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Mini Countryman Electric Cars


year: 2011 Mini Model: Countryman time: 7.6 sec. Top Speed: 133 mph


The small car builder made a name for itself on the stages of classic rally and it rumored to be making a comeback in the depleted WRC for 2011 and should be in March at the Geneva Motor Similar to the Beachcomber Concept. the new Countryman is a slightly larger wearing the same headlights and fog however the front end is specific to the model especially with its grill and Pepper White scheme topped off with a roof.

The Countryman will get four-cylinder engines, with the S getting a turbocharged. The turbo take the power from 122 to 184. If you are lucky enough to in Europe, you can get a few diesel options.

will be able to choose a six-speed manual or an automatic Opt for the base model with the box and it will take around 11 to hit 60 miles per hour. The S model can do time in around eight

The highest version will top out at that is.

The Countryman will not standard with all-wheel You will have to bump it up to the S in order to get that on your Despite the cars rugged it has MacPherson struts in the front and in the rear, so no off-roading.

Sales begin at the end of 2010 with starting at $22,350. A Mini with some good on it will run you around $30,000, more than the Nissan Nissan Rogue and the Volkswagen .

UPDATE 07/14/2010 . Mini has released specs on the 2011 This article has been with that information.

09/01/2010 . Check out our review of the Countryman byclicking here !

10/07/2010: This article has updated with pricing for the

Updated 11/24/2010 . Mini USA has put the configurator for the new Countryman. So get there and customizing the model of your There are lots of options and to choose from.


Press release after the

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The introduction of a particularly versatile car raises the individual style of and the driving pleasure so typical of the to a brand-new, unprecedented level of perfection. As a genuine Crossover, the Countryman for the first time the unique handling of a MINI the variable space and versatility of a and the supreme traction of a Sports Vehicle optimised by optional drive.

Following the classic the MINI Clubman and the MINI the fourth model in the range now all the challenges of urban mobility maximum flexibility and individual offering a wide range of in use far beyond conventional limits and up that typical feeling of to new target groups.

Providing long-distance comfort on four seats or, as an alternative, space for up to passengers, an elevated seating flexible use of the interior, a new generation of powerful and efficient engines as as optional MINI ALL4 drive, the MINI Countryman numerous attractive highlights to the experience of driving a MINI. At the time it re-interprets features of MINI in terms of design, quality, handling, efficiency and customisation in new, unprecedented

Given all these qualities, the Countryman appeals strongly to target groups requiring space and flexibility for their or leisure time activities and seeking to combine the individual of the brand with innovative and enhanced versatility within the

The innovative concept of the MINI is implemented authentically by that design language so characteristic of The first model in the range to more than four in length, the MINI Countryman the principle once developed for the Mini to offer maximum space and function on the smallest footprint. Apart from the typical of MINI, characteristic features at the front, side and show clearly at very sight that the MINI is a true member of the brand

The MINI Countryman is the first car of its kind, confirming its exclusive against the widest range of through excellent quality of and supreme functionality within the as well as superior drivetrain and technology.

three petrol and two engines,90 hpto 184 hp; ALL4 drive system

The MINI comes as standard with two seats at the rear adjustable for length, and is available at no extra with a threeseat rear Luggage capacity may be increased in steps from 350 all the way to 1,170 (12.241.0 cubic feet). features include not just air and the CD audio system, but also the MINI Center Rail and fastening system connecting the seats with the rear.

Upon its introduction in the market, the Countryman is available with a of no less than three and two diesel engines ranging in from 60 kW/90 hp all the way to 135 kW/184 hp and exemplary efficiency in every And it almost goes without that all variants of the MINI fulfil the EU5 emission standard in and the ULEV II standard in the USA.

from the top-of-the-range MINI S Countryman, the MINI Cooper D is also available as an option MINI ALL4 all-wheel offering that agility so of MINI also beyond the track. The suspension on all models as standard with DSC Dynamic Control, while passive of the highest calibre is ensured not by the high-load-resistant body structure, but by no less than six airbags, inertia-reel seat belts on all ISOFIX child seat at the rear, and a Tyre Defect

Design: MINI all the way with a standard of individual style

In its the MINI Countryman stands out from all former models of the brand, expressing its unique self-confidently through the design and of the body. Measuring 4,097 or 161.3 in length, the fourdoor of the car combines the proportions typical of the with extra ground and an elevated seating position, the Countryman thus bridging the gap the classic Mini and a modern Activity Vehicle. From the the design of the MINI Countryman a unique feeling of independence, robustness and versatility, particularly the structure of the front end giving the Countryman a mature and most look of class and style.

But at the time the new model naturally that unique charm and flair so typical of MINI.

characteristic of the front end of the MINI are the upright radiator grille, the contoured engine compartment and the large headlight units. up high, the front end guarantees maintenance of the latest statutory in pedestrian safety and at the same gives the Crossover powerful on the wheels. The Powerdome on the engine lid tapering out to the front bears reference to the muscle of the engine within.

Together with the headlights positioned far to the outside in the compartment lid again in typical style, the Powerdome offers a look on the surface of the car.

designed and embellished by chrome the headlights extend unusually far the side shoulders of the car, emphasising the sheer width of the new In their contours, the headlights out clearly from the classic design featured on the existing in the range so far. The contour moves dynamically to the outside at the level to increase the volume of the arches, while further the headlight contours would to almost retreat from the radiator grille, moving in the opposite direction.

In its special indeed, quite unique the radiator grille enhances the look of the MINI Countryman. as one hexagonal unit, the grille up in a more upright position on all models so far. The three grid bars featured on the Cooper Countryman, the MINI One the MINI Cooper D Countryman, and the One D Countryman extend far into the and thus appear to be almost in space.

On the MINI One Countryman and the One D Countryman the horizontal bars are in high-gloss black, on the other they come in painted silver.

The front end of the MINI S Countryman, finally, comes a special radiator grille in design, with its hexagonal finished in black, and features an air intake integrated in the radiator as well as opening vents air to the brakes.

Side-view characterised by in stature and greater ground

The perfect harmony of the body and the windows comes out particularly from the side of the car, the Countryman again boasting the so typical of the brand into the body of the car, the window and the roof. Despite the extra of the MINI Countryman and its greater clearance, the proportions characteristic of are still retained in full, overhangs front and rear the typical concept and philosophy of maximum space on a minimum

Through its unique graphics, the of the MINI Countryman accentuates the configuration of the body and creates a recall value. A functional railing further underlining the of the car almost reminiscent of a ship’s is integrated as standard in the roof, the windows extend like a round the entire car, a genuine feeling of “come through their powerful

Rising up to the rear, the shoulder of the body gives the windows a V-shape, as if the car were urging dynamically even while at a

A precise character line along the lower third of the flanks like an arch the wheels shifts the visual of gravity to the rear and at the same stretches the side view. The bridge between the front and axle, in turn, bears reference to all-wheel drive as an option. The wheel arches in powerful presence, finally, grow out of the body of the car and at the same symbolise the powerful stance of the Countryman on its wheels.

The black frame around the of the body stands out even on the MINI Countryman than on the models of the MINI brand, the car’s grater ground and highlighting the position of the wheels. A feature clearly borne out in way is the particularly long spring of the wheels, confirming that the Countryman is suitable for a wide of different purposes.

The new diagonal line at the transition point the front side panel to the likewise serves to distinguish the Countryman from its counterparts the range. This particular yet another re-interpretation of the body seam at the same point on the Mini comprises both the direction indicator and the air outlet on the Countryman. Conceived and designed as a and very robust-looking band, diagonal function line the course of the A-pillar towards the wheel.

Like the C-pillar towards the rear axle, special line again the impression of a powerful body strongly on its wheels.

Rear attractive contrasts of horizontal and upright rear light

The proportions and horizontal subdivision of the end again underline the sporting of the MINI Countryman, ensuring presence also from perspective. Broadening out in steps top to bottom, the body structure the stable stance of the car, the shoulder line additionally the masculine character of the MINI

With its integrated, aerodynamically air flow contour, the roof to almost hover above the areas. The chrome band round the entire car between the and the body, finally, forms yet horizontal line as a further in the design of the MINI Countryman. all models in the MINI range, the Countryman comes with rear light clusters a distinctive contrast to the otherwise lines at the rear. Highlighted by surrounds, the rear light stand out three-dimensionally from the of the car.

Positioned far to the outside, the lights emphasise the width of the Countryman and bear clear to the generous interior space.

All functions are integrated in the rear embedded like islands in the side panels. The inner of the lights is determined again in MINI style by full and circular sections also the car its unique night design.

For the time the MINI logo at the has a specific function: Pressing the circle on the logo, the driver the rear lid swinging up to the top. The recess takes up the shape of the air in the front bumper, thus the front and rear ends their clear symbiosis in

The rear air dam on the MINI Cooper S comes as a diffuser guiding the of air beneath the rear end of the car to optimise the qualities of this special The most powerful model in the also stands out through its roof spoiler, a twin-chamber system, as well as striking in the rear wheel arches.

The Countryman is available with a of no less than eleven colours, five non-metallic, six On the MINI One Countryman and the MINI One D the roof comes in body while the MINI Cooper S the MINI Cooper Countryman, and the Cooper D Countryman are available the roof finished either in or Light White as an alternative to the of the body as such.

Interior and elevated seating position the car’s enhanced function and character

The interior of the MINI bears out strong analogies to the design language of the MINI, but is refreshingly new. With extended to 2,595 millimetres or and the extra height of the body, the offers a new dimension of space and A particularly outstanding feature is the seating position providing comfortable access to the car, the driver’s all-round visibility and the driving experience in the style of a Activity Vehicle. All surfaces in new, even more grain harmonising perfectly the powerful look of the car.

the innovative overall concept of the Countryman and its unique character are reflected clearly within the

The instrument panel in the MINI is characterised by powerful, concave and a sporting, functional impression. air vents at the side emphasise the style of the interior in its modern and function. Like the centre air the Center Speedo and the gearshift the air vents are highlighted by white in a contrasting colour. A further highlight is provided by the side on the centre console appearing to support and hold up the dashboard.

The centre console itself, its matt-black colour in conjunction a chrome ring for the climate is particularly stylish and sophisticated in its Apart from the control for the air conditioning featured as standard and a CD the toggle switches for various car typical of MINI are also within the centre console.

designed door panels the specific shape of the body and the space the MINI Countryman has to The ellipsoid frame around the and door closing handles so typical of the brand is for the first positioned in the middle, encompassing in its also the B-pillars and emphasising the of the interior through its stretched

Variable space thanks to rear seats moving The MINI Countryman comes new, special seats to this particular model. seats are featured as standard on the Cooper S Countryman, and sports in two different combinations of cloth and as well as various choices of finish are available optionally on all variants. A particular highlight is the seats boasting the very leather reminiscent of classy seats with piping all in a classic British car.

The seats featured as standard at the move fore-and-aft 130 millimetres or 5.1 of one another. The rear seat with three seats from one side to the other and at not extra cost likewise this function, with the seat segments coming in a 60. 40

Even with the seats in standard position, the MINI is able to accommodate a pram, for in its luggage compartment and to meet transport requirements, the rear backrests may be moved to a cargo increasing luggage space 350 to 440 litres (12.215.4 cubic

The rear seat backrests down both in part or in also help to provide space at the rear, with the on the three-seat bench coming in a 40. 20. 40

This enables the driver and his to increase their luggage all the way to 1,170 litres or 41.0 feet, enough for two mountain with their front removed.

A roof carrier is available as an option supplementing the railing featured as standard and may be for fitting straight at the factory. Center Rail: Unique concept with a wide of customisation options.

Instead of a centre console between the the MINI Countryman comes an innovative rail system, the MINI Center Rail the driver and passengers to keep personal belongings and odds and exactly where they them at any point in time. At the time the MINI Center forms a visual and functional between the front and rear

Whenever the MINI Countryman is with single seats at the the Center Rail configured as a extends through the entire compartment all the way to the rear seat On models fitted with a rear bench, in turn, the Center Rail ends at the of the front seats.

Specially and easy-to-use clip-in fixtures the driver and passengers to use the MINI Rail individually as required, on various bins and storage As an example, the MINI Center may be fitted with holders for and telecommunication devices, cupholders, a for glasses in genuine MINI as well as centre armrests safely and comfortably in position. The and storage bins placed on the Rail may then be moved and backwards to any desired position.

And the users place electronic such as a mobile phone or an MP3 on the Center Rail, the integrated system automatically connects the device to the car’s on-board and ensures full and convenient into the MINI Countryman’s system.

Ambient Illumination and Line for individual highlights

Illumination included in the optional Package sets a particular within the interior of the MINI Providing an indirect lighting Ambient Illumination creates colour highlights throughout the door panel in night thus giving the interior a unique atmosphere. Using a switch, the driver and passengers may the colour of the light generated all the way from warm orange to blue, light rods providing the colour desired on the Center Rail from one end to the

A further advantage of this illumination is that it is now much to find objects parked on the Rail.

The optional Colour provides further opportunities to the car, creating different effects along the door within their ellipsoid on the centre armrest side the lower section of the B-pillar and the inserts on the Center Rail The colours available in this are Carbon Black, Polar Pure Red, and Dark as well as powerful Surf exclusive to the MINI Cooper S

Trim bars for the cockpit as as a Chrome Package adding gloss to the air vents, the central the rev counter and the surrounds on the gearshift provide an even more touch of colour and style.

Modern generation of petrol and power units

Superior, and efficient these are the fundamental of the three petrol and two turbodiesel units available for the MINI In their technical features, the units are based on the outstanding of the BMW Group in the development of the most engines.

They stand out in through supreme efficiency in the context of the MINIMALISM philosophy, with the latest features for both fuel consumption and CO2

The features offered for supreme economy and emission management depending on the model involved, Energy Regeneration, Auto Stop, a gearshift point as well as on-demand management of the ancillary units. So it is only that all engines fulfil the EU5 standard in Europe and the ULEV II in the USA.

All versions of the MINI are fitted as standard with a sixspeed gearbox perfectly with the engines’ power and characteristics and meeting the specific made of a premium car in this As an option the MINI One Countryman, the Cooper Countryman, and the MINI S Countryman are available with automatic transmission complete Steptronic and gearshift paddles on the wheel.

MINI Cooper S featuring variable valve for the first time supplementing the and direct fuel injection

Mini Countryman Electric Cars

All engines featured in the MINI come with fully valve management. This for masterminding engine load requiring a throttle effect unique within the segment of new MINI and based on the VALVETRONIC management featured in BMW power optimises engine response and to significantly reduce both consumption and emissions.

Valve adjusts the stroke and opening of the intake valves within of a second to the respective level of required, the camshaft acting on the through an additional intermediate and not directly through the follower The rotating point of this lever is adjusted infinitely by an shaft controlled by an electric The MINI Cooper S Countryman is the model in the brand to combine variable valve management turbocharging and direct fuel

This highly advanced gives the 1.6-litre four-cylinder its twin-scroll turbocharger an unprecedented of power and fuel economy unparalleled in this segment. output of 135 kW/184 hp comes at an speed of 5,500 rpm, torque of 240 Newton-metres/177 lb-ft is at just 1,600 rpm, briefly by way of Overboost all the way to 260 Newton-metres/192 for extra power when particularly fast and dynamically.

from this kind of the MINI Cooper S Countryman from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds and has a top speed of 215 km/h or 133 Fuel consumption in the EU test finally, is 6.3 litres/100 kilometres to 44.8 mpg imp), with a CO2 of 146 grams per kilometre.

MINI Countryman and MINI One Countryman: performance and outstanding efficiency all in one

displacing 1.6 litres, the naturally-aspirated unit of the MINI Cooper again features fully valve management for sporting and efficient use of fuel. Maximum of 90 kW/122 hp comes in this at 6,000 rpm, with torque of 160 Newton-metres/118 lb-ft at rpm. This kind of accelerates the MINI Cooper from a standstill to 100 km/h in seconds and gives the car a top speed of 190 or 118 mph.

Fuel consumption in the EU cycle, finally, is 6.1 litres/100 (equal to 46.3 mpg imp), a CO2 rating of 142 grams per kilometre.

The entry-level model into the is the 1.6-litre MINI One Countryman maximum output of 72 kW/98 hp at rpm and peak torque of 153 Newton-metres/113 at 3,000 revs. Acceleration to 100 comes in this case in seconds, with the MINI One reaching a top speed of 175 km/h or 109 Average fuel consumption in the EU cycle is 5.9 litres/100 kilometres to 47.9 mpg imp), with a CO2 of 137 grams per kilometre.

MINI D Countryman and MINI One D Countryman new turbodiesel power units

power and pulling force, running smoothness and a particularly standard of fuel efficiency are the particular fortes of the new generation of power units available in the Countryman. Indeed, the 1.6-litre represents all the outstanding know-how in of the BMW Group, combining common-rail fuel injection with a featuring variable turbine for optimum power and performance at all speeds. And being particularly thanks to their aluminium the engines also set standards the entire segment of the MINI through their low weight and acoustics.

0-60 mph in 7,6 seconds, top of 133 mph and 44.8 mpg

The new turbodiesel offers impressive potentials in the MINI D Countryman, maximum output of 82 hp at 4,000 rpm and peak torque of 270 lb-ft at 1,750 rpm ensuring acceleration and superior development of No surprise, therefore, that the Cooper D Countryman accelerates a standstill to 100 km/h in 10.9 and reaches a top speed of 180 km/h or 112 Average fuel consumption of the D Countryman in the EU test cycle of 4.4 litres/100 kilometres (equal to mpg imp), finally, is just as as the CO2 rating of 116 grams per kilometre.

The most fuel-efficient version of the new is the MINI One D Countryman with its developing 66 kW/90 hp at 4, 000 rpm. torque of 215 Nm/158 lb-ft, in comes at just 1,750 enabling the MINI One D Countryman to from a standstill to 100 km/h in seconds and reach a top speed of 170 or 105 mph. Average fuel of just 4.3 litres/100 kilometres to 65.7 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 113 per kilometre set supreme standards the competition.

Both the MINI D Countryman and the MINI One D Countryman as standard with a diesel filter and an oxidation catalyst.

developed suspension: best also in the MINI Countryman

The exceptional position of the MINI in its segment also results the driving behaviour reminiscent of a so typical of the brand. And now the suspension enhanced to an even higher on the new Crossover model converts the potential of the very powerful safely and in superior style outstanding agility. The precise and sporting handling of the car, with excellent motoring raises the MINI Countryman to a position far above comparable in the market.

The MINI Countryman with McPherson spring and forged track control on the front axle a configuration excellent wheel guidance and the steering free of drive even when accelerating or driving dynamically on a winding The multi-arm rear axle of the Countryman based in its development on all the know-how of the BMW Group is conceived for front-wheel and all-wheel drive. bars front and rear body sway and thus an additional contribution to the car’s and safe driving behaviour.

with the other models in the the MINI Cooper S Countryman with an even more suspension. And all variants of the MINI are available as an option with suspension lowering the entire car by 10 or almost 0.4.

EPS Electric Steering featured as standard a significant contribution to the agility of the Countryman so typical of the brand. feature likewise boasted as is DSC Dynamic Stability Control highlights such as ABS anti-lock EBD Electronic Brake Force CBC Cornering Brake Control, a Assistant, and a Hill Start-Off The DTC mode allowing controlled on the drive wheels for setting off more easily on loose or in deep snow comes as with the MINI Cooper S and in conjunction with the ALL4 system, and is available as an option on all models. With Dynamic Control switched off (DSC Off the electronic lock function on the wheel differential automatically the brakes on a drive wheel in a tight bend for appropriate and handling.

Referred to as EDLC Differential Lock Control, system enhances the car’s and drive power without a negative effect on its steering

The MINI Cooper S Countryman as standard with 17-inch wheels, and the MINI Cooper as well as the MINI Cooper D are fitted with 16-inch wheels available in two exclusive variants. The MINI One Countryman and the One D Countryman, finally, come on steel wheels.

All models are as an option with 18-inch and the wide range of special even includes wheels 19 inches for an even more and dynamic look.

MINI more driving pleasure when the road comes to an end

The Cooper S Countryman and the MINI D Countryman are available as an option permanent MINI ALL4 drive. Based on an electrohydraulically centre differential, this system spreads out drive infinitely between the front and axle. Together with ground clearance, all-wheel offers ideal conditions for that driving pleasure so of MINI also beyond the track.

At the same time ALL4 significantly enhances the dynamic potential and ensures an more superior driving particularly in critical situations.

normal driving conditions up to 50 per of the drive forces go to the rear in extreme cases for example on ice and up to 100 per cent may be fed to the rear. This distribution of drive power the front and rear axle the efficiency of the new Crossover in the MINI to an even higher standard, the electronics of the MINI ALL4 integrated for the first time in the DSC control unit ensuring a time of less than a of a second for optimum power even on rapidly changing and with rapidly changing requirements.

This gives the driver agility combined with the safe driving characteristics so typical of MINI.

Thanks to control by the MINI ALL4 the wheels are prevented from by means of appropriate power and control, offering the driver not enhanced driving dynamics, but a much higher standard of comfort.

The MINI Cooper S with ALL4 all-wheel comes as standard on 205/50 R17 featuring runflat technology for safety and performance in all situations. The tyres are available as an option on all models, just as all optionally 18-inch wheels likewise with runflat tyres.

A feature of both ALL4 is their specific suspension Together with the elaborate for the final drive and propeller including a vibration damper within the shaft, this gives the all-wheel-drive versions of the Countryman the same high of acoustic and dynamic comfort as on the with front-wheel drive.

safety concept with stiff body structure and six

In terms of crash behaviour, is again no difference between the and all-wheel-drive versions of the MINI To ensure this equality, the car with an innovative drive made up of two elements giving way one another in the event of a collision to impact energy. The body of the MINI Countryman is also to offer maximum occupant in the event of a collision, high-load-resistant structures, precisely defined zones and an extremely stable cell serving to keep forces away from the

Highly effective restraint masterminded by central safety provide further benefits the interior. Through its decentralised the networked airbag control is able to precisely recognise the conditions in the event of a crash, the appropriate restraint systems and with maximum efficiency. The Countryman comes as standard frontal and side airbags as as curtain airbags at the side on the front and rear seats.

All are furthermore equipped with inertia-reel seat belts, latch tensioners and belt limiters at the front, as well as child seat fastenings at the

Wide range of standard numerous options for customising the

The MINI Countryman comes as with features such as air the MINI Center Rail, and an system complete with a CD At the same time a wide of optional extras and special is available for each model, the proud owner to configure his or her in its typical style, according to his preferences and requirements. Among highlights, this range of includes high-end audio and systems as well as mobile interfaces including the option to integrate an Apple iPhone and Smartphones.

Adaptive Headlights are in conjunction with the optional headlight units, adjusting the angle to the course of the road as a function of the steering position. highlights are an extra-large Panorama a heated windscreen, a towbar, suspension lowering the entire car by 10 or almost 0.4, as well as the range of John Cooper Performance Components.

The MINI new car concept, new options in use, MINI feeling

In its unique with enhanced functions, the advanced suspension technology and developed power units, the Countryman combines the emotional so typical of the brand with a standard of common sense and thinking. Hence, the new MINI takes an entirely new approach by the classic features of the brand all the qualities of a modern Sports Vehicle. And at the same time it together that unique so typical of MINI with motoring comfort to provide a unique driving experience.

As the model within the range and the premium car of its kind, the MINI is a pioneer in many respects. It up that characteristic MINI for new target groups and at the same transfers individual design and the fun of motoring into a segment greater demands in terms of available, diversity and motoring thus opening up new perspectives for the brand as a whole.

Through extension of the model range, the brand once again its ability to grow with the of its fans and followers, while remaining true to its particular So the MINI Countryman gives the fascinating new strengths and qualities all out in perfection by a truly innovative concept and unique design.

Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars
Mini Countryman Electric Cars


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