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MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed

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Mercedes-Benz at the 2010 International Motor Show New models, new technologies: Mercedes-Benz efficiency and driving enjoyment to a new level

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the F 800 research vehicle at the Geneva Show. This one-off executive saloon combines drive technologies with safety and convenience features as as an emotive design idiom. Its flexible multi-drive platform either for electric drive fuel cells or for a plug-in — is a world-first for large

Both variants make emission-free mobility possible for a car, while at the same providing a dynamic driving Another new development is the Mercedes‑Benz E 300 HYBRID, which combines a powerplant and an electric motor to Western Europe s first hybrid. Its 15 kW electric motor, for driving using electric alone, assists the 2.2-litre diesel engine developing 150 kW hp) when the car accelerates (boost With the diesel hybrid, is ushering in a new era of hybrid drives.

The E 300 HYBRID consumes 4.1 litres of per 100 kilometres (CO2 109 g/km). It be launched at the end of 2011. As of the coming year, the new G 350 BlueTEC will state-of-the-art diesel technology low emissions. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – the most Official F1™ Safety Car of all time – be a familiar sight at racetracks the 2010 Formula-1 season.

In to all of this, Mercedes-Benz is unveiling a of elegantly sporty individualisation under its MercedesSport label at the Motor Show.

The Mercedes-Benz F 800 research vehicle on display at the Geneva Motor Show the future of premium cars a new perspective, as the one-off five-seater saloon combines efficient technologies with unparalleled and convenience features as well as an design idiom. With an length of 4.75 metres, the F 800 offers a generously-sized interior intelligent seating, control and concepts. The all-new, flexible platform, which is suitable for electric drive with cells or for a plug-in hybrid, is a for large saloons.

Both variants of the F 800 Style locally emission-free mobility for a premium car, while at the time being ideally to everyday driving and providing a driving experience.

We are dedicated to our responsibility for the environment with customer benefit in an exciting says Dr Thomas Weber, the Board of Management member for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Development. The new F 800 Style research combines this commitment to the leading innovative drive with our traditional Mercedes in the areas of design, safety, and outstanding performance.

F 800 Style plug-in hybrid: outstanding and CO2 emissions of 68 grams per kilometre

The unit in the powerful plug-in consists of a V6 petrol engine around 200 kW (272 hp) with direct injection, a hybrid developing around 80 kW (109 hp) and a battery. Thanks to its powerful and hybrid module, in the city the F 800 can run exclusively on electricity and therefore generating any local emissions. The F 800 with plug-in hybrid can run on electricity for up to 30 kilometres.

The vehicle has a fuel consumption of 2.9 litres of per 100 kilometres, equivalent to CO2 emissions of 68 per kilometre. Thanks to its efficiency, the F 800 with plug-in hybrid performance comparable to a sports car km/h in 4.8 s, top speed of 250 km/h). driven in electric mode, the F 800 has a top speed of 120 km/h, meaning it can meet practically every associated with long-distance

The F 800 Style research vehicle a further step in the development of a plug-in hybrid. Mercedes-Benz begin series production of technology when the next-generation is introduced.

Flexible, safe and for everyday use: F 800 Style electric drive based on technology

The F 800 Style with drive based on fuel-cell also offers high of driving pleasure and handling The vehicle s electric motor around 100 kW (136 hp) and has an impressive of around 290 Nm. The fuel cell the traction current by chemically hydrogen with oxygen on the vehicle, producing water as the only emission in the process.

The components of the fuel-cell drive are from the E-Drive modular which Mercedes-Benz has developed for a of different electric vehicles. The new research vehicle has the fuel located in the front, while the electric motor is installed the rear axle. The lithium-ion is positioned behind the rear where it enjoys the maximum protection against the effects of as do the four hydrogen tanks.

Two of the are located in the transmission tunnel the passengers, while the other two are the rear seat. They are to withstand any conceivable loads could occur.


In addition to a multi-drive platform is unparalleled for large saloons and a of different alternative drive the F 800 Style features

an array of innovations, the rear doors one particularly customer-friendly example: the front doors are attached to the in a conventional manner and open towards the front, the rear slide backwards when as they are suspended from an swivel arm. Because the slide back close to the body, occupants find it easier to get into and out of the car in tight spaces.

One of the new features is the control and concept with a cam touchpad. Its HMI consists of a touchpad and a camera records video images of the s hand as it works the pad. The image of the hand is presented in form on the central display the centre console. The user the contours of his or her fingers glide the image without covering The cam touchpad recognises finger on the pad surface such as wiping, turning, and zooming, thus intuitive control of the climate system, telephone, audio and systems, and internet access.

The enhances active safety, it is easy and convenient to use and therefore not distract the motorist as much the actual task of driving.

With the new DISTRONIC PLUS Jam Assist function in the F 800 Style, has become the world s first car to implement a system that is of following the vehicle in front of it bends without the driver to steer. The innovative protection known as PRE-SAFE 360° passive safety, as its sensors now monitor the area behind the As a result, the system applies the milliseconds before an anticipated collision occurs.

Following a collision, this system helps to prevent secondary such as those that when the car is catapulted uncontrollably a junction or a pedestrian crossing.

of the classic Mercedes-Benz design

The F 800 Style is both a technology and a showcar. This research was created through collaboration technical research and advanced departments and the advanced design in Sindelfingen, Germany and Como, Its exterior appearance is marked by a wheelbase, short body and a sensually flowing roof

The vehicle s front end features a of the radiator grille with the positioned brand star is a hallmark of sporty Mercedes The curved louvres, the wide grille, the generously curved air openings and the unique, powerful LED emphasise the dynamic nature of the vehicle. The tail lights on the F 800 also feature LED technology.

wood surfaces and plenty of ensure a high level of in the interior of the F 800 Style. Occupants immediately notice the modern of lightness: functional elements as the cockpit and the door armrests to float in space like The innovative, lightweight-construction seats in the F 800 consist of a magnesium shell and a laminate backrest across resistant netting is stretched.

The shell also features veneer.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The new Cabriolet is an exceptionally attractive and addition to the successful Mercedes-Benz family. The classic fabric top lends the open-top two-door a stylistically pure cabriolet In keeping with the motto seasons, four passengers, suitability was right at the top of the developers of priorities.

While many cabriolets to disappear from the roads of Europe in the autumn, the Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet continues to provide pleasure and comfort at this of year.

New features include:

The AIRCAP® automatic draught-stop: on board and easily controllable at the of a button, it reduces turbulence for all four seat occupants

The modified AIRSCARF® neck-level system

— The acoustic top fitted as standard

The soft top can be and closed fully automatically 20 seconds – even when at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The cabriolet retracts into a special behind the rear panel. standard equipment for the new Cabriolet a mechanical entry and exit aid for the passengers.

MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed

The new E-Class Cabriolet plays a pioneering role it comes to

drive systems: new and petrol models with outputs ranging from 125 kW hp) to 285 kW (388 hp) combine effortlessly power delivery with low fuel consumption.

The AIRCAP® draught-stop is a world-first. It can be activated at the of a button so as to greatly reduce in the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class creating a sea of warm air. comfort is increased, while the level is reduced.

What s there is no tricky installation, the two rear seats are easily and the Cabriolet s flowing side remain uninterrupted. AIRCAP® can be activated at speeds of up to 160 km/h and in use right up to the car s top speed) is therefore a Mercedes innovation: functional, elegant and safe.

Thanks to its soft top fitted as standard, closed the E-Class Cabriolet has one of the interiors in the segment for four-seater cabriolets with a fabric The soft top s exceptionally high-quality brings about a clearly reduction in the interior noise compared to conventional fabric tops.

The new Cabriolet offers the wealth of innovations one would expect

a Mercedes model. Highlights of the two-door model include protection, the A-pillars reinforced by two tubes and the plug-in B‑pillars. new model is also the first cabriolet to feature headbags.

exemplary safety equipment for the E-Class Cabriolet includes ASSIST drowsiness detection, anticipatory occupant protection, the Intelligent Light System, the Bonnet and DISTRONIC PLUS control.


the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID being at the Geneva Motor Show, is offering a look ahead to Europe s first diesel It combines a 2.2-litre four-cylinder engine developing 150 kW (204 hp) a powerful hybrid module. Its 15 kW motor, positioned between the combustion engine and the 7-speed transmission, assists the diesel when the car is accelerating (boost and, in alternator mode, is for the recuperation of braking energy, it is also suitable for driving electric power alone. on the innovative, modular hybrid developed by Mercedes-Benz, the diesel opens up a new era of hybrid drives.

The E 300 HYBRID consumes 4.1 litres of per 100 kilometres (CO2 109 g/km). It be launched at the end of 2011.

G 350 BlueTEC

is also presenting the latest of the G-Class in Geneva. As of the coming year, it will offer diesel technology, thus following the course it has been since 1979: on the one hand it its off-roader attributes, while on the it keeps pace with automotive technology thanks to its evolution. The V6 diesel engine in the new G 350 has an output of 155 kW (210 hp) at 3400 rpm and a of 540 Nm.

This model produces fewer emissions than the G 350 CDI model – undercutting the limits of the EU5 and, in particular, reducing NOx by around 50 % – yet still delivers performance.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG: Official F1™ Car

When the new Formula-1 season underway in Manama/Bahrain (12 to 14 March it will mark the debut of the spectacular and powerful Official F1™ Car of all time. The job of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, will be launched on 27 March is to ensure maximum safety in 1. The gullwing model replaces the SL 63 which was used as the Official F1™ Car in 2008 and 2009. As in the last two the C 63 AMG Estate will be used as the F1™ Medical Car for the new season.

MercedesSport elegance and sportiness

Mercedes-Benz is a portfolio of elegantly sporty products under the new MercedesSport at the Geneva Motor Show. products include special wheels and sports suspension as as detachable body parts to a car s aerodynamics or looks. These solutions emphasise the sportiness of the car and add elegant touches. All MercedesSport have been developed by Accessories GmbH in collaboration the same designers and engineers who are for the standard-production models, thus that the high standards of the design idiom and Mercedes-Benz criteria (which go way beyond the standards) are met. The result: product appears to have cast from a single

What s more, the products excellent value for money on of their intelligent design on the add-on principle. MercedesSport initially be available for the E-Class.

The pointed star is shining than ever before.

MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed


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