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Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (2nd gen)

13 Mar 13 Stradale TZ3 by Zagato and Alfa Romeo heading to Concours d Elegance

What will come out when you cross carbon fiber panels done by Zagato with the mechanicals and engine from a Dodge Viper? It is quite odd but you will find a vehicle sporting a badge of Alfa Romeo. Behold the Alfa Romeo Zagato Stradale TZ3.

This vehicle was shown as a concept vehicle during the 2010 Villa D Este coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. The Stradale TZ3 went on a limited production in 2011. The car that was exhibited in Italy was a track variant but the other nine models that went off the production line were street or Stradale versions.

The last car received a California Blue body finish and will take the spotlight at this year s Concours d Elegance. Underneath carbon fiber body is a V-10 derived from the Dodge Viper ACR that can output 600 horsepower and a torque of 560 lb-ft.

The numbers tells us that the ride can blast from 0 to 60 miles an hour in about 3.5 seconds but this car is like a rolling work of art so that kind of performance is just like icing on the cake. It is a beauty no what what angle you look at it. The lines are breathtaking plus the understated hue is awesome.

According to Zagato, the Stradale TZ3 is the first American Alfa in the history of the automotive industry. It is a great blend of American engine power and Italian design grace. Like how it came to be, it is a bellaza necessaria or a beautiful necessity.

And who will not agree?

04 Jan 13 Ferrari releases teaser of Enzo replacement on pages of official magazine

The Italian supercar maker may only be releasing a limited number of the Ferrari F70 and most likely you need to get an invite to get your hands behind the wheels of the Maranello-made ride. Ferrari recently give the world a good peek of its new sueprcar. Ferrari posted some teaser images of the new supercar using the F150 codename that will replace the Enzo.

Ferrari only released two images so its full form and its name still remains to be concealed. Looking at the images, it seems the F150 sports some elements found on the Enzo like the shape of the headlamps and the narrow passenger cabin.

The car manufacturer has already revealed the chassis of the F150 crafted from carbon fiber during the auto show in Paris. The designers made use of four kinds of carbon fiber that were either autoclave-produced or hand-rolled depending on their use in order to give it the much needed rigidity yet still very light.

Ferrari tapped into the expertise it has been using for its Formula 1 endeavors to create the F150. One good example of this is the built of critical areas designed to absorb tremendous impact forces. They were crafted from the same material that is currently being used for the nose cones of the F1 race cars.

According to the carmaker, the new supercar improves its flexional rigidity by as much as 22% and torsional rigidity by as much as 27% compared to the Ferrari Enzo. Its weight was also reduced by roughly 20%.

Unfortunately we still do not get any detail about the powerplant of the new supercar. It just states what has been revealed before, the Ferrari F150 will make use of a hybrid engine setup that will combine the power of the mid-mounted V-12, KERS technology, and battery.

We are totally clueless how much the electric motors will give out but the V-12 should crank out around 731 horses just like what the F12berlinetta gets Most likely the total output will be more than 800HP. This is enough to go challenge the McLaren P1 and the 918 Spyder of Porsche.

If you don’t like these expensive cars, buy Motorhomes at great prices from arbogastrvs.com and go on the road trip you’ve always wanted to.

30 Oct 12 Sports car tuning: Porsche Boxster 981 tweaked by SpeedART

Following the teaser images last May, tuning company Speed ART formally launched its tuning package for the third gen Porsche Boxster. The SP91-R performance and styling package from SpeedART offers Boxster 981 owners a host of options to customize their vehicles including power kits for the regular and its S model counterpart.

The Stage 1 upgrade includes custom exhaust that comes with sports catalysts and headers/manifolds that can be combined with a switch function to boost the power by as much as 20 horses to make the flat six 2.7L engine produce 261HP and the flat six of the Boxster S to crank out 311 horses.

The second tuning package tweaks the ECU to boost the output by another thirty horses and add some more 30 Nm torque.

SpeedART also has a turbo kit that can be easily installed and to add about 80 horses more. The tuning firm has a light exhaust system made from Titanium that should be available soon.

There are also available sport suspensions for race and street use. There is also an airlift suspension that can raise the Boxster to clear speed bumps and ramps. Owners can also choose between 20- or 21-inch rims in different colors.

SpeedART also makes available decals and aerodynamic elements such as a rear diffuser, rear wing, side panels and front chin spoilers all made from carbon fiber. The interior also gets a variety of goods to spruce up the cabin.

31 Jul 12 Lincoln announces pricing for MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, starts at $35,925

Lincoln just released the pricing for the 2013 MKZ. The tag price starts at $35,925 plus a destination charge of $875.

This puts the vehicle just roughly $175 below the ES 350 Lexus, which is expected to be its primary competition.

The $35,95 is just for the base vehicle but consumers get a good deal with it as this MKZ comes with LED headlamps, push-button shifter, LCD panel for the instruments, a touch screen display, Active Noise Control, and remote start. You can also choose between a 3.7L or a 2.0L EcoBoost V-6 engines.

There is also the Hybrid version of the 2013 MKZ. This variant has the same tag price as the non-hybrid MKZ. It sports an Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder engine that has a displacement of two liters workign hand in hand with a 70kW electric motor.

The combined output is 188 horses. Using pure electricity, the vehicle can go as fast as 62 mph. It returns 41 mpg and 36 mpg on city and highway driving, respectively.

The MKZ will be available in four trims: Preferred, Reserve, Select, and Premier.

The Premiere is the lowest of these trims while the Select gives it a rear-view camera, a steering wheel with wood finish, parking sensors, and HD radio among others.

The Reserve trim features the elements of the Select trim but adds blind spot detection, navigation that has voice recognition, cooled seats, power decklid, and power telescoping/tilting steering wheel.

The Preferred builds on the features of the Reserve and adds 19-inch rims, heated steering wheel, high quality floor mats, heated rear seats, among other luxury features.

25 Apr 12 New Chevrolet Corvette with new color and other options

Chevrolet announced that the last of its C6 model Corvette will take the form of the 2013 MY Corvette, the car manufacturer plans to give the supercar some updates when it is officially unveiled during the National Corvette Museum Bash this month.

The 2013 Corvette lineup will include the Collector Edition Corvette 427 Convertible which is the fastest and most potent of the corvette convertibles that rolled off the production line of the brand.

In addition, the 2013 Chevrolet Corvettes will be getting a special marking to commemorate the 60th anniversary since the launch of the first corvette in 1953.

The 60th Anniversary Package will give the ride an Arctic white finish, interior wrapped in Blue Diamond leather with accents of suede, a rear spoiler that seems to be lifted from the ZR1, brake calipers painted in gray, and emblems all over to mark the 60th anniversary of the Corvette.

There are also reports which says that the 2013 Corvette will have more options for the exterior color like Night Race Blue and the Competition Gray rims to be replaced by black aluminum rims. Again buyers can get the wheels in a range of sizes from 18 thru 20 inches.

The official launch of the 2013 Corvette happens before the end of the month in Bowling Green at the National Corvette Museum Bash.

16 Feb 12 Review: 2012 Panamera by Porsche

You cannot please everyone and so the Porsche Panamera has its own critics. This sports car by Porsche is a very good choice if you love sports cars on only looking to keep on car or for those who has a supercar but wants an extra ride which is as fast for daily use.

This is so because the Porsche Panamera is a great ride if you look at the overall picture with a performance that may put to shame some of the known cars dedicated to produce monstrous horsepower. It also boasts of good space for three adults and their gears.

The 2012 MY for the Porsche Panamera gives buyers two more models to choose from with great performance delivered in varying means.

The entry level Panamera has a tag price of $75,200 which sports a V 3.6L with an output of 300 horses. The styling you will see is at par with its more expensive siblings and it is also lightning quick blasting from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in a matter of six seconds. It also has an option to go with a dual clutch gearbox and a Sport Chrono Package Plus.

On the other portion of the lineup is the S Hybrid version of the Porsche Panamera. Although this loudly say that it makes use of green technology it ought not to be left behind by conventional sports cars. It can rush from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds.

Now that is one good eco friendly ride.

The models of the Panamera line up are all setup with the PDK transmission with dual clutch. This gearbox with shift while in automatic mode and be manipulated using the paddle shifters near the steering wheel if the buyer goes for the Sport Chrono package. The technology used here is amazing as the gear can be shifted faster than anyone can do using the usual conventional gearbox.

The technologies used for the the Panamera should not intimidate anyone since they are very easy to handle. The cabin of the Porsche Panamera is very elegant with sufficient space for comfortable ride. The space for your cargo too is impressive too when you fold the rear seats.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (2nd gen)

02 Nov 11 Bijan Rolls-Royce Phantom limited edition tagged for $1.6M

Bijan Pakzad was best known for decades as designer tapped by royalties, presidents, and celebrities if they want to dress in style. And throughout his life, the artist and car lover in him had Rolls-Royce in his heart.

Bijan passed away already but his legacy lives on as the House of Bijan recently unwrapped the line of limited edition Phantoms of luxury car marque Rolls-Royce. The car was unveiled in front of his shop in Beverly Hills where he initiated the project back in 2010.

The Drophead Coupe by Bijian comes in his own color, Bijian Yellow but the limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantoms will come in several colors. The yellow of the late designer ruled over elemetns like the hood, mirrors, wheels, and window frame. The interior of the DHC has touches of Bijan like the diamond watch on the dashboard and a picnic set stored in the Phantom s trunk

The run of this very unique Phanotms will be limited. There will also be convertible versions of the Bijan Rolls-Royce collaboration. The tag price for the vehicle is said to go from $850,000 and may hit around $1.6 million and will most likely be attracting the interest of sheikhs from the Middle East who got their luxurious styling from the late Bijan.

One unit was already shipped to another country. The designers are projecting to do a dozen of these luxury rides.

18 Aug 11 Bentley s Continental GT drop-top model to be revealed at the Frankfurt show

British automaker, Bentley Motors Limited, has only two model lines under its belt. Naturally, this information means that the entire car industry is looking forward to more models since the British brand has so much room left for expansion.

Recently, the newly revamped and redesigned version of the brand’s Continental GT has rolled out into showrooms. Now, another new model—the Continental GT Drop-Top model—is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt show this year. Of course, we all couldn’t wait to see the Speed and Flying Spur variants.

Another Bentley model, the Mulsann, has also been speculated to come up with a convertible and coupe versions some time soon. According to experts’ speculations and reports, the British carmaker is set to unveil new model lines one of which involves an SUV model. Ironically, after all the talks of expansion, it has been said that the British brand is planning to economize.

The new Bentley Continental models will have an additional 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine plus the optional 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine. As for engine power, now official word has been released but we assume it will be somewhere between 567 horsepower. According to rumors, these models will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show this January.

Perhaps by then, we would get a clearer picture of the engine speculations along with other details pertaining to exterior and interior aspects. Let’s keep tuned to that and see what the British brand has to offer this year and the next.

03 Aug 11 Car design: Spotlight on supercar Ferrari Xezri concept [with video]

During the recent, Ferrari World car design contest, Samir Sadikhov who graduated from the IED Turin took the second spot but his Xezri Ferrari concep has wowed a lot of people and have been making some buzz around the internet.

According to Sadikhov, Xezri takes its name from a wind gusting at the western portions of he Caspian Sea. For him, the name signifies high technology and innovations needed by a light car to perform well both on track and on the streets. Furthermore, he sees it as a Ferrari of years to come with the perfect blend of available technology and sportiness.

The design focused on giving the car excellent aerodynamics. Sadikhov removed elements like the wing mirrors plus other components that contribute to the drag of the vehicle. He also made use of aerolastic winglets and a flat underbody taking a hint from the 458 Italia.

The car designer also made sure that the car will be very lightweight making use of carbon fiber components for both the exterior and interior of the Xezri.

The Xezri concept also has some unique features like the centrally mounted driver s cockpit making use of switches, analogue buttons, and touch screens instead of having wing mirrors. There are air propellers that help produce power for the gauges and the rest of the interior. The silver wing that dominates the top-down view acts as a spoiler and at the same time an air intake.

The Xezri ought to be a supercar that can provide the performance you need on the streets while giving you the rush when you hit track.

Click on the video presentation for the Xezri below:

03 Jul 11 MP4-12C GT3 by McLaren will be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival

McLaren is set to debut their reworked McLaren MP4 12C GT3 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend. The vehicle is their first racing car of McLaren outside of the Formula 1 circuit ever since the F1 GTR.

The GT3 traces its origin to the new MP4 12C supercar by McLaren only it is revised to even make it perform better.

The McLaren engineers and designers changed the radiator and gearbox cooler setup of the MP4 12 C to give the GT3 more margin of temperature to achieve its peak performance. They also upgraded its aerodynamic components and gave the new race car louvers and diffusers on the front bumper, rear wing, door blade, and front splitter. All of the aerodynamic components were fabricated from carbon fiber.

Just like its sibling road car, the MP4 12C GT3 also has a chassis made from carbon fiber. McLaren also equipped the car with the same steering wheel as the MP4-24 F1 car. The team will be tweaking the GT3 during the 2011 season while twenty cars are set to be delivered for privateer teams by next year.

The supercar will still depend on its M838T McLaren 3.8L V8 twin turbo engine but it will be detuned to output 500 PS. They are also using a lighter gear box to improve the weight of the car by eighty kilos and give it a more optimal power balanced with its all over performance.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (2nd gen)

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