficiency figures comparable to of a hybrid, yet with none of the (extra weight, lackluster

The other automakers are all getting the hybrid and EV train, as the idea is ‘in’ right now. But if, in the coming years (decades), (the kind we have will be deemed too toxic and to the environment to be produced, and we may be forced to back to internal combustion for the This is merely a hypothesis, but ever-stricter rules and regulations everything, it may very well

brilliant electric car

Mazda is striving to bring the in the form we know and love, to the level, simply by refining and not changing/replacing in order to achieve set

If all manufacturers did this, right we would genuinely begin to see a of our dependency on oil much much as people would buy these cars, which drive you are used to, don`t feature too buttons and don`t run on anything exotic than petrol or The new owners would be putting fuels into the tanks of cars, but they would be less of it in, on a much wider than hybrids or fuel-cell could ever feasibly in the short term

The main is this: the alternative means of are all great, and they show us the future will be like, and all the technologies have a lot of potential, and will all get adopted and adapted on a scale in the future. What we now is not to rethink the whole idea of the but rather improve what we have, because the effect of will be far more immediate.

Being the impatient beings we are, we want to see fast to our actions, and if philosophies similar to would be adopted by all manufactures, with the next generation of most of which would in the next 5 years, the effect be dramatic. If all cars used 20 to 30% fuel, the math is simple WE be using 20 to 30% less fuel and has absolutely no bad connotations linked to it.

of all the billions being invested hybrids right now all (or at least of) that money could be in order for the engineers and designers the conventional cars that we drive (and still for quite a while) to make and quicker improvements. I`m not saying cut green budgets completely, but we need to be realistic about and realize that oil is something gotten ourselves into, and it be very hard to break the We can limit the extent of the damage we are to the planet with what we before the alternatives become feasible.

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brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car
brilliant electric car

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