The Forgotten Concept Cars of the 80& s (Part 1)

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Alfa Romeo Electric Cars

The Forgotten Concept Cars of the 80 s 1)

Welcome to the latest installation of The Concept Cars of the Year! you’ll find a collection of of concept cars from the year that are considered Legendary concept cars are not Part 1 contains photos of cars from 1980 to The second part is coming (hopefully).



Aston Martin Bulldog it was planned to go into limited but Aston Martin scrapped the At 110cm (3.6ft) tall, it was the car Aston Martin has ever It was later sold to an American, who had a taste in colours, for $215,000

The owner painted the exterior and replaced the black interior a tan one. That’s right, car with tan interior. * gags *

Aston Martin Bulldog with the doors opened.

BMW Futuro Concept by B B; it was designed and as a testbed to test BMW’s new that were later on the BMW 7-Series and S-Series motorcycles. is my son’s favourite because automatically pick a motorcycle a car.

1980 Briggs and Gasoline Electric Hybrid this is what happens a washing machine motor gets bored. Hilariously, it had 450kg (1,000lbs) worth of in the back, which is why it needed 4 in the back.

1980 Chevrolet Duntov Turbo Concept by ACI Custom Industries); it was basically a customised Chevrolet Corvette C3 a turbocharger. It was a goodbye gift for the of Corvettes, Zora Arkus when he retired from his as a Corvette engineer at GM.

1980 BX Prototype; its production counterpart have slats and it went production two years later.

Citroën Karin Concept; it had the 3-seat arrangement like the F1. It was inspired by Bertone’s 1978 Stratos Sibilo Concept. If you tell, the car had a pyramidal body and

1980 Ferrari Pinin by Pininfarina; the first 4-door it was based on everyone’s favourite of all time, the 400GT. Enzo himself wanted the car to go into but thankfully it never did.

Fiat Panda 4×4 Concept by ItalDesign

1980 Panda 4×4 Strip by ItalDesign

1980 Fiat Cabrio Prototipo by Bertone; it evolved into the cabriolet of the Fiat Ritmo, which into production two years

1980 Ford Altair by Ghia; it was based on a Ford It later evolved into the Scorpio, which went production in 1985.

1980 Pockar Concept by Ghia; it was a rolling sculpture to experiment the space efficiency. There are three doors on both one in the back and one in the front that is cut in half. The top half opens like a car door and the bottom opens like a tailgate to the luggage compartment.

Amazingly, it can four with comfort.

Ford Probe II Concept by it was the only Probe concept car looked… Normal .

1980 GAZ Volga Preproduction Prototype

GM Epcot 2003 Concept; it was a sculpture to experiment with aerodynamics. Oddly, it was debuted at Disney World Resort in Buena, Florida, USA. one of the magazine ads for GM featured the Epcot with a caption that We’re the best GM ever, but the car went into production.

1980 IZH 2126 Orbita 0 Prototype

1980 Lamborghini Concept by Bertone; the Lamborghini of the 80’s. It was basically a Lamborghini with an Italian coachwork. If never had financial trouble at time, the Athon would’ve into production.

1980 Medusa Concept by ItalDesign; it was on a Lancia Beta. It later a little butt and evolved the Lancia Prisma, which into production two years

1980 Lotus Eminence it was based on a Lotus Eclat. It evolved into the Lotus which went into two years later.

1980 T1 307E Elektroantrieb (En: Drive) Concept (electric

1980 Rolls Royce Concept by Sbarro; the wickedest Rolls Royce of all time. It was on a Rolls Royce of the same minus the Sbarro part.

UAZ 3907 Jaguar Prototype

VCC (Volvo Concept Car) it was based on a Volvo 740. It evolved into the Volvo which went into two years later.

1980 Polo Concept by Colani; you thought present day Volkswagens are Better bland than uh, thing . It was based on a Volkswagen of the name minus the Colani

1980 Volkswagon ARVW Research Volkswagen) Concept; designed and built the car from the to experiment with aerodynamics and economy. It was the fastest diesel-powered car at time and it reached 367km/h


1981 AC Ghia by Ghia; it was based on an AC 300ME. downscaled the car a little to make it a sports car.

1981 Forschungsauto (En: Research Concept; it was Audi’s first car that was designed and built It was an experimental vehicle to study efficiency that was based on a generation Audi 100.

Audi Quartz Concept by it was based on an Audi Quattro. Pininfarina and Audi teamed up to and hand over the Quartz to a magazine Automobil Revueas for its anniversary. It was one of the earliest cars to use fibre.

1981 BMC Moke like its production counterpart, it was on a BMC Mini Cooper. There’s no on it, but my best guess is that it was the Moke to have plastic I know what you’re and I agree, it’s hideous.

AZLK 2141 Moskvich

1981 BMW M2 Concept by Colani; it was a BMW M1 E26 that was suffering from two and incurable diseases called Bloatus and Ihatestraightlinesitis .

1981 Xenia Concept by Cogglola; it was a sculpture that represented vision for the year 2000. scrapped the project at the concept Presumably because, like Americans, Citroen thought the will explode once it 2,000 years old.


1981 Fiat SE 037 Prototype; it later evolved the Lancia 037, which into limited production a later to meet the homologation to participate in the Group B rally.

1981 Fiat VSS Concept by it was based on a Fiat Ritmo. The car’s body was put together only 9 plastic panels to the curb weight. Fiat the project at the concept stage and back to using normal panels.

The VSS abbreviation is unknown.

Ford Avant Garde by Ghia; there isn’t information on it other than the and a few photos.

1981 Ford III Concept by Ghia

1981 Shuttler Concept by Ghia; it was a Ford Fiesta with a Italian coachwork.

1981 GM X Concept; GM was trying to increase the efficiency by reducing the curb They used a wraparound and ditched the mouldings that had no functioning value. Despite a design with liquified it had a very little improvement in economy. Oh, and yes, that’s SAAB Aero X Concept got its from.

GM has been recycling old names for years, so it’s new.

1981 Lamborghini Prototype; it later evolved the Lamborghini LM002, which into limited production in It was unveiled along with the Jalpa. Predictably, the Jalpa got the attention.

1981 Lola Prototype by Michelotti; it was based on a T70. Giovanni Michelotti away during on the project, and his Edgardo, took over and it.

1981 Mazda MX-81 Concept by Bertone; it was a sporty coupe that was based on a 323. Unfortunately, Mazda Mazda, they had no intention of it into production.

1981 Auto 2000 Concept; a Jalopnik article with you need to know about car. Go right here to it.

1981 Opel Tech 1 there’s not much information on it than the name and a few photos.

Peugeot 305 Rallye V6 Prototype the Peugeot 305 Group B rally car never was. My son mocked it by Daddy, that car looks a Matchbox.

1981 Peugeot 305 V6 Prototype #2

1981 Renault GTA Concept by Heuliez; it was based on a Alpine A310. It later into the Renault Alpine which went into in 1986.

1981 Toyota Concept; there’s not much on it other than the name and a few Update: a commenter suggested it later evolved into the Camry Liftback, which into production later year.

1981 UAZ 3171

1981 Volkswagen Auto Concept; it was an experimental vehicle to fuel efficiency that was on a Volkswagen Golf. It had a diesel I3 with a fuel economy of (60mpg) with a top speed of (90mph).

1981 Wolfrace Concept; Nick Butler and the of Wolfrace Wheels, Barry designed and built this street legal concept Other than having six it had two Rover V8 engines and two automatic Unfortunately, it was so unreliable to the point it a week woth of repairs time the car moved.

It is unknown car it was based on, but it’s likely the was custom made specifically to fit two V8 For a non-motorccle vehicle, this is my favourite.


1982 Romeo Sprint 6C Concept; the V6-powered, mid-engine Alfa Sprint in existence. If Alfa never had financial trouble at time, the Sprint 6C would’ve into limited production to the homologation requirement to participate in the B rally.

1982 Alfa Romeo Svar Concept; there much information on it other the name and a few photos. My best is that it was an Alfasud-based testbed to with the aerodynamics for an improved efficiency. It was probably later into the Alfa Romeo 33, went into production a later.

1982 Chrysler Concept; there’s not much on it other than the name and a few I don’t think it was the predecessor to the Stealth because it looked like it.

1982 Citroen BX Concept; the Citroen BX coupe never was.

1982 Turbo Charger Concept; little is known about it. It was at the 1982 Indy Car World as a pace car.

1982 Brezza Concept by Ghia; it was a Ford Escort with an coachwork.

1982 Ford Concept by Ghia; it was the most efficient three-wheel vehicle of that boasted a fuel of 3.15 L/100km (75mpg). due to its tiny 9kW (12hp) engine, scrapped the project at the concept knowing it won’t sell

1982 Ford Cockpit by Ghia; with the canopy opened.

1982 Ford IV Concept by Ghia

1982 Dynamics XM998 Prototype it was one of the that later became the Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled (HMMWV). Humvee went production two years later.

General Dynamics XM998 #2

1982 GM Lean Machine the super fuel efficient motorcycle-like three-wheeler that and laughs at today’s fuel cars. Only two examples built, one with a 11kW two-cylinder engine and another a 27kW (36hp) two-cylinder The 11kW model had a top speed of (80mph) with a fuel of 2.94L/100km (80mpg). The 27kW top speed is unknown, but it had a fuel of 1.18L/100km (200mpg). It weighed 159kg (350lbs).

It actually had the capability like a motorcycle. It was in the 1993 film Demolition Man with the 1992 GM Ultralite In 1993, a toy car maker called Hot put a 1:64 scale version of the Machine into production.

GM TPC (Two-Person Commuter) Concept; the Taurus Bubble Car of the 80’s. on this car was smoothed out for improved How smoothed out, you ask? The mirrors are inside the car with door windows ballooned At 475kg (1050lbs), it was the lightest car GM has built.

The L/100km/MPG numbers are

1982 Lamborghini Countach Fuel Injection Prototype; it was the Lamborghini to have the fuel technology. It also got the 4.8L V12 that it was supposed to get when the started in 1974. It later into the Lamborghini Countach which went into production later that

Only 323 Countach LP500S’s built before the Countach replaced it two years later.

Lamborghini Countach LP5000S Injection Prototype; the engine.

Lamborghini LMA002 Prototype; the LM002’s latest predecessor. good to see a Lamborghini SUV that got for the photos, unlike the Lamborghini

1982 Lamborghini Marco Concept by Italdesign; it was a rolling with a Lamborghini badge. It was for the aerodynamic research.

1982 Olgiata Concept by Pininfarina; the Lancia Gamma hatchback never was. It was based on a Gamma Coupe.

1982 Orca Concept by Italdesign; the It was the first car to have steering mounted controls. Unfortunately, it was criticised by the public for being too

ItalDesign paid more to the interior ergonomics than the of the car. It was based on a Lancia

1982 Lancia Orca by Italdesign; the steering wheel controls. Daddy, they like MM’s. The car will get fat and in its teeth! my son commented.

1982 NAFA (De: Na hverkehrs fa En: Short Distance Vehicle) it inspired the development of the Mercedes-Benz cars (Smart and A-/B-Class). the project was scrapped at the concept because it failed to meet the safety standards. At 2.45m long, it was the shortest car Mercedes-Benz has built.

1982 Opel Spider Concept; the sporty roadster that never Despite the popularity it gained, didn’t bother putting it production. Its production counterpart was a and a sedan, and they went production later that

1982 Renault 5 Turbo II PPG Pace Car Concept; the second Renault 5 Turbo that was.

1982 Renault Cabriolet Concept by Heuliez; the version of the Fuego that was. It was based on a Renault coupe, which went production earlier that

Bollore Bluecar Electric Cars

1982 Renault Super Concept by Sbarro; amazingly, it was by two Kawasaki 6-cylinder motorcycle It can reach 160km/h (100mph) a standing start in only 8 It was based on a Renault 5 Turbo.

Trabant 601 WE-II Prototype; not much information other the name and a few photos. It was from a Deutsche Demokratische Republik

1982 VAZ 2107 Zhiguli Prototype

1982 Volkswagen TR Prototype; the T-top version of the that never was. It had the fate as the Pontiac G8 ST. Test were on the streets, tools at were made and prepared, were crash tested and and then nada.

1982 ZIL Prototype


1983 Romeo Delfino (En: Concept by Bertone; it was based on an Romeo Alfa 6.

1983 Romeo Zeta Sei Concept by it was based on an Alfa Romeo Sadly, it never went limited production.

1983 MG Metro 6R4 ( 6- cylinder, R rear-engine, 4- drive) Group B Rally Car its production counterpart went in production in 1985 to meet the requirement to participate in the Group B just a year before it was Only 205 examples were

1983 Buick Questor the most futuristic vehicle on post. It crammed many technology in a single car such as system, auto-tint windscreen, aerodynamics (when it reaches (25mph), the nose is lowered and the spoiler is raised for an improved economy), rear view and so on. It is unknown what car it was based on.

GM being GM, the plans were but some of the technology appeared on vehicles.

1983 Chevrolet Concept; it later evolved the Chevrolet Corvette C4, which into production later year.

1983 Fiat Coupe Concept by Pininfarina; the version of the Ritmo that was. It was based on a Fiat of the name minus the Pininfarina

1983 Ford Barchetta by Ghia; it was basically a Ford with an Italian coachwork.

Ford Trio Concept by it was an fully functional motorcycle-powered vehicle to experiment with the efficiency in terms of seating The seats were arranged an arrowhead (one in front, two in and one in back). It was the first Ford to CVT (Constant Variable Transmission).

GAZ RAF 3920 Prototype; Soviet Lincoln Continental hearse

1983 Jeep CJ-7 Concept; it was basically a Jeep with the Renegade package.

Kamaz E6410 Prototype

Lincoln Continental Concept 100 it was Ford’s attempt to complete the GM’s Buick Questor from the same year. it had sonar sensors in the front and bumpers that were functional. For reasons unknown, ditched the most useful for many years after time.

It was based on a seventh Lincoln Continental.

1983 Quicksilver Concept by Ghia; it was on an AC 3000ME. It was expected to fetch at $60,000 USD at the Auctions America in USA. It was sold for an Earth-shattering of $9,570 USD when it went up for last year.

It was probably the functional Ghia concept car sold at an auction.

1983 Le Mans Concept by Colani; the 787B’s predecessor that was. Very little is about it. Mazda teamed up straight-line-hating Luigi Colani to a new Mazda race car for for the Le mans.

It had a Wankel engine that 1,000 kW (1,400hp). Unfortunately, it to meet the race regulations and was forced to abandon it. Mazda the project few years later and the famous Wankel-powered Le mans cars that were known as the Mazda 787 and 787B.

If wondering, no, that’s not Alien. a Hot car that was based on the real car of the name. It was designed by a different called IAD.

1983 MX-02 Concept; it was the first to have a HUD (Heads-Up Display). It had a four-wheel steering system is activated at speeds slower 40km/h (25mph) for an improved control and handling. It is unknown car it was based on.

1983 Nissan Concept; it was based on a Nissan EXA. Its design cues and appeared on three future cars: 350Z, Pulsar, and NX.

Opel Corsa Sprint B Prototype; it was a Group B rally car never was. It was based on a generation Opel Corsa After developing the prototype, decided to participate in Group A Its production counterpart went limited production two years under the name of Opel Sport.

Only 500 examples built to meet the homologation

1983 Opel Junior it was a functional camper in the size of a car. It had seat covers can be used as sleeping bags. How

Sadly, it failed to meet the standards and Opel scrapped the However, the project was resurrected for the Adam, which wasn’t as as the Junior.

1983 Porsche 959 B Prototype; its production counterpart was of the homologation requirement to qualify in the in the Group B rally and it went limited production three later.

1983 Renault Concept by ItalDesign; it was based on a 18. It later evolved into the 21, which went into three years later.

Tatra Grafit Concept; isn’t much information on it than the name and a few photos.

Toyota FX-1 Concept; it was the car to have a digital dashboard CRT monitors. Sorry, Lexus you weren’t the first. There any information about the slide-out that is shown in the photo.

My guess is that it was Toyota’s to ditch normal car doors to the aerodynamics for an improved fuel

1983 Toyota SV-3 the first Japanese mid-engine car. It later evolved the Toyota MR2, which into production a year Did you know that MR2 was shortened to MR in

According to some sources, MR2 like a French profanity (est) merdeux, which (it) is s****y.

1983 TAC3 Concept; very is known about it. It was an open top with the famous three-seat like the McLaren F1. It is unknown car it was based on it, but it definitely didn’t go production.

1983 Volkswagen Concept; it was an affordable car for pissed uni who live on student loans realising that they’ll be them back for many while becoming incredibly Volkswagen Type 1 was still in at that time, so they see a point in replacing it and scrapped the Unfortunately, Type 1’s ended 3 years later.

Volkswagen Golf Turbo by Sbarro; it was designed for a perverted customer who likes it when a backside is raised to expose its parts. Bizarrely, it was powered by a H6 from a Porsche 911.

Oh, of perverts…

Anyway, please on. We’re almost done

1983 Volvo LCP (Light Prototype) 2000 Concept; it was the most dangerous project on post. It had four 3-cylinder blocks of different materials plastic and pure magnesium, a that is highly flammable heated. One of the engines can run on sunflower

The body and other components made of different materials in to reduce weight.

1983 Vision 1S Concept; very is known about it. It was based on an Quattro. It was from a now-dead automaker.

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