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New Electric Car, a adventure or wild adventure (in

by Ian R Thorpe


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Amid much from tame environmentalists by Megacorp Inc. carmakers BMW unveiled their electric The regular mini, a good car not a cute and charming as the original model, is a compact, sporty seater ideal for trendy meeja professional couples a pair of matching children Ethiopia and Sunflower. It rates on performance, fuel economy and

The electric mini is more a steam iron on wheels. The seat is gone to accommodate a ion battery the size of a big shed unit. The battery makes the car 20% than a standard model though the makers are coy about

That extra weight towards the rear of the car must give it the handling qualities of a on roller skates. both the Mini and the modern version famed for their nimble and excellent roadholdng so selling that drives like a trolley with a wonky is hardly going to enhance the

The big problem with all electric has always been range. BMW they have overcome the pre-launch literature says the mini will travel a and fifty miles on a full A hundred and fifty miles, that would get you from to three quarters of the way to London, Carlisle to Preston Gubbals, Liverpool to…erm… twenty south of Newcastle.

No worries the electric mini only two hours to charge up on a special power socket or a mere ten on a domestic socket. No problem who would not enjoy an opportunity to two hours chilling out at Watford Gap The kids, who customarily start ask in we nearly there yet?” two from home would it.

Travelling on Holiday weekends take a bit of planning though, can you the queues of cars on the M5 or M6 waiting for two hours on the high power and not having any alternative but to queue as are 140 miles from home.

The Green science advisers and the of The Church Of Scienceology cult are orgasms over this electric car that is the first car to offer reasonable performance and a range. Well no, actually the is lousy and it is not a family car if there is an big battery where the back should be. As usual they are themselves with science of thinking things through.

cars to replace the internal engine are nowhere near for the market.

Most of us can see through the eyewash at us by Megacorp and MegaGov. If pollution cars is to be reduced we need new ideas on local and long public transport. Revolutionary radical ideas, like public money for the benefit of the

Our dear government have no in reducing traffic of course and in reducing emissions. having hit on the wheezes of charging us per mile for driving and a flat rate charge for city driving are intent on squeezing every they can out of us. London mayor Johnson seems to be the only one who has got his round the problem so far.

on the Routemasters, Trolley Buses and Boris.

As a footnote it’s to note that sales of the the electric car that looks as if it out of a cheap Christmas cracker, dropped by 50%. The G-Wiz by the likes of Jonathan Ross and Jagger is one of those contradictory that has become cool it is uncool.

Naturally the economic crisis is blamed but Boggart Blog the real reason is that seen getting out of a G-Wiz is by the Top Gear Vigilantes and has the word tattooed on their forhead.

28 2009 The Only Reason You Ever Need To hate The Prius Everything bad about and hybrid cars wrapped up in one — with a few extras in.

2 Feb 2009. An even nerdier is the one dreamed up in America of using cars as an alternative power Owners charge up the car on loe cost off electricity and discharge the stored back into the grid peak times. And when do you your car if it is always either or discharging? On top of that, what when everybody catches the idea and gets one of these

Increased overnight usage offpeak into peak for demand. The really have not this one through. Vehicle To Your Offpeak Power One of the technologies Sidi Barack Obama is relying on to lead us out of the

Updated 15 April 2009: General Motors and Seway the P.U.M.A their new personal option as a serious attempt to clean green journeys or are trying to give us all a laugh in difficult times?


How long have those grant phishing, statistics peer review fiddling been telling us the car of the future be powered by electricity? This was their best efforts Squillions of Dollars, Pounds, and Yen only having produced a that required both an motor and an internal combusion to.

As the arguments rage on between the Science Wankers lobby and the realists and out and out deniers we observe still nobody who gets coverage, nobody who is talking about climate chaos, based fuels, deforestation or population is really being Quite simply there are too of us and we want too much. Who needs or politics to understand that?

Segway Company Owner After Riding His Segway Off A Not long ago in our humour and satire Boggart Blog, we did a slaughter on former Liberal Democrat MP Opik promoting the ludicrous electric scooter as a serious of personal transport.


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