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FAW electric vehicles

EV Projects by VW

The E-Up! Is slated for sale in 2014 and priced at 26,900 or about $34,000 USD. The Golf blue-e-motion

will soon be fleet tested, with production and US sales by 2014. E-Up! specifications given so far make the

car look like it will be about in line with the Nissan Leaf.

However, the Leaf has a 24 KWh battery pack. The E-Up! has an 18.7 KWh pack. Both cars weigh in at

about 3,400 lbs. The Mitsubishi i Miev by comparison has a 16 kWh battery pack. The car is powered by an

81 hp electric motor making 155 ft-lbs of torque.

The E-Up! tips the scales at about 2,508 lbs or 1,140 kg. The iMiev weighs in at 2,150 lbs or 980 kg. The

battery pack in the EUP! Is stated by VW to give the car a range of 93 miles or 150 kilometers. Performance is listed at 0-60mph (100kph) in 12.4 seconds with a top end of about 83mph or 133kph.

The E-Up! has about a 10 % larger battery pack as the Mitsubishi iMiev. However, the E-Up! weighs 10%

more. The VW e-motion on the other hand comes with a larger 26.5 kWh pack.

One advantage the E-Up! might have over the Leaf would be in the drive train. There are efficiencies to be

captured in transmitting power to the wheels. VW claims to have developed a highly efficient integral drive

unit for transmitting the electric motor power. Whether the efficiency gained from this unit will offset 6 KWh

or so of storage remains to be seen.

In 2014, the E-UP! Gets great reviews. The car features a well engineered power information for the electric power system. The car also gets good marks for its entertainment system. Onboard, the car is said to drive and handle well.

Range can be managed by using a 2-way power setting. one for range and the other for get up and go.

XL1 Hybrid

The XL1 is set to be produced in 2013. The car is a high miler, promising as much as 261 to 313 miles per gallon.

This is to be achieved by a 27 hp electric and 48 hp 2-cylinder diesel motor. This progress however comes at the cost of some practicality and performance.

The XL1 has no rear window or mirrors, back views provided by cameras. Tires are just 145 and 155mm wide, about 6 inches. The car is slower, hitting 60 mph in close to 13 seconds. Also the diesel engine is reportedly noisy.

The car site close to the ground and bumps are heard and felt. Bottom line: the car proves the point that great fuel economy can be obtained with components of today.

VW has another van project, the VW ET van. The ET is planned to be operated by remote control.

In the meantime, it appears that VW is planning a 2012 Hybrid version of the popular VW Jetta.

In the news, VW has signed with the Chinese major auto manufacturer FAW to produce the Kai-Li EV in China. More to come.

The Golf blue-e-motion is moving closer to production and sales. The e-motion is designed for a 150 km or 93 mile range provided through a 26.5 kWh Li-Ion pack. The car is powered by a 85 kW/113 hp electric motor which should push it to 150 kph or 60 mph in around 11 seconds, topping out at around 86 mph.

One big project for auto manufactures, including VW is producing EVs for in China customers. VW is reported working on a joint venture with SAIC Motor to produce an electric car they call the Tantus. It appears that VW plans to standardize their battery packs.

Chinese producers will aid in the process and provide battery packs for all VW electric vehicles.

Fleet Testing

March of 2012 brings fleet testing to the California bay area. Twenty Golf Blue e-Motion prototypes have been fielded to provide data on day to day driving. No word on planned production other than a Golf PHEV planned for production in 2015.

VW in India

FAW electric vehicles

VW has been checking out India as an EV market. According to Volkswagen Group Service Director Dietmar Hildebrrandt, India is a high potential market and the company would gear up to introduce the new vehicles including the electric cars. The company has been increasing IEC sales to Indian people, and notes that charging infrastructure is lacking.

Still, VW is planning to market electric vehicles in the country.


The Chinese car concern FAW has plans to build a PHEV — Range extended EV based on a VW platform. The Chevy Volt like design is expected to provide some 44 miles of electric range from its China built BAK battery pack.

Electric motor in wheel: Another VW-FAW project involves a new vehicle

based on the Bora compact sedan platform. The resulting car is to be

powered by two Protean in wheel motors. The motors produce 75 kW (100hp)

while tipping the scale at just 38kg — 75 pounds each. Control electronics are

in the wheels as well.

The VW electric car is just beginning to be defined. The company has plans for a total of 14 battery and hybrid electric electric cars.

The E-UP! Electric car has sold around 70 units. Next in line are the Golf blue-e-motion and e-Bugster. The car has been priced at 26,900 or about $34,000 USD.

The E-Golf is to go on sale in the US in the fall of 2014.

The latest in the EV lineup from VW is the e-Bugster convertible car. The new drop top comes with an 85 kW (114 hp) motor and 23.3 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. Performance is given as 0-100 kph (0-60mph) in 10.8 sec. Range is 110 miles or 180 km.

The car has been shown in Beijing.

VW Makes Big Sales in China

VW is doing big business in VW, claiming a whopping 20 percent of China car sales making up nearly 30 percent of total VW sales. The company has delivered millions cars in China. Globally VW has sold over 30 million Golf gas burners alone.

FAW electric vehicles
FAW electric vehicles

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