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For Sale / Wanted

Caution lose your money)

Do not money to Alan Cole, Stenner, Mark Eaton or Rick Roe (MD, USA).

Be when sending money to

DO NOT use Western Union or any other that is non-refundable!

Be wary of who claims to have the part you but cannot provide a photo.

I have received MANY of Wanted section advertisers solicitations from fake in the UK.

Added 5/26/11 — number +447024051814 is a Nigerian

For Sale

Compomotive nos wheels — 3/6/14

Set of 4 13 x 5.5 et 16 Compomotive wheels. New old stock. Ordered in the and never used. TH1355 number.

email kie redlabelmoto.com or 206 369 4879

Koni Coil Shocks — 2/16/14

1 Koni Coil Over 8212-1088B — Double Rebuilt by Todd Thompson Never installed or used rebuild. $600 plus Listed for sale on other as well. Located Zanesville, email: 2boatlovers gmail.com

Europa S2 Parts —

Trunk Lid/Engine Cover No hardware included

Original Manual and Carburetor Manual

Brian Godsy (256-797-8911)

for Renault Engines —

Head gasket w/ rubber for cam well — $16.00

S1 gasket — $18.00

S2 gasket — $18.00

oil pan gasket, cork, new production $14.00

Renault oil pan gasket, NOS — $25.00

S2 head set — $65.00

S1/S2 overhaul gasket set —

Cross flow complete gasket set — $140.00

via USPS 1st Class Parcel to USA; Canada and International higher.

Contact steve.veris

Banks Europa 62 —

The car for sale is a Banks Europa 62 S currently undergoing a full race car build with the aim of it a street legal full race car that I will in the 2014 race season; someone gives me a good The car will be able to participate in road racing classes as as historic race vintage

As you will see below this car is able to move in the direction of a car but a few weeks from now there be a full roll cage in it, so now is the to let me know if you are interested in it.

The project

I acquired this project car a Lotus car collector who was not able to it — now I will be finishing it to specs.

When I bought the Europa it already had the Banks 62 S body on top of a full rolling chassis (steering, brakes, set, suspension, fuel engine, transaxle etc.) as you can see in the 2 photos.

Due to being badly a professional shop has just a 40 hour overhaul on the glass

All age/sun related cracks

Key areas prone to stress high speed have reinforced to eliminate flex section, A pillars, engine bay

The body is now primed and ready for so the price is no longer $4k and I am not interested in it separately.

If you are interested in the whole car are some more details:

The setup is longitude but with a drive train made up of a Elise/Exige engine and a 5-speed transaxle behind it. All the custom has been done to match up and transaxle and there is a brand new in the setup.

My racing shop the engine and the rod bearing wear it is a very very low miles so it is being prepared for racing.

I added/acquired the following racing for the engine:

ARP rod bolts

Billet oil pan fully baffled inside

under drive racing pulleys

Removed a/c pump, alternator and prepared it for electric on the water pump setup release 12-18% horse over typical Lotus power)

Stainless exhaust

Lotus Elise engine and engine wire harness

switch panel and wiring to NASCAR standards (Robert Racing)

AN-10 oil lines to NASCAR standards (Roush Racing)

The transaxle is currently for inspection and looks in good but it is next on my work list to go in detail. I did just buy a spare ( in racing you never know that is needed).

A custom system is also next in on my work list — no system at present

There are new 15 Diamond racing wheels and new legal tires — due to stored near the ocean for a before I bought the car the wheels use some shiny work.


The original spine chassis and glass cockpit floor is not for racing standards, so I am currently with an experienced race car on building a strong properly light weight steel frame under the entire pit area that will a full internal roll as well as adding a lot of extra to the entire chassis for better handling.

The floor frame is kicking off this week so again if you want the regular car now is the time to let me know.

The plan is for the body to be removable for ease of in a style similar to what you see cars in drag race.

The car is for

As-is today, but weekly it moving along to my design

Finished to your specs

The tag is a discussion point we take the phone or in person.

You can contact me on gmail.com or via phone 678 77 6830

Thermostat – Low Temp —

Makes your engine run

160F – 71C opening temperature.

$ each, delivered to USA.

shipping cost to other

Contact steve.veris sbcglobal.net

Twin Cam Aluminum Gas Tanks 7/2/13

$ 305.00 each, LH or RH, delivery.

Sending unit to Europa fuel gauge – add $ 105.00.

Add 3% for payment via PayPal.

kit w/ drain plug, inlet adapter, rubber steel washers, machine screws, – add $20.00.

LH tank pictured – delivery – 30 days.

Series 1 and 2 tanks also available.

steve.veris sbcglobal.net

Repro 2 Aluminum Gas Tanks —

$ 305.00 each, LH or RH, plus

Sending unit to match fuel gauge available – add $

Add 3% for PayPal.

Mounting kit w/ drain inlet tube adapter, steel fender washers, screws, etc. – add $20.00.

LH pictured – estimated delivery – 30

Series 1 and Twin Cam tanks available.

Contact steve.veris

1973 Lotus Europa Cam $25,000.00 OBO — 6/20/13

The upgrades have been

Body has been restored and

Interior has been restored, new dash, all new carpets and new headliner.

and interior lighting have all replaced with new lighting halogen headlights. Has had a complete including new blade type panel.

Front and rear parts have been or rebuilt including adjustable rear link arms. hubs have been with new bearings and spacers. new adjustable front and rear with new coil springs.

all transmission seals including all shift bushings.

Engine has re-bored 40 thou over new Omega forged pistons, new main and rod bearings and new water Engine has been balanced ( pistons, connecting rods and ). All engine seals have replaced including a new input on the flywheel. Replaced all engine and mounts.

Cylinder head has converted from a Stromberg to a Webber head including a job with new springs. Both have been re-ground to a better mid range torque. 2 completely rebuilt 40 DLHA carbs with KN air filters.

new Pertronics electronic distributor performance spark plug

Front and rear brakes been replaced with new rotors, rebuilt calipers, new drums and wheel cylinders. brake master cylinder to braking.

Replaced tires to fronts and 185-70-13 rears brand.

I have spent 3 years rebuilding my Lotus. I enjoyed driving it. Old age has caught up to me and I it hard getting in and out of it.

The person buys this Lotus enjoy this automobile much because of the way it performs and

Contact Gary Bronson hotmail.com

Europa Parts 5/25/13

Brand new never Burled Walnut dash by Autowoods. Purchased for my Europa, dash is absolutely stunning. It is not to my car because I do not have the horizontal for the heat and vents. Original was about $600.

Have matching radio plate. Excellent, new, installed. No damage, nicks or Would like to get as close to as possible.


Thanks, Jim 240-626-9032 fabvrgl

1974 Lotus Europa Cam Special — 4/25/13

VIN # (front half of car): ***Note: We can arrange for a Classic of Provenance to be shipped to the buyer Lotus for each VIN or just the vin. We only ask that the pays Lotus’ fee for the certificate and

Other VIN # (rear half of 744245R

This is a project DRIVETRAIN (motor and transmission) is not They have been Body needs paint and Some body work has done. No major issues.

A owner of the car took two ’74 Europa TCS and put the front half of one with the rear half of the (both cars were in accidents or were seen as off cut in half. Both halves are salvageable). As far as we know, the body has reinforced with metal where the two halves have put together. The body is in good considering.

There is bondo on the Most is there only to up chips and bumps from and age. But that said, the car is a low car. Both cars less than 20K miles.

One car had a over 14K miles. The other had 17K miles. Glass is all there, but the has a broken top right corner.

We informed that the windshield the incident before being from its original packaging.

The of this car, however, is most of the important parts of the car suspension, brakes, etc.) been rebuilt, replaced, or None of the systems, however, been tested. There are no in the car. But as pictures show, the car has work done underneath the

Everything looks very and mechanically sound. We had every of returning it to the street or turning it a racecar, but other projects are precedence. There is very surface rust in places the car sitting around with the owners.

There are lots of new that go with the car including a new carpet set and new seat upholstery ready to be installed on the seats). As far as I this is a fairly complete car the motor and transmission. Other are available for sale outside thread, but most parts are of what’s already being with this fairly car.

The last shot in the shows the cleanliness and apparent of everything underneath the body. the engine and transmission are no longer the car.

$5K OBO. Reasonable are welcome!

If you have any questions or please email me (lotlank ). Serious buyers only,

Shipping and shipping costs are of buyer. International buyers are

PayPal or cash are preferred of payment.

Cheers and thanks for

This is a link to 30+ pictures.

74 Europa TCS Part-Out —

Included are Big Valve Twin Cam (no carbs) (SOLD), type 365 (5-speed manual) (SOLD), Carbs with rebuild (rebuild process was begun by a owner), TC intake manifold, panels (doors w/ frames and nose piece, rear etc.), wheels, books, etc. nearly enough to put a car as well as a damaged frame might be salvageable. Lots of parts including a factory Lotus Twin Cam water rebuild kit still in its original

Also considering selling or out my complete ’74 TCS if body cooperate. Car is claimed to be rebuilt/redone (engine and drivetrain, brakes, suspension. ). Contact if interested in car or

Any interest or offers for any part(s), reply to lotlank gmail.com

are located in So. California. Shipping and costs are buyer’s responsibilities.

Parts — 3/15/13

Linkage (Not sure transmission it matches) —

Link Lower (2 EA)- (Note: both links new inserts in each end)

— L/H Diagonal —

Brace — R/H Diagonal D074A0296Z

Swirl Pot (Header — A074K0094Z

Cowl Fan c/w Mounting — A074K0086Z

Screen (Rear Window) X046B0349Z

Luggage Box —

Bracket, Servo Mounting (2 EA) D036J0162Z — SOLD

– Charcoal — A036L0046Z SOLD

Unit – Brake – Front Rear (2 EA) — — SOLD

Motor – (Condition UNK) (2EA) A074E6010Z

Lug Nuts Washers for Mags (Note: most some rust) —

Stay – Engine Compartment Lid X046B1131Z

Seat Back (2 EA) — Cardboard panel headrest

Contact Bob Hickman at bellsouth.net

Europa TCS Parts 3/6/13

Brand new SS seat – full set from recent run. Changing seats and use. Full car set with and lower rails. $250

good condition set of gas tanks. rust on tops only. offer.

Brand new Banks LHD box — $150

Redone – identical redo in vinyl rechromed mounts —

Contact me for more information. Tom at vocollect.com

Europa S2 Late Elan Dashboard Switches 3/6/13

Window switch On-Off-On — $ 30.00

Switch for lamps or fan – Off-Panel-Headlamps — $ 25.00 each

– used on late model — $25.00 each

On-Off – used for Elan — $25.00 each

– $6.15; additional for insurance

for full sets

Contact sbcglobal.net

Lotus Europa S2 1/18/13

I bought this with the intention to do another but use the V.W. VR6 instead, and the Porsche but due to a growing family, just did not the time to start, or finish the Started to accumulate the parts I was going to install, using 93 MR2 Turbo brakes, calipers, and uprights, instead of the Lotus

Great Wall Electric Cars

Asking price for everything is $5K

in Thornton, Ontario, Canada 1 hours drive north of Ontario, Canada

Contact Schubert at mschubertautomation yahoo.ca

Head Locating Tools Renault Engines —

Locating dowels and gauges for wedge or cross flow engines.

T-handle and two (2) locating for either head —

U-gauge for wedge head — $50.00.

Dual pin gauge for cross flow only — $40.00

to USA Canada — $6.15; rates slightly higher.

steve.veris sbcglobal.net


When you place an ad here, you be contacted by scammers. DO NOT WIRE TO ANYBODY!

All lost Europa ads moved to this page

TCS Parts — 3/6/14


GT6 front uprights, axles, caliper brackets,

Contact: draff aol.com

S1 project — 3/6/14

I’m for a s1 project my name is John I in England not too far from Richard at Europa he knows me as he has sold me a new which I’m looking to build up in to a s1. He has my engine which he is building as I like to hill climb and the car.

Contact delfunk1969

WANTED: S2 seat vinyl 11/14/13

I am looking for a piece of for one of the seats of my ’68 S2. It’s the black vinyl piece to the of the thigh, so to speak. The best is if someone has the vinyl left a retrim or so.

Contact maxcarlsson

WANTED: R17 807 cylinder head (valves, springs) —

Contact Scott at gern62

WANTED: S2 Europa 336 gear box gear — 7/4/13

I am for the speedo driven gear 12 teeth) for the S2 Europa 336 gear

Contact Martin Hare at yahoo.co.uk

WANTED: 1969 to Lotus Europa —

Doesn’t have to be a Twin East coast prefably Conn. To $15k.

Call or Henry 203 535 4790 hncstlln

WANTED: S1 Europa —

Early fixed window Europa S1 wanted. Prefer project, complete or incomplete, consider anything. Also, S1 tank, dash panels swiches ash tray wanted. waiting, please contact: yahoo.co.uk

WANTED: Camshaft 2/17/13

Camshaft for Renault 843 with crossflow head. racing grind, but any camshaft be greatly appreciated.

Marshall marshallst.amant1 mac.com

WANTED: Headers — 1/3/13

for a set of headers for a cross-flow Gordini

Marty — mfcloonan — 650-296-5411

WANTED: Europa — 11/21/12

looking to buy a clean Lotus

Email your photos and price to vwbeck gmail.com.

located in So.Calif.

WANTED: S1 — 11/21/12

A set of European S1 doors with the fixed and frames. Gerald.Shuck GM.com

Contact gerald.shuck gm.com

TC Wheels — 11/21/12 for a set of Europa Twin Cam Brand wheels. Also looking for any of interesting wheels with bolt pattern. Jim 240-626-9032

336 Gearbox — 10/19/12

Type 336 4-speed transaxle complete or just a parts

Steve Cummins doleslotus

WANTED: 395 Gearbox —

Renault type 395 5-speed complete working condition or one for parts that at least has a undamaged ring gear and as as an undamaged pinion gear/shaft.

Cummins doleslotus hotmail.com

Europa S2 Parts —

Pair of Europa seats and

Rear window glass

All seals

Berardo Mascioli strategaconsulting.ca

WANTED: 72 Europa Cam Special Parts —

Valve cover, camshafts and manifold for 72 Europa Twin Cam wanted.

Please contact gmx.de

WANTED: 5-Speed — 4/7/12

I am looking for a 5speed Europa. I will a car in any condition.

Contact Paul at lifebridgehealth.org

WANTED: Basket 365 transmissions. — 4/7/12

I am for basket case 365 transmissions.

Doug at dshep27283 aol.com

Twin Cam Five Year and bezel. — 4/1/12

Tom Piantanida at tompiantanida gmail.com

Europa — 11/28/11

to buy an early low nose Europa 46 or 54). Running would be but project car could be just as I am in Los Angeles and can arrange shippng. europasr2 yahoo.com .

Parts for S2 10/22/11

Bracket that the window switches bolt up to

hand door glass for the window

Crash pad

Factory and exterior mirrors

Emblems for the quarters and rear deck lid

wiper/wash switch

Steering to dash bracket

Contact Domb at pbdomb gmail.com .

for TCS — 10/5/11 I have a Europa Special. I am looking for spoiler, the four metal molding caps and the lower valance panel below the on the passenger’s side. You can call me at or email me at brad adv-usa.com .

and outer door panels 9/7/11 Black inner and door panels for a 1972 Europa Twin Cam. call Tom 530-534-3309 or email tom .

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