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Mia electric Electric Cars

The Future is Electric


The future has arrived and it is electric.

If the Tokyo Motor Show is any major car manufacturers are taking the to build eco-friendly machines — hybrid plug-ins and fuel vehicles — seriously.

Our World today’s media-only preview and we surprised to find that technology was the focus of both the official press briefings and the of media that attended.

Car Toyota, Nissan, Honda and all led their presentations with of next generation vehicles, encouragingly to this year’s “Fun driving for us, Eco driving for

Our mission was to find out who is really change when it comes to vehicles, and who is just going for the ride.

Toyota, walking the

We expected Toyota’s unveiling of two new concept models to be the highlight of the and it seemed that everyone did too. The whole show shut down as the crowd to the Toyota display to hear Toyoda. company president and of the company’s founder, speak.

Toyoda unveiled the FT-EV II car — a small four-seater electric that can run 90 km on a single charge — and for the fashion conscious, the new FT-86 emissions sports car was launched to the of piercing rock music.

In a familiar to enthusiasts of alternative these models are still “concept cars” and the reality of mass production is by no means Potential buyers will to wait until the end of 2011 and US) for the FT-86, and until 2012 for the FT-EV II, before they can the keys over.

To its credit, has been walking the talk better in the hybrid category, record losses this resulting from the financial Sales for its well known generation Prius have tremendously in recent years, in its home country, Japan.

On the one it feels like Toyota is the race for the vehicles of the future. the president mounted a strong of cars and stressed that based vehicles are still an part of the company s overall

From zero to zero-emissions

In Nissan left the media with no doubt as to where its is headed as it trumpeted its commitment to the through its blue citizenship” strategy .

The presentation by Nissan’s first company president, multilingual businessmen Carlos Ghosn was the surprise of the day. Nissan, in with auto-industry companies and appears to have a clear strategy to roll out its green across the world .


Ghosn cleverly articulated his “international commitment” to reduce by plugging its range of new zero-emission obviously playing to an international as the only one of the major manufacturers to in English.

The company claims the nature-invoking Leaf sedan be the first “mass marketed emission and affordable” car on the market. from recyclable materials and the capacity to travel 160 km in a single it will be available for purchase 2010 in the US, Europe and Japan.

also unveiled a slim-lined one-seater electric vehicle, the Glider, complete with wheels and its own recyclable lithium-ion produced in its joint venture electronics company NEC.

In his speech. Ghosn claims the Renault-Nissan Alliance is investing US$ 5.5 billion in zero emissions suggesting that it is serious environmentally friendly cars and ready to make up for its slow into the green car market.

dreams into reality?

displays highlighted that the manufacturers still have views on what the best to invest in for the future is. While companies were focused on vehicles and hybrid plug-ins, focused its stage production on fuel cell cars, its determination to create what its calls the “ultimate form” of fuel vehicles.

Honda of the “power of dreams” but in reality, its to promote various “mobility through its Honda Electric Loop (see page 4 of PDF ) seems incoherent. Details also unclear on the company’s display model, the FCX Clarity, began selling in very numbers in the US in 2008. Only 200 have been produced in years.

While most of the car-makers had at least concept on show, Mazda chose to promote fuel efficient based cars that use its new technology which shuts and starts up a vehicle s engine in order to save energy.

Mia electric Electric Cars

U.S.A, M.I.A

The big three US —  General Motors (GM), the world’s largest manufacturer, and Chrysler — were all missing this year s show, though all of them appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in

There is speculation that the crisis or the Tokyo show s global importance might been a factor in their Or perhaps it s because they are behind in the race to build and fuel efficient alternative (see comparisons here )? As we seen however, affordable car dreams will come in the US next year thanks to Japanese manufacturers.

Perhaps the US giants are still recovering their role in delaying the of new automobile technologies, as the provocatively documentary “Who killed the car ?” asserts.

A decade ago, the GM ended production of what was to be the world’s first mass electric car built by a major — the EV1. Although to be fair, it did the 50 Worst Cars of All Time to Time Magazine for legitimate — it was expensive to build and the battery was not yet ready.

Ten years and one financial meltdown GM is struggling to get back on its feet being bought out by US taxpayers this year. Perhaps provides the US government with the opportunity to develop serious to unsustainable gas guzzling Sport Utility (SUVs).

Making the switch

The material for this year s Motor Show states

“In the coming age, being is likely to be something that we do as a of course and if that is the case, year’s Tokyo Motor must be giving everyone a into the future by presenting the latest eco-friendly technologies to the

This, like the presentations we saw sounds good in theory. But face it, car manufacturers have revving their engines on vehicles for several years, really moving out of first

Today s display of the latest of the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric (MiEV), first developed in and finally available to the public in serves as a reminder that the is far from complete and therefore consumption is a long way off.


Still, the overwhelming we got from this day was that are seriously investing in environmentally vehicles and in the process, investing in own long term future.

Mia electric Electric Cars
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