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Latest Rangerovers and trending Motors


The Awaited Range Rover Sport which released beginning of 2014 should be right on top of the list right now. With a choice of 2 different Models, first one being cheaper than the second, it will be around 800 lbs lighter than the previous model. What’s also included? Well, there will be a 340 bhp, with a 3 litre 6 cylinder supercharged V6 Engine and a ZF 8 speed transmission, we know it will be significantly much better than the earlier model. It will be priced at around $63,495.

The second one which is going to be the 510-horsepower, 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that are fitted with stop/start tech, which is also like the V6 Model a 8 speed transmission, which will cost $79,995. It will make a great Car for the future!

Latest From Range Rover.

Rosario, Argentina, 3 rd January 2014. Race2Recovery, the group of severely injured soldiers who made history as the first disabled rally team to enter, and complete, the Dakar rally in 2013 has arrived in South America for the 2014 running of the toughest race in the world. The team, supported by Land Rover, has entered two race vehicles into the 2014 Dakar which will once again put its competitors through the ultimate physical and mental test.

Race2Recovery operates to the motto ‘beyond injury, achieving the extraordinary’. So far, the team has raised over 250,000 for Tedworth House Personnel Recovery Centre and Help for Heroes and, this year, is also raising awareness of military charity Blesma. This year’s Race2Recovery team is made up of 16 injured soldiers and civilian volunteers, including drivers, co-drivers, support vehicle drivers and a crew of technical and mechanical experts.

The injured servicemen will be driving Land Rover Defender-based Wildcat rally-raid vehicles, both of which were entered in last year’s race, as well as a T4 race truck and a T5 support truck, which will follow the route providing support for both race vehicles. Land Rover is assisting the team with parts, logistics, vehicle and financial support throughout their 2014 campaign. In addition, two Land Rover Discovery vehicles provided by Land Rover will support Race2Recovery along the assistance route and will provide vital support to the team throughout the 14 day epic.

The 2014 Dakar will see the team race across some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain. This year’s competition will traverse three countries; Argentina, Bolivia (motorcycles only) and Chile. They will travel over 9,000km, including crossing the Atacama desert and the Andes mountain range, in temperatures that could reach between 40 to 50 degrees celcius.

Speaking at the start-line in Rosario ahead of the challenge, team founder and driver, retired Captain Tony Harris said: We’re delighted to be back in South America for our second Dakar challenge. The memory of finishing last year’s race is something we’ll always treasure but we always wanted the Race2Recovery team to become a sustainable rally team so it’s fantastic to be entering our second Dakar. We learnt a lot from last year’s competition so we feel extremely well prepared for the challenges that this race will inevitably throw at us.

The 2014 Dakar signals the start of a massive year for us. Our sponsor Land Rover has confirmed that the brand will support our entry into the new ‘Defender Challenge by Bowler’ race series that launches in the UK in March this year. That provides us with a fantastic platform to train up new recruits and develop our skills ahead of future Dakar challenges.

It also enables us to race in front of UK crowds, something we love doing as the support we’ve received from motoring fans and the public in general has been incredible.

Mark Cameron, Global Brand Experience Director, Jaguar Land Rover, said: We’re very proud of our association with Race2Recovery, having been the team’s lead sponsor since its inception. The team has broken down barriers relating to disability and motorsport and truly lives up to its motto ‘beyond injury, achieving the extraordinary’. The Dakar is the ultimate race and one that has a long association with Land Rover vehicles. We’re pleased that the team can benefit from our support and we wish them the very best of luck.

We’ll be following their progress all the way.

Land Rover has also announced that it will be an official partner of the Red Bull Desert Wings team. Red Bull has chosen Land Rover as the official vehicle supplier for the 2014 Dakar due to its advanced all-terrain expertise and technology to support the various teams under the Red Bull Desert Wings collective. Five Land Rover vehicles have been supplied including Defender, Discovery, all-new Range Rover and Ranger Rover Sport.

The Race2Recovery team will benefit from this association as they will be welcomed on a daily basis into the Red Bull bivouac, providing Race2Recovery with additional resource and infrastructure.

2014 Jaguar XF 2014 Jaguar XF 2014 Jaguar XF

IT S A VERY busy time over at Jaguar, what with the F-Type Roadster now prowling the streets and the just-announced Coupe version ready to do the same. There s the high performance XJR to come too but it s the more mainstream models that are relevant to most of us which is why the XF is so important.

Jaguar has given the XF a few key updates for 2014 and reflecting the times we live in the most important change is the introduction of a more frugal new diesel engine. The 2.2-litre four cylinder unit improves on the previous version with impressive figures of 129g/km of CO2 and 57.7mpg, the kind of numbers that appeal to your wallet rather than your heart.

Part of the reason for the improvement is some clever techy stuff in the shape of a revised cooling system and a bigger EGR valve, but what makes greater sense to you and me is the stop-start system that cuts the engine out when not needed.

If you ve not experienced stop-start before it might feel a bit weird, but once you trust that the engine will start again the instant you release the brake pedal it becomes second nature. And it all helps eke out a few more miles per gallon. It s clever too pull up and put the transmission in Park and it goes into stop mode, but release your seat belt and it knows your home and switches off completely.

You still get the XF s bit of theatre when you start up too, as the air vents glide electrically open and the previously-flush circular gearlever rises up from between the seats. The gearbox is a new addition too, with eight forward ratios. That might seem like an awful lot, but that helps economy too; out on the motorway the engine is barely above tickover at the legal limit which keeps noise levels down and fuel economy up.

Despite appearing focussed on economy, the XF still offers a driving experience that is a cut above the norm. Whether the speed is high or low it remains poised, filtering out bumps so you are aware of them, but that no discomfort is caused. Yet the flip side of this is that when you start to press on the XF is every inch the sports saloon, gripping strongly and staying level and controlled through corners.

The XF is a car you would be happy to live with on a daily basis too. The seats are supportive and comfortable, the heated seats will toast your behind if you leave them on full power and the top-drawer audio system can make the worst traffic jams seem irrelevant.

Once upon a time Jaguars were all about the cut and thrust and weren t so easy to justify on a financial basis. But the 2.2 Diesel XF is as economical and easy to live with as a fairly humble family hatchback, yet gives you so much more in terms of comfort, style and driving pleasure. It s hard not to be very impressed.


Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel Premium Luxury 163, 35,795

Engine: 2.2-litre diesel unit producing 161bhp and 218lb/ft of torque

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic driving the rear wheels

Performance: Top speed 130mph, 0-62mph in 10.5 seconds

Economy: 57.7mpg combined

Emissions: 129g/km of CO2

A short visit to one of the popular British Jaguar show room was a exciting experience and beneficial, quick tour around, browsing the latest range of models of Jaguar Cars was very inspiring, really impressed to see what amazing new technology were added to the interior. Loads of Gadget’s to play around with and made highly of top spec quality, what a truly awesome car. The Jaguar F-Type, 5.0 model, is a a good example of Jaguar’s and the work that has been put in to build this level of performance that comes with 8 Speed quickshift with Sportshift selection and one touch paddles, Led daytime running Lights, Heated and Cooled Sports Front Seats.

There are three models in the F-TYPE range. Each offers its own distinctive image, style and characteristics, all are equally at home on the switchback of a mountain pass, on the highway or in the city.

F-TYPE is designed to deliver pure driving pleasure.

F-TYPE S adds greater power and an increased range of sophisticated driving technologies.

F-TYPE V8 S provides towering performance and even greater levels of dynamic ability and control.

Images of the model on this webpage, Please leave your reviews and comments if you liked the Pictures of any particular make also what type of models you prefer to drive or just might have an interest to collect as a hobby you may also be interested to see the new Jaguar XF 2013 in the SE model in Black with a 2.2. Litre Turbocharged Diesel engine which will give an amazing 55.4 mpg that’s real good fuel economy and a added bonus of a Luxury Car. Watch video below and share your comments on these models.

2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab 2014 Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab

LONDONERS had better prepare themselves for another new generation of taxi, just days after Nissan confirmed its own assault on the Black Cab market.

The plug-in hybrid Fraser-Nash Range Extended Electric Metrocab is capable of more than 75mpg and less than 50g/km of CO2, and is expected to cost no more than a current Hackney carriage.

The company says the vehicle could save cabbies 30 to 40 per day in running costs and can go longer between fill-ups.

It is always powered by electric motors linked to a large battery, but uses a 1.0-litre petrol engine coupled to a generator to replenish the lost electricity and extend the Metrocab s working range.

MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class Saloon S 400 L Hybrid SE Line G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed 4dr

As a plug-in vehicle the new taxi, which is now engaged in real world trials, can be charged at home via a standard three-pin plug to make the most of the available electric-only range.

However, the car is only rated to meet Euro 5 emissions standards rather than the upcoming Euro 6.

It meets Transport for London s standard requirements for taxis, including the 7.62-metre turning circle.

Metrocab Chairman Sir Charles Masefield said: The all-new Range Extended Electric Metrocab has been in development since the mid-2000s with several prototypes built and over a million kilometres of engineering tests completed.

Instantly recognisable as an iconic London Hackney Cab, with a panoramic glass roof for views of the city, our new all-British London cab offers, for no price premium, completely new levels of economy, emissions and passenger comfort and is ready to enter service this year, benefitting the passenger, driver, city and environment alike.

2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

IN TECHNOLOGICAL terms the highpoint of the S-Class range has to be the hybrid variant. While the diesel model offers a more economical and tax-friendly experience, for those seeking a quieter cabin ambience this petrol-electric S 400 Hybrid should be on your shopping list.

Parallels will understandably be drawn with the likes of Toyota s Prius, and it s true that Mercedes take on the hybrid concept does offer the usual combination of electric only running, petrol engine power and the two modes combined for extra performance.

Motive power for this S-Class is a little different to the Prius, however. Up front there s a 3.5-litre V6 petrol unit producing 306 horsepower, plus the accompanying 20kW electric motor. Drive to the rear wheels is via Mercedes familiar seven-speed automatic gearbox.

Thanks to the car s large and clear main displays, you can monitor its regularly changing power status. For all the tech, powerful electric motor and fancy battery, the real world experience is refreshingly drama-free.

When moving off under electric power the S 400 is even more hushed than a regular S-Class. You have to be watching the displays closely to spot the transition to petrol power usually after a short distance or when you use a fair bit of throttle.

Cruising at a constant speed and, most often, when you re coasting or coming to a stop sees the petrol engine cut out. Hit the brakes and you ll see the battery charge indicator rise, allowing you to recharge on the go.

That all makes for quite a busy car under the skin but, thankfully, you re blissfully unaware when inside the S-Class plush cabin.

Equally satisfying are the S 400 s green credentials. Remember, this is a big car capable of accommodating four adults in the height of luxury. That said, in default long wheelbase guise (normal length is also available), you re looking at 44.8mpg and 154g/km CO2.

While that performance puts it surprisingly close to the all-conquering diesel S-Class, once you factor in the lower noise and quieter cabin it s easy to see why the hybrid might find favour with city-based executive hire operators.

For some the ability to emulate a Rolls-Royce or Bentley experience for a fraction of the cost easily negates a few pence saved at the black pump. And with the latest S-Class it s clear that Mercedes wants to challenge the best that Britain can offer.

It s obvious from the moment you open the door of the latest generation S-Class that Mercedes has pulled out all the stops. From the car s expert fit and finish inside and out to its plush cabin and the choice of materials, the German firm is keen to keep hold of its luxury saloon crown.

Be it the car s trick air suspension, the option of reclining and massaging rear seats and an entertainment system to shame most first class airline seats, there s little to touch the S-Class for the money.

Assuming you ve risen to such ranks that you can afford to sit in the back, it s worth noting that the driver is also blessed with an embarrassment of riches. While you re sipping bubbly there s the likes of night vision, intelligent cruise control and lane keep assist to keep you safe.

That a smoother, quieter alternative to diesel power exists for buyers seeking a more hushed experience is a testament to Mercedes engineering and marketing nous. And with barely a hint of a compromise if you choose the hybrid, this is exactly how S-Class ownership should be.


Model: Mercedes-Benz S 400 Hybrid L SE Line 4dr, priced from 69,650 on the road.Engine: 3.5-litre petrol V6 unit developing 252bhp plus 20kW electric motor.Transmission: 7-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.Performance: Maximum speed 155mph, 0-60mph 6.8 seconds.Economy: 44.8mpg.CO2 Rating: 147g/km.

MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class Saloon S 400 L Hybrid SE Line G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed 4dr
MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class Saloon S 400 L Hybrid SE Line G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed 4dr
MERCEDES-BENZ S-Class Saloon S 400 L Hybrid SE Line G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed 4dr

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