Fiat 500 vs MINI Cooper Ridestory

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Fiat 500 vs. MINI Cooper


John Montgomery, President of Fiat Lancia Unlimited, recently took delivery of an exclusive, factory-numbered Fiat 500 which he ordered during last year’s Fiat FreakOut . the Fiat Lancia Unlimited car club’s national meet which was held at the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina.

This is John’s 7th Fiat, hence he chose Prima Edizione production #77. One of the three unique colors, white was selected over brilliant red or metallic gray since white illustrates the lines better. The car has with big black side stripes, emblazoned with an unmistakable 500 like the contrasting number found on an old fashioned black and white striped … uniform.

Kinda makes you wonder if John is slowly adjusting to life on the automotive outside since Fiats have been locked away from sales on our shores for nearly 30 years.

Isolated renegades hoped for Fiat s return

Ironically, the Fiat Lancia Unlimited car club is 28 years old. They started as a renegade gang of enthusiasts who in the early days called themselves “Fiat Lancia Underground”, (FLU), aptly named since Fiat had just departed North America.

“FLU” endured almost three decades of obscurity and isolation after Fiat bid arrivederci here. We are like the Nelson Mandela of car clubs, John quips. Several hundred loyal enthusiasts hung on, imprisoned on the inside of the North American market while clinging to the faint hope that Fiat may return one day. In 1982 Fiat returned back to it’s European based roots to reinvent itself, building landmark cars like the Fiat Panda, Punto and Lancia Delita.

When Fiat patriarch Giovanni Agnelli passed away in 2003, a young Canadian accountant named Sergio Marchionne was appointed by the Agnelli family to manage what many thought would be it’s certain decline.

As Fiat’s near … experience played on in 2004, Sergio “the doctor” and his team went to work to engineer a dramatic turnaround that would once again put Fiat back in the driver’s seat of manufacturing dominance. Over the next decade, Ferrari won the lion’s share of F1 constructors titles, F1 team driver titles and World Rally championships, honing it’s technological skills that would eventually trickle down to the Fiat Group brands. The cars were getting much better and the Fiat Group once again grew strong as they honed their trade, not only with Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, but through holdings like Iveco, New Holland Tractor, Case and Kobelco construction machinery and Teksid, the world s largest engine block manufacturer.

All this technology trickles down to the core of every house brand, that s why the new Fiat 500 is packed with dozens of high tech features that clearly point upstream into the Italian car food chain.

Will MINI’s Cooper continue to dominate?

Meanwhile, Mini Cooper spent the last decade blazing the trail in America and the world with a small car that is nimble, fast and fun not to mention capable of turning all heads on the street corner. Since then, most auto manufacturers have sought to find that same holy grail chemistry that made Mini king of the small car kingdom.

The 2 year old Chrysler/Fiat alliance is the key that has unlocked the door barring North American Fiat sales. Mini’s well worn path makes it easy for the Fiat 500 to breakout sporting a near 25% price advantage over the now ballooning Cooper. Montgomery is just one of the newly released North American Fiat enthusiast inmates that knows he’s got a car that’s fully capable of nipping at the heels of it’s BMW progenitor right out of the gate.

The little Fiat is still quite the renegade; not only European Car of the Year in 2008, it’s refined and updated for this market. Fiat finds itself again on these shores with a slick, high content package that’s so damn cute it spins heads like a top. Adding to 16 new Chrysler products in the last two years, Sergio is wasting no time rolling out the Fiat 500 variants. The 101 HP 500 entered in early 2011 with three models; Pop, Sport and Lounge, all featuring the patented multi-air valve train technology.

Just a few months later the 500C Convertible was launched, making it the least expensive drop top on the market.

Abarth 500 vs. JCW MINI

Sergio The Boss” Marchionne is not done yet by any means. The first prototype USA version Abarth 500 ultra pocket rocket will be ready for testing July 1st, 2011. Actual availability for the Abarth will be first quarter of 2012.

A hell raising “A” segment car with 170 HP and a six speed box will surely put the Fiat mob into full lock down and certainly rattle the chains of posh and pampered Mini buyers. Take note BMW North America, that new JCW Mini better be good, because just released time hardened Fiat parolees don t take prisoners.

John compiled a catalog of talking points (written while serving time) detailing the virtues of owning a Fiat 500 when compared to the MINI Cooper. It’s quite a list that might change your mind if you’re thinking about buying a MINI Cooper.

Compare Fiat 500 and BMW Mini Cooper

• The Fiat 500 base price MSRP is $4600 less (-23%) than the base BMW Mini MSRP.

• Fiat 500 has a 5 star European NCAP rating for driver passenger safety. Mini has a 4 star rating on driver passenger safety.

• Fiat has better aerodynamic CD; Fiat. 35, base Mini. 37, Cooper S. 39

• Fiat base weight is 352 pounds less than the Mini s base weight.

• Fiat s maximum passenger/cargo capacity is 970 lbs. 154 lbs more than Mini s 816 lbs.

• Fiat s 34.8 ft. turning radius is 3 foot tighter than the Mini s 38 ft.

• The Fiat s ground clearance is 4.1 inches; the base Mini s is 5.5 . The Fiat puts you 1.4 closer to ground.

• Fiat has lower insurance rates than the Mini yet same warranty; 4 years, 50K miles.

• Fiat has 3 year 36K free maintenance, includes car rental and is transferable!

• Fiat has twice the percentage of USA/Canadian content Fiat s engine is made in Michigan. The Mini is 35% UK, 25% France.

• Fiat parts prices compare lower in price than BMW Mini parts.

Exterior Interior Comparison:

• Fiat offers 14 exterior colors but only two are $500 extra. Mini offers 10 but 7 of them are $500 extra!

• The Fiat is taller overall with more upright seating position for better road view than the Mini.

2011 MINI Cooper

• Fog lights on Fiat Sport Lounge are standard. Fog lights for base Mini cost $250.

• The Fiat Lounge has fixed glass sunroof standard. Mini has no such thing.

• Fiat s electric sunroof is an $850 option. The Mini sunroof option costs $1000.

• The Fiat has quieter DBA noise level at idle and at speed on the road.

• The Fiat has lower emissions than the Mini as well as lowest in class. Fiat leads Europe in low emission vehicles.

• The Fiat Bi-Halogen headlights use the very latest hi-tech bulbs.

• The Fiat has more percentage of space within the wheelbase devoted to passenger room.

• Fiat drivers fit up to the 90th percentile …, up to 6 2 without bumping headliner.

• Drivers up to 6 5 fit well in the 500 without the sunroof option (which takes 2 headroom.)

• Fiat rear seat passengers cover a 70th percentile, up to 5 9 without bumping liner.

• The Fiat has more rear seat leg room, Fiat 32.2 , Mini has 29.9 .

• The Fiat 500 has 6.5 cubic foot trunk space, more than the Mini s 5.7 cu. ft.

• The Fiat has a longer luggage floor w/ seats upright, even though it s shorter outside.

• The Fiat 500 has a longer luggage floor with the seats folded down too!

• The Fiat holds 30 cu. ft. of cargo w/ seats folded down; the base Mini only 24 cu. ft.

• The Fiat base front passenger seat has storage compartment under seat cushion. Mini does not.

• Fiat s centralized pod instrument bezel is directly in front of the driver, not on Mini.

• Fiat drivers do not need to tilt their head to see the heater controls, only look down.

• The Fiat center armrest is standard; the Mini center armrest is a $250 option.

• Fiat offers heated seats mirrors for less than Mini s $750 cold weather combo package.

Mini Cooper Electric Cars

• Fiat includes a security system as standard, a $500 Mini option.

• Fiat Blue Me interactive link has steering wheel controls USB port. The system will read your text messages out loud.

• Fiat s Blue Me system is $400 option, a similar system (with Navigation) is a $1750 package on the Mini.

• The Fiat has Eco-Drive , a down load application to review driving habits and minimize your carbon footprint.

Performance Safety Comparison:

• Fiat mileage is 30/38 MPG vs. Mini s 28/37 MPG. New owners are reporting up to 45+ MPG.

• The power to weight ratio between base Fiat (101 HP) and base Mini (116 HP) is nearly identical.

• Fiat 500 runs on regular, all Minis require at least mid grade 91 octane!

• All Fiat models; Pop, Sport Lounge all have a stainless steel exhaust system standard.

• The Fiat 6 speed automatic is $1000 option; Mini buyers pay $1250.

• The Fiat automatic transmission has a one touch shifter + or and is only available on one Mini model.

• The Fiat hill holder keeps the manual car from rolling back (or forward too) when departing on hills.

• Fiat has traction control standard. It s an option on base Mini for $250.

• Fiat s HBA hydraulic braking control compensates panic stop pedal pressure, lowering actuation time for maximum braking.

• Fiat braking EBD reads actual wheel speed data for faster brake response times.

• Fiat ESP calculates wheel longitude and lateral grip, cutting in when slip is beyond parameters, adjusting throttle input and

opposite wheel brake bias. Fiat s ASR reduces wheel slip at all speeds and adjusts torque for grip detected.

• Fiat 500 has 7 airbags standard while Mini has only 6. Fiat includes driver s knee airbag.

• Fiat has double seatbelt pretensions to tighten in a crash event sequence. Mini has single belt pre-tensioners.

• The Fiat has a lower forward vision angle of 8%, Fiat driver sits more upright.

• All Fiat sheet metal is high tensile steel for safety w/ better visibility as the A pillars can then be thinner.

• Fiat front rear seats have anti submarine devices to prevent sliding under belts.

• The Fiat has breakaway foot pedals in high impact frontal crashes to protect feet.

• The Fiat has soft energy impact hood area in case the car ever strikes a pedestrian.

• Fiat s FPS (fire prevention switch) cuts off electric fuel pump in a crash, then Fiat automatically turns on the hazards, interior lights unlocks doors.

• The Fiat s interior trim is flame resistant. Mini does not use flame retardants.

Fiat Heritage:

Fiat, since 1899, is an independent manufacturer. Fiat owns Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, New Holland Tractors, Kobelco Construction Equipment, Magnetti Marelli and Teksid, the world s largest engine foundry. Fiat SpA holds the record for most European Car of the Year Awards (Fiat 500 won in 2008), most World Rally Championships, most Formula One Championships.

Visit or if you are interested in finding your ideal Fiat 500, John has started an online brokerage where he will do the leg work for you. You can find him at .

Mini Cooper Electric Cars
Mini Cooper Electric Cars
Mini Cooper Electric Cars
Mini Cooper Electric Cars

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