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it was the same scene as in the first book. What kept me from giving it a 3? Story

I know I m in the minority on this one and I accept that. But sadly, I was very disappointed with this story. I waited for months for the second installment in Gideon and Eva s story only to find it lacking.

I didn t care for this story at all because it felt completely different from Bared to You (which I loved). I get that this story built on Bared but it didn t seem to do that, at least for me, at all. Reflected seemed like a complete regression in Gideon and Eva s relationship. The constant back and forth ping pong of emotions and actions was maddening.

At 50% into the story I was ready to quit. I am not anticipating reading Entwined because the ending of this story really left an indelible mark on my psyche and not a good one. Their relationship was terminally ill and I kept thinking at several moments in the story that they need to run far, far away from each other and fast.

I was truly expecting more from this story. But, I think I ve come to the end of my road on these damaged hero stories where control and domination are the major emphasis of the story. Will I read Entwined? Probably. Will I rush to read it when it comes out?

Probably Not.With all the hoopla around Bared to You and it s similarity to Fifty Shades of Grey, I wasn t sure where this second installment was going to go. But Sylvia Day took this story in a direction I certainly didn t think it would go, but it demonstrated the lengths our couple have to go through to prove what they have is real.

Gideon and Eva are trying to build a somewhat normal relationship out of the ashes of their tragic pasts. They both have so many issues it s sometime hard to keep track of all of them. But at the core of their relationship is knowing they have truly found the one and figuring out just how they manage to keep their relationship together without pushing each other over the edge.

It s not an easy task for each of them.

Gideon, for the majority of the time, is closed off, possessive and pushes Eva away. Eva is just as possessive, but she doesn t trust Gideon and his feeling for her. That is why she has a hard time believing him when he tells her he d do anything for her.

She figures it s his way of controlling her and their relationship. While I could understand why Eva would feel the way she did (Gideon really is an … for the majority of this book), I found myself getting irritated with her because she was just so willing to toss Gideon aside each and every time he got her back up. Not very … for a woman who is trying to lead an … life.

Gideon isn t a saint. He uses … to get Eva to admit to hurt feelings and punishing him. Despite that, you can sense Gideon s struggle with the depth of his feelings for Eva and just how he s supposed to express that when Eva finds those three little words so important.

Actions speak louder than words (which I think Eva finally gets at the end) but for two people how constantly need validation from each other you can see how hard it is for Gideon.

There are a some ups and a lot of downs with this story. Gideon and Eva run the gamut of emotions and those filter off of the page to the reader. But for all their issues, this is a couple that I m committed to seeing to their HEA.

For that, I must wait for the last installment, Entwined with You, due out at the end of the year.I m always a bit nervous when it comes to a follow up book to one that I really enjoyed. Reflected in You knocked my socks off. I adored Bared to You but have to say I liked this one as much if not more then the 1st. Only thing that bothered me at first was although I understand the great pull of … tension between Eva Gideon I didn t like how it made Eva look so weak. The scene after the concert in the limo almost made me sick.

It became more like a drug addict … trying to do anything for her next fix . It weakened her a bit in my eyes. At that point I would of liked to seen more insight as to why she did what she did and not just a way to get back at him. Maybe a bit of doubt of their relationship faced with Brett appearing and her obvious attraction she still felt for him.

I enjoyed the possible love triangle and wished there could of been more involving of Brett. With the hopes it would help her in her journey of actually finding herself and not getting lost. wrapped up. with everything concerning Gideon. It was great being able to see scattered inside thoughts of Gideon. I look forward to the next book!I thought I loved Bared to You, but that pales in comparison to just how much I enjoyed Reflected in You. It. was.

AMAZING. It picks up exactly where Bared to You left off. Things are a bit strained from the party the night before, and that tension sets the tone for the rest of the book.

Scorching hot love scenes abound, but also real tenderness between Gideon and Eva that tugs on those heartstrings. There s a fine line in series books like this where things could easily become annoying and overplayed, but Sylvia Day s writing flows so well, it never feels forced or unnecessarily repetitive. Gideon is still very aloof and closed off about his past, but Ms.Day gives us enough answers to be satisfying, yet still left wanting more. And boy do I want more.

December 31st, get here soon!I m not breaking it down like that to be negative, but this is just essentially what happens repeatedly all throughout the story, up until the very end when we finally get some answers and realize (at least partially) why Gideon was being such an …. So here s my issue; I LOVED the steamy scenes. Day really outdid herself this time around with several moments that had my pulse skyrocketting (that post-concert limo scene YUMMERS). But at some point, there needed to be something behind all of the great, intense, mind-numbing …. I mean, even Day recognizes this point in the story, she has them talk about how their relationship needs to be more than just ….

It was this never-ending cycle of no real substance, and it was just so monotonous. What I was hoping for and entirely expected was some real development in their relationship; sweet dates out on the town, moments where they kick back and enjoy something fun together, nights at home snuggling while they talked about something ANYTHING. Take for example the adorable, … email banter that we all loved so much between Ana and Christian in Fifty Shades. Even something that trivial added into the story made them seem like a real couple that could simply enjoy each other, even with all the mess in their lives.

We don t get any of that here, and it really made their relationship feel lacking, much to Eva s agreement.

I wanted so badly for Eva to walk away REALLY walk away, so that Gideon would finally get it. I don t know what happened to the Gideon I fell so hard for in Bared, because he wasn t here in this book until the very end. The cocky, … alpha-male went all coldhearted angry dom on us, and I really missed the sweet seduction that made me melt in Bared. There s one really dramatic twist that seems to make him fully understand, followed by an emotion-filled section of the story that I loved.

But then Gideon does a complete 180 all over again! As much as I wanted Eva to get a backbone, I couldn t help but feel sorry for her after the yo-yo act Gideon put her through. I wanted him to experience gut-wrenching emotional pain for what she had to feel! We do eventually discover what was behind his final assholery , but at that point it was just too much.

That section of the book would have been the perfect heart-crushing torment that I love in a great romance, if it weren t for the multiple boomerang moments prior.

I m really not trying to bash this book; I m giving it 3 out of 5 stars because I did enjoy it more than I disliked it. I was virtual high-fiving Eva a few times when she told Gideon where he could shove it, and I was very happy that it drove him mad. And of course the chemistry between Gideon and Eva is clearly off-the-charts, and I love the intensity of it. Some of the dramatic twists were great; the addition of Eva s ex Brett and his determination to win her over really put some excitement into the storyline, and like I said, I really loved the heartbreaking lead into the ending.

I am such a sucker for stories that have that intense jealousy and world-crushing heartbreak, and Day wrote it to perfection here. I remain hopeful that with the next book we will finally get to the core of Gideon s past so he can let go and truly love Eva, because this series started out too good to end up a disappointment.I probably going to be in the minority on this one, but it felt like book two wasn t written by Sylvia in the same way as book one (over editing?) My hopes were high and I certainly loved Book one, but Eva and Gideon s roller coaster ride of a relationship was frustrating, instead over both characters gradually moving forward.

Eva started out as a strong women character (yes, who had her issues) but turned into a weak woman (Well, till the very end) So many times, I wanted her to walk away from Gideon, which was most likely NOT the writers intent. I don t even feel a lot of connection with his character. Without some sort of growth on his part he took a step backwards instead of forward in Book two.

Example: The scene where he s coming out of the shower in his office, What woman would stand for no explanation, (I would have thrown that ring so fast) I wanted to shake her silly! I can only hope Book 3 will give me the progress I was hoping to see in book 2, Of course, I will read Book Three, who wouldn t after this much commitment.Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell dysfuntional, star crossed relationship started in Bared To You and continued in Reflected In You(the second book of three). She had been a victim of brutal … abuse and rape by her step brother and he was abused by a therapist brought in after he had behavioral problems dealing with his father s ….

As a result both were promiscuous and unable to commit to anyone until they found each other. Their relationship, however was wrought with alleged chaeating, jealously,some violence and a lot of insecurities. There was a lot of going back and forth in their relationsip, which I found tiring at times.

Anyway, there was a lot of hot … between Gideon and Eva, and at times seem that was all there was to the relationship. I found this to be a good read regardless and cannot wait for the next book.Ok, so I finished reading Reflected in You last night, and it took me all day to figure out how I feel. I gave it 4 stars because I enjoyed my reading experience while I was reading. My frustration came after.I loved Bared to You, and read it multiple times.

Without spoiling this review with nitty gritty details, I will list a few things that irked me about this sequel.

1. Where is the Gideon I fell in love with in book one? This Gideon was like Christian Grey before he found a soul, but without the … yet!

2.Eva was already breaking down in Bared to You. For someone who has been through therapy and knows her weaknesses and was so adamant about not reverting before, her begging for scraps of his attention now is insane. She made me insane.

I had to send the part of my brain that likes to make sense on a mini vacation in order to enjoy my read.

3. There was so much hot, steamy, unbridled … that I actually craved more scenes filled with LOVE. I felt like I had been taken to the edge and not allowed to climax. When they weren t sexing their brains out they were fighting or ignoring each other. (_) (#_#)

4. I didn t pay attention to the page numbers as I read, and had no freakin clue that I had come to the end. Because there was no end. I was able to maintain my composure because I know the next book will answer my questions, but this book was like a layover when you have to run to catch your connecting flight. You race thru the airport to the next flight, just to stand in a line 30 deep at the gate.Like others, after reading fifty shades I started Bared to you.

I enjoyed it, in its twistedness. I was excited about reading this book, and stayed up all night to finish it the day I bought it. I feel like this book did not get ANYWHERE.

It was just more jealousy, …, break ups, makeups, and more …. I enjoy the characters, but boy, do they make me frustrated. I started to hate Eva for not hating Gideon about some things he does to her. It s like all there is thats special between them is SEX. That s what it always boils down to.

Towards the end of the book, it turned into a mystery that never really got explained throughly. I STILL feel confused about some of the actions of the characters. Eva is on her period all the time it seems. She wants to break up with Gideon, but she cant because I guess he s just so ….

LOOKS AREN T EVERYTHING. I wanted to scream at her just to find somebody else. What does Gideon have that nobody else has other than money and looks? nothing! She can t stay mad at him for 2 seconds, I cant even take her seriously.

She reminds me more of a love-struck teenager. Overall, The book was a fun read. It wasnt very realistic to me, more drama. I wished something would have happend in their relationship to go to that next level. C mon, a baby? marriage? anything.

Gideon saying I love you at the VERY END of the book was some sort of huge miracle and milestone for Eva which is simply ridulous to me.WOW. After reading Bared to You a couple of months earlier, I was counting down to the publication of Reflected in You. Well it was so worth the wait. If you are a fan of Gideon and Eva, this book will not disappoint.

Carey also has an interesting story and I hope we learn more about his past in book 3. Yes Gideon is controlling and sometimes so obsessive you want to scream, but a moment later you want to hug away all the hurt he s suffered in his life. Sometimes I just wanted to be Eva. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

The book is so well written that even if you are new to this genre (as I am) you will become a fan of Sylvia Day s writing. Now my only critique is that I have to wait until December for the next chapter in this saga. In the meantime I think I ll just start all over again.I completed reading Reflected in You a few days ago, it has literally taken me three days to wrap my head around my feelings about this book.

At first I was disappointed and angry; I even resorted to texting a girlfriend at three in the morning to vent my dissatisfaction.

I thought the novel started out well, lots of angst and heat between Gideon and Eva both damaged and trying to make things work despite their individual but equal plethora of issues. I found the redemption of Cary to be most welcome and in the end the saving grace comically for the book. Seriously, he has some of the best lines in the entire book.

My favorite Cary line in RIY: Deductive reasoning, baby girl. When I went to sleep, you looked irritated. When I woke up, you looked like you d just smoked a fat joint.

Where things went wonky for me is when we were introduced to Eva s ex-boyfriend/worst mistake Brett. We learn about their immature and unhealthy relationship only to discover that he (Brett the rock star) has lingering feelings for Eva. We discover this while Eva and Gideon attend their show during which they are dry humping in the crowd.

When the band s song Golden plays the lyrics shock Eva especially when her name is said repeatedly in the song, Gideon even comments, That song, makes me think of you. Really? So after the dry humping and finger banging by Gideon at Brett s show Eva escapes to the limo to avoid seeing Brett only to end up kissing him. WHAT.

Of course Gideon witnesses this, quickly engages in fisticuffs with Brett and then punishes her in the limo during a ten hour drive to the Outer Banks. I was initially disturbed by Gideon s brand of punishment, I found it demeaning and really out of character for him.

When they return to the City all hell has broken loose. Cary has been attacked, her father visits, she discovers that her mother and father still are in love with each other, and Nathan Barker her rapist step brother has returned and has been found …! Gideon backs away from Eva leaving her full of doubt until she starts picking apart the pieces of Gideon s past.

Drama galore!

The book ends with Eva s assertion that Gideon has … Nathan for her. Gideon Cross a …? That s not hot that is psychotic, right?

So when I shut down my Kindle at 4:25am I was initially incredibly disappointed. After several hours of sleep and hours in the real world I came to the realization that this is a book. Its sole purpose is to entertain and tantalize the reader. I adore Sylvia Day as an author and I think my initial response didn t take into consideration that she is challenging her reader. Reflected In You is the middle piece and by design should set up loads of drama and perhaps even disappointment so we have something to look forward to in the final chapter.I was a little put off by the first book Bared but having read it I needed to see how the story continued.

Reflected is so much better than Bared! I was finally able to actually fall in love with Gideon. I didn t think much of him in Bared and thought he came across as weird, not the cool rich dominant he was supposed to be.

Reflected changed ALL that, especially after the Brett incident! Reflected was so much more engaging. Having said all that I feel like both books are way too short, at just a little over 300 pages each. I feel like they should have been combined into one really good book. It would have felt a lot more satisfying and I could have given it a 5 star review.

People who are now just picking up on this series will at least have the opportunity to read them back to back. Looking forward to Entwined!As many other Bared to You fans I was anxiously waiting for Reflected in You to be released. I bought this book the moment it became available in the kindle market and immediately dove in. The first half of the book was amazing but then I seriously began getting frustrated with Gideon s behavior. I really felt like Eva became a weak character and that ruined a majority of this book for me.

In Bared to You she was so strong willed and she didn t put up with any of Gideon s crap and in this one I felt like she lost her spark. I think had Sylvia Day added just one more chapter at the end it would ve saved the book but I was greatly unsatisfied with the way it closed. I still have hope for a great ending though and look forward to December.What a rollercoaster ride this book was. I have to admit there were parts in this story where I d just had enough of Eva and Gideon and their constant self-doubt. I was so frustrated with their on again off again relationship and the fighting and making up.

I asked myself countless times, is this relationship worth saving? Maybe sometimes love isn t enough and it s time to just throw in the towel. But then Gideon would do or say something so contrary to his actions that I d love him again.

I just had no idea what was going on in that man s head. In this case, I love the use of the first person narrative. It was perfect for this story and kept me in constant suspense.

Gideon and Eva s relationship is just dysfunctional. There is no other way to describe it. Yet, I can feel how much they love each other.

I thought perhaps Gideon couldn t say he loved Eva because he just didn t feel it, but when he finally does share his feelings you realize he feels so much more than love.

People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won t happen for me.

I won t survive you, Eva. My breath caught at the look on his face when he glanced at me. I m obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You re everything I ve ever wanted or needed, everything I ve ever dreamed of. You re everything.

I live and breathe you. For you.

I have to admit, Eva bugged me at least half the book. She was so insecure I wanted to smack her. But Gideon s behavior didn t help her insecurities.

The pair of them were heartbreaking at times. They loved each other but just didn t know how to communicate properly and keep from hurting each other. Just when I was about to come to the point when I couldn t take anymore, Sylvia Day finally explains what prompted Gideon s strange behavior. Arrrggg.

And then she left me hanging. So now I m frustrated for a totally different reason. I love Gideon again, but now I have to wait for book 3 to find out what happens. All I have to say to readers is, be patient. All will be explained eventually.Scorching as ever, but I found Gideon to be a sinister presence and he s more 50 mill shades of f*** up than Christian Grey.

And there s not much I like about him unfortunately. And we FINALLY hear from G about his abused past but as he s driving a car. It was a total letdown in presentation and drama I was waiting for a Big Bangg moment for this event in the story.

The secondary characters who were so built up in the first book messed up Cary and especially evil brother Christopher primed to play a big sinister role on book 1 and yet nothing happened, NOTHING, just more of the same actually a 2 minute appearance, as with Gideon s mother ..verrrry disappointing, lost opportunities there big time and they stayed on the outer sidelines. Very outer. And the big Enemy/Threat of the story for our hero and heroine is kept totally off camera and we don t even hear about him until the verrrry end when it s already to late for him. Hello.

All that buildup and no payoff.

Of course there s a heck of a lot of … which I m not sure propelled us forward but just further into Eva and GC s twisted obsession with each other. All this I need you, etc, bla, bla (started getting on my nerves)=Psychology 101= bad news for a relationship! Their issues and obsessive need to be saved thru each other will take eons of therapy to work thru. The third book is going to have to start 10 years later at this rate.

Especially with the ending we got here .whoa. Uh oh, now they re in it wayyyyy deeeeep. I enjoyed the ride, but still ugh.Let me start by saying that this review is in large part, a comparison to it s first part, Bared To You, which I loved.

I still appreciated the flow of writing and certain aspects of the characters but where we were deeply involved with the lives of the protagonists and achingly curious about the villains of Bared to You, I find that Reflected In You leaves us with shallow connections with all characters and their story lines. Simply put the characters have changed and actions and thoughts have now made them more fantasy than they were in the first place. There is now a disconnect and the genre of the writing has shifted.

Where once we read about a complicated romance, I feel we picked up with a different but similar story that can now only be characterized as a suspense.

Reflected In You contained a lot of confusing interactions for the characters, all of which is pulled together in the end. We are denied certain interactions and character developments that seemed almost promised in bared to you. Prominent characters who once seemed to seek out normal, healthy lives and interactions now seem to have abandoned all sense of functionality in the real world and exhibit sociopathic, co-dependent tendencies. I felt like Eva and Gideon became a Bonnie and Clyde of sorts by the end.

Cary became a secondary character when he was once very important to the story line.

Emotionally, Reflected in you leaves a lot to be desired. There are still the incredible … scenes but in this book … becomes a tool more so than in the first and loses some of it s intimacy for me.

I still appreciated the writing style and the story was okay but if you are expecting to read something that is a strong link to the first book in this series, I think Sylvia Day may have missed the mark being caught up in mass market appeal and the time constraints she had to released the next part of the series. Something here is lost in translation.So many words come to mind. WOW!

OMG! EXCELLENT! FREAKING CLEVER! Knew something was up, but .HOLY SHITZAH, Batman! Didn t see that one coming.

Have to thank all the many friends, readers, reviewers and sites I visit that didn t spoil this for me. I think this was one of the best kept secrets. Someone always blabs, so I m so thrilled no one spilled.

Think the last 20% of this bk put it over the top for me. That s when you hit the Uh Oh moment. Following along not knowing where the heck this bk was going only to have things wrapped up shockingly but satisfying at the end. Resolved? NO WAY, but at least I can breathe a sigh of relief that the tension with Gideon/Eva is over for now.

Do they have some HUGE stuff to sort, you betcha, but still a big High Five to Syliva Day for this wowza. Bk 3 is gonna be some kind of interesting. This bk picks up immediately where the first left off, so a refresher is in order if you haven t read Bared to You in a while.

Gideon and Eva are one totally dysfunctional duo but DAMN are these two hot together. Break out the fan and the cold water, sistahs. How about that backseat car scene? And who didn t rub their hands together with giddy glee when Gideon throws down over Eva in a fit of alpha jealous possessive rage. A positively swooning wonder moment for me.

Gideon, Gideon you poor sad, intense, damaged boy, so glad you ve found Eva to complete you. Love Eva s spunk when she s had it with Gideon s crap and when she stands by her man. Love this girl! My mind can t even comprehend where bk 3 will go.

I just know that I don t want to miss it. Will be waiting anxious to click buy on release day.This second book in the Crossfire Trilogy was not at all what was anticipated. Granted there was a lot of sensuously passionate … and an unbelievably addictive, explosive relationship between Gideon and Eva as was in the first book, but the ultimate climax of the story was the heart and soul for one incredibly essential element that will truly bind the relationship trust.

Although the love they demonstrated throughout the narrative was so overpowering, there is a wonderfully brilliant twist that seals their love in its entirety. This leads in to the magnitude of the story unconditional love. I didn t foresee where the story was going but I really appreciated the mystery and anticipation of where the journey was taking me.

The genuine love two people could ever possibly have was breathtakingly portrayed and was incredibly illustrated in the outcome (the last couple pages are powerful) the most beautifully-written, all-embracing, heartfelt story of love ever imaginable. The entire story is embedded in Gideon s words early on: I d kill for you, give up everything I own for you. but I won t give you up.

Brilliantly written, exceptional characters, extraordinary premise, and an overall breathtakingly beautiful story of love obsessively intoxicating read! Highly recommend!The continuing drama of the struggling relationship of Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell. They re the best and worst things that have ever happened to each other.

Eva is still trying to learn to trust and believe in Gideons faithfulness (much like in book #1 Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel but she s tortured with such a jealousy that casts suspicion upon every beautiful brunette female (that Gideon talks to). She and Gideon are physically close (that s putting it mildly, lol) but always emotionally distant.

I LOVE Gideons damaged character. He s strong yet he s weak in no many instances. He has to have complete honesty, truth and trust from Eva. I LOVE his possessiveness of Eva. He has to be in control.

He s THE ultimate control freak — he seldom bends. LOVE IT.

Gideon and Eva s lives are fraught with drama DAILY drama and it can get exhausting at times just reading about it — seldom is there a peaceful moment between them. They both can read suspicion into the tiniest, most innocent issue/action. It s exhausting, true but fascinating and exciting to watch these two tortured souls work through their issues and both grow towards each other. It s exhausting.

It s crazy. It s great. Compromising is sometimes hard for both of them to relent and give.

Eva is so incredibly insecure and wants Gideon ALL THE TIME except when she wants space .

Once again Cary s character steals a few scenes with his witty dialogue and comic-relief. He s such a messed up Sweetheart..ya gotta love him.

I loved this second installment of the Crossfire Trilogy. Ms. Day does a phenomenal job bringing sharp attention to detail.

The characters and plot are strong and well developed with special attention paid to the issues and trauma of child abuse. Brava Ms. Day! Brava and Encore.Let me start by saying that I LOVED the first book in this series. I loved both characters not despite but because of their broken spirit.

The h was strong and the H would do anything to make the h believe that she was the only person he could ever love. I loved that their love for each other acted as a catalyst to healing rather than further pain.

Book 2 is completely different. I have no idea how the characters of the book could change so much. It started with the way that everything was resolved with …. It simply got tedious.

I am by no means prudish in my reading but the constant fixing the relationship with … just got really boaring. Yes, I get it, they really enjoy their … but when that was the primary thing that they shared, I began to loose interest. It also lost a large part of the romance aspect for me.

What bothered me even more was that a H in book 1 that would do anything not to hurt the h would take actions that would crush the h. I hate the it-is-for-your-own good argument so I had a really hard time with this plot twist after having to endure a lot of … and very little story. It didn t help how the h lost her spine in the end either. That was probably my number one reason why I loved the h in the first book.

She wasn t your typical h. In book 1, Eva called out the H when he mistreated her, she was jealous, possessive and just did not stand around when she was being treated as second best. All of these things were absent from her character towards the end of the book. She begs for the H even when he is clearly acting as though he has moved on. In the end, despite all the pain the H has put her through; she is waiting for him to beg him once again if need be.

There is no anger for him not trusting her, no anger for his actions, everything is once again not dealt with at all.

Yes, ultimately in his mind everything that was done was done in the name of protecting her but again, the reason I enjoyed book one was because of the h strong character and the H going out of his way to make the h trust in their love. I found both things lacking in this story. I think his protection could have been done in a manner that was not so painful for her. OR if the h would have actually kept her spine and made the H work to earn her trust before she forgot all the pain he had caused her. But, I hated how weak the h became, how she was suppose to blindly wait and trust everything despite all common sense, despite the fact he never gave her any reason to trust.

In the end, I felt both characters were unrecognizable to the ones from book 1. There was little resolution to make me believe that their relationship was going to stop being caustic.

For me this is one of those books where I am going to pretend that the story stopped at book 1. I would highly recommend the first book, it was a great read but I can t say the same for this story.I don t write many reviews in fact i hardly ever write revews but after reading this book once I immediately went back to the beginning and started all over again and now feel compelled to tell everyone that that this book was truly amazing. If you read the first book and like me got caught up in the relationship that was going on between Eva and Gideon you would be hard pressed to not get sucked into this wildly erotic and heartfelt romance that was happening between these two damaged individuals. Their relationship is as many people have described, a roller coaster but boy is it worth the ride.

I had a relationship like this once and it was as hot and as terrible at times as it was depicted here but in the end I had no regrets. I have such high hopes for these two and can t wait to read the next book to see how they wind up. If you are not a lover of … scenes then you shouldn t read this series but if you are you will not be disappointed becase these are some of the most erotic scenes I ve ever read (and not been grossed out by). However if you are not into … scenes you should move on now because this book will test your limits.

If you re on the fence I say read on my friend and enjoy where they take you. I did.Gitte: I am in absolute awe of Sylvia Day. The journey of Gideon and Eva got even more sensual, obsessive, raw and emotional in Reflected in You.

It was exhausting, gripping and my heart hurt more than I can say as I devoured it in one sitting.

Jenny: I had seen the snippets of this book on Sylvia s page and couldn t wait to get my hands on it and it didn t disappoint. I couldn t put this book down. I was drawn in from the very beginning.

This book is intense, emotional, at times frustrating (yes I m talking about you Gideon you tested me at times!), passionate, sensual and at times sad. It had everything for me.

Quote: I m obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You re everything I ve ever wanted or needed, everything I ve ever dreamed of. You re everything.

I live and breathe you. For you. Gideon

Gitte: I felt like a …, one minute sighing with relief that this emotionally damaged couple had found in each other a way to heal and know they are worthy of love and love in return without conditions and the next frustrated at the game playing and the circles they run around each other. Their journey is both painful and emotional yet erotic and addictive.

Jenny: There s no getting around it. Eva and Gideon are scarred and damaged. Their pasts haunt them and we are taken on the rollercoaster that is their relationship and we get the whole gamut of emotions with this one.

These two use … as a way of dealing with their feelings instead of talking, but soon realise … isn t enough to sustain the relationship they want to nurture. There are times you want to shake them both, especially Gideon. They are extremely passionate in their emotions and their … encounters are so hot and sensual you will need to fan yourself.

These two absolutely set the pages on fire.

Quote: You know what happens when you run angel. I catch you. Gideon

Gitte: If at all possible I fell even more in love with Gideon and Eva. We re-join them in their continued fight to exist together in their relationship. So dependent on each other it is an obsession and addiction. Gideon and Eva cannot function without each other.

They need each other.

Both are tortured survivors of … abuse which has left them with open wounds so deep that translated into behaviour, their love for each other becomes this obsessive and almost violent entity.

Jenny: Gideon and Eva have survived violent, abusive pasts. Up until they meet they have simply gone through the motions of dealing and have used … as a coping mechanism in their lives. These two need each other like they need air to breathe.

They can t function a day without each other. Both are sensual, …, passionate and emotional people. I love Eva. She is one of my favourite book heroines.

I love that even though she is damaged and openly admits her faults and even thought her desperate need for Gideon borders on obsession she still remains a strong character and is such a good equal to Gideon.

Gideon just when I thought I couldn t love him more I do! This man is one of the sexiest, alpha characters I have read. He worships and adores Eva and loves her without exception.

The scene when he is brushing her hair just wait that did me in!

Quote: My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We d never work. It was too hard, too painful except when it was perfect.

Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession.

Gitte: They know this and acknowledge it by seeking couple therapy in order to understand just what a healthy and normal relationship really is and learn how to trust one another. What Gideon and Eva don t lack is … compatibility. Their … chemistry is off the charts; intense, powerful and will literally set you on fire.

Jenny: You are spot one GG. These two have … chemistry that just burns the pages. Every … encounter with these two is off the charts.

Quote. You hit me the instant I saw you. I couldn t look away. I wanted you immediately. Excessively. Almost violently. Gideon

Quote: A delicious shiver moved through me. When it came to Gideon, I was more than willing to be devoured. Eva

Gitte: YEAH DON T WE ALL. Especially when we picture Gideon as the gorgeous David Gandy!

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Jenny: As if Gideon isn t hot enough add David Gandy into the mix and whoa.

Quote: His kisses were gifts. He kissed with everything he had, with power and passion and hunger and love. He held nothing back, giving everything, exposing everything. Eva

Quote: You re the greatest risk I ve ever taken. And the greatest reward. Gideon

Gitte: Gideon is such an enigma. But what an amazing, gorgeous and sensual dominating enigma. I LOVE him. Truly, madly, deeply!

This man shares nothing about his past or even his present. He does, however, show Eva how powerful his love for her is.

Jenny: I loved Gideon in Bared to You but in this book .apart from the times he was so secretive I wanted to slap him oh who am I kidding, even then I loved him. This man is intense, domineering and so alpha, yet he shows his love for Eva in so many ways. There is nothing he wouldn t do for her she has become his reason for living.

His reason for breathing. He cannot function without her.

Gitte: Besides the … intensity, he also shows it through control and demand, protection and comfort. My heart broke for him, the thought of this little boy who suffered; who grew up and is still suffering through horrific nightmares. Nightmares through which he is petrified he will eventually harm Eva.

Ultimately secrets will out but until they do insecurities and doubts will flourish. You put your heart out there it may eventually be hurt by both truths and lies.

Jenny: My heart broke for him too GG, especially with how he would deal with his nightmares. He was hurting and so was Eva but they had to do what was necessary for them both to get through their turmoil. I did feel that both characters grew such much at the end of this book.

Quote: Are you hurt anywhere else? I asked, feeling so emotionally raw after the long night we d had. He caught my wrist and pulled my hand down to press flat over his heart. Here.

Gitte: The anticipation of not knowing was frustrating and heart breaking but once you know the why s and things come to light, you understand and WANT Gideon just as he is and you will realize that the love he has for Eva has no limits. Even Eva who is a strong heroine already, shows some real back bone in this story and the pair of them as dysfunctional, possessive and jealous as they are also show extreme vulnerability and tenderness.

The ending will leave you stunned. It will literally blow your mind it s going to be a long 3 months until we get Entwined with You!!

Jenny: I must admit there was a time in this story when I got so frustrated with Gideon. I can t say much because I don t want to give anything away but boy did he test me. Eva really came through in this book. What a great character she is. I adore her!

Her love for Gideon is beyond question and in return he has a love so strong for Eva there is nothing he wouldn t do for her. These two will take you one hell of a ride that s for sure! There will be times when you ll wonder just what the hell is going with these two I found myself actually wanting to skip pages to see what was going to happen because I became so anxious! Just you wait!

This story is so well crafted when the ending comes it will leave you breathless and chomping at the bit for Entwined with You! I know I can t wait and I also know what I m doing on December 31st!Well, I ve been looking forward to reading this since finishing Bared to You. I had to wait to start it until I finished the other book I was reading so as soon as I finished that last night, I started reading. Everything picked up right where Bared to You left off, which made me incredibly happy. There were no missing chunks to the story and it was like I was just continuing to read the previous book.

There was more drama this time and more hot …. The drama outweighed the … this time around, which made me happy too.

I am still head over heels for Gideon and Eva. I am still annoyed by Cary s antics and I still think Eva s mother is an uptight, overbearing socialite who needs to get a grip and realize she doesn t love Stanton, just his money. This time around, we learn more about Gideon s past.

We also learn that Eva s ex-stepbrother was in the city, stalking her and blackmailing Gideon and Stanton. Eva only learns about him being in the city when he turns up ….After reading Fifty Shades, I, too, was on the quest to find a book to fill the void I had post-fifty. When I read Bared To You I immediately fell in love/lust with Eva Gideon.

Their love/lust/obsession was kind of beautiful to me. I could relate to Eva in a way that I didn t think I could relate to any character in a book. However, I agree that in this book she was kind of all over the place. It was hard to keep up with her emotions and thoughts. One second she was …-set on quitting and the next she was almost begging Gideon to stay despite all the reasons for them to stay apart.

I liked the good parts in the book. The parts where I giggled and it was all lovey dovey. I don t know. I am kind of on the fence on book #2. I guess my expectations were way high for this book.

Oh well, I will wait around for book 3 and see where the story leads us but a part of me kind of sees it going one of two ways. Eva ends up pregnant and they get married OR They both realize their love is just way too much and they break up or one of them dies. I want to say this is all easily predictable.I was gifted the first book, Bared to You . I read the editorial reviews comments. Some reviewers claimed it was better than the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

Yes, there were plenty of hot … scenes but I found myself scanning through many of them from boredom. Also, it seemed to me all of the characters were fifty shades f*****up . There is no comparing the two books.

The main two characters kept coming and going, breaking-up and making-up, hot and cold, angry and then calm. It was very frustrating for me to read. The book was like riding an emotional roller coaster page after page after page. That was the jest of it. After reading the first book, I thought that the action had to be in the second book so I bought it.

But I was bored more with second book. I guess I was expecting a different type of drama. I don t think that I will buy the third installment.I loved Reflected in You, it was such a step up from Bared to You!

For some reason, I felt like BTY was a hot mess the first time around. But since I read it a few months back and I read a TON of books, I read it again the day before this came out. I liked it much better the second time around and this one was much cleaner (well, cleaner writing, you know know I mean!) and less like Fifty Shades. Obviously, there is still some connection between the two series, but this book set it apart for me. I became much more connected to both characters and can t wait to read the third book.

I prefer Gideon over Christian, aside from his name, ick! Although there is still some ridiculous aspect to the prim and proper way he speaks as a 28-year-old, it s much less annoying than Christian s over the top way of speaking. Overall, well done!

I could not put the down down. I finished the book in less than 24 hours. I was so involved in the book I was at lunch and scream out NO from behind my desk I am so glad it picked up right where she left off in Bared to you..I will not spoil it for others but the ending left me wanting more and I cannot wait for book 3. The drive to NC was unbelievable and down right HOT. It was nice to see how Gideon never gave up on Eva and their relationship. As screwed up as both of them are at the end of the day everyone wants to be in love even a character in a book.

I felt so bad for Gideon when he finally told Eva about his past and I loved the fact that Eva decided to do her own research. Gideon just wanted to protect Eva at any cost and he did. Love it!!This book gives new meaning to up and down. I, like many other readers, seem to have a love/hate relationship with Gideon Cross and Eva.

It was great to pick up this book and have it start immediately where book 1 left off. That so rarely happens with books in a series and it was a welcome change. This book is no different that Gideon is an over-bearing and controlling dominant that shows all his emotion through … and he cannot keep his hands off Eva.

Eva is still literally head over heels for Gideon and sometimes cannot physically or emotionally understand her true feelings for him. They both realize that their physical connection isn t healthy, but they just can t seem to get enough. The love scenes in this book are hot, hot, HOT.

Both of these characters have unspeakable pasts and are struggling to learn to trust one another and deal with their own demons, let alone the demons of the other. To call them each a victim doesn t seem to give their history justice. Eva s step-brother is introduced again in book 2 and her past comes full circle with nightmares and horrible consequences. Gideon chases his own past and cannot control his nighttime terrors.What am I missing here? I know that women love to save the bad boy and our mothering instincts take precedence over all other emotions, but this is so wrong.

Are there really that many readers who find attempted rape of a … abuse victim appealing? (Yes, Gideon is trying to rape her even if he is asleep.) I don t care how many times a man says he loves you; it s not love if an entire relationship has a foundation of secrets and lies.

The airplane scene is NOT erotic. Eva wants him to physically hurt her which makes it even more disturbing. It s saying the only way she can feel love is through pain. For anyone who thinks I m just being a prude, I assure you I am not. I loved Fifty Shades and Gabriel s Infernal/Rapture.

I ve been known to drop F-bombs in the wrong situations, but I found myself cringing at the overuse of the word, particularly from Eva. And the only thing this couple does together is have …. At least in Fifty Shades, Christian took Ana on dates/holidays/his boat, etc.

When Gideon and Eva are together, if they re not having …, Gideon is working. Period. Further, his possessiveness of Eva is manic. I could see him hurting her out of jealously and rage.

How is this erotic?

As for Gideon s possible … encounter with Corrine, is the author hinting that he is schizophrenic or suffering from borderline personality disorder, because it sounds like he suffers from blackouts. Neither can cured by just loving someone, regardless of what anyone thinks. If Gideon is suffering from a serious mental condition, it seems so wrong to me to nurture this couple as if they are perfect for each other, particularly when both diseases require years of therapy and … to bring under control.

I really liked the first book and was anxious to read this one, but I stopped halfway through on this one and, most likely, won t finish it. This couple is so dysfunctional and damaged, it s like watching a slow moving car wreck. I won t be reading the third book.You may love it, you may hate it. This book either exceeds your expectations or doesn t.

For me, I LOVED every word of it. It was better than the first book (I loved Bared To You as well) and a lot darker. The relationship between Eva and Gideon is soooo intense in so many ways it s ridiculous. It drove me crazy left and right, but they had their moments of being quite the interesting, complicated couple. I fell in love with them since the first book and my feelings haven t changed in this book.

There were twists and turns and I kept wondering, what is he/she thinking?! It took me a few days longer to finish the book because I had to keep stopping and take care of household chores, but I took my time since I didn t want to rush it. Sylvia Day s Crossfire trilogy is definitely not boring; I ll be re-reading the first and second book all over again. I can t wait until the next book is out.

This second book rocked, the drama was crazy, the dialogue kept me interested and the … was smoking HOT. So again, you may love it, you may hate it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about this book, but I truly enjoyed it. Definitely better than FSoG (even if both series have their similarities, Sylvia is a better writer, much preferable).

Overall, fantastic book!We once again meet up with Eva and Gideon in the second book of the Crossfire Trilogy. Eva and Gideon are still struggling to figure out their intense relationship. At times their relationship is steamy hot and appears to be moving in a forward and healthy way.

Then just as suddenly the distance between the two is cold as ice, leaving Eva struggling to figure out the man with so many secrets whom is so deeply damaged inside yet consumes her heart and desires like an addiction.

Stuck in the emotional upheaval, Eva tries to focus on establishing herself as an individual, separate from her tumultuous relationship with Gideon and her … best friend and roommate Cary, by cultivating new friends and relationships in New York. When Shawna invites her to a concert, Eva finds it to perfect opportunity to make a new girlfriend. But Eva s past is haunting her and Gideon is there to witness the climax of when the past meets the present.

The constant emotional back and forth and secrets, paired with explosive … scenes, highlights the character development we see in this second novel and proves without a doubt that Sylvia Day has created a trilogy worthy of reading. A violent … on someone Eva loves, the reappearance of ex s, and the truth behind some of Gideon s past is revealed adding greater depth and complexity to both the plot and characters. Day leaves both Eva and the reader guessing what will happen next and if Gideon and Eva s relationship can survive.

Readers will not be disappointed by Reflected in You, only sorry that they will have to wait until the concluding and final novel in the Crossfire series, Entwined with You, is released December 31, 2012.I loved Bared to You, so I was highly anticipating Reflected in You. There were things I loved about this story, unfortunately the things that frustrated me far outweighed those.

We pick up the Eva and Gideon s intense story right where we left off in Bared to You. They ve got past some of the Corinne drama, are seeing a therapist jointly due to their abusive pasts, and settled in for the long haul. Or so we think. From the get go we have possessive and controlling behavior on both sides. They both seem to thrive on it.

Eva and Gideon are not confident in each other unless they ve pushed the other one to make some over-the-top gesture to control, and consume one another. But let s face it, we/I sort of love this, to a certain extent.

I can t complain about 50% of the book because it was HOT and wonderful. Ms. Day really knows how to write some steam, and boy does she excel at getting you hot and bothered. And I m not just talking about the spice. It s the push and pull between Eva and Gideon and their overwhelming desire for one another.

I have many delicious quotes and scenes highlighted in my Kindle that are sure to make anyone s toes curl! Here s a sample:

I found myself pinned to the hallway wall by six feet, two inches of hard, hot male. You know what happens when you run, angel. Gideon nipped my lower lip with his teeth and then soothed the sting with the caress of his tongue. I catch you.

I would ve been fine with this situation had Gideon been more forthcoming. Didn t we all finish Bared to You thinking we re going to get answers about his past and behavior in this one? I know I did.

Eva freely trusted and shared her past with him. I don t know why he felt the need to hold back so much. Instead we get pages and pages of frustration, and behavior that infuriates with no explanation!

Not even at the 80% mark were there answers! I was about to pull my hair out! Add to that is Corinne! Gideon knows what Corinne does to Eva:

Gideon: I thought I understood your feelings for Corinne, and, frankly, I thought you just weren t dealing with it well. But I had no clue. I was a self-centered …. Eva: I m not dealing with it well.

I hate her effing (substitution) guts. I can t think about her without feeling violent. Gideon: I get it now. I didn t before.

He GETS it because Eva turns the table on him with jealousy and he gets a taste of his own medicine. But does this stop the Corinne issue? NO. All we get is: Trust me Eva. When all I wanted to do was SHANK him at this point! Okay, okay, I ll calm down ..this is fiction after all.

So basically I was frustrated for about 40-50% of this book. I can take 20-30% of frustration, I expect it. We must have some hurdle to overcome. But when the frustration and confusion are for almost half of the book, I start getting ticked.

I feel like the author is jacking me around. If Eva was enlightened, given a little clue, a breadcrumb, just a little bit before we hit the the 94% mark, I would ve been happy. We still didn t even get the full story until almost the last pages. In my opinion, this was completely unnecessary!

Yes, I know, I am seriously ranty and harpy in this review. Sorry. I finished this story last night and was totally worked up, and woke up even more worked up, and went through the day in a foul mood because I COULDN T GET THIS STORY OUT OF MY HEAD! This review is the result of that aggravation, I had to vent somewhere.

You are my collateral damage.

I will say, I m … for the next installment and probably will pick it up the day it comes out. Is that all kinds of crazy? Maybe probably. Maybe this is a testament of what a great job Ms. Day did in writing this story.

Or maybe she s just an evil genius, and I m like a moth to the flame.I have never in my entire life been so caught up in a book that I couldn t think, eat, or carry on a meaning full conversation without thinking about Gideon and Eva. I can not begin to explain how the story has really stuck with me, and I can not WAIT until December 31.

I want to comment about the comparison s of 50 Shades of Grey and The Crossfire Series. In the beginning of Bared to you, I could pull out the similarities. I have read them all .. Ana had a roommate, Eva had a roommate There was a party in 50 shades, there was a party Barred to you .. Ana has 3 letters, Eva has 3 letters Both men billionaires who are broken. In the begging of Bared to You, you can definitely see similarities, but once you move passed the petty similarities such as the name, and wealth. Christian Grey s story is a bump in the road compared to Gideon Cross and Eva.

They are extremely broken together, and I had to see how it turned out for them. SPOILER. When they split for weeks, I was rooting for her to leave him, stick to her guns.

The emotional roller-coaster I felt for Eva was intense. Though I was gut wrenching relieved when they found each other again. These characters are so well written, that you feel every emotion, feel every hurt, pain, sadness and joy.

I highly, highly, recommend it.

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