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Lexus RC Electric Cars

Welcome to RC-Hobbies.co.uk

Best Guaranteed!

We aim to be the best value on all the we sell. If you find a similar available at a lower price contact us and we will do our best to you a better deal. You can phone us on 900004 or e-mail sales@rc-hobbies.co.uk

Class Delivery on all orders

We aim to all orders for next working day The shipping cost is calculated at the Combined shipping charges so when ordering several you only pay one delivery charge further savings.

All major cards accepted

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Terms Conditions

1. We you to print out these Terms or we can e-mail these to you on request. request the Terms Conditions Customer Service at enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk.

2. statutory rights are not affected by our and conditions.

3. By purchasing from you are entering into a legally contract and the following terms and apply:

4. All orders accepted are to these terms of trade and of sale. No conditions stipulated in a order, letter or communication vary or cancel these of trade unless we agree to the in writing and it is signed.

5. As the products we are of a specialist hobby nature, ensure that you read our and conditions prior to placing order.

6. If you have any questions our products, if you need assistance, or if you a query regarding your please do not hesitate to contact us.


Telephone: 07748 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

7. Times

We aim to dispatch all orders as as possible and are usually sent by for next day delivery but should be you within 4 days at the latest. If are out of stock dispatch may be slightly so please allow up to 28 days. For orders we suggest you order as as possible to help ease the rush!

8. Post and Packaging

and packaging charges are automatically based on order weight, at the Orders are sent using a service or Royal Mail Class, dependant on weight. contact us for delivery costs the UK.

9. Receipt of goods

9.1. inspect all items immediately arrival. Do not accept packages show signs of damage in goods damaged in transit are to a claim on the carrier; please do not them as you will be asked to for them in good condition.

us immediately if you have refused an and we will arrange a replacement.

We advise you that if a courier a parcel to you and you do not physically check the for damage you should sign for the as unchecked. This is not an essential but it making a claim easier if you find damage to your as without this disclaimer you are for them in good condition.

9.3. The items we sell are products and may require some assembly and adjustment before use inspect the model prior to use and any damage or problems within 3 of receipt.

10. 7 Day Money Back

10.1. All our items are sold a 7 day money back guarantee.

Under the UK Distance Selling you have 7 working days the day you receive your goods) to the contract for your order us. This is to give you time to the goods to ensure they are you wanted and are in good order you use them.

10.3. If you decide to your order and return the you will receive a full including any standard delivery

10.4. The products we sell are products designed to take the received in normal use and not show therefore minor scratches, or other marks will not be replacement or rejection under the of the warrantee.

10.5. You will to return the item at your Upgraded services chosen by you you placed your order

Saturday delivery instead of our standard next working day are non refundable.

10.6. Returned for refund must be in the condition you them i.e. complete, and correctly packed using all straps and other devices for the item, the retail packaging also be complete and undamaged.

An item will be considered to be from the point fuel was for Nitro and Petrol powered or when a battery has been for battery powered items. please examine the item before adding fuel or the battery as doing so will be accepting the item under the of the warranty.

10.8. If a fault after you have used the this will be handled the warranty procedure. (Please see

10.9. If you decide to cancel order you must let us know in an e-mail will be accepted, your order number, of order and date of receipt. We then send you the appropriate documentation.

For further details see the Returns Policy below.

11. Deliveries

11.1. Courier:

If you do not delivery by the expected delivery please get in touch immediately so the can be contacted as failed deliveries to be reported within 7 days of us the goods.

11.2. In the unfortunate your goods go missing as soon as you inform us the courier be contacted, once the courier the goods are missing and it has been within the correct time a claim will be raised and the will then be resent to

11.3. If goods are disputed as this is where the courier they have delivered and a signature from the addressee for of them but you are stating you have not had then the courier will not a claim until they are the goods have not been after an investigation has been out. Part of this is to interview the delivery driver, in this very rare the goods cannot be resent the courier raises a claim.

Royal Mail:

If you do not receive by the expected delivery date get in touch immediately so the order can be. In the event your goods go Royal Mail will raise a claim after 15 days have passed the date of dispatch. During period our hands are tied and we simply wait, as lost are often redelivered or returned to during this time.

this has passed then if the are still undelivered your will be resent.

11.5. If are disputed as delivered, this is Royal Mail say they delivered and have a signature the addressee for receipt of them but you are you have not had them then will not raise a claim they are satisfied the goods not been delivered after an has been carried out. of this investigation is to interview the unfortunately in this very situation the goods cannot be until the Royal Mail a claim.

12. Age Recommendations

12.1. Controlled modelling is a great that can be enjoyed by all ages please remember that the controlled models we sell are products not toys, many are performance machines and we advise supervision for children under the age of 14 old.

12.2. It is the responsibility of the to ensure the safety of people and around them when a radio controlled mode, Moto, Quad bike or and when used in a public adult supervision should be

12.3. Nitro models some manual dexterity and strength to start which younger users may require with.

12.4. The Mini Quad Bikes and Scooters individual age recommendations, adult is recommended for younger children and the use of the safety equipment is essential.

13. Pre

13.1. The Radio Controlled Bikes and Scooters we sell are products, to operate them the user needs to either some experience or be prepared to themselves with the necessary information before using This information is readily on the internet or by contacting us on 07748 or by e-mail at enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk.

13.2. All of the we sell require maintenance and to keep them working and to prevent damage to the components.

13.3. Please remember all items should be checked by the prior to every use ensuring everything is tightened and adjusted as it be and batteries are secure. Where the user should perform a radio check including a check before switching a on or starting an engine.

If the item a bump you should check nothing has been knocked out of

13.4. If you have a problem your radio equipment or if is any damage to the aerials do not attempt to use the until the problem has been please contact us for advice.

If you have no experience with the or item you have purchased you need to do some research if you have purchased a Nitro then as well as reading all the in the product manual (which is at the hobby user) you should do research on how to start and tune engine and also how to check it use. This is readily on the internet or by contacting us on 07748 or e-mailing us at enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk.

13.6. We offer advice and help as as possible but are unable to accept for items that have damaged by incorrect use, customers who are unable to adjust models or from customers who not correctly checked their before use.

14. Warranty

The products we sell are covered by a 90 day only warranty; some may have a different period of which will be specified in the description. The warrantee covers the of any parts with a manufacturing within the 90 day warranty period will be sent by post for you to

The faulty parts will be or refunded as appropriate.

14.2. The we sell are hobby products and the user can reasonably be expected to be to fit parts replaced under

14.3. When claiming a warranty you may be asked to provide of the faulty part and the general of the whole item, in some you may also be asked to return the or defective component to us for examination or to be to the manufacturer.

14.4. Due to the nature of the we sell and the environment they in, breakages can occur in normal use general wear and tear or any caused by misuse is not covered, warranty covers you solely manufacturing faults.

14.5. The we sell are hobby products require maintenance and parts in normal use, therefore components are not covered by the warrantee, include but are not limited to, crash however caused, component or premature wear due to crash glow plugs, pull mechanisms, spur gears, clutches, water damage, battery charging and discharging, wear and tear, use of after upgrades unless supplied by us for model.

14.6. If the product or parts are not by the warranty a quote can be supplied for or replacement plus the cost of the product or parts back to

14.7. The range of items we have been thoroughly as being suitable for the intended use as a product, we therefore do not accept on the basis of the item being fit for purpose” and we are able to provide that all the items we sell are and fit for their intended use.

All warranty claim decisions are

15. Returns Policy

15.1. If you a fault with your please call us on 07748900004 or us at enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk for support as many can be resolved this way and we are happy to

15.2. If on receipt you find a with your item or it has damaged in transit the first and option to correct this will be to send you replacement for you to fit.

15.3. The return of the will only be accepted within 7 days from under the Distance Selling for unused items or at our discretion if we the supply of replacement parts is If you are asked to return the goods we (subject to availability) replace the and refund your return costs up to the cost of the original charge for the goods to be delivered to you any optional supplementary delivery such as, but not limited to, Saturday or Timed delivery), where the were delivered free of this will be a reasonable for the size and weight of the item up to a of £10.

Lexus RC Electric Cars

15.4. Returns are accepted with appropriate Documentation which can be obtained by us at enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk or phoning 07748900004. The Form must be completed in and either attached to the outside of parcel or the RMA number clearly on the outside of the packaging.

Parcels arrive without a returns or without a returns form or RMA on the outside of the package will be and may be rejected.

15.5. If the product or are not covered by the warranty a quote be supplied for repair or replacement the cost of returning the product or back to you.

15.6. items must be complete and packed in their original retail packing using any straps or other securing originally supplied. We do not accept for damage to poorly or incorrectly items.

15.7. Before items please contact us to the problem as we may be able to offer that makes a return For returned items that are not to be faulty.

For example a motor that you unable to start but we can, we the right to charge a £15 testing fee is payable before the item is and in these cases the postage are not refundable.

15.8. We reserve the to dispose of unclaimed returned 30 days after notifying the of the cost of the repair or return

15.9. In the case of returning parts that have ordered in error, a 20% restocking fee apply. Spare parts only be accepted for refund thy are complete, unused and in their undamaged retail packaging.

therefore take care opening spares in case you to return them.

15.10. We be responsible for goods that to reach us. It is your duty to the return costs reasonable, contact us for advice on the most carrier.

15.11. Once the item has been inspected and is to be eligible for refund (this can up to 10 working days at busy our aim to get your money refunded to you as quickly as possible.

15.12. No payment or refund will be for, but not limited to, disappointment, lost or repairs already by you or a third party.

15.13. An returns period may be accepted at times of the year (such as purchased as Christmas presents) or in circumstances however this is at our and only if pre-agreed between us in

15.14. Unfortunately we cannot or exchange used or customer items (customer s statutory not affected). Used is determined as from the point fuel was put the model for Nitro and Petrol items and from the point the was charged for Electric Items.

a full range of spares are for the items we sell and in most we can restore your damaged to full working order by you replacement parts.

16. Lithium batteries (LiPo, Li-Poly)

Fire can be caused by: Overcharging charger or charger setting, battery load, charger by poor power supply), a damaged cell or pack and circuit (including crash

Cells or packs can be damaged by: discharging (running too flat too hot, discharging an unbalanced load), short circuit and damage.

16.2. Charging Always charge on a surface can not catch fire easily, steel etc Do not charge on carpet, or any other items that can fire easily!

16.3. over discharge your What does this It means when you notice a drop (when using helicopter or car), stop!

It also means disconnect battery from the helicopter or even if you switch off the model or and you leave it connected it will discharge really slowly. slowly for a day is a lot!

16.4. If you over discharge and charge again you may experience This is where the cells If this happens you can never use the again.

If you charge a puffed then expect a fire!

Use the correct charger.

16.6. Do not your battery. Always set a and don’t leave your charging unattended.

If you do not know the time of your battery us a call or emails us before you to charge.

16.7. Lipo are expensive and can be dangerous so need to be with care, if you need any with charging please us.

17. Website errors and corrections

We do our best our best to make the website is accurate and up to date from time to time may occur. We accept no liability (to the extent allowed by law) for the of information contained on the website or adverts, which may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors information obtained from operators and via email.

However, provision does not affect statutory rights and remedies.

Please note all specification and for our products are subject to change notice. This does not that we will send you different to what you have it simply means that we new products and versions of our products in all the time.

All items are subject to We will inform you as soon as if the product you have ordered is not and we may offer an alternative product of or higher quality and value.


18.1. If you have any questions or regarding our products, our service or our Policy, please do not hesitate to us.

e-mail: enquiries@rc-hobbies.co.uk

Telephone: 900004 9.30am to 5pm Monday to

18.2. We aim to ensure that our enjoy every aspect of online, and that also to our customer service. We will to reply to your enquiry one working day and inform you of what shall be taken.

Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars
Lexus RC Electric Cars


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