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Mini E Electric Cars

Mini E

Its been a while since my last post as I ve been fairly busy due to a new arrival in the household. The Mini hasn t had much usage either, but since returning to work the mileage is starting to rack up.

I have had the opportunity to get out and try out some public charging points, previously I posted that the scheme all the pioneers were signed up to wasn t much use for me as the charging points were reasonably local. I did happen to pop by a car park in Oxford where there was a charging point and plugged in. It was fairly straight forward to use, though as you can see from the picture, I couldnt get the car parked on the correct side so a bit of a stretch for the cable.

I also took the car up to london and parked in a shopping centre (Westfield in Shepherds Bush) where they have aroudn 30 charging points of standard wall plugs. It was a bit of a gamble as they dont stop non EVs parking in these bays but I arrived early enough and after finding them I plugged in. On coming back to the car park all the spaces were filled though and no EVs appart from the Mini to be seen.

Since I ve tried out the charging points, the Mini team have collected the cables and are in the process of signing up with a different scheme so we shall see how that goes.

Its also got much colder in the UK, not really getting about single figures and I ve noticed a drop in the range of the car meaning I have to charge at work now, I think 80 miles from a charge is reasonable now, where as before a 100 mile was achievable relatively easily.

Also noticed some funny goings on with the ABS and the regen possibly conflicting against each other in the wet weather under heavy braking/regen, but it might just be me.

1 Month -1500 miles


Been a little while since I last posted as Ive been away,.  The trial is past the 1 month stage and I ve covered over 1500 miles in the Mini E, which im quite pleased with. We had a long weekend away,  which was a 180 mile drive from home well out of the Mini E s league unfortunately, so we had to take the normal car. This highlights how far away EVs are from use as a sole car.

Mini E Electric Cars

There really isn t a viable and convenient alternative to a conventional car for longer journeys.

Also been up to London a couple of times and have been tempted to take the Mini (its about 110 miles round trip), im sure I will one day, but as I have posted previously the lack of proper accessable public charging points  that are not subscription schemes really limits taking it into london and also further afield.

Apart from the puncture, its been fairly uneventful over the past week or so. I have undertaken some longer journeys in similar length to my commute but not had the luxury of charging at work, I revert back to econo driving to make sure I can achieve the trip and then usually put my foot down towards the end when im confident ive got enough juice to get home. I do notice though on B roads if you drive fast and then have to regen hard as a result it doesn t seem to make too much difference to the battery consumption.

On longer journeys the car goes in to economy mode when you get below a certain % to ensure you get the max range. I think its when the car is below 10% battery it restricts hard acceleration. You don t notice it much if you are  driving normally though.

I think that a useful thing on the car would be to have different modes that are selectable, so if you know you are on a long journey you can set the car to restrict the acceleration, top speed etc so you don t have to concentrate all the time to make sure you are not too enthusiastic, Economy mode, normal etc.

The temperature has also dropped a bit this week, going down to about 6/7 c over night and not above 12 during the day we had previously been in the teens. I have noticed a small change in the range but nothing significant, maybe 5% less in the battery on getting home from work. We are set for a cold night on Saturday so will take the car out and see how it charges over night.

Mini E Electric Cars
Mini E Electric Cars
Mini E Electric Cars
Mini E Electric Cars

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