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Mercedes-Benz S-klasse


2014 Mercedes-Benz

The S-Class continues its world-class and is quite an astute performer. It has and sensors that detect and objects. A cruise control which slows itself the traffic ahead cluster. Now is a SMART car! The intuity Benz has always been has been integrated into all of this car’s electronics.

The styling is gorgeous, absolutely The sleek flowing lines are retro and contemporary, hinting at but then, this has always a Mercedes Benz attribute. ingenious ability to capture and performance with safety foremost continues. It even has a atomizer for a touch of fragrance .

car I praise is the 2014 Mercedes S-Class which is as intelligent as it is The all new S-Class inherits myriad Benz innovations and builds them to create one of the safest in the world.

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class is the first vehicle in the to switch to 100% LED lighting. exterior and interior .not a bulb exists .period. as another industry first is the use of functionality to its lighting where at the intensity of the rear tail is reduced while stopped for traffic lighting, a courtesy to the behind.

Mercedes Benz has been pioneers in the world of design and safety. Their under skin safety with exclusive safety is made from high steel. The front and rear of the car has zones designed to accordion at a rate upon impact set safety standards for the motor industry.

A Mercedes Benz has that were designed to burst-open nor jam-shut in an accident. which were quickly by the auto industry were tried tested and improved by Benz. Even the head and lamps were designed to be clear of debris with being designed into the work allowing a constant of air sweeping them clear in weather increasing visibility.

These are just a few of the myriad Mercedes Benz won awards and from authorities in the automotive

Before I go into the launch of the all new S-Class, I thought I would do a little different. In order to appreciate the entrance of the 2014, I am to show you through an S-Class line how it got to be the best selling sedan in the world. This is you ever wanted to know Mercedes Benz S-Class . but afraid to ask .”

The Mercedes Benz has served as flagship saloon for fifty years in various The flagship always showcased the latest innovations. It came as two standard and long wheelbase “S-Class” is really “S-Klasse” is the German abbreviation for “Sonderklasse” translates to ‘special class’ (in a of its own).

The senior series of Benz have always designated “S”, these saloons were always by luxury and presence. 

At the end of WW II, series 220 was launched with series 300 which was the largest and the fastest vehicle in Germany. The Adenauer got its name from the German who fancied it, Konrad Adenauer. It was from 1951 through

The Mercedes Benz “Ponton” in 1954 as series 220 W180 and was until 1956. These the first Mercedes Benz six models without the conventional using a unitized body/frame It introduced new levels of comfort and

Its single joint swing   was inspired by Mercedes cars.

The “Heckflosse” or tail fin produced from 1959-1965 was in three variants; W110 was the level four cylinder, were the top range six cylinder and W112 were the luxury with a big block 3 litre They all shared the same Milestones for this series being the first time in history that the Béla safety shell had been in a production vehicle. 

The 600 series was the epitome of Mercedes and the formal limousine available both standard and long versions.  Introduced in 1963 as it was the pinnacle of Mercedes Benz at the time. It was the look of the 600 that the styling of this genre.

W108 W109 were from 1963-1981. It received the Mercedes Benz V8 engines in The 6.3 litre V8 W108 were wheelbase dubbed 250S, 280S, 280SE, and the 280SEL wheelbase variant.

The W109 was the most luxurious and powerful the 300SE standard wheelbase long wheelbase. Tail were trimmed to a more look. Up to now, we know the “S” and its

The “E” for the German word “Einspritzen” to fuel injection, and the “L” which is or long wheelbase. 

W116, from 1972-1980 and were the to be formally named S-Class/S-Klasse. Benz used an independent and disc brakes. This was the first Mercedes Benz to safety over aesthetics. It was Benz that introduced innovations to the automotive industry.

these, SRS (Supplemental Restraint aka airbags), padded dash and ergonomically designed head

Its rounded body work was to minimize pedestrian injuries. Benz used an impressive of both active and passive systems. It was the W116 that the passenger cage and skeleton into the architecture of the body

This series was among the cars in the world to utilize the ABS and air bag The extremely sophisticated Turbodiesel was introduced. The W116 wore the SE SEL nomenclature and were equipped V8 engines as standard.

The highly 450 SEL 6.9 was offered as a limited edition performance saloon with a self-leveling suspension. A very saloon too I must admit I was satisfied with its performance, the that surprised me was the fact a car this size handled a smaller vehicle, it was taught and quick, very sure-footed and It was this body style Mercedes Benz started to with the aerodynamics and nudged the industry towards the trend.

W126, produced from were among the first in the world to use aerodynamics in its architecture. The re-engineered the air bag system adding the side. This modern air bag is a Mercedes Benz patent.

Control and seat belt were also introduced. The introduced the SEC which was a luxury The Turbodiesel was popular in the US while the six cylinder was popular in Europe.

The produced from 1991-1998 was a in girth compared to its predecessors. It self closing doors and lid. The Call letters inverted. The 500SE and 500SEL now S500 regardless of wheelbase. available were the S350 a six and an  S600 which is a V12 saloon.

were HUGE Mercedes models which was odd. At the most auto manufacturers trimming down in size yet blew this up to Goliath It rode like a city on wheels yet it was very refined in it was just too big!

The W220 was from 1998-2005 and completely (Thank goodness the Goliath was gargantuan and nondescript in style) The was considered “The next of the Mercedes Benz.” Smaller on the but offered a larger cabin the W140. The W220 had a more demeanor than its Goliath Mercedes Benz innovations “Airmatic” air suspension, ventilated navigation system with mounted screen display, and the input control system.

The all-wheel drive system was to the North American market in Other significant innovations radar controlled “Distronic Control” and “Active Cylinder a cylinder shut off system, and the use of “Pre-Safe”. “Pre-Safe” is a Mercedes early warning system can apply the brakes, tighten belt tensioners, close the sun if it detects a roll-over, and monitor the ahead. This is the first autonomous braking feature provides maximum braking seconds before the impact.

W221, was produced from through 2013 and is slightly than its predecessor. It has three new with 2% power increases. includes an infra red “Night Assist” feature and the latest System” which is a series of sensors, and radar as accident designed to reduce the severity of a The W221 series offers an a hybrid variant.

The “Distronic radar guided cruise can now bring the car to a complete halt.

Fifth Avenue offered 20 Edition S600s in their catalog in 2005. These priced at $145,000 each and in less than seven on November 22, 2005. These are because these were the S600 models sold to owners.

.And now (drum-roll) the completely re-designed W222, the Mercedes Benz S-Class. It has won two first place finishes in the Automotive Brand Contest. The of the Best” award was given to exterior and interior design.

Mercedes-Benz S-klasse

The brand Contest is organized by Rat für Formgebung” (Design Council).

The go to outstanding product and communication which the jury assesses in 14 categories and four special In 2013 the “Rat für Formgebung” is its 60th birthday. In spring the Federal Association for German (BDI) and a number of leading companies founded the trust on the of the federal German parliament.

At more than 180 design-oriented companies with more 1.8 million employees are members of the für Formgebung”.

 The architecture of the S-Class is a third generation body shell made of aluminium including the roof. The new saloon is offered as standard (119.4”) and long wheelbase A larger Pullman model will be longer with an longer wheelbase between will be introduced to replace the brand.

The Pullman will the Chinese market where wheelbase variants are extremely

“The new S-Class embodies our aspirations like no other It marks the beginning of a new era of modern and safety in cars”, observes Dr Schmidt, Member of the Management of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sales

Real Life Safety is the approach Mercedes Benz Research uses to avoid by alerting the driver BEFORE an occurs by a patent early system. Mercedes Benz this “Intelligent Drive.” It is a network of strategically located and a new stereo camera with radar sensors. Intelligent with its omniscience and intuity are an of Mercedes Benz cutting technology ..Mercedes Benz is with safety. 

Some of the functions of “Intelligent Drive” are Plus” which uses radar to scan the road should it sense an imminent the “Pre-Safe” network is engaged 40% braking power while alerting the driver. The system can 100% braking pressure the driver fail to respond. Plus” with steering enhances lane guidance and can vehicles safely in congested

 A new stereo camera brake (BASPLUS) with “Cross Assist” can detect crossing and pedestrians and boost the braking accordingly.

 If lane markings are lines, “Active Lane Assist” can detect when the lane is occupied especially traffic, and apply the brakes to one of the car to keep it from veering out of its lane. It will also the steering wheel to get the driver’s “Active Blind Spot can detect if a vehicle is along of yours through a sensor in the bumper and a red icon lights up in the mirrors to alert driver.

Highbeam Assist Plus” the high beam headlamps to be on permanently without dazzling the drivers by masking out other in the beam’s cone of light.

View Assist Plus” has improved with the use of a thermal camera. This feature switches the speedometer to a sharp view image highlighting of danger. A spotlight function light on the source which the driver’s attention at the same warning the vehicle or pedestrian on the side of the road.

The “Pre-Safe” protection network has enhanced. Introduced ten years ago as a in the industry, it is as an anticipatory occupant system, designed to prevent with pedestrians and vehicles in the path, while diffusing situations in the rear. It can detect and apply braking to avoid

“Pre-Safe” also recognizes rear end collisions warning the traffic with the hazard operating at high frequency. If persists, the brakes are firmly reducing whip lash by reducing the forward jolt at the time of impact which reduces the probability of secondary Immediately before impact, the seat belt pre-tensioners are with the driver and front occupant being pulled from the direction of impact of the belt before occupant sets in.

“Attention Assist” can and warn inattentiveness and even in an extended speed range and the driver to their current of fatigue, register the time of the break and indicate nearby areas in the “COMMAND Navigation

The ultimate in luxury ..the suite option escalates to new heights

Interior LED lighting an atmosphere ..

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class offers sophisticated

Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse
Mercedes-Benz S-klasse

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