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Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars

A Review of the 2013 Lincoln a Remarkable Luxury Car in Every Way

the Lincoln brand has been known for its brawny land the 2013 Lincoln MKZ has everything you want from a modern car inside, outside and under the – making for the best midsized car that Ford Motor has offered up in many moons.

critics outside of Ford Company might try to question the of the Lincoln brand, the 2013 MKZ is proof that FoMoCo forgotten what they to do in order to make the newest models stand out in the luxury While models like the the MKX and the Navigator have done a job for quite a few years of providing the faithful with a quality product on the cutting edge of technology, the smaller Lincoln quite lived up to that in past years. When you previous small Lincoln like the Zephyr or the previous it was clear that these gussied up Ford products.

there were based on the popular Ford Fusion so sold well enough but were just missing special something to allow to stand out in the luxury segment.

the 2013 Lincoln MKZ – all of that Every single aspect of the MKZ – the stunning exterior design to the extravagant cabin to the powerful lineup – allows no mistaking car for anything other than a luxury sedan. This car is based on the basic architecture of the Fusion but the vast array of between the Fusion and this new MKZ this Lincoln to be a car of its own…and not a Ford Fusion.

Best of the new MKZ combines all of the amenities that the luxury midsized sedan expects with a price out in the low $50,000 range.

My 2013 MKZ test car was pretty much loaded with the Preferred Group ($5,330), the Technology ($2,550), the gorgeous panoramic roof ($2,995) and the optional V6 engine ($1,250). When you add in the upcharge for the Ruby Red paint, the fees and the other small here and there – my test car had a price of $51,205. That’s a lot of but considering the level of amenities you are getting for that price, it is a bargain compared to other in the segment.

The luxury segment is hotly and in the modern age of luxury sedans, sporty is every bit as important as the car plain looking high end and the Lincoln MKZ fills the bill in regards. This car is a massive from the previous generation striking styling that has been spread across the Lincoln brand but on the MKZ – the “wing design is arguably the most When you combine the flat-ish of the MKZ with the elevated, high rear end you have a car that out in the luxury midsized segment for all of the reasons.

Also, the 2013 MKZ absolutely nothing like the Fusion with which it a platform so there is no chance of MKZ being accused of driving a Fusion.

The front end of the 2013 MKZ is the most eye-catching feature of the design with the goals the “wing grille” design very clear as there is no that the dual unit with the integrated headlights like a set of wings – right to the angled spokes in the grille as the features in this birdlike This grille is clad in a ton of in the border, through the center and in the headlights and with the added in the lower fascia area the LED foglights, the face of the MKZ leaves no as to this car’s purpose in the world.

Above that front end is a swooping hood a variety of raised points give the 2013 Lincoln MKZ a fast look even it is parked. Those “fast” in the hood lead to a gently windshield that gives way to the panoramic glass roof and the long, low rear glass flows into a beautifully rear spoiler. This the MKZ a very bold silhouette a slightly rakish stance by this high rear end and the sloping front end.

the sides, the sharp body that runs from to back gives the car a more look but these bold help to give this sedan a muscular look all angles.

Out back, the 2013 MKZ has even more character a very sporty rear end features the aforementioned integrated spoiler and a tail light that is among the best on the today. This huge unit design runs side to side with LEDs lighting up the huge but even when the lights are off in daylight – this new tail design is a thing of beauty. The rear bumper design out just below this new setup and along the bottom we a contrasting black area a mild diffuser design and a set of integrated exhaust tips drive home the luxury styling.

Im going to come right out and say it – I that the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is the looking Lincoln brand ever and it is among the best midsized sedans available in right now. Im a big fan of the MKS but the MKZ is truly a application of the styling language we first saw on the MKS and this latest is – in my opinion – the best that we seen from Lincoln far. Ford Motor should be proud of the look of the MKZ because it is one of the sharpest luxury in the company’s history while being one of the most distinct and attractive vehicles sold in today.

The Interior

As much as I was by the exterior design of the 2013 MKZ, the real showstopper is the cabin of this midsized The front seats are thickly under plush leather so look great while every bit as comfortable as you would These seats have hip and side bolsters but unlike sport oriented models, the aren’t so hard that poke into bigger or passengers. The front seats are and cooled so they keep backside at a pleasant level in any while the heated steering keeps the drivers hands warm on cold days as Best of all, the front offer a ton of leg, knee, elbow, shoulder and head so even very tall and passengers will be able to enjoy the new MKZ.

Between spacious front seats is a clean looking console flows up into the dash touch-to-open panels covering the storage area and the cupholders. I’m not one to over center consoles but I like the look of the armrest of the new MKZ. It is stylish, classy and clean when all buttoned up but these panels is a ton of storage

There is also an open area under the console area for added front storage…and it looks cool.

The rear seats of the 2013 MKZ also feature deep bolsters for the outboard seating and while there is a larger seat than many midsized sedans, it’s a little tight for an adult two other adults. The outboard are also heated but the best of the MKZ rear seats is the amount of leg and room. With the front adjusted to comfortably accommodate a 6 tall driver and passenger, is a decent amount of space for tall rear riders.

If you the front seats forward a you can greatly expand that leg room and thanks to the amount of in the front foot wells, is still plenty of leg room for folks up front.

Ford Company has put a tremendous amount of into interior technologies the past few years in all of their so it should come as no surprise the 2013 Lincoln MKZ is packed of high end gadgetry. The entire is focused around the MyLincoln infotainment system which pretty much every of interior functionality. I love the system and as is the case with the Touch system that I raved about in previous – MyLincoln Touch offers the level of excellence. Below the touch screen is a touch panel with controls for the system and climate control allow you to swipe to make in fan speed and radio volume some other touch-only around these swipe

It takes some time to get to these controls but I love the and once you are used to them – is really no downside to this Of course, there are very few of the MKZ that the driver cannot with either the steering mounted buttons or voice (or both) including the climate the sound system, the navigation the hands free phone and the driver information display is mounted in the center of the TFT gauge This infotainment area includes the push button control and the unique push shift system that the MKZ a unique touch.

Finally, one of the expensive single features of the Lincoln MKZ is the $2,995 panoramic roof and while that is a lot of for an elaborate sunroof – it is worth cent. From the outside the roof gives the MKZ a very end look but from the inside it a wonderfully inviting cabin. The glass opening makes for a bright interior and unlike other large glass on the market today, this piece retracts to provide a sunroof opening for front and riders.

Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars

This glass roof is a feature” when it is closed but are blown away when realize that the massive roof slides back to one of the biggest sunroof openings Ive seen.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is inviting, comfortable and packed of high tech amenities – all of the aspects needed from a luxury sedan. MyLincoln is one of the best infotainment systems on the today and the basic design of the MKZ is one of the best Ive seen in the midsize segment. Add to the sexy design and the tech goodies a set of plush, seats with tons of and you have one of the most impressive in the midsize luxury sedan

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is offered either a 2.0L EcoBoost or a 3.7L V6 and either front drive or all wheel drive. My subject for this review was with the larger V6 engine and the all wheel drive system – a that delivers 300 horsepower and of torque while promising economy figures of 18mpg in the 26 on the highway and 21mpg combined. In my with the MKZ, I found those figures were realistic and while I averaged a under the expected 21mpg I did more driving around than on the highway. Because of I expect that those who do a great deal of highway – especially if they have a throttle foot than do I – be able to exceed the EPA expectations in driving conditions.

All in all, the economy numbers aren’t the but they are achievable under normal driving circumstances.

the 2013 Lincoln MKZ really is in terms of performance. With and 277llb-ft of torque being to all four wheels via a push controlled 6-speed automatic featuring steering wheel paddle shifters, the MKZ packs power and it can make use of every bit the advanced all wheel drive Whether you are looking to rocket from a stop light on a sunny summer day or you are trying to dig some icy winter slop, the MKZ is to answer the bell. Acceleration from a stop and while in is strong and smooth with the shifters on the steering wheel a little extra touch of driving fun to the roomy Lincoln These paddles allow for spirited driving with quick upshifts while and precise downshifts while to corner so while I don’t that a great many MKZ drive like they are on a course – the fact is that car handles itself very on tight turns and through sweeping turns when at high speeds.

Much like the larger the MKZ offers a great driving whether the driver is blasting the highway, pulling hard from a stop or cutting a twisty country road and to the advanced all wheel drive the MKZ offers just as much in the snow as it does on a warm, day.

Performance aside, the Lincoln MKZ offers exactly every luxury buyer and that is a smooth, solid Whether you are driving around at low speeds or cruising the highway at higher speeds, the interior of the MKZ is quiet with very wind noise or road transferring into the cabin. you, the MKZ doesn’t have a ride” that removes any and all for the road but while the driver can get a good idea of what is on under the tires through the and suspension system – the MKZ provides a ride even on the roughest highways.

When you are not looking to win any the acceleration of the MKZ is smooth and the engine is with the shifts coming and almost unnoticeably when the car is driven more calmly so this Lincoln offers of fun to drive factor, it does so killing any of the comforts that a luxury sedan simply has to Along those same the steering system is sharp and but it doesn’t require the work of other sporty luxury so those luxury buyers who more emphasis on comfort but a sportier feel than models – the 2013 MKZ is the answer.

The Lincoln MKZ does what midsized Lincolns have not – combining luxury level with moderate levels of You don’t get the big power of the EcoBoost V6 in the MKS but the aspirated 3.7L V6 does a job of offering solid fuel and power while the steering, and chassis setup afford car great handling properties compromising ride quality. The MKZ is fun than any midsized Lincoln I driven in the past and it is almost a entertaining AND more versatile driver than other in the segment.

Ford Motor Company did a job designing the interior and exterior of the new MKZ to be a luxury car and the drive qualities of the MKZ home that perfect of luxury and performance.

The Lincoln – particularly the midsized sedan – has traditionally been criticized for too much like the comparable brand vehicle but the 2013 MKZ is a beautiful luxury sedan a look and feel all its own. car might share a platform the current Ford Fusion but is where the similarities end so that is one area where critics of the brand can point out flaws. defeating that “fancy reputation, the new MKZ is a remarkable luxury with all of the amenities that a car of level needs to have in to keep up with the automotive

The striking exterior design is yet classy; the interior is plush, and loaded with high features and the drivetrain offers performance in any conditions with the of getting better than on the highway.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ a masterful job of taking many of the that make the larger and expensive Lincoln MKS so popular and them into a smaller, affordable vehicle with a starting in the mid 30s and a heavily loaded in the low 50s. Finally the MKS has a proper car helping to draw new buyers to showrooms around the country and for new car shoppers in the market for a great luxury sedan – the new MKZ is most one of the cars that you must before making your purchase.

Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars
Lincoln MKZ Electric Cars

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