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Lancia Electric Cars

john williams at Historics

For by auction at Brooklands on Saturday the 8th 2014

With its home at the Museum, Britain’s most motoring arena, Historics house is now firmly established for the and purchase of the finest historic, and sports cars and motoring

The location is well situated by rail and air links with buyers being attracted all over Europe. We are also to facilitate telephone and internet so that our clients are able to from around the world.

call John Williams on 01380 812862, 01380 or 07967 203007 to discuss requirements.

1965 Jaguar Series One 4.2 Roadster

Reg Number: EOL

Chassis Number: 1E 11528

Number: 7E 5496-9

Odometer 46000

Estimate: Ј90000 Ј110000

We are proud to present, is quite possibly, the best of a Series I Jaguar E-Type Top Sports (OTS). According to the Heritage Trust Certificate, the was manufactured on 9th September 1965 and to the USA on 17th September 1965 to be by Jaguar Cars, New York. The owner is recorded as a Lawrence

Being manufactured in 1965, Jaguar has the advantage over the Series One cars in that it the modified floors (rather the earlier flat floor) allowing more space for the and in particular, taller people, a 4.2 litre engine and an all synchromesh The later Series One E-Types are a better drive and overall by the Jaguar aficionados.

1954 TR2 Mille Miglia Eligible

Reg PLB 963

Chassis Number: TS3704

Number: TS3867

Odometer 42700

Estimate: Ј24000 Ј28000

Today we are proud to an excellent, long door, of the marque. The TR2 is presented with Racing Green coachwork and by tan trim and painted wire including the spare, all fitted recent new tyres. Long TR2s are lighter than later siblings resulting in the being very spritely and car is no exception. On a recent test, the TR as it should with high easily attained and comfortable the use of the overdrive available on fourth The steering has been improved by the of a steering rack in place of the steering box.

This was carried out by the UK s leading Triumph Manvers Triumph . In addition, a set of Quick Fit seat belts, period chrome buckles, been added. A full set of equipment includes the hood, cover and a new set of side screens.

The TR was fitted with steel wheels and these are included in the along with their wheel trims. An inspection of the confirms that the undersides are as as the topsides. An air scoop for the carburettors the bonnet and is certainly not a homemade and the bonnet is believed to be a period from the tuning specialist of the Derrington.

In fact, a picture of PLB 963 this scoop may be seen Bill Piggott s book, By Name, Triumph By Nature on 88, whereby it is racing another with a similar scoop, at believed to be in the late 1950s.

Such is the quality of the car that, exempt, a 12 month MoT was carried out nil advisories, prior to the sale; it carries Historic road licence valid until the end of 2014. An extensive history including the British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, this TR2 as a genuine UK right drive example. The condition of long door TR2 is exemplary and we it to be one of the finest in existence; an opportunity for the TR aficionado or prospective Mille entrant.

TEAL Bugatti 35

Reg Number: HKA 940N

Chassis SABTVR03308118999

Engine Number:

Odometer Reading: 62286

Ј16000 — Ј20000

At the Horse Inn, Affetside, Hunter showed his two friends Ian and Tony Rogers a brochure of a rear engined fibreglass of a Bugatti Type 35 he had picked up on a trip to America. Ian Foster, a chassis designer for Daimler, on the back of a cigarette packet, how a chassis could be produced the American body moulds to end up a front engined version. In the Worsley Bugatti was born.

Ian remembered from his days at Worsley was the nickname for a Friday car a one — so a search was made for a new In the end Trafford Engineering Automotive (TEAL) was decided upon. In Bob Jones purchased TEAL from Ian Foster. Bob developed chassis builder Peter the early T35 to accept a more aluminium coachwork.

On the 5th October the first all aluminium Teal was Public reaction was highly with the company selling 16 in the first six months. The TEAL was developed with a Types 43, 44, 52 and 59 also being manufactured. Cars finally ceased in 1998.

Today, there is a club to cater for all types of the

Presented today is Ian Foster s own originally GRP, built in 1984. It was retained by him when the was sold and re-bodied in aluminium by Bob in 1988. Sadly, Ian Foster away in 2005 and the car was sold.

It was by marque specialist Keith in 2009 by which time it had a windscreen instead of the Brooklands screens and larger 18-inch in place of the original 15 inch Power is supplied by a 1798cc MGB mated to a four speed all gearbox and MGB rear axle. is delivered by a twin choke carburettor.

Braking is provided by at the front and drums at the rear an external handbrake lever by the Modern headlights sit within brass rimmed light giving an authentic look also providing brighter for those late evening The driver is presented with an engine turned dashboard, a steering wheel and an array of

A full/half tonneau cover the cockpit either when or with just the driver and stowage is available for soft behind the seat. The TEAL from a set of five Brockley and a UK registration document that the car correctly as a TEAL Kit 35. It further from an MoT test certificate until 3rd February 2015.

The Bob Jones aluminium TEALs are becoming recognised in their own and, as this is believed to be the surviving TEAL, it is an important of the TEAL history; an opportunity

1950 Jaguar Mk V Drop Coupe

Reg Number: BVV 947

Chassis 640111

Engine Number:

Odometer Reading: 33470

Ј70000 — Ј80000

we are proud to offer a genuine of a rare UK supplied, RHD, numbers Mk V DHC. According to its Heritage Certificate, this was manufactured on 1st December 1950. The buff log book confirms the of first registration as 3rd February and the Jaguar today still its original registration number.

The 38,000 miles are believed to be as gathered from the history and old MoT test certificates.

Originally the coachwork is now presented in Opalescent with an excellent matching hide interior. The sweeping of this magnificent motor car are by the original steel wheels and Ace wheel trims and painted hub On a recent test, it was found once seated in the comfortable seats you are presented with a sporting an array of instruments and a radio to keep the driver informed and entertained. The Jaguar easily and soon settled to a idle.

On the road it drove smoothly with easy changes, without the need to de-clutch and without having to to keep it in a straight line; a to the condition of the suspension and chassis. on the road, the gauges displayed the readings with the oil pressure 50 psi. The original semaphore have been disabled the light units converted to in their place; a conversion for modern day road conditions and

We are advised that these indicators may be reactivated without difficulty. Of special note is the tray to be found within its own stowed in the boot lid; all the are present and correct — a full collection indeed.

A history file details the record of ownership (nine researched and recorded) and includes the history with many for works carried out. A new will find useful the Owners Operating and Maintenance workshop manual and a spare set of A wonderful opportunity to acquire a UK right hand drive Mk V with the more desirable 3Ѕ engine whose elegance is for showing or driving at the most events.

Jaguar D-Type

Reg Number: AHJ 208C

Chassis SABTVR03598183074

Engine Number: TBA

Reading: 4183

Estimate: — Ј38000

The 190 mph technical the Jaguar D-Type, has a special within motoring history. It was for a specific purpose; that a Le Mans racing car. If a succeeded at Le Mans, it meant in the world markets and Jaguar with three wins in a row at Le in 1955, 1956 and 1957.

The D-Types being are now much the pocket of most and this has led to an for replica D-Types being with many choices of and gearboxes.

The D-Type offered today is a nose recreation built and as a race car and campaigned with success securing 13 outright Originally built as a RAM LM D-Type, the car was three times, each becoming lighter and faster this final version a completely bespoke D-Type in at approximately 965 kgs. The centre tub, doors and fin have hand formed in aluminium the rest of the bodywork, including the made in glass fibre. The specification is huge with files of drawings, technical and invoices included. Power is by a race tuned, 4.2 big valve 3.8 litre Jaguar engine by Triple Weber carburettors.

is carried within an aluminium filled fuel tank at the Sparks are provided via a Lumenition ignition system. The engine is to a GETRAG five speed with a Cambridge Motorsport clutch with the final via a Jaguar 3.5:4 Power Lok with uprated drive An adjustable bias braking has Hi-Spec Monster RR four pot at the front and Superlite calipers to the

The handling is aided by uprated and AVO coil over shock (aluminium lightweight) and springs.

D-Type is UK registered and has had SVA approval in Importantly it is recorded on the V5 registration as a RAM Kit LM D-Type however, it is currently in trim with a race and it does not have a functioning Works are therefore required to put it to road format.

An interior set of trims comes with the car so two may be re-instated for road use. — the passenger area is by an aluminium tonneau when in seat trim. A road and engine oil sump is also in the sale (it is recommended that the sump is not used for road

This massively specified bespoke recreation certainly the part. Finished in black and on Dunlop style alloy with new road tyres, the has a definite period feel to it and prices of the originals fetching prices; this must an ideal opportunity for the true enthusiasts especially given the costs in relation to the low estimate.

Ford Model A Phaaeton

Reg WSU 325

Chassis Number: A3817770

Number: A3817770

Odometer 4000

Estimate: Ј14000 Ј18000

Presented today is a original, authenticated 1930 A Phaeton with the larger and desirable 3.2 engine. The Phaeton is one of the and more sought-after Model A styles and it is believed that is one of less than 10 remaining in the UK today. Furthermore it is an original hand drive example and it is within the Vintage Sports-Car (VSCC) and eligible for a VSCC Form.

It was imported into the UK Portugal in 1990 and has four owners recorded on the V5C registration This Ford motor car has been sympathetically re-commissioned the aim of retaining as much of its original as possible. To maintain the originality re-commissioning, advice and help was from the Ford Model A of Great Britain and its local

Details of these works are within the history file with a record of parts or reconditioned.

This Model A looks handsome in its colour of Desert and is complemented by, what appears to be, the black interior and its high canvas duck hood. MoT test exempt, the vendor it prudent to have one, it has a current MoT test certificate until 12th February and Historic road fund valid until the end of January On a recent test, the car drove, and stopped as required. A full set of equipment, including side will enable the lucky new to enjoy the full VSCC of events in all weathers.

A fine realistically estimated and therefore an ideal opportunity for the pre-war

1950 Jaguar Mk V 3Ѕ litre

Reg NHU 743

Chassis Number: 624565

Number: Z 3493

Odometer 104500

Estimate: Ј30000 Ј38000

We are proud to offer Jaguar Mk V manufactured on the 2nd October and today is presented with Ivory coachwork and dark tan It benefits from the larger and powerful 3Ѕ litre engine according to the vendor, happily at an indicated 70mph. The Jaguar Certificate confirms that Mk V is an original UK right hand matching numbers example. The supplying dealer was Western of Bristol; in fact, the dealer s still sits proudly the dashboard.

A record of all ownership has been researched and listed and this includes the first recorded on the Heritage Certificate.

black, the coachwork was refinished in its colour in 1992 and still well with only areas of paint defects do not detract from the overall look of this Jaguar. No is evident on the upper surfaces and a underneath shows the chassis to be in order also. The steel operates without drama. On the the dark tan interior is inviting, the leather is in excellent order only a few very minor to it. The woodwork and veneers have well with the dashboard and cappings having been re-finished.

A set of new carpets and door have also been

Mechanically, this Jaguar has from regular services and parts including a voltage box, 2 new front tyres, points, spark plugs, system hoses, fan belt, brake cables, gear rubber, headlight reflector, mountings, number plates and an manually controlled Kenlow fan. On a recent test, Mk V started 2nd turn when and once warmed up drove well and easily. Gauges and displayed the correct readings the car drove in a relaxed manner wandering all over the road; a to the condition of the chassis and the vendor s to maintain this Jaguar after investing approximately in its upkeep during ownership.

MoT test exempt, the car has an MoT test valid until 10th 2015 and Historic tax valid the end of August 2014.

An extensive file accompanies NHU 743 and includes the mentioned Jaguar Heritage as well as old MoT certificates, tax discs a facsimile of the original), invoices and photographs (in its previous colour) and the of all owners from new. are also two Jaguar Enthusiasts one of which from March features NHU 743 on the front cover, the other from October has a photograph of the car on page 94.

The magnificent bonnet and grill, its flowing lines and its fully semaphore indicators give Jaguar Mk V a charm of its own. surely represents an ideal for the lucky new owner given the keen estimate.

1968 Amazon 131 B18

Reg Number: UBY 291F

Number: 298520

Engine 60954

Odometer Reading:

Estimate: Ј6000 —

Presented today is an ex concours winning 1780cc Volvo 131 B18 (badged 121 which designates size) in remarkable condition. The is presented in the original sand and retains excellent panel including sharp door returns and original spot visible on the wheel arches. from a stitching repair to the seat, the matching tan trim the correct rubber mats and may be described as excellent. This UK Amazon was originally sold by the Motor Co.

Ltd, St John s London, on 3rd April 1968 and the sales invoice is within the prepared history file. Of is the hand written letter the supplying dealer to the new owner, 24th April 1968. within the file are old MoT test dating from March an owner s handbook, a service and records of the concours results. two previous owners are recorded on the UK document, the first owner a Mr. C E Brixley who owned the car until

We are advised that the car will at the sale with a fresh MoT certificate and valid Historic fund licence.

This is a and handsome Amazon that any would be proud to own and with a estimate must surely an ideal opportunity for the Amazon

1969 Triumph TR6

Reg Number: TBA

Number: CP260250

Engine CP26066HE

Odometer Reading:

Estimate: Ј9000 —

The TR presented today is a very matching numbers example, in 1969 and with the early number prefix, CP . The last purchased the TR in 2000 and since it has only covered approximately miles since. The car was laid up in in 2006 until recently, it had re-commissioning works undertaken.

works included four new a reconditioned steering rack, brakes, suspension and a full

The signal red paintwork, although not in condition, presents well no evidence of corrosion and a worthy is that the engine bay is particularly The chromework would benefit some tidying and the TR still on its original steel wheels. the tan trim looks very and original with the benefit of the steering wheel, not often these days. The double hood works well no obvious signs of rips or

On a recent short test, the TR remarkably sharp with the car the added bonus of an overdrive

With an MoT test certificate, until January 2015, UK RHD TR6 presents an opportunity to acquire an and largely original car that any new would be proud of and especially the very temping estimate.

Please note: The private plate illustrated in the photographs is not with this lot. The car have a designated age related by the time of the sale.

1987 300SL Roadster

Reg Number: XAO

Chassis Number: WDB1070412A065632

Number: 10398222

Odometer 54,000 miles

Estimate: — Ј16,000

Mercedes-Benz has producing an SL (Sport Leicht) 1954. The R107 and C107 are versions of the SL which were by Mercedes-Benz from 1971 1989; the second longest series ever produced by the after the G-Class.

Offered is the 3.0 litre straight six engined 300SL which is in remarkable in fact, the coachwork, chromework and of the paint are all original with the well protected with A history file includes a of all the owners since new, of the log books and transfer records as as a Mercedes-Benz document wallet user manual. We are informed this Mercedes-Benz has a full although, sadly, this has been mislaid. It is hoped this record will be by the time of the sale. An inspection of the car together with its history suggests that the car has been looked after and the mileage

All the MoT test certificates are present 1999 when the odometer 43,661 miles, so this has only covered approximately miles in 15 years. In fact, the car was and displayed at Paton’s of Cumbria, a dealership (photo record the file) from 1992 to before it was transferred into the name, Robert Paton, who ownership until 2004.

Mercedes-Benz benefits from the automatic gearbox with and ‘economy’ options. The car also the optional hardtop complete its stand when not in use. an exhaust system and four new absorbers have been

Complete with spare and a UK registration document, we are advised the SL will also arrive at the with a fresh MoT test

With the spring and summer to forward to, a lucky new owner this very smart and cared for Mercedes-Benz 300SL combines all the benefits of open top with hard top comfort required.

1995 Mercedes-Benz Auto

Reg Number: XJI 3545

Number: WBD1290582F118831

Engine 10494322004402

Odometer Reading:

Estimate: Ј11000 —

With the spring and summer to forward to, a lucky new owner this eye-catching and well for Mercedes-Benz SL280 with all the of open top motoring as well as top comfort when required.


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