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2007 LS 460 Preview Road Test

The Car Parks Itself

The all new 2007 LS 460 has arrived all dressed up and ready for the Gone is the conservative me-too that made the LS look a homely version of the previous Mercedes S-Class. The new Lexus direction, called L-Finesse, the LS its own look and identity. We have seen examples of L-Finesse with the gorgeous Lexus GS and recently with the introduction of the generation Lexus IS and the new2007 ES350 .

Since its inception in as a 1990 model. the Lexus LS has a ground-breaking car, daring to head-to-head with the German car manufacturers, and doing it at a price of thousands less than the top guns. In short order, the LS its way into the hearts and minds of journalists, many describing it as the best car in the world.

Shortly the original LS was introduced, it began awards for its quality, performance, and experience with a string of place wins from J. D. and Associates for initial quality, satisfaction and dependability.

During the conference in Detroit, Jim Press, and COO of Toyota Motor Sales, told us that a five-year-old LS is more problem free a brand-new car from either of the German competitors. I personally can for that statement because I a first generation Lexus and I would have to say that it was the trouble free car I have owned. (not to mention the that I bought it used 76,000 miles on it)

Lexus to boast about their of the perfect car, so let’s see how they have come to goal.

They have resolved their biggest bland styling, with the new design cues that the LS460 a distinctive, stylish

Another shortcoming with people was rear seat Most of the upscale competitors long wheelbase cars to real stretch-out space in the seat. So for 2007, the LS will now be in both a normal wheelbase and wheelbase models.

Lexus is all quiet, and the LS has always been the Lexus. For 2007, additional were taken to better the sounds that this car The goal was to eliminate noise possible or tune the sound so it is in keeping with a luxury car

A Takumi (feeling master) has employed at Lexus to make that any sounds that the car will impart the feel of quality. This includes like the sound that the make when closing (or for that matter), the sounds the windows make when up or down, even the sounds the switches make when are activated.

In fact, a great deal of went into the design of the electric motors that are in the in order to make sure either they are completely or the sound that they do ads to the quality of the experience.

Lexus has paid a great deal of to the controls and displays on the LS to make that everything is logical and to understand and operate, even for of us who do not get along very well technology.

On the road, the LS460 was as as billed. I didn’t get a chance to it back to back with the LS430, but it was at least as quiet and more so. On the road, the ride and were sublime. While it is not a sport sedan, the steering intuitive with a fine of control in any driving situations I

Cornering was flat and controlled the soft ride, a notable

The LS460L is a large car, but it almost nimble and certainly to control. It is as close to a magic as you are apt to find this side of a price. Acceleration was smooth and and every bit as good as the Mercedes At full throttle, the 8 speed transmission shifted through the with no noticeable dips in the G-forces I was feeling.

The transmission has a manual mode so that you can it through the eight speeds At light throttle, the shifts almost undetectable.

There are thoughtful touches inside and to make life easy, the power seat belt adjusters to the duplicate power controls for the passenger seat are within easy reach of the The driver can easily pre-position the seat so that if the last had the seat reclined, the next won’t fall back when entering. Small but nice to have.

The available GPS system now includes real-time reporting. The system will where construction zones or are located or which roads congested traffic by using arrows along the route, for an open road, Yellow for and orange for a traffic jam.

The currently covers 22 major areas utilizing the XM NavTraffic to display up-to-the-minute traffic including traffic speed, and construction areas. The first of this service is free which time there be a small annual charge.

The new fifth generation navigation displays in English, French and and contains map information for the continental States and Canada. The system over eight million of interest including gas stations, cash machines, banks, and other types of locations.

The system can now be controlled by voice while you are driving. All this is now stored on a 30 GB hard disk instead of a DVD disc. The hard is also used for music allowing you to keep 4000 of favorite songs on tap.

included with the navigation is a more extensive Bluetooth that allows you to connect a Bluetooth compatible phone and and receive calls through wheel controls and voice The system can be paired with up to 6 phones and store 1000 book entries.


Another optional feature elicited wows when the was announced last January was a that would allow the car to park itself. You simply up to a parking space and place the Park Assist system self-park mode. After all you have to do is keep your lightly on the brake pedal.

The car do the rest, automatically steering the space for a perfect park time.

We tried out this and it worked as advertised, however it was sensitive to the speed you allow reverse operations. If you let it go too fast or too it displays an error message on the and cancels the operation. You also a parking space at least 4 longer than the car to complete the To initiate self park, you pull up to the car in front of the parking and place the car in reverse.

The screen to the rearview camera image a rectangular box and 4 arrows. You tap the arrows the box is in the space where you want the car to up in. Once you have that tap a button on the screen and let go of the wheel.

As you the car back, the steering wheel to turn into the space. it reaches a certain point, the spins in the other direction to the park. You then have to shift into drive and forward if necessary, but the car wound up where you set it to go.

The long wheelbase model is 203 long and has a special luxury available for the rear seats includes a right rear that not only reclines, but has an that extends out to serve as a This rear seat has an extensive massage system allows you to control the type and of the massage. The system also a DVD entertainment package and a hidden compartment.

Many of the options for the wheelbase LS460 will be on the LS460 L, including: a GPS navigation power open close lid, four-zone automatic control with overhead and XM Satellite Radio with traffic displays and dynamic

The standard Lexus Premium system is no slouch with its in-dash CD changer, Digital Processor (DSP), Automatic Levelizer (ASL), Electronic network and MP3/iPod audio plug with 10 speakers. But the news is the available Mark audio system which include a 7.1-channel speaker with reference surround Discrete 5.1 channel playback, MLS 24-bit surround logic and 19 speakers. This is all gobblyygook to me, but an should be impressed.

It certainly good to my untrained ears.

is how the 19 speakers are laid out:

Six cone speakers will be across the dash

a woofer be located in each front

three speakers will be in rear door

four speakers will be in the rear pillars

a woofer will be in the rear package shelf.

sitting in the back seat, we a movie on the large screen dropped down from the Sound was piped through the 19 of the Mark Levinson system. The was U-571, a WW-II submarine with lots of action

I have to tell you that it like I was actually on the sub in the middle of all the charges going off. The was better than any movie I have ever been in. Add to the fact that I had the seat me a shiatsu massage as my feet up on the built in ottoman and you will why my fellow journalists had to practically me out so they could have turn.

This rear package is part of the Executive Seating Package that is as an option for the LS460-L. It includes the rez DVD screen that drops electrically. The cabin is configured as a 4 car with an additional console divides the rear seat

The console includes a control that can control a number of like the four zone control giving everyone in the car own thermostat.

There are also controls, power seat and a cooler between the seats. The seat can recline and an ottoman for the busy executive to catch a few as he or she is chauffeured to their destination. Too sun? Push a button to sun shades in the rear doors and window.

Need a massage. a remote out of the console and control the and intensity of the massage. The Executive Package is a $12,675 option.

Lexus LS Electric Cars

The controls also have enhanced on the new LS. Once you set the desired temperature, the system will not monitor air temperature, it will monitor the body temperature of the and adjust the outlet temperature to There is even an optional steering wheel.

The new LS 460 is so named for the new 4.6 engine that produces a 380 horsepower, which is 102 ponies that the already powerful LS430. Standing start to 60 per hour is a blistering 5.4 seconds, beats many high end sedans. The difference here is the LS460 does it with a instead of a roar.

Now, when you increase the size and of an engine, gas mileage suffers, but not in case. The LS460 will get 19 mpg for driving and 27 mpg on the highway, which is better that the LS430 had an EPA rating of 18 city and 25 highway.

of the credit for this increased and efficiency has to go to the new new V8, which is the first new design in the 17 year LS history. power plant has an 11.8 to 1 ratio which is extremely This is made possible by the new injection system which has two per cylinder, one that squirts into the combustion chamber extremely high pressures, and the that feeds fuel the port just above the valves.

This design for extremely tight control of delivery for maximum efficiency.

overhead cams with (Dual Variable Valve with Intelligence) and the first use of an controlled valve timing help maximize intake especially during cold The camshafts are of a new, hollow and are now driven by a chain instead of a belt for improved reliability and maintenance costs.

Another for the added efficiency is the first 8-speed automatic transmission. eight forward speeds, you spread the ratios out to have a first gear for improved acceleration, and a higher top gear for fuel economy on the highway. The case is no larger than the 6 speed and has been engineered for weight, increased rigidity and operation.

The front suspension has been for better ride and handling and has one of the turning radius in its class a curb to curb turning of 35.4 feet. The long model is 36.7 or 37.4 the optional 19 inch wheels and

The new long wheelbase LS460 L is positioned to compete directly the best cars in the world, notably the Mercedes Benz BMW 750 iL and Audi A8L.

The L will many features that are on the regular wheelbase LS as standard, so the price to go where no Lexus has before. Prices have not announced yet, but we will them posted here as as they are.

The LS460 and L will both be rear-wheel cars. All-wheel drive not be available for the 2007 model which is too bad, because people in the northern states expressed a strong interest in feature. It will, however be on the upcoming LS600h L which be the top-of-the-line Hybrid version of the LS. Lexus tells me that the drive system used in the can be adapted to the LS460 and LS460L.

I that we should see that on the standard sedans in the next or two.

In April 2006, revealed the details on a Hybrid V8 Luxury LS that will not provide more power, but fuel economy for a large sedan. We expect to see close to 500 That’s V12 territory, but with economy comparable to that of the fuel efficient V8s.

new ultimate Lexus will be the LS600h L and have all-wheel and a dual-stage electronically controlled, variable transmission.

The LS hybrid is to carry a Super Ultra Low Vehicle (SULEV) rating. A rating means the LS 600h L has 70-percent cleaner emissions the cleanest of its competitors.

The LS600h L is to be the quietest car ever made. It is so that engineers had to go back to the board to redesign all the electric and switches because they becoming noticeable for the first

The new Hybrid LS is expected to arrive in showrooms in April of 2007 and probably reach 6 figures, it on the List of things to buy when I hit the category for most people.

At the same time the Hybrid LS L is introduced, Lexus will make available a new Advanced System as an option for all LS models. system is so advanced, it will detect pedestrians. Two small mounted at the front of the car, in with millimeter-wave radar, are enough to detect not just metal obstructions such as but also smaller nonmetallic such as humans.

A third mounted on the steering column, the drivers face. If the camera that the driver is looking for a few seconds or more, and something is in the path, then it alerts the first with a warning and a flashing light. If that get the driver to react, the system can to gently apply the brakes on its The system will also the steering ratio to quicken the response.

While all of this is the system automatically cinches up the restraints and prepares the brake to respond with full when activated by the driver in of a possible impact. Once the is averted, the car will then out and slap the driver a few times to him up (just kidding, that’s his job)

So we have beauty, brawn, stamina, and the swagger of an that has proven every it ever tried to make. is the 2007 Lexus LS. The LS460 and LS 460 L be in Lexus showrooms by late 2006 with the Hybrid L coming around April as a 2008 model. Place order soon, the demand for cars will most be greater than the supply for a

The line forms to the right.

Do you have any feedback on the Lexus Any opinions or experiencesof your We would love to hear you. Clickhere to send us comments

Lexus LS Electric Cars

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