Maybach 62 S 2011 Luxury Sedan Car AutoMild

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Maybach Electric Cars

Maybach 62 S 2011 Luxury Sedan Car

Since 2002, Maybach has set a new standard in the league of luxury sedans upscale, while at the same time to continue the tradition of the legendary Maybach cars that are part of the elite in the construction sector in the years twenty German and international automotive and nineteen thirties of last century. This is the legacy of this challenge which postpones the luxury brand as a complete facelift of the Maybach fairs, celebrating the first at Auto China 2010 in Beijing. In other words, the profound tradition prestigious Maybach brand was to consolidate the top position in the luxury segment with high-end designs and more striking even larger equipment and appointments.

To the best of the best, most vehicles in the fulfillment of hope, with properties that differ from best elegance and power thus the Maybach pamphlets dating from 1930, stating the purpose society, and is still valid in the Maybach as a whole to this day. This is a clear acknowledgment of the extraordinary obligation to revise Maybach luxury sedans and spacious luxury at the highest level when he This is the latest makeover.

Striking, confident design

After facelift, heir to a Maybach saloons confidence, charisma easy winner, is typical. It is above all a new grille that emphasizes the status of their predominant chromium extraordinary it is carefully done in two different variants. In the Maybach 57 and 62 models were adorned with fine longitudinal bar 20 and the 57 S and Maybach 62 S model network of twelve with a solid shadow double-leg highlights the tremendous power of vehicles.

Second-shaped grille arrows were also higher than ever, has dimensions much larger, more direct and is well positioned in the direction of travel clearly symbolizing the state of self-confidence and easy to excel, striking appearance.

The designers have raised the hood modified with a high-end forward and give a strong defined contours. It has a shaped end and is evident in the form of arrows, and more expressive than ever before. A review, bumper trim horizontally structured to give a broader view shows Maybach forward.

LED daytime running lights and display technology is lined with chrome trim has been integrated into the outside air intakes.

New exterior mirrors with an aerodynamically optimized to align its less well with the line before deletion. large mirror surface also means that their vision improved. Dark red tail lights are on very high quality complete with chrome trim, chrome trim is more used on the handle on the trunk lid to give the end view, highly differentiated. This tour will be highlighted by a shiny new wheel 19 to 21-inch spoke with titanium money for the Maybach 57 and 62 models.

The Maybach 57 S and 62 S models will be wearing shoes in the future than the standard wheels with new 20-inch sterling silver 12-spoke precious. And all models available in the new blue paint, developed exclusively Bahamas.

Following the surgery, the new Maybach shows an additional bonus of 11 mm in length and width of 17 mm where the mirrors folded.

Interior great progress

As expected, the display manufacturing admirable handcraftsmanship Maybach uncompromising interior, where high-quality materials abound. As with all things of the Maybach, most attention has been paid to every detail. Each layer, each joint perfectly executed, viewed from all angles is a feast for the eyes, touching each feature is very nice touch force nobility.

There are three new interior appointments with different skins, carpets and headlining the color (beige Saona for the Maybach 57 and 62 Whitehaven Beach and the Kuril Islands for the Maybach 57 S and 62 S). They are stylish, light and stimulate mood lighting especially in the context of a unique glass sunroof electrotransparent in models with long wheelbase. It extends over the roof above the rear passenger ships as an atrium, allowing light to flood the rear compartment and produce a rare degree of lighting control around it. It features a liquid crystal polymer membrane conductive plastic.

When an alternating current is applied, the crystal in the plastic film is structured in such a way that it becomes transparent glass and leave the light on the rear of the Maybach 62 models over the entire surface. Once the device is off, the liquid crystals lose their transparent arrangement and the light again split at all corners. glass becomes opaque and almost fell in the afternoon filter to produce light, diffuse pleasant. Electric operated transparency function is also used in most of the country to display the partition that can be ordered as an option.

One bullet Power sliding linear lighting luxury packages. Its membrane diodes can be activated by pressing a button when it is closed, emitting light, spread across the surface pleasure. A rotary switch on the back of the console of the Maybach 62 model gives control of the rear passengers on the basis of the membrane and the strength of the lighting environment.

Some Nice new additions have found their place in a variety of toppings available. It is now some dark brown eye maple trim, which can also be combined with the glossy piano lacquer porcelain on Maybach 57 S and 62 S model, highlights the delicate atmosphere. Alternatively, sporty touch came in the form of carbon fiber trim elements in the new colors, among them silver and red.

Lovers of the more compact vehicles in the future to be able to enjoy the convenience provided by huge leaning back seat which was previously only available in salons with a long wheelbase Maybach. With immediate effect of this class seats can also be installed on the passenger side rear of 57 and Maybach 57 S model option. Maybach at the same time have increased the powers of seats for all models. See Seat layout has been strengthened and given additional pipes. Piping running around the chair on request may also be available in four versions of hand-woven with leather strips people smooth or decorated with precious CRYSTALLIZED ™ Swarovski Elements.

At the top of the back of the chair, the badge was redesigned hand-polished silver 925 with the Maybach logo arise and manufacture Maybach letter is an indication of the amazing love of a very detailed, which will serve Recall the exclusive atmosphere to which the traveling public.

The scores are optional for 62 and Maybach 62 S can now be personalized with the customer the choice of motifs. In the case of highly skilled manufacturing in the first qualified reasons Maybach desired section of a movie before you put on the score. They then highlight the areas affected by the diamond particles, so that the matte surface is made in the contour patterns chosen.

A well-being of perfumed paradise

Maybach cuts the figure of the good even when it comes to individualisation options available for luxury sedans, which has been greatly extended. For the first time there is a perfume atomizer bottle of very high quality are available on request, which was developed exclusively for Maybach. So far, it is only for special models Maybach Zeppelin, limited to only 100 units.

This beautiful detailed equipment the only of its kind in the world is indeed a strong point. At the touch of a button produces a unique experience thanks to the use of fragrant perfumes of sophisticated technology and high-quality wise, humble and gentle stimulating effect on passengers. There is absolutely no comparison between this and other solutions containing concentrates or particles.

At its heart lies an internal scope Plexiglass light up the rear center console, where owners can enter their Maybach perfume bottle contains personally selected. A compressor is then gently direct the flow of air into the scope of Plexiglas, Fanning bottle of fragrance molecules into the interior of the vehicle.

The perfume atomizer can be activated either by the driver s seat or through a button on the rear center console with an extra wheel to the back to control sensitive fragrance. Selection of sweet smell wafted through the cabin in 10-12 seconds. On-screen model with partitioning, only the rear passenger can activate the spray device.

The experts took the smell of certain biological characteristics of the human nose into consideration when designing the control mechanisms. Adapting to the smell so they no longer consider it after a brief moment perfume atomizer, after ten minutes. After the system is off, flavored which infiltrated into the interior materials and occupants of clothes quickly evaporated.

Activate the spray and then allow the experience to live much sweeter.

Fun and sophisticated electronic

Entertainment galore come from new multiformat DVD player. Read all the important formats as DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW, video CD DVD / video and CD-DA playback/MP3. As a choice of high resolution large screen theaters with 19 inches diagonally can be mounted on the center divider in the model Maybach 62, as an alternative to a screen of 9.5 inches in the rear is available so far.

The voice in the concert hall quality at the tap as the sound system 600 watt 21-speaker Hi-fi specialist Bose ® famous.

Optional Maybach can now install a camera in a vehicle with a partition image and a movie screen. Rear passengers are then able to monitor traffic in front of them without being seen themselves even with Windows partition opaque. This creates an oasis of solitude in which they are still able to enjoy total privacy.

An innovative care a WLAN wireless router even during the trip. Alternatively, the mobile device can also be connected via a network cable into the socket to reduce the electromagnetic radiation inside. sophisticated Internet connection is unique in the segment of vehicles using the standard Fast HSDPA, UMTS and GSM / EDGE. It can serve three mobile devices such as laptop computers at the same time, so now it s a breeze for Maybach owners to synchronize data on their laptops with them on their computer at home or work, or to undergo constant updates via the Internet, for example.

A phone system with Bluetooth hands free and the transmission of noise from the vehicles existing speakers and microphone are also available as an additional option.

emissions stronger, but less

While the Maybach engineers have increased the production of the Maybach 57 S and 62 S 13 kW (18 hp) to 463 kW (630 hp), they have managed to reduce the consumption figures (6.4 to 15.8 s / 100 km) and CO2 production (390-368 g / km CO2) at the same time. Results of the 57 models and 62 remained unchanged, but consumption (15.0 versus 15.9 l/100 km) and CO2 production (350 compared to 383 g / km) is also here cut. All twelve-cylinder Maybach engine meets EU5 standard/LEV2.

The warranty covers eight years or 200,000 miles

Coinciding with the facelift, the Maybach has introduced a new warranty policy. With the Maybach service specific to each country and the package cover and the basis of excellent quality, service and warranty are protected until the age of eight years or a mileage of 200,000 kilometres/125, 000 miles. After this point, the lifetime warranty applies mobility.

Different variants of the Maybach service and warranty package can be purchased at various points in time and be renewed according to individual needs, which means it offers even broader coverage in terms of damage, plus maintenance costs taken into account. A unique feature of this package is that it includes, for example, in the case of replacement of wear such as paint, leather, wood, carpet and upholstery, as well as improvements in noise. The experts only use the original Maybach Maybach high quality, which means that the Maybach is still in perfect condition.

This facilitates the long-term maintenance shows the value of luxury and that profits should not be underestimated when it comes to resale.

Maybach means a unique and controlled in the last minute details

Maybach name is synonymous with the struggle continues for the aesthetics, perfection, elegance and ultimate comfort. It shows why the manufacturing luxury Maybach are carefully handmade with skill and care entirely. At least 30 days have elapsed between the time of leaving the place of birth Maybach Sindelfingen and when he delivered to the customer.

The owner is the recipient of the dream car with Dimension level envy, with the best quality wood, the most delicate skin and deep pile carpets. For this reason, many customers prefer to travel in the comfort of the back of a Maybach to offer, as opposed to private jets sometimes over a distance of more than 1000 kilometers.

It is thanks to the high standards set for Maybach well outside interior and upscale sedan Maybach luxury vehicles offer a unique set of details, even in this prestigious segment. Lying on the back seat, with the proportion of their world-class luxury is unsurpassed. Until now, they will be prepared for the long-wheelbase model with a Maybach, but they can now also be installed in the more compact variant.

With its panoramic glass roof electrotransparent available only from the Maybach.

To regulate the climate inside is very spacious, rooms are equipped with Maybach climate control systems are unmatched. The luxury sedans are equipped with high-end two automatic control systems before climate one for the front of the car and the two separate units for the rear compartment. The sensor allows the air conditioning system in response to temperature and humidity, solar intensity and the level of pollution in the air outside.

Other features of the Maybach brand shows are popular for their details such as the appearance of fine instruments in the back, easy function to close the door on the passenger compartment with the closing procedures are almost silent, roomy, state of the art-back entertainment system, the system with electronic brake system with electrohydraulic and intercom supplemental boot and dry braking function.

Like a trip on a stretcher

Journey through the Maybach ways to relax in peace. If all the road noise or air flow to reach the ears of passengers as far. The luxury sedans upscale Sindelfingen has the characteristics of saying almost silent running. Travel is all thanks to smooth, carefully optimized low-frequency nature of the body cradle suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers and carefully developed with great attention to detail. Is co-director of the smooth model is a four-shaft bearings, differential gears carefully on the ground by hand and large wheels with tires specially developed for Maybach.

Michelin has made no fewer than 27 samples of tires is available only to salons Maybach, and only after a long agreement that works best result was finally reached.

But not only the major steps that have changed salons Maybach recalled to heaven happy peaceful stretcher. An equally important contribution made by the textile trim on the wheel, which reduces the sound chips of stone-throwing, acoustic humidified air channel in the labyrinth of the effectiveness of acoustic sound waves are Lost and treatment systems are very long is six feet long which is characterized by a flexible coupling. A total of 224 pieces in all Maybach saloons offer exceptional acoustic performance for example an acoustic window with the movie, which connects the two panels, which prevents them from vibrating or 93 kilograms of acoustic materials are optimized functions.

And the Maybach does not leave the task to achieve perfection in the highest level of engineering for heavy use what happens in the first and leading manufacturer is Maybach. Only the best specialists who work here. Like all Maybach is equipped with one individual, they also treat each individual as a Maybach. And they add their signatures to the certificates held every room, ensuring a high quality of their work.

This means that the Maybach is still far from a product liability each employee is identified and assumes personal responsibility. This also applies to employees in manufacturing who are responsible for final inspection. At the end of this process, they luxury car test-drive is complete and is subject to review by their sensitive sense a broad process

Maybach fixed for each vehicle, which is well beyond what is customary.


individualisation as part of the recipe for the success of the luxury brand Maybach. It offers customers a unique way to customize the upper class of society specifications shows. The manufacture of Sindelfingen is a series of special requests to the reality that the most important work is in the materials and technologies used to provide visual and tactile experiences is extraordinary.

Therefore Maybach specialists are constantly emerging new materials and the finished paint extraordinary many of them specially developed for Maybach and are not available from other manufacturers vehicles. A new feature is the choice of individuals have designs on the Windows partition.

With a knack for it, incredibly acute understanding of the capacity of sensory perception and ongoing dialogue with customers, manufacturing continues to expand the range Maybach is adjusted to reflect the additional and optional equipment to meet the desires and client needs the most prestigious automobile market. And for this reason Maybach luxury lounges longer be available by special protection after a facelift that.

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