Road Test MercedesBenz E300 Bluetec Hybrid

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MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed

Road Test — E300 Bluetec Hybrid

no doubt that hybrids been game-changers in the private sector. Just look at the of Toyota Prius eco-chauffeur in major cities, and the success of such as Greentomatocars and Climatecars, have built their around the planet-friendly petrol-electric

But it’s been harder to that change in the chauffeur Manufacturers such as BMW, and Infiniti have developed luxury petrol-electric hybrids. But if you up the Prius, you don’t scale up the

Cars such as the Lexus score heavily for smoothness, but match the equivalent non-hybrid for fuel economy of CO2 emissions.

cars need larger packs – and the obvious place for the pack is in the boot. The result, on the big and other large hybrids as the Infiniti M35h, is a much boot, as the battery pack up half the luggage space.

many major corporate have clearly defined policies that mean executives have to travel in with low CO2 emissions. On the other the CEO doesn’t want to be driven in a pretty basic family How do you provide the boss with a car that meets his green while being fit for purpose?

been difficult. Many have had to resort to carbon – and for some corporations, that’s OK. The that your chauffeur is planting trees might the green compliance department, but who that it’s going on?

a big difference between being and being seen to be green.

companies have come up more radical solutions – for Greentomatocars’ executive fleet of C6s that run, basically, on cooking oil sourced from restaurants. OK as a stop-gap solution, but to scale, and not acceptable for many warranty policies.

Finally, seems to have come up a workable solution. A car that is suitable for chauffeuring – the Mercedes-Benz is, after all, the mainstay of companies’ fleets. But this is a – it says so, in big letters on the boot

A boot lid that opens to exactly the same amount of space that you’d on any other E-class. Where’s the pack?

As for fuel economy and CO2 the E300 Bluetec Hybrid numbers that aren’t far short of a regular Prius – combined; 109g/km of CO2 — and on a much bigger car. It too good to be true. Not so.

This car is it’s on sale now and will a mainstay of the facelifted E-class due later in the year.

Under the

What’s the secret? This is not a hybrid. Under the bonnet is the 2.2-litre turbodiesel that find powering a standard CDI. And thanks to a bit of clever you’ll find the 19kWh Ion battery pack that the electric element to the drivetrain the bonnet too.

Hence the luggage space in the boot.

As as the battery pack, the electric is also housed under the In fact it’s mounted the 7G-Tronic Plus automatic This modular approach differences between the hybrid and the diesel E-class models to a

The gearbox substitutes a torque for a wet clutch system, therefore for the internal combustion engine to be entirely via the clutch and for electric-only to be maintained for short periods, economy. Such is the level of that the addition of the electric adds 65mm to the total of the transmission.

The E300 Bluetec is based on the E250 CDI, no slouch in terms of performance and Its 2.2-litre engine develops – or 150kW in electrical terms, maximum torque of 500 Nm. This acceleration from 0-62 mph in combined consumption of 57.6mpg, and CO2 of 129g/km

On the Hybrid, the electric motor an additional 20kW of power – and a extra 250Nm of torque. is unaffected, but fuel consumption by nearly 10mpg to 67.2mpg, and CO2 plunge to 109g/km.

So what’s the Well, for the moment, it’s not The E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid Saloon is £39,645, while the Estate is £41,435, both prices

Only the V6 petrol-engined E350 and the range-topping AMG E63 V8 are more expensive.

But the facelifted E-class is launched, will change. For now, Bluetec Hybrid is a top-line with a fully loaded Indeed, our test car will be a bit of a item – only a very number of current-shape E-class are likely to be built before the E-class arrives.

And when happens, E300 Bluetec will effectively become an option, available with all levels. So you’ll be able to a cheaper SE-spec model, will slice around off the price, pitching the entry at around £38,000.


So it like? To all intents and purposes, a pretty standard E-class. all current Es, it has a column-mounted automatic leaving unobstructed access to the controller on the centre console.

It has the Mercedes dashboard, only by the energy flow animated that pops up in the digital window as a default setting. shows the real-time flow of from battery to engine to and back under braking – like you’d find in a or a LS600h.

The satnav is the COMAND system, with 7in display alongside the primary dials in the Mercedes dashboard cowl. And the Mercedes system doesn’t the wide-screen display of an equivalent BMW or Google Earth-enabled imagery, but it score heavily on functionality.

The system is controlled by a simple and rotary control and two buttons – and cancel – positioned on the centre Turn the rotary control to in and out; push the rotary to up the menu. It’s very to get lost in what is a pretty system, and minimises the risk of distraction while changing settings on the road.

On the road

The system is busy – like a it operates for short spells, the battery has sufficient charge to the electric motor. So you can pull silently in EV mode, until the battery depletes or you need to a little faster, when the kicks in.

This happens quietly and smoothly – after a you really have to listen and the rev counter to know when the combustion engine has started up. and braking is when the electric acts like a dynamo and the battery. Because it’s a Ion battery, it’s designed to rapid charges and discharges,

The gentle your right the more likely you are to get better use of the motor. Lift off the throttle on a stretch and the rev counter drops and the diesel engine switches Suddenly, you’re “sailing” – silently in electric mode you need to increase the throttle – for when you come to an incline, or if the limit changes and you want to

It’s like a stop/start that stops when driving, not just when stationary.

Because our E-class is on up-market Sport trim, fully loaded with Mercedes safety features, the excellent Distronic Plus cruise control system helps you maintain a steady and distance behind the car in front. continues to refine its driver – last month we gave you a of some of the features you can expect on the E-class, and the new S-class.

The Distronic Plus system is becoming more refined. On the application of the brakes is smooth and on the motorway when you approach a car in front – and the pick-up back to pre-set speed is quicker the slower car pulls over.

You can set the distance to the car in front by rotating a on the cruise control stalk, and the will slow you down to a Thankfully we didn’t have to use it in mode, but we do like this Not only is it a life-saver – if you employ it in jams, you’ll be less to get small dings and bumps on front bumper!

MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed

All in all, the E300 Bluetec Hybrid is the nicest hybrid we’ve Not as quiet as the more expensive and Infiniti models, but the best compromise. Where it scores other diesel hybrids, as the Peugeot 508 HYbrid4, is in the engine action, which is so rigorous on the cars that you actually to accelerate downhill to counter the action.

On the Mercedes, there’s of that unwelcome inertia – off the throttle and the car slows down naturally.

Ride and handling no different to any other E-class. The weight of the battery and electric is all at the front of the car. Unlike the where the drive is split. diesel drive to the front and electric drive to the rear, all the combined diesel-electric drive through the rear wheels.

The is balance that’s every bit as as a regular diesel – in fact the extra torque that the motor brings, the E-class pulls almost as rapidly as a E350 CDI.

Ride is helped by the use of the smaller 16in which are needed in place of the 17in units in order to the fuel economy and CO2 emissions. On we didn’t get close to the quotes mpg – but 46.3mpg over 600 miles, some long runs, is impressive, and is a sizeable advantage the 39.8mpg we achieved last on the E220 CDI.

Passenger comfort and loadspace

In the seats, there’s a decent of room – it’s no different to a diesel E. Rear seat is easy – the doors aren’t wide, but they are tall, at the C-pillar apex. Rear are comfortable, and the front seat are sculpted to give more room. Headroom is excellent too to the cabin’s slight wedge

The boot is bigger too, increases in all dimensions to give 540 of space. The boot opening is 11mm wider at 500mm, and claims four golf or two full-size suitcases can be accommodated. a further 78 litres of stowage available in the compartment beneath the floor – ideal for your equipment.

However, the large hoop hinges are quite


Make no mistake – is a genuine game-changer. Any chauffeur an E-class should think and hard before buying any version – no matter how alluring the E220 CDI and E250CDI models may

There is genuinely no negative to the E300 Bluetec Hybrid The slight increase in purchase will be recouped very thanks to the better fuel There is absolutely no compromise in and – more importantly, no compromise in space, as the battery pack, so intrusive on a hybrid, is under the

The driving experience is exceptional – almost imperceptible changes to or vibration levels when the car between diesel and electric The ability to “sail” in electric at motorway cruising speed for a very refined and quiet

With the E300 Bluetec powertrain effectively becoming an for all trim levels on the facelifted you’ll be able to buy the car with SE making it significantly cheaper the £40-grand model currently Hopefully a decent headline for the Mercedes-Benz chauffeur programme be added too.

It’s going to make for a competitive market in the executive sector this year. 520d GT, tested in last Professional Driver, trumps the in terms of rear-seat luxury and And Volvo continues to push the of its S80, with some affordable contract hire

But the E300 Bluetec Hybrid has all-important H-word on the boot. It open the door to new clients – those companies desperate to get senior executives out of the Toyota and into a more befitting while still complying green policies.

Climatecars has ordered some – Greentomatocars has on evaluation and looks likely to its chip-fat Citroens with These eco-chauffeurs know they’re doing. The E-class is likely to become the default for the chauffeur market.

And – whisper it – the powertrain is likely to feature on the new next year. The game is changing, it seems.


E300 Bluetec Hybrid

MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed
MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Estate E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid G-Tronic Plus Automatic 7-speed


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