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electric cars, Press Updates, BlueZero, E cell

the Mercedes-Benz press release in

The near-series Mercedes-Benz Concept E-CELL PLUS electric car environment-friendly electric mobility in the with unrestricted suitability for driving. This is made by the combination of the battery-electric drive a combustion engine. The range gives the BlueZERO E-CELL a total range of up to 600 kilometres, 100 kilometres thereof solely electric power and thus of local emissions.

The BlueZERO PLUS is part of a family of constructed electric cars. will enable Mercedes-Benz to all customer requirements for sustainable in the future. In this variant of the vehicle, the electric motor of the battery-powered BlueZERO E-CELL is with an additional three-cylinder, petrol engine. Putting out 50 kW, the combustion engine is installed in the of the rear axle and can charge the while the car is being driven.

The CO2 for the battery-electric driving mode the vehicle’s emissions to only 32 of CO2 per kilometre. The range extender the BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS to for up to 600 km, of which up to 100 km can be driven in electric with zero local The long combined range the BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS suitable for everyday use and assures the customer will reach his or her even with a depleted

After all, the car can be refuelled and easily at any normal filling

Battery with superior technology

During rapid with a charging capacity of 20 kW, the 18 kWh lithium-ion battery of the BlueZERO PLUS can store enough within around 30 minutes for a 50 cruising range. The complete range of 100 kilometres requires a time of somewhat more an hour. Charging time a standard charge cycle at a household outlet with 3,3 kW is 6 hours. Special on-board support the intelligent charging and billing systems used by fuelling stations.

Advantages of batteries compared to other technologies include their dimensions, high output and density, high charge and long service life.

BlueZERO the triad of electric

Mercedes-Benz is showing the way to environmentally electric mobility with the Concept BlueZERO. The vehicle’s modular concept enables a vehicle architecture to be used to three models with drive system configurations.

The E-CELL PLUS is equipped an electric drive and a supplemental engine with an electrical (range extender). The car has a total of up to 600 kilometres, of which up to 100 kilometres can be solely on electricity.

Originally in Detroit at the beginning of the year, the E‑CELL is propelled exclusively by a electric drive that the car to travel up to 200 kilometres on a single charge and completely free of emissions.

The third drive is the fuel cell powered F-CELL, with a range of 400 km on electric power and therefore without any local emissions.

All three BlueZERO models front-wheel drive, which is for this class of car. The components have been organised by the Mercedes engineers and can be as needed. These include liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries up to 35 kWh capacity, and a compact electric with a maximum output of 100 kW output: 70 kW).

The maximum of 320 Nm is available from the electric first revolution, and it surpasses the attained by today’s V6 petrol at 2,500 rpm. Like its two models, the BlueZERO E-CELL and the F-CELL, the BlueZERO E-CELL can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in than eleven seconds. To optimum range and energy the top speed is electronically limited to 150

The Concept BlueZERO offers a demonstration of the technical maturity of drive systems from Electric vehicles with electric or fuel cell systems will not truly be on an footing with today’s engine drive systems the customers are confident that is a sufficient infrastructure of electricity and refuelling stations,” says Herbert Kohler, Head of and Future Mobility and also Environmental Officer at Daimler.

BlueZERO: Modular architecture for and efficiency

The three BlueZERO were developed on the basis of the sandwich-floor architecture known the A-Class and B-Class. The advantage of the design is that the key drive are installed in the vehicle’s underbody in a way that they take up space, ensure a good of gravity, and are maximally protected. The models therefore differ from conventionally designed cars, which have and voluminous storage batteries in the boot, for example, or in the area of the All three BlueZERO variants key technological components and have designs and vehicle dimensions. though they have exterior dimensions, the 4.22-meter-long models have a spacious and interior and cargo space.

The vehicles’ five full-size approximately 450 kilograms of payload, and than 500 litres of cargo make them suitable cars.

“Our modular permits different drive for each customer requirement,” Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler of Management Member responsible for Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars “The improved sandwich platform serves as the perfect for a diverse range of vehicles electric drives. We are currently an additional platform for future models that have systems using optimized combustion engines.

The smart of both architectures will us to expand our product range in an flexible and efficient manner. in 2009, we will manufacture the small batch of Mercedes cell cars. In 2010, will be followed by a small of Mercedes-Benz vehicles that run on electric power supplied by a Thanks to these measures, we are positioned for the future.”

Mercedes 2010 press release

Paired with Elegance: Premium Sedan with Technology and Avant-Garde Design

* A of the concept of fascination and responsibility

* platform enables use of two alternative systems either Plug-in or fuel cell

Hyundai Electric Cars

* Intelligent display concept on electric driving

* HMI with cam for intuitive and precise operation

* Jam Assistant for increased comfort and

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style vehicle is showing the future of automobiles from a new perspective, as the premium sedan combines efficient drive technologies unparalleled safety and convenience and an emotive design idiom, interprets current Mercedes-Benz in line with the brand s attribute of refined performance. The Style has a spacious interior of intelligent seating, operating, and concepts. Another unique of the large sedan is an all-new drive platform, which electric drives with cells (enabling ranges of 375 miles) as well as the use of Plug-in that can drive for up to 18 miles on electricity.

Both variants of the Style therefore make emission-free mobility possible at the of a premium-class automobile, while at the time being fully for everyday driving and providing a driving experience.

We are dedicated to our responsibility for the environment with customer utility in a fascinating says Dr. Thomas Weber, the Board of Management member for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Development. The new F800 Style vehicle combines this to providing the leading innovative concepts with our traditional strengths in the areas of design, comfort, and outstanding performance.

A into the future of pioneering sedans

Within the 15.5-foot length of the F800 Style, all of the of the vehicle s efficient and environmentally alternative drives (Plug-in or fuel cell drive are installed in a space-saving manner in the compartment and the gaps within the Each of the drive systems up comparatively little space for the This applies in particular to the drive with fuel which has been enhanced by to be compact and powerful.

The front end s compact package was possible through the consistent of all F-CELL components. As a result, the interior space is preserved and plenty of room for five

2010 Geneva motor

March 2nd, 2010 today, we ran down our list of new production cars at the 2010 Motor Show, where days are now underway. There s one we might have added to the the 2012 Mercedes-Benz E300 Hybrid. At the show today, confirmed that the car has already entered everyday testing and is for market launch next Daimler chairman Dieter had confirmed the launch in January, so it s not news. Handful of diesel Still, it s a fascinating car, the s first-ever blend of its Bluetec system with the hybrid it developed jointly with

When it enters production, the Bluetec Hybrid will be one of a handful of diesel hybrids in the world. (Late this Peugeot will launch its the s first diesel hybrid as a model: a 3008 crossover with a mild-hybrid system, was previewed last year by its HYbrid4 Concept.) 2.2-liter diesel four The engine in the E300 Bluetec Hybrid on at Geneva is a 2.2-liter diesel with twin turbochargers puts out an impressive 204 horsepower. engine is also used in the Mercedes-Benz E250 Bluetec, at last year s New York Show, which may become the s first diesel four in the U.S. in many years. The estimated its fuel economy at 28 mpg 39 mpg highway.

The Bluetec Hybrid s lithium-ion pack and electric motor are to those used in the 2010 S400 Hybrid, the company s which went on sale year. Fuel efficiency of Its 15-kilowatt electric motor between the turbodiesel four and the s 7-speed automatic transmission.

  the engine and motor provide power of 224 horsepower, with efficiency on the European test of a stunning 57.4 mpg. translates to carbon dioxide emissions of 109 grams per kilometer, or the level of a standard gasoline car. For the E-Class,  a large, midsize luxury sedan, s an astoundingly low number.

The E300 Hybrid also offers driving for short distances, as as using the electric motor to the engine under acceleration. any hybrid, the engine switches off at to save fuel. [Mercedes-Benz]


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