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Review: 2011 Hyundai Touring SE

You’re an old fart. Or at you think like one. You a simply designed car that’s to see out of, capable of toting a bunch of solidly constructed, and fun to drive.

cars keep going in the direction, with sci-fi shrunken windows, oversized and instrument panels, cramped seats, and marshmallow suspension (e.g. the Honda Civic a few days ago). But before up hope you might want to out the Hyundai Elantra Touring SE.

is the Elantra Touring? One clue: developed for the European market, badged the i30 Estate in the UK. “Estate” is speak for wagon. An i30 hatch is offered over there, but been imported. Compared to car, the lengthier i30 Estate / Touring (106.3 vs.

104.3 176.2 vs. 168.5 overall is a wagon. But, with the of a hatchback and an upward curve the rearmost window, it’s not a to American eyes.

Interior is comparable to that of a compact but without the 65-plus-inch height of a Instead, with a roofline inches above the pavement, the Touring pushes the upper of a conventional car. Of the cars in the U.S. the Scion xB and Toyota come closest to direct but they’re shorter in length, in height, and don’t feel as much like a conventional car the driver’s seat.

The Elantra Touring is in a size by itself, which is both a (no direct competition) and a weakness people know to look for

Compounding the challenge: as a Euro-market the Elantra Touring was only related to the 2007-2010 US-market sedan, and has little in common the redesigned 2011. Trying to two disparate cars using the nameplate tends to result in one of getting lost. Even up the previous Elantra sedan, itself failed to attract the of many American car buyers, the Touring struggled to break

Now that the look-at-me 2011 has arrived, the Elantra Touring is eclipsed, at least until also redesigned. So it should as no surprise that for each of the Tourings sold (about a month), over ten sedans fly off the And the ratio would be even if dealers had more sedans to

Design is a factor. Though attractive in SE trim from the three-quarter angle, just any other perspective leaves the Touring looking somewhat especially compared to the highly 2011 Elantra sedan. for the next generation Elantra which has already been will much more resemble the new sedan. This be good for sales, but if you prefer an with absolutely no controversial you should get the current Elantra while you still can. be sure to get the SE trim, which 17-inch alloy wheels.

The GLS, with its hub-capped appears hopelessly dowdy.

the Elantra sedan is again highly styled, with curves and novel switchgear, the Elantra Touring’s simpler, conventional design is easier to with. The HVAC and audio are close at hand, large in and few in number. A USB connection and satellite are included, while Bluetooth is as a $325 accessory. Aside the somewhat flimsy lever for the lumbar, everything feels

The textured, padded upper and instrument panel are a nice Too much black? Too bad—it’s the interior color option. think of it as sporty and easy to clean.

If you want to pretend piloting a rocketship, go elsewhere. The Touring’s driving position is enough for excellent forward but low enough that it still like a regular car. The is more upright than in the Elantra and the instrument panel is low and by current standards.

The shifter resides in the conventional rather than up on the instrument as is often the case with hatches. Contrary to recent the windows are tall. Consequently, the from the driver’s seat is different from that in the Focus, Civic, and so forth.

I this driving position is with the upcoming redesign, but the aren’t good.

The Elantra SE’s heated leather seats, though not luxurious, are A hard to find feature at any headrests with a fore-aft The rear seat is comfortably off the floor and includes significantly legroom than the average hatch.

Cargo? The Elantra holds about as much as the compact crossover and significantly than the average compact though the specs (65.3 feet vs. 45 or so, with the rear folded) might overstate the difference. Sadly, the front seat does not fold

This would have an already highly functional

The only engine option the 138 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder powered the Elantra from through 2010. This feels spirited at low speeds, smoothly enough, and growls while doing so, but even by a manual transmission lacks at the high end when saddled 3,080 pounds. Hyundai’s new four with 176 to 200 horsepower be a welcome upgrade, but won’t before the redesign, if ever.

The lighter (by about 260 pounds) Elantra sedan gets by a 148-horsepower 1.8-liter. Could be the most powerful engine in the UK is a 124-horsepower 1.6.

The Elantra SE’s firm shifter, not as precise or as slick as the best, better, even much than those in other Credit the standard short-throw supplied by BM and some TLC from engineers. The main problem: it gives you five gears to from (and the automatic has four). With a sixth the engine wouldn’t have to well over 3,000 rpm on the

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Between the old engine and ratio-challenged the EPA ratings are only 23/31, to 24/35 for the slightly heavier sedan and 29/40 for the Elantra I observed high 20s and low 30s on the trip in casual suburban driving, but this was optimistic.

True to its roots, steering in the Elantra is also firmer than in the typical Hyundai. The system’s isn’t as tight or precise as in a or Mitsubishi Lancer, but (unlike in the sedan) heft builds as the wheel is turned and the car changes readily. The stability control sooner than it ought to, but not too

This nanny can be turned off car progressively understeers as it approaches its

The Elantra Touring s ride can busy, even jostling especially bad pavement, but remains most of the time. Even the rough stuff the car isn’t off its line. Body motions are better controlled than in the sedab and noise levels are low (though the engine, spinning at rpm, starts to intrude at 80 on the

Lost in evaluating each of aspects separately: though not an performer in any particular area, Touring SE is simply fun to drive. The controls aren t the most but they share a direct, natural feel, and the systems connected to react with a immediacy. Among non-turbocharged hatches, only the Mazda3 and the Mitsubishi Lancer are more

The Elantra Touring SE lists for (including $95 for floormats). Aside the $800 automatic transmission recommended) and $325 Bluetooth there are no significant options. equipment a Mazda3 and it lists for $3,600 more.

Even adjusting for feature differences Mazda has automatic climate and power driver seat, and so using TrueDelta’s car price tool and the gap remains over A Toyota Matrix S is about more before adjusting for differences, and about $3,800 afterwards. A Mitsubishi Lancer GTS? $3,100 more the adjustment, $1,700 afterwards.

A Kia Forte EX, on the other hand, is close in price.

The Elantra has a smaller, less powerful than any of these alternatives. Its cards: less gimmicky (compared to the Mazda and Toyota), an driving position, excellent and a higher quality, roomier The Hyundai might not triumph in any area, but no other car offers a combination of crossover functionality and hot driving enjoyment.

If you’ve seeking this combination, found your car.

provided the vehicle, insurance and one of gas for this review.

Michael operates TrueDelta. an online of automotive pricing and reliability

LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable
LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable
LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable
LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable
LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable
LEXUS GS GS 450h Luxury E-CVT Continuosuly Variable

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